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-Apple Lightning to USB A Cable-Apple MFi Certified – iPhone X / 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / 5S
3Feet/0.9Meters-6 Feet/1.8 Meters

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  • Apple MFi certified charging and syncing cable for your Apple devices
  • Apple MFi certification ensures complete charge and sync compatibility with iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8 / 7 Plus / 7 / 6s Plus / 6s / 6 Plus / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 / iPad Pro / iPad Air / Air 2 / iPad mini / mini 2 / mini 4 / iPad 4th gen / iPod Touch 5th gen / iPod nano 7th gen and Beats Pill+
  • Connects to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning Connector and charges/syncs by connecting the USB connector into your wall charger or computer
  • Compact Lightning Connector head works with nearly all cases
  • An additional layer of protection has been added to the Lightning and USB ends to improve durability and reduce fraying; Cables have been tested to bend 95-degrees 4,000 times


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-Apple Lightning to USB A Cable-Apple MFi Certified – iPhone X / 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / 5S
3Feet/0.9Meters-6 Feet/1.8 Meters
有 3755 个评价

  1. 评分 3 / 5

    Honest Review

    Works with iPhone 7Plus and several versions of iPad. However, after average usage, the cable area around the lighting connector is wearing out. The plastic covering is starting to break apart to expose the wires inside. This is about the same with every other cable I’ve tried so it isn’t better or worst.

  2. 评分 5 / 5


    I needed a couple lightning cables after our original ones that came with our iphones went missing/worn out. I’ve bought other 3rd party lightning cables that would give the dreaded ‘this accessory is not supported’ error iphones. That’s absolutely ridiculous (I’m looking at you, Apple).I’ve used this cord for a few months now, and they work just as good as the original lightning cables. And yes, the cord fits in Lifeproof phone cases.

  3. 评分 1 / 5

    Frances Hunt

    Used this for my iPhone and iPad. Lasted not quite 3 months. Broke at connectileaving wires exposed. Would not recommend!

  4. 评分 5 / 5


    Bought to use with multiport USB chargers and for the backpack while traveling. They work and not having a bunch of extra cable is very desirable. One side effect is that they disappear into my wife desk, purse, and car. They work really well with those batteries you can use with mobile devices too. They are very convenient but buy a bulk pack if you want some for your self.

  5. 评分 1 / 5


    I’ve purchase this 3pack twice -1st I had little issue until they were in heavy use and because of the braided cable the issue was with the end fittings -I didn’t complain as I thought they were under heavy use-the 2nd set I purchase had issues out of the box -the shortest cable fitting immediately slip back over cable first use-I reported this to company no response-after I started using the 2nd longer cable the same issue only it happened the 2nd week of use! Neither of theses issues were caused by any pulling or mishandling of the cables! I feel the manufactures of these cable should back up their work and replace my 2faulty cables! Thank You!

  6. 评分 1 / 5


    Not very happy with my purchase as I’ve had it for less than a month and it’s already started to shred. It’s now an electrical hazard.

  7. 评分 5 / 5


    I’ve loved my 6 ft lightening cable so far. The outlets in our apartment are placed in terrible areas so having all that extra cable length has been great. I’m not teathered to the wall by a 3 ft cord anymore! My husband has even been trying to steal it from me for himself so I guess we’ll be buying one for him soon.

  8. 评分 1 / 5


    I selected and paid for the 4 year plan offered with this product, and the third party warranty company said they do not warranty this product and that they are “in discussion” with about this issue. My “” product broke and now fraudulent activity. The warranty people told me to ask for a refund.

  9. 评分 1 / 5

    Teliantes from NH

    I had this cord for 24 hours when it stopped working. Why can’t sell lightning cords that actually work???

  10. 评分 5 / 5

    Grashell Link

    We purchased two of these a year ago. We used them next to our beds. They are great!! They are long enough to move around with. They have not detached from the plug( frayed like most cords do) despite all of the use. We take them in the car and trips. They are so sturdy!! We loved them so much that we’ve recently purchased more!

  11. 评分 1 / 5


    Stopped working at 10 months despite not being used daily. No obvious sign of wear. First you could only use it with the logo facing up now it will actually over heat my phone. Going to order a legitimate apple one.

  12. 评分 5 / 5


    I was hesitant after reading some of the reviews, but I have had no issues. It charges my iPhone 7 Plus at the same speed as my apple certified charger. The length is nice to reach around my night stand and still have room to reach to the bed during the night. Overall it is a basic charger that works well for a cheaper price, who doesn’t like to save a little bit of money?

  13. 评分 5 / 5


    These are such ing chargers. I have already bought several. Not only for me but for family members as well. The length of these chargers is great. And they charge your device pretty quickly. They are pretty durable as well. I have not seen any wires coming out or any bending. Very flexible.

  14. 评分 1 / 5

    Brent Terrell

    This is the second one I bought and both stopped working just under a year, both are for apple phones so I don’t know if that is the issue for any other cable I have bought for non-apple products is still working fine without any issues.Lessof the day just don’t buy anything for Apple phones made by , everything else is fine.

  15. 评分 5 / 5


    Sucks to see all these bad reviews. Just thought about coming back to check the date of when I ordered this charger which was Jul 1, 2016. And got to say that this charger is still in mint condition. Been using it for over 2 years now and still works perfect and charges my iPhone real fast. Based my experience I would defintely recommend. 👍👍

  16. 评分 2 / 5

    J. Fitzgerald

    this charges my phone, but if I try to use it while it is charging it goes all haywire and delays the touchscreen to the point it is useless. I have no idea why, as this hasn’t happened with any other off brand cords I’ve used…. oh well.

  17. 评分 1 / 5

    Cindy Walker

    These cords are a good price but sometimes you get what you pay for. All of the cords are very finicky and will only charge my device if I have it plugged it just right and don’t touch it, but even then I find myself waking up to a dead device. I wouldn’t suggest buying these cords.

  18. 评分 4 / 5


    Decent quality for the cost, had to replace after 6 months as it wore at the neck of the lightning side of the cable and wires were exposed. Only worked when I plugged it in one way.

  19. 评分 2 / 5

    Brad Kingsley

    This was fine – until it wasn’t. Just recently the cable housing started to pull apart as shown in the picture. Just normal usage should not cause that type of wear in just half a year.

  20. 评分 1 / 5


    Junk. It quit charging after 3 months. Waste of money. It’s no better than the cheap cables.

  21. 评分 3 / 5


    The cord lasted approximately 8 months and then the end shredded off. I am disappointed in the quality of this cable as it did not last as long as many of the cheaper cables I have purchased. It didnt get a lot of stress and the use was minimal so I felt it would last longer.

  22. 评分 1 / 5


    I used this for about 6 weeks. One day I had my phone charging and I was using it at the same time. I then smelled burning metal/plastic and my phone felt warm. I unplugged it and the end of the lighting cable was black and burnt.

  23. 评分 1 / 5


    This cable didn’t live up to what I expected. It died within short order too. But in the end I was given a credit for it so I was able to replace it for another generic one like it. But considering basics is supposed to be as good or better than the original and their name is supposed to hold water …(much like the way Costco uses Kirkland Signiture) this was a ridiculously easy product to make, just for them to fail so miserably at it.

