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Girlxz Online Shopping Gift Cards are only redeemable on Girlxz Online Shopping. Acceptance of this card constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions, which may change at any time. To view our full terms and conditions for Gift Cards, please clickhere.

Note: Gift Cards purchased through a perk on Girlxz Online Shopping/hex-condoms-original and Indiegogo cannot be used to purchase further perks on Girlxz Online Shopping and coupon codes cannot be used in conjunction with this type of Gift Card. They are also a one-time use and no balance is kept.


The products on offer through this website are representative of the Girlxz Online Shopping collection. Where applicable, Girlxz Online Shopping products are protected by patent(s) and / or by registered design(s). The designs and colours of the products shown on this website may be changed at our sole discretion.

Not all products shown on this website are available through all Girlxz Online Shopping retailers.

You may not distribute, resell or stock any Girlxz Online Shopping products, unless specifically authorised under contract by Girlxz Online Shopping to do so.



‘We’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to Girlxz Online Shopping. ‘You’, ‘your’ and ‘claimant’ refer to the Policy Holder as outlined below.

  • Girlxz Online Shopping Couples’ Insurance begins the day the product is purchased.
  • Girlxz Online Shopping Couples’ Insurance applies to the product only and the product is linked to the person who placed the purchase (the Policy Holder). Proof of purchase needs to be shared with us.
  • If for any reason your relationship comes to an end within a year of the purchase date, you should contact Girlxz Online Shopping quoting the unique number printed on the gold ring on TIANI™ 24K's body and the product serial number on the warranty card.
  • Once the claimant has returned their product under Girlxz Online Shopping Couples’ Insurance policy, they will be offered a selection of Girlxz Online Shopping Bestsellers to choose from as a free replacement item. While the shipping cost of the returned item will be at them claimant's expense, the replacement product will be delivered free of charge.
  • Girlxz Online Shopping Couples’ Insurance policy is purely based on relationships, and does not refer to product faults, which are still subject to the normal Girlxz Online Shopping 1-year warranty and 10-year pleasure guarantee. (If a product develops a fault within the same period, Girlxz Online Shopping owners will receive a replacement free of charge under our 1-Year Warranty policy. Issues that develop within 10 years guarantee a 50% discount on subsequent purchases).



The European Union Directive 2000/31/CE on the subject of electronic commerce states that:

“Placing an order online implies that the client accepts to be engaged in a contract, and that the client unconditionally accepts the prices and descriptions of the items offered for sale, as well as all of the general sales conditions.”

Your placing of an order online represents an offer to purchase goods as indicated by you, but is not binding on us until you have been notified by email that an order is accepted. This means that if goods shown on this website are unavailable, incorrectly priced or otherwise incorrectly described, Girlxz Online Shopping shall not be obliged to sell you those goods. A contract shall be deemed entered by both parties when you receive notification that Girlxz Online Shopping has confirmed and accepted your order.

In addition to offering our products for sale via this website, our products are sold through select retailers worldwide. Prices on the website will generally reflect the prices offered through our retailers. However, prices on the website may differ to those of a retailer, due to: (i) special offers on the website or from retailers, (ii) individual retailer price strategies, (iii) currency fluctuation. As such, prices cannot be guaranteed and may be changed at our discretion.


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These restrictions do not apply to downloadable media or PR materials provided for use in the manner specified.