  24. 评分 5 / 5

    Zack Wilcox

    Works like the other charger cable. Nothing more, nothing less. If you need a charging cable this one will do the trick and at a better price than the Apple cable.

  25. 评分 5 / 5


    Basics products are great! This one is no different. I think that these cables are more durable than the ones that come with the phone.

  26. 评分 4 / 5


    It’s everything you think it is. I suspect it could be just a bit cheaper, but I chose this one because i felt maybe would guarantee it more easily than the cheaper brands.

  27. 评分 5 / 5

    The Wudman

    These cables work fine. Where other bargain cables have had issues charging, not so with the Basics. I will buy these again.

  28. 评分 5 / 5


    At least my 3rd cable from . They always work, zero hassle and fit into almost all charging ports even with those big cases your iPhone.

  29. 评分 1 / 5

    Dylan Baumann

    After about two months of use my battery swelled up and broke my screen. Luckily I have AppleCare, but seriously be wary of these third-party cords for charging

  30. 评分 1 / 5


    I bought this charger and after one month of use the wire is exposed through the cable and its falling apart. The Apple charger even though costs more, lasted 2 years before it started showing frayed corners exposing the wires.

  31. 评分 5 / 5


    Shorter then I thought it would be and never thought they would ever make this lightning cables these short… wonder what people actually use them for… I used them to charge my phone a battery pack.

  32. 评分 5 / 5

    Brian Odell

    I personally feel like this is a must have for any Apple device. The original cords shipped with their devices are short. These are long. The longer the better in my opinion. Good quality. Works flawlessly. I have plenty around the house. The originals collect dust in the junk drawer.

  33. 评分 3 / 5


    The cord is great I love having the cord it is nice for when I’m laying in bed watching Netflix. I don’t have to worry about pulling out the cord but cautithis cord does wear out quickly overtime and I always have to continue to buy new ones over and over I wish that it had a little more sturdy. Other than the sturdiness issue the cord charges my phone very fast !

  34. 评分 4 / 5


    This was a purchase for my spouse who needed an additional lightening to USB A cable. It works as expected for charging and the length is helpful, but after only 2-3 months, the wiring became exposed close to the USB A end of the cable.I’ve been reading about these cables starting to melt and burn, but haven’t had that experience (knocks wood).Due to the lack of durability, I will probably look into nylbraided cables.

  35. 评分 1 / 5


    They don’t EVER last more than 2-4mos before they’re breaking apart. And we even do our best not to contribute to their breakage. It’s ridiculous. Why buy something that shreds and breaks?!?! They offered to replace our last ones thinking it was a fluke and they did the same.

  36. 评分 5 / 5

    Harry B. Laufman

    Everyday, charge the iPhone, charge the Nano, update the iPhone podcasts/songs, update Nano songs, rinse and repeat. Bought two of these 4 inch USB cables. Not having two three-foot USB-Lightening wires my desk makes a big difference.

  37. 评分 5 / 5


    I’ve had this charger almost half a year, and it’s still holding up supremely well. There haven’t been any problems with my iPhone not accepting it, no tears the ends, and it’s worked perfectly.I love the extra length in case I’m not right near an outlet, and would definitely buy it again.

  38. 评分 5 / 5



  39. 评分 1 / 5

    Mark Twain

    When I connect this cable to my iPod, I get a message stating “Accessory is not supported”, the iPod will not charge via this cable.

  40. 评分 1 / 5


    I had this cable for a while and suddenly it does not charge anymore and got phone message that this accessories is not comparable with this iPhone. Also it started to fast blinking charging and not charging icthe upper right corner. It could damage your phone.

  41. 评分 2 / 5


    I’ve purchased these chords several times hoping that they would do the work, but each time I find that they always go out and don’t charge after about 2 months of use. Of course after the point that you can’t return them anymore…how disappointing…

  42. 评分 2 / 5


    Out of 4 cables ordered, none of them fit exactly like Apple brand lightning cables. They have a horrible tendency to fall out if you’re handling your device at all while charging., or if you judt bump your device while it’s plugged in. I have to constantly check to make sure I haven’t lost the charge. Pretty disappointing

  43. 评分 5 / 5

    N. Squier

    This product works perfectly as stated. I decided to add a review because I’ve bought other replacement cords which only worked for a short amount of time and then stopped. This one has continued charging my phone well for several months. And I really like that the cord is so long.

  44. 评分 3 / 5


    Purchased this product in July of 2016. Used it daily until it stopped charging. Device ended up losing the ability to charge as the prongs became loose where they were attached to the device. I would have to wiggle the device in the wall socket to find the right place for the device to stay connected. I tried several different wall outlets with the same result. I do miss using this charger.

  45. 评分 1 / 5

    Kindle Customer

    In an effort to get a cable that will last, I researched and selected this one. I charge my phone every night while I sleep. I don’t use my phone while it’s charging and yet I’m less than 2 months this cable is deteriorating, literally coming apart. And, so, I will be searching once again for a dependable long lasting cable! Does one exist?

  46. 评分 5 / 5


    I waited a while to post a review because I wasn’t sure it was going to last. I’ve bought several off brand chargers in the past and after a month, they have a short in them or just stop working. Here we are a month later and it’s perfect. Glad I bought this!

  47. 评分 1 / 5


    works well for a while, maybe a month or two, and then boom…..they quit working! having a hard time trying to find reliable lightning cables, except for actual apple branded ones!!

  48. 评分 5 / 5

    Jacob T.

    This is the second one we’ve ordered. First my wife ordered one for herself and then I ordered one right before we went to the hospital to have our son. It was so convenient as she was able to more easily charge her phone and still use it as the cable is so long.

  49. 评分 1 / 5


    I thougtht is it had ‘s approval and they cost a little more than others, it would last longer. It comes in a pack and one of them was only good for 2 uses before going in the garbage. I’ve pretty much decided that unless you get the Apple cords they are all pretty much disposable. Thats why a buy multiple at a time. As for these, I would buy the cheaper ones, because they don’t last long.

  50. 评分 5 / 5


    I bought 2 of the 6ft cords after seeing endless different phone chargers, mostly just because they are brand. I have been using them for about 4 months now. The cords seem more durable than other chargers I’ve used, especially the apple chargers. Charging also seems a tad bit faster with these. For the price, I would recommend so far. If they hold up, I will end up buying more.

  51. 评分 5 / 5

    Mike Reese

    When it comes to Apple accessories, there are a lot of knock offs. Apple put a lot of thought and security into their cables. I have purchased the off name brands in the past and they just stop connecting/charging. With being the big player they are, i thought id take a chance their lighting cables. My thought process was that if they are going to make/brand a cable… it is going to be done right.I was right! These things have been ING! Highly recommended.

  52. 评分 5 / 5

    Jodie F.

    Works just like an overpriced iPhone charger. Got the 2-pack & it was a great decision, so worth it! I love the length of the cord!

  53. 评分 4 / 5


    I used this charger nearly every night for two years to charge my iPhone. It worked like just how it’s designed. The materials are a little thicker than Apple’s. The length is perfect. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because the insulatiis not enough to prevent electric shock when the casing begins to separate from the lightning end. The shocks were minuscule, which is fortunate, but it could still be dangerous.

  54. 评分 1 / 5


    I received these 2 cables and both worked fine at first. Then I was using my iPhone to navigate a road trip, and my phone went dead while plugged in. I tried a different USB port. No dice. I tried the 2nd cable, no dice. Happened to be passing a Verizstore, and they were able to charge it. Tried charging again when I arrived at my destination, no dice. Used a friend’s cable and got a charge immediately. Returning product.

  55. 评分 1 / 5


    Look, I know it’s a gamble when purchasing these chargers anywhere other than Apple (not sure why – but it is) – trusted would be a sure bet, I purchased this 10 footer and a 3-pack, one of those from the three pack stopped working already – assume it’s just a matter of time before the rest fail – why is this so difficult?

  56. 评分 1 / 5


    I used this charger for less than a month. It broke me with fair use and now it is not properly charging. The charger is cheaply made and specifically the part that connects to the phone is especially prone to breaking. I would recommend that you spend a few more dollars and buy a better charger. This is an easy fix ‘s part. They don’t glue the charger well enough to the plastic connector. This is the second charger from with this issue. A month’s use should not break a charger this easily.

  57. 评分 1 / 5

    Mr. Roboto

    Black marks the charge port, won’t charge one side, only sometimes the other. Fraying at cord connectisites. Not durable.

  58. 评分 5 / 5

    Lloyd F. Behrendt

    this is an cable that replaces my original Apple iPhone 6s charging cable, that has worn a hole in itself, getting bent back and forth repetitively. this cable was very reasonable, excellent quality, had it in two days. Well done, .

  59. 评分 1 / 5


    I bought this charger for my daughter’s iPhone 6, it arrived with no issues and worked great at first. After only having it for about a month however, an error message has now been popping up for the past week stating – “this accessory may not be supported” and it won’t charge when this message pops up. So all in all, the charger works about 50% of the time. HUGE inconvenience and pain in the butt!!!!

  60. 评分 5 / 5

    Christa L Foley

    I have to buy lightening cables for work for Ipads and Iphones. I have found that these cables last the longest. They are very well made and are priced really well.

  61. 评分 1 / 5


    We are our second cable in 2 months. The first one came apart after several weeks and sent us a free replacement, which was great. However, the replacement fell apart in less time than the first. I do not recommend this product.

  62. 评分 1 / 5

    Stephanie Hosszu

    My cord just had a mini explosion! I was sitting here and saw a puff of smoke and smelled fire and burning plastic. I won’t be buying this again and I suggest you don’t either until this issue is resolved.

  63. 评分 5 / 5


    Bought 5 of these, they are great! Glad I tested them uparrival. Out of 5, one did not work and did honor a zero cost replacement. Can’t complain.

  64. 评分 5 / 5


    Just what I needed. Left my old phone charger behind vacatiby mistake and needed another quick. Exactly as described and arrived fast. It’s just the cable, doesn’t come with usb wall adapter but I had like 10 of those lying around anyway.

  65. 评分 1 / 5


    This cable was delivered June 26th, 2018, it died August 10th, 2018. This is the shortest life of any cable I have ever purchased. As you can see from the photo the cable housing has broken away from the lightning connector. I can’t recommend this product based its incredibly bad performance. , you could refund me for this faulty product considering it has your name it!

  66. 评分 1 / 5


    I’ve purchased about 6 of these over the years, different colors/sizes, and in time they all stop working. Some you’ll get 6 months out of, some you’ll get 6 weeks. Poor quality, unreliable product.

  67. 评分 1 / 5


    I saw the reviews about it cutting off and burning but I still got it just because. But a month or so later, the cable was cut off and all. Just spend the money the original Apple one or just get it from Walmart/ Target.

  68. 评分 5 / 5


    Works great! This was my first time purchasing an “apple certified” charger. Would definitely purchase again, and also purchase a computer charger if they have it. I love that this extends to 6 ft instead of the typical 3 ft, allows you to use your phone/tablet without being right up the charger.

  69. 评分 3 / 5

    M Green

    I have mixed feelings this cable. I ordered two, one to use with a wall charger the other for my car. The cable I’ve kept in my car is still in great conditiand charges rather quickly, however, the second cable I used with the wall charge only lasted a few months before it started to fall apart where the cable is connected to the phone connector end.

  70. 评分 1 / 5


    I bought these 3 months ago and was completely disappointed when multiple cables I purchased frayed where the cord meets the lightning connector. Now when using them my phone intermittently goes from charging, to not charging, to charging based the frayed cable.Surprised would put its name/logo such a poor product…I had chosen it thinking that the quality checks to put their name the product would lead to a solid and durable product.Clearly that is not the case. Save your money here and buy an alternative charger product.

  71. 评分 2 / 5


    I consider myself someone who takes good care of electronics and such- Specially with cables, I make sure that they’re not being bent at the connect, or that weight is hanging off of them, etc. Anyway, not 3 days after receiving this cable, as soas I would move my phone slightly, it would disconnect and connect. I opted for a replacement, assuming maybe I had a defective cable, but with the replacement, it was the same thing – cable was intermittently disconnecting/connecting again with even the slightest movements. Very disappointed. Other than that, cable works fine if not moved at all.

  72. 评分 4 / 5

    Brennan H Evans

    Lightning cables are sort of infamous for breaking. So one is in the positiof paying the Apple Tax for the OEM ones or look for a 3rd part one. did a good job sourcing thrse and the cables are holding up well for generics. They are not top-of-the-line generics, for instance the lightning end one of mine cracked and it’s not gel filled so less secure than some others. But for an economy cable that does the job it fits my bang-for-buck criteria and I’ll stick with these cables one these ones wear out; which I’m sure they will.My advise : get some shrink tube (it’s cheap) and keep it around to reinforce the head end of theee and other cables. I find it can lengthen the life of cables quite a bit.

  73. 评分 5 / 5


    A great USB cord, got it to replace my original stolen Apple charger (a charger from the Apple website costs $30) and this is much better than the original. It has a much thicker cord than what Apple makes.

  74. 评分 1 / 5

    Marina F

    Got 5 of these cables in various sizes. The first one is bad with 4 days of plugging it in. The second one is going bad within 2 days of plugging it in. I’m going to send all 5 back.

  75. 评分 5 / 5

    As I See It

    Great cable for the price. Plenty of length for basic charging needs. Longer cables aren’t useful for fast charging so if you neeed that get a shorter cable. If you need something to reach to your favorite spot the couch, this is the one.

  76. 评分 5 / 5

    David F

    I only have like “a million” of these, as the kids keep stealing them, or I eventually wear them out from heavy use… More sturdy than the OEM cable IMO. Will continue buying!

  77. 评分 5 / 5

    Henri Savin

    I bought this one for my wife. For some reasons, her cables never last as long as mine even if I am not very careful with mine…So far, so good. I bought this cable in march 2017 and it is still holding good.Good job !

  78. 评分 1 / 5

    Diva Bookworm

    Have not even had this cable for a month and it is frayed and materials inside the cable are exposed. I would definitely send back but it was a two pack and the other cable I sent out of town with a family member.Cheap material already fraying. Do not buy. I bought this because it was Basics brand. That meant nothing. Cheap.

  79. 评分 4 / 5


    Update: I always appreciate a company that stands behind their warranty. The day I posted the below review I also let know my charger stopped working. I have a new one in hand today, 2 days later. Therefore they deserve a better score. I have several of the Basics cords in various lengths and this is the first one to have an issue. Thanks for the fast response to my issue. Only brand I’ll buy.Bought mid April 2018, dead August 2018. Didn’t even make it 4 months and it has been used in one spot only so it hasn’t been dragged around and used often. Very disappointing.

  80. 评分 5 / 5


    Seems like I buy 20 of these a year! We travel from Fl to OH several times a year and I’m always forgetting to pack charging cables so whenever I find these charging cables sale or whenever my supply gets low I order extras. They have always been received when promised and they work great! I’ve purchased other brands that weren’t MFI certified that will work 1-2 times that say they are Apple compatible but when I have used those kind it will say that they don’t support the device even after seeming to charge my iPhone a few times prior. And the cheap knock off versions have had the cover over the wires has come apart & the wires were showing after only having them a month or so. Considering how much we spend cellphones it’s definitely worth spending a bit more to protect our investment.

  81. 评分 1 / 5


    I’m surprised that this charger didn’t last longer given it’s awesome reviews and I’m usually pretty easy chargers. Very dissatisfied with this charger

  82. 评分 5 / 5

    KM, North Dakota

    We haven’t had any issues with these until now. I bought these about 2 1/2 years ago, and am now just thinking about throwing the 1st one out. It still charges, but the end that plugs into the phones or iPads is starting to come apart. Been great charging cables.

  83. 评分 3 / 5


    Um… works ironically better than other knock off apple stuff. Had one that gave out me after 6 months… then went through a slew of cables… some not lasting more than a day… got this one again, and so far no problems… ironically probably spent as much as an apple cable would have cost in the first place…

  84. 评分 5 / 5


    I have purchased several of these cables in various lengths. For the price, I keep one at home, the office, girlfriends house, suitcase, motorcycle, and in the truck. The 10′ length is great for being able to use the iPhone while it’s charging.My first purchase was April 2018 and I have not had any trouble with any of the cables.My only suggestifor would be for the lightning end to have a smaller cap. Some of the iPhone cases have a smaller hole for the charger and this cap can get in the way.

  85. 评分 2 / 5


    Works great until several months after using it. I have purchased 3 in the last year because they just all of a sudden stop working.

  86. 评分 5 / 5

    Kenny Do

    Universal it works

  87. 评分 4 / 5


    I don’t know how long these products are supposed to last usually, but I have had mine for a year now. It has JUST passed the 1-year limited warranty that puts it. One of the ends is coming apart, and you can see the interior wiring. I don’t expect it to work much longer, though as of right now it is still charging just fine. For the price, you really are getting a great deal, and like i said, a year of wear and tear has this product looking IMMACULATE in comparisto Apple’s products.

  88. 评分 5 / 5

    M. Lewis

    I’ve used this cable daily for a year, and it still looks and performs like new. I’ve had issues with the cheaper cables available , so this is a great compromise, coming in at under a 1/3 the price of the Apple branded cable. Having a 6′ cable is luxurious for accessing your phone while it’s charging behind a piece of furniture, as seems to be the case at most Airbnbs I stay at.

  89. 评分 2 / 5

    stacey lynn elliott

    First cord worked literally once. The second time I went to use it, it was a dud. Tried everything. Different outlet, different cube, upside down. It’s dead. The second cord is currently working but it’s my first time using it… I’m skeptical how long it will last. Sick of buying charging cords that work once…. open to suggestions for better ones.

  90. 评分 3 / 5


    I’ve bought this cord a couple times. It looks good when you first get it and works great but doesn’t last long. The cord is stiff and breaks down at the phone plug end within a few months

  91. 评分 3 / 5


    The first two years of using this product, it worked great. After that however, the connectibetween my phone and the charger were spotty, where I often would have to move the cable in different positions to even charge it. If you’re looking for a short term charger, this is great. Long term is a different story however.

  92. 评分 5 / 5

    Garet Helmken

    I’ve been using these cables for months now, haven’t noticed a slow down charging or anything. Fractiof the cost for the same quality as the real thing 10/10.

  93. 评分 5 / 5

    Missy A

    I bought two of these and will probably buy some more! I have had them for six months now, the cords charge faster than the cords that came with my phone and have had no signs of breaking!

  94. 评分 5 / 5

    James Ally

    I’m really pleased with this cable bought it back in Febuary and its held up to daily use. I travel a lot and it is moved around maybe 3/4times a day. It comes with me to work and pretty much everywhere my portable charger goes. I have had no issues thus far, its been pulled and rolled up many times and still feels pretty solid. Would recomend!

  95. 评分 1 / 5


    Please check out the photo, it shows the serious problem with this cable. I wanted to be able to use my iPad farther away from an electrical plug than the standard 3 feet, and saw this 6 foot cord. It did work for a month, although it had started to fray after 3 weeks of use. I should have sent it back. 5 weeks after first using it, it quit charging.

  96. 评分 4 / 5


    So far these are working great for me. I ordered two. Work much better than many cheap ones I’ve gotten. My only concern is that I assumed basics products are well-tested for quality, so I didn’t realize there were so many reviewers who had problems with the charger burning!! I didn’t read the reviews until later. So although they seem great, I’m taking one star off for the worry.😜

  97. 评分 5 / 5

    Alan M Rogers

    Good quality cable. I haven’t found anything from the Basics line that I don’t like. Lasts forever, more durable than the Apple brand cables, and charges almost as fast.

  98. 评分 1 / 5

    Rafael Venegas

    I bought 4 of these not too long ago and 2 of them already broke. I thought it would be a good buy since Apple charging cables cost too much and also brake over time. Well, now I’m only buying Apple brand since these lasted not even 2 months. Cable isn’t as flexible as the Apple brand, so I’m guessing that is why they broke faster.

  99. 评分 3 / 5


    Worked great for about a month but suffers the same issues with the other. Apple wires. Starts slowly not charging and you wiggle it and it works. Then the day hits where It goes dead. Lasted about six weeks. Shame for putting their name a poor quality product.

  100. 评分 5 / 5

    Rachel Powell

    This cable works like a charm. The three foot length is perfect for my desired use, which was as a car charger. The cable seems to work just fine, and I haven’t run into any issues. And you can’t beat the price! I would recommend this to others.

  101. 评分 3 / 5

    NTX Irish Gurl

    I ordered 2 of these in May 2017 and in June one quit working and in July the other quit working. There is no longevity to this product. If you are fine with this product lasting approximately 1 year, by all means order it. I did not use these chargers heavily. Only my commute to and from work – about 30 minutes a day – if that and sometimes longer road trips. I was disappointed as this is the level of quality I would expect from Belkin and other brands, but I thought Basics would be higher quality. I am giving it 3 stars since it worked while I has it, but once it is gone, it’s toast. More e-waste to figure out how to dispose of and divert from a landfill.

  102. 评分 5 / 5

    Ken Rader

    works perfectly with my power box

  103. 评分 4 / 5


    I’ve been using these USBs for years and it’s pretty decent. Apple USBs in general don’t last a very long time so I’m not expecting these to last long…the original apple ones don’t last long either. HOWEVER I found that if you wrap the cord right under the plug part in electric tape to stop it from bending too much at funky angles it makes it last wayyy longer. The main reaswhy USB apple chargers break is because the cord is sooo flimsy at this part. These USBs last about 6 months to a year. I will say though it charges way faster than the apple chord (may make your phone a little hotter, but i haven’t run into any issues with that)

  104. 评分 2 / 5

    Chelsey Woodley Bunn

    I was really disappointed with this cable. I have used basic cables before (3ft and 6ft) and the lasted for over two years without a problem. I decided to get a 10ft charging cable and it charges super fast which is ing BUT I’ve had the cable less than 2 months and the cord end with the phone jack is starting to tear, revealing the wires underneath. I’m not sure if it was just a defective one or what but am super disappointed with the 10ft charging cable.

  105. 评分 1 / 5

    R. M.

    “This Cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPad” Literally charged my iPad Air2 once before it stopped working.I knew there was a reasI normally stay away from the basic stuff and this is further proof to avoid brand name products

  106. 评分 1 / 5


    Worked fine for one month and then my phone said it would not support this accessory, and it would flicker and off to charge

  107. 评分 5 / 5

    Chris Thompson

    I have four of these and they are definitely worth it. I keep one at work, one by the bed etc. Much longer wire than what Apple gives you, this one can actually reach a wall outlet.

  108. 评分 1 / 5

    Donna Doherty

    Piece of crap. I’ve only had it a few weeks and it is already coming apart at the connectiand you can see wire so it’s dangerous.

  109. 评分 2 / 5

    Marc A. Geisbauer

    ! of the cables worked . then when came time to replace the one in my truck the other one did not. So I guess just buy one and see if it works before u buy th3 2 pack/

  110. 评分 5 / 5


    I specifically wanted an Apple approved cord for use in the car. The cord feels very strong and sturdy. Phone was quickly charged in USB port of car. Everything I wanted, it has provided, and at a great price!

  111. 评分 1 / 5


    this chord almost bricked my wife’s iphone 6. While charging it got stuck in an endless restart loop. We tried many different recovery methods found the Apple website. Finally she saw something advising to switch chords. So she switched to an authentic apple chord and the recovery with iTunes and it worked immediately. So, we’re blaming this chord as the root cause.

  112. 评分 1 / 5

    john doe.

    cheap cable that requires the iphone to be in the perfect positito work. both cables are very similar. i guess i gotta just charge my phones in tandem until i get another working cable. for everyone else spend more cause convience is worth a few more bucks. forgot to say it has bad connections after only few days of using it. box thrown away cant return for refund. they have 4 stars for this and so many sold. people are gonna keep getting ripped off buying this garbage

  113. 评分 2 / 5

    T. Emmert

    Apple originals lasted a year or two with kids plugging and unplugging their devices by themselves. These basics cables have already broken in under a month. The connectifrom the cable to the plugs is very delicate and easily breaks.

  114. 评分 5 / 5

    John W. Smith

    I love the extra length of cord. I can plug the unit into my back up battery and the phone remains my desk instead of sticking top of my pencil cups. Perfect for my charging at my desk

  115. 评分 5 / 5


    Does exactly what it should. Use it for my car and it works great. The black looks nice as well. Feels sturdy enough to last a while.

  116. 评分 4 / 5


    I was looking for a short cord to use with my battery pack and this was the only one I could find . Based other reviews, I was kind of wary of plugging it into a wall outlet but since my actual cord broke while I was my trip I had to charge my phone with the cord plugged into an outlet while my battery pack was dead.The picture is the wire after my trip. Definitely not safe for long charges with a wall outlet but safe enough for your battery pack.Overall it works and I have since bought a second one and threw away the one shown in the photo.

  117. 评分 1 / 5

    J. Stanislaw

    I bought this because of the length and the fact that it was Apple certified. Out of the box, the quality matched the Moshi cord, charged everything Apple we own, my children’s iPad 2s are very finicky. But, after just a few weeks of gentle use, the lightning adapter end started to separate from the cord. So much so that the wires inside are visible. I would expect this if I bought the cords that were a dollar each, but not from an Basics cord. We were still within the replacement window, so I contacted , and the replacement process was simple. However, the second verse was same as the first, so to speak. So, now I am checking getting refunded (doubt it will happen). I’ve already purchased a Moshi 10 foot cord (just like the one my daughter has had for a year or more and is still working perfectly), and will return this cord if I get the chance.TLDR – 2 broke at the same spot, don’t get it.

  118. 评分 5 / 5

    C. Poegel

    I use basics products for all of my extra iPhone/iPad chargers. Are all reliable and charge quickly. I use these cords in USB plug in outlets or directly to my computer for charging.

  119. 评分 1 / 5

    Alex L

    The tip broke off relatively quickly when being used gently. Another one Ive gotten triggered my phone to turn on/off the “Charging” signal until it was unplugged.

  120. 评分 5 / 5

    Robert L. Brandon

    I’ve been having trouble finding cords that work with my iPhone. They work for a short time and then stop. I don’t want to pay $20 for one from Apple though! This one has been great so far.

  121. 评分 5 / 5


    I’ve purchased many of these in the past that I’ve kept or given to friends. I love bought these to add them in the new cars and I love it. Very dependable! I want to buy more just to have as extras 😛

  122. 评分 5 / 5

    Mary Ann

    I love it. Works great with my iphone 7+ and my ipad. I especially like the 10′ cable as I can plug it in and still have plenty of room in bed to use my devices without feeling anchored by a short cord.

  123. 评分 3 / 5


    It works. It is of the stated length. BUT: It.Is.Stiff.As.A.Board. Never thought that I’d be buying something a click or two less stiff than a wire coat hanger from Bob’s Cheap Dry Cleaners and Awning Repair Shop. Just very odd and unexpected.

  124. 评分 5 / 5

    N. Miracle

    There are lots of folks that make lightning cables. And there are a lot of cables that break easily. And they always break in the same place — at the lightning end. The ones seem to have a better strain relief that end than others and last longer (even in our household!)

  125. 评分 3 / 5

    Alexis F

    I’ve had this cord for about a year and it has gone through very light use (it is the cord I leave plugged up next to my bed to charge my phone overnight) and the end that connects to the phone has gotten frayed to the point that it is only usable at certain angles. Before that, it was a nice charging cable that charged my phone quickly

  126. 评分 5 / 5


    These work as good as the apple cords. After a long time, they may wear at the end of the wire, just like any other, but no incompatible messages with iphone/ipad for the cable.

  127. 评分 2 / 5

    Melissa Porras-Monroe

    I have bought this product before and absolutely loved it and it lasted me almost and entire year. However, the one I have just ordered a month ago has already stopped working. Two weeks after using it I saw it toggle with being able to charge and not. Now, it completely doesn’t work. I’m extremely disappointed because this has been a charger I recommend to all my friends and to have a problem like this so sois unfortunate.

  128. 评分 5 / 5

    T. Regulski

    Great, cheap relplacement for the cords provided by Apple. I got the longest one and it’s great when you need to charge AND move about some. I’d def buy them again in the future!

  129. 评分 5 / 5


    The lightning cable works as intended. I’ve had no issues with durability, but mine sits a desk at work. Charges my iPhone 6s Plus IOS 10.xx. Would buy again as it’s a really good price and value.

  130. 评分 1 / 5

    R L

    My iPhone vibrated twice while charging in my car, next thing I know the charging cable is smoking like the Marlboro man. Disappointed with the quality, would suggest buying genuine apple products.

  131. 评分 2 / 5

    G. Sideman

    Something not quite right with this cable – it is not marked as ” Basics” and not quite the same quality as other Basics cables I ordered. The lightning end slips from my phone socket too easily. I’m not happy with it.

  132. 评分 1 / 5


    i bought this over a year ago, so i know it’s been a while, but i’ve used this cable next to my nightstand, so it doesn’t get a lot of wear and tear (vs. using it in the car, traveling, etc.). it just stopped working. no frays, no tears, nothing. it just decided not to charge my iphone anymore. you just don’t expect cables to be an issue, esp. when you don’t use it in a rigorous environment. i won’t buy these kind again.

  133. 评分 1 / 5

    L. almeida

    Not sure what the warranty is basics items, but my cable has exposed wiring all of a sudden the lightning end. I don’t want to cause a fire by using it anymore. It’s my first basics cable that I’ve ever bought but it was only good for like 6 weeks before this happened.I feel like this was a waste of money.

  134. 评分 5 / 5

    E. Schmitt

    Holds up and lasts at least as long as Apple-branded cables – for a fractiof the Apple cost!I use an Android for home, and an Apple for work, and it’s important that I have cheap, reliable cables at home, at work, and in the car. Basics makes a great cable that lasts at least as long as the name brand cables. If you’re like me and need a cable at every location, go with .

  135. 评分 5 / 5


    Purchased cable and it went bad withing a couple of months! This was a surprise as I have seen theses cables totally destroyed and they keep working. was fantastic they responded quickly and sure enough sent out replacement an added surprise they sent me an extra cable!Love the cable and service.Thank you

  136. 评分 1 / 5


    This basic lighting cord arrived March 3rd. It was charging fine until recently (July). It has started falling apart where you plug it into the iPad. I’m hoping this was “I just got a bad product this time”. I’m going to order again and hope this one last longer. I should have read reviews how long it should last, because now I see that there are some reviews stating issues about the durability of the cord.

  137. 评分 1 / 5

    Joe B.

    Do not buy. I bought a two-pack and in less than 2 weeks the both failed. These are complete garbage and i’m shocked that sells such trash under their own brand. There is obviously a broken wire in each of them as both my I-pad and I-phone rapidly switch from charging to not charging when plugged-in. This would account for all of the reported cases of overheating reported. better get their act together soof someone is going to get hurt by these.

  138. 评分 1 / 5


    This is second cord I have had in last 3 months, the 2nd is a requested replacement & it started to fray with 2 weeks The cord is too heavy causing it to crack at the connector. Eventually it stops charging

  139. 评分 3 / 5

    Frank Lawler

    The housing of the lighting connector end of the cable pulled loose within four months (see picture). I thought these might fare better than , which failed in a similar fashion, but I guess I need to keep looking for better options. When they’re not stressed too far, however, they work fine.

  140. 评分 3 / 5

    Kenneth Cooke

    The insulaticonnectibetween the lightning plug barrel and the cord became frayed fairly quickly, exposing the small wires beneath. Once that cracked open, the thin wires were toast in short order.

  141. 评分 5 / 5


    Despite the negative comments, I decided to go ahead and purchase. I love it! I’ve had mines for couple months and still going strong with no issues. Perfect for a replacement. It does take a little longer to charge but it’s expected when it isn’t an original.

  142. 评分 1 / 5

    John J Coco

    Awful quality…which is unusual of products in my experience. I received the original order and one Cable was non-functional, issued a replacement. I received the replacement, with one cable DOA AGAIN, and now the second cable from the first order stopped working.I bought these because usually products work great for me, but I gladly would have paid a higher price for working cables. 1). Frustrating. 2). Inconvenient to package and drop-off at UPS Store to return.Ended up buying and waiting twice for what ultimately at this point is one working cable with an expected working life of a couple weeks.

  143. 评分 5 / 5

    Alyssa West

    I’ve order the black 6ft 2-pack a couple of times now and have yet to have them not work. For the price I think it’s a great deal! My only issue is the part where cable connects to the lightning end seems to wear out easily so the wires become exposed after a few months. I think this happens with apple brands one as well but it seems to happen a little quicker the brand ones. Despite the wires being exposed the cable still works, I just replace for a piece of mind. Great product for the price!

  144. 评分 4 / 5

    gary kohl

    Not crazy about the material the cord is made of. Very stiff. Also I ordered 2 and one seems to be working great but the other I have to wiggle to get it to work. is replacing it so hopefully the new one works

  145. 评分 1 / 5

    Wyatt Ellinwood

    THE POSITIVE: I have bought this same charger twice before, and both of those worked perfectly. The length was really helpful so I could lay in bed and still use my phone while it charged. After about a year of daily use these cords, the housing wore down a little bit and the interior wires would end up exposed. But, I was more than happy to just spend the 10 bucks a new cord once a year because I was so happy with the convenience of a longer cord.THE NEGATIVE: I don’t know why they changed what was once a great product, but I can no longer recommend this charger. The lightning adapter that goes into your phone is too big for my iPhone 6, and will fall out of the port at the slightest disturbance. This has resulted in me plugging my phone in before bed, and waking up with less charge than I started with. I believe that every iPhone that has a lightning port can use this cord, so the size issue isn’t specific to my (slightly outdated) model.Basics, please make these chargers the way you used to and I will buy this cord and recommend it again in a heartbeat.

  146. 评分 1 / 5


    Lasted 1 month before the lightning end separated from the cord. Thought it would be a better choice since it was an cord. Guess not

  147. 评分 1 / 5

    Eli Harley

    Broke after less than a week. The rubber the charger end pulled down and exposed the wiring underneath, which seems to inevitably happen to all chargers but I’ve never had one give up so quickly before. It was still usable at this point but it broke completely after another few days. Don’t waste your money this, spend a few more dollars a good quality one that will last.

  148. 评分 5 / 5


    I am constantly buying cables because I have a habit of losing them and these are the best I’ve purchased in awhile. The longer cable is a necessity for me because the outlets in my house are far from my bed and desk. I’ve been using this pack for the past month and have had no issues with them. I have an older one that I purchased last year that stills works great even though I tend to bend the end of the cable while it’s charging.

  149. 评分 5 / 5

    D. Hicks

    This is by far the best iPhone investment I’ve ever made. Originally I bought this so I could lay in bed and not have to lay my side while charging my phone. My phone time has gone from 17 hours a day to 23 hours a day instantaneously. No longer do I have to set my phone down where it’s charging and constantly return to it. Now, I can charge my phone while doing tasks within a 10 foot radius; that’s a 62 foot circumference of iPhone usage. Approximately 314 square feet I can traverse while also charging my iPhone.Most useful place I have thus far used by charger: The bathroom. I can now accomplish two very important tasks at once – charging and discharging.Live the life of luxury and buy this cable. You will not regret it.

  150. 评分 5 / 5

    Alora H.

    Check the date the comments before you read! has greatly improved these chargers and honestly they’re ing! Worth the price. I bought 3 pack of the white ones and 1 pack of the black. These are literally the best chargers I’ve ever had. Never going back to $5 chargers from the gas statior overpriced crap chargers from Apple.

  151. 评分 5 / 5


    My item works and feels of good quality materials. Worked for my iPhone 7s thanks. Charges and works as any other stock Cord . Thanks

  152. 评分 5 / 5


    These are great for iPhones. They have a much longer life than the nylbraided ones. I always get the 6ft and prefer a little extra length, just in case. For the price they are great to stock up for home, office, and the go use.

  153. 评分 5 / 5

    R King

    These are good quality cords at a good price. I ordered the 6 ft length for extra flexibility. They work really well with my iPad and iPhone. Other cheaper OTC cords have not always worked well so I recommend these.

  154. 评分 4 / 5


    This cable works as desired with my iPhone 8. I have used it for charging through a 5W wall plug, as well as connecting to my car’s audio.It handles and feels similar to the cable packaged with iPhones. I decided to revert back to this basic style cable after I had two different nylbraided cable crap out me.

  155. 评分 2 / 5

    M. Perg

    Although this is a nice thick cord, this is the second time I had to replace it due to it tearing at the lightning connector. The first time it was replaced. The second time it was refunded. I am going with another model to see if that works better. Double Braided NylUSB A to Lightning Compatible Cable, Advanced Collecti- Apple MfiCustomer service was wonderful as always.

  156. 评分 5 / 5

    Avid Shopper

    I never would have guessed how nerve racking it was to pick out a charger cable that didn’t have horrible reviews. I needed a new one at work as my original Apple lightning to USB was worn down to the wire. I almost went back with Apple, but aside from the reviews they wanted $25. I saw a mix of reviews here about this cable but for $8 I thought why not. I haven’t had any issues with it thus far and it charges just as well, if not slightly better, than my former Apple cable.

  157. 评分 1 / 5


    Not happy with these. In less than 14 days of normal use both cords popped at the junctito the plug. I don’t even know how it happened or why but I’m not going to reorder these. Very poor performance.

  158. 评分 3 / 5


    3 stars because , I just bought this cord just a few months ago, and it stop working. so will update if I just past 6 months . It frayed at the port although I barely touched that area

  159. 评分 1 / 5


    I like that this is a long cable, but the quality is poor. The lightening end of the cable began to pull away from the cable < 4 weeks after I received it. This is the second one I have owned, and the other one did the same thing. I thought it might be something I was doing, but no other cable I have ever used has pulled apart like this one. I can't return it, but it's under warranty. Not sure that it's even worth the trouble to send it in, except that I like the length.

  160. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    Bought this October 2017 for my wife’s night stand. She needed a long cable (10 ft.) to charge her iPhone while using it in bed. She used it at most once a day for 9 months, as of July 2018 it stopped working. The cable at first seems sturdy and well-built. It’s heavy and has a bigger diameter than your standard Apple cable. But, as always, the problem is in the end where the cable meets the lightning male connector. It started showing signs of wear (cracking) after 6 months and after 3 more months it finished breaking and now doesn’t work. It’s cheap so I still give it 3 stars because of the price-to-quality ratio.

  161. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    I like the basic cost of this item, and I like that my Apple 8 plus phone accepts it. But it saddened me that the inserted tip disengaged from the wire, when my charging phone fell off the desk. I understand that this is an odd and isolated event, but my phone survived the fall, you would think that the charger cable would too. I had to take my phone out of its protective casing to fish the tip out of the port. Luckily, it came out easily. But it did cause some panic and stress.

  162. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I bought this brand because it is MFi Certified. I have used the cheap aftermarket ones in the past, and they don’t charge nearly as quickly as this one does, and they are poorly constructed, so they don’t last very long. These, the other hand, have lasted quite a while, and I’ve consistently gotten a good charge out of them. It’s worth spending the couple of extra bucks.

  163. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Nothing but issues with the dollar store places. These seem to be holding together nicely! Also, my phone never has issues connecting/charging with these.

  164. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Sally Posner

    Works perfectly and is very useful because most outlets in my home are about 4-5 feet from an outlet and the 3 foot cable is obsolete.

  165. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Robert Griffin Jr

    I hate having to replace my charging cable the regular was super annoying until I got this one.I love the length and durability of the cord.

  166. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    This is the 3rd i bought. 1 in my bedside table, 1 in the living room, another in my boyfriends car. Im guessing ill buy another one for whatever just because its sooooo useful and durable. I bought a different brand before and it came in 3 with different lengths. Toink toink. Didnt last long. 🙁 ill stick to basics

  167. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    #1 The cable is stiff – much stiffer than an apple cable or all of the other OEM cables I have purchased. Annoying when I am wrapping them up or when they don’t lay flat a desk/table top .#2 It is four inches shorter than other cables including Apple cables.#3 the feel of the cable is not that soft plastic feel that Apple and other OEM cables have.If you are OK with all of these – you will have no problems. I wish someone had said this before I bought them.The cables work fine using in all applications I have found and I have ordered many of them. I may change in the future.The longer versiof this 3 foot cable is great to use for near bed desk charging while using iPad.

  168. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Amperes Lawrence

    Exactly as described – great quality for a great price! Love the extra length and works better than my actual lightning cable for my iPhone lol

  169. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I bought 3(two black and 1 white) of these for my family to use. It’s durable and it works like the regular apple cable. It’s pretty decent for price. It’s been almost 4 months and it hasn’t died yet.

  170. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    S L Core

    At first, this seemed to be the perfect cable; it was long, seemingly good quality, and did its job. However, after using this cord happily for about 2 weeks the cord snapped near the lightning adapter portiof the cable. Now, the cord has exposed wires and only charges in certain positions for a small amount of time. When I tried to continue charging my phone, the cord heated up to the point where I was afraid it was going to melt or start a fire. I’m so disappointed that this happened because I really wanted to love the cable, but the quality just wasn’t there. Don’t waste your money like I did.

  171. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    Robert Rodriguez

    I had this for 1 day and the tip broke inside my IPad. Luckily I was able to get it out. The cable is a little stiff and very riggid at the connectitips. The slightest bend and it’ll probably break. I give it 2 stars because the quality is somewhat questionable..but sent me a replacement right away. Not the best made but I give it 2 stars because of ‘s great customer support in backing up there product.

  172. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I came onto to purchase another one since this item has outlived many of the Apple brand cables I have. When I located it, I saw a message stating that I purchased this item in November 2015. WOW! I was shocked. I didn’t know it had been that long. In looking at the more recent reviews, maybe I was just lucky, but mine still works to this day. Never had an issue with it. No overheating, splaying, or anything.

  173. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Lasted about two weeks.

  174. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    This charger is a joke ! I’ve sent it back once already. It doesn’t work for more than a week . Maybe a little longer. 2 chargers in a pack. Bought this less than a month ago. All 4 chargers don’t work

  175. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Cheap and breaks apart within 3 uses

  176. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    I’ve only had this for about 2 months and the cord has already lossened and snapped again the lightning port. I love the length because I don’t have to worry about pulling and popping it from the socket, but I’ll probably be replacing it for something a little more durable.

  177. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    I bought the wrong one.It was going to cost nearly $6.00 to return it. So, I sold it to a a co-worker for $5. I went to Wal-Mart and bought what I needed. My co-worker seemed pleased.

  178. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Only took 3 weeks for the end of the cord to come loose.

  179. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Purchased this product and it worked good for a year and now has completely stopped work. Very poor quality.

  180. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    So far I’ve had this charger a couple of months and it works great!! I really love the longer charging cable. Great buy so far!!

  181. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    In late April (4/25 to be exact) I decided to purchase this item again since the first one lasted me over a year. The original one I purchased a year ago is now in better shape than the one I purchased this April. The cord is slowly separating from the plastic part that connects to the phone and the wiring is exposed. I was really bummed when this started happening especially since I never move this charger around. It stays in one place and I only use it to charge my phone overnight. It worked great for the 3 months I had it, but it’s dissapointing that the quality is not there.

  182. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Robert easton

    Cable is of heavy duty materials works well and the length is great for use will sitting the couch when u need that extra charge!!

  183. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I’ve had this for one month and it has starting to already intermittently charge after seeing all of the dangers of this melting for other people now I am very hesitant to keep using at

  184. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Mark Faber

    Great deal compared to what I’d have to pay at the apple store (or anywhere else, quite frankly). basics products are always a safe buy, and once again they proved that they make a solid product. Win!

  185. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    Blaine C

    Charges very slowly. If I have enough apps running with Bluetooth on, my battery actually drains faster than this thing can charge it. Works for regular charging with only music running though.

  186. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    James Reid

    These chargers are legit and will work to connect your phone to your car through usb, the cheaper charger packs you find WILL NOT connect your phone to your car through usb.

  187. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    I buy these cables instead of getting them from Apple for the lengths available as well as the price, but you do get what you pay for. The cable’s coating splits from the hard plastic connectors very quickly. The last cable I bought has started to expose the inner wires in less than a month. But you get them fast and they’re not expensive so it’s a trade-off. Convenience wins.

  188. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Art Dude

    My cable sometimes stops working shortly after purchase but longer than warranty for return. Apple has said that their new software may recognize non-apple cables and can disable them; so maybe this is happening.I don’t recommend these.Buy authentic Apple cables directly from

  189. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    The Schultz

    I would love to be able to give this 5-stars as I don’t believe it is the fault of this product, but instead the part of Apple’s endless greed that it doesn’t work with my iphone 8.I realize Apple has something built into its software to detect products that aren’t Apple-brand and render them worthless. This isn’t the first time this has happened. All the way back to my 4 I recall buying chargers at 5 Below and having a message pop up my phone’s screen saying it “may not functiproperly” due to it not being an official Apple product.While it seems to work alright with my iphone 6 (which I use to listen to music in my car) it does not work with the 8.

  190. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    It fell apart too soon. I had this plugged into the aux plug of my car for music as I drive. It fell apart at the phone end within 3 weeks. I’d say don’t waste your money this and just go splurge for the nylwoven ones. Those at least stay together and get the job done!

  191. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    Better than the bargain brands and it is a fair price for what you get but if you spend more you can get one that will last even longer and is better quality.

  192. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Professional shopper

    I wish that I hadn’t cut corners and bought this charger. It ruined the battery life of my phone. I’m probably going to have to buy a new phone a lot sooner than I wanted. Do yourself a favor and purchase a legitimate charger.

  193. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Ken Young

    Works great and as expected. The length is comfortable for our van as the only chargers free are the ones up front since all the ones in the back are always taken by everyone else.Just remember to get it out of the way before everyone pours out disregarding that they may pull it.

  194. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Everything I’ve ever dreamed of in a cable:1. It works appropriately with all my apple lightning devices and the accompanying USB device!2. It seems to work upside down or downside up!3. It is the appropriate length according to the specificatiin the description!4. I was not spammed as a outcome of purchasing it, seems to be a growing problem with !5. I got 2 for a really good price!Cons:1. I had to pay real money, but heck I really enjoy working so I can spend that money stuff like cables from . I so look forward to those smiley faces!

  195. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    My original Apple lightning cable was nearing the end of its life. I ordered the 2 pack 6 ft black Basic lightning cable and it was the perfect replacement. The color distinguished which one is my cable and the 6 ft length helps when the outlet is not nearby. Great product!

  196. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    – HP

    slow charger, I ordered 2 of these cables. it’s took so extremely longer time to charge 10%. not recommended if you want speedy charging like original cable.

  197. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I have purchased cable from Apple and it didn’t last one year. This cable quality is very hig quality. The price is very good for a nApple Cable or product. I would recommend that you buy this cable and keep extra at home.

  198. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Great item! My previous chord lasted 3 years before it started fraying. Overall very happy with the quality and more than worth it to purchase another chord after 3 years.

  199. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Avi Loren Fox

    I was really excited about this cable, both because of the price and the fact that it came in 100% recyclable paper packaging. However, it stopped working after a few months. sent me a replacement which was nice, but then that one also stopped working. Will not be purchasing again – although I hope they improve the product because if it had a longer life cycle it would be great!

  200. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Melanie Woodward

    Got very hot and stopped charging the phone. It burnt my hand when I touched it and it melted the plastic covering the wire. Wires became exposed and frayed, thankfully it did not catch fire. Definitely do NOT recommend. Bought two of these chargers and it happened to both.

  201. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Cole B.

    Use it in my car to charge my phone. Cord is a good length. Good quality. No issues after many months of plugging and unplugging at least 2 times a day.

  202. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    We’ve bought several other brands of chargers & these hold up better than any of the others. Seems like other ones develop shorts rather quickly.

  203. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    The negative thing I’m going to say is that it is not 3 feet as advertised. I would have liked it to be as long as advertised. It’s more like a 1 1/2 feet. It did come in a 2 pack, which was what I was aiming for. Good price still for a basic iPhone cable.

  204. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Would not recommend. Bought this in January 2018 and in less than two months of normal use (I.e., plugged in without being pulled on, twisted etc.,), the cable frayed and wires were exposed. Had to replace and replacement lasted another 30 days!!

  205. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    J Ortiz

    I just got them yesterday & they are already only charging 1 side. I’m very sure apple gives us a super hard time & that I am over them. Apple wants us to only use original cables. I am sad to say that its a waste of time & money. I will give the cables a few more days b4 I return them.

  206. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I’m a bit disappointed with this. It had raving reviews so maybe I got the one that was a dud. 2 months in, I started noticing how it acted wonky. It wouldn’t charge unless I wiggled the cable. I sometimes wake up the next morning, ready for work…only to find that it was not charging overnight. It’s become very frustrating.

  207. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    chargers are my favorite, better than apple chargers in my opinion. They charge just as well, come in black, different sizes and are REALLY durable. I’ve bought multiple for different areas of my house and friends/family as well.

  208. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Nancy Geraci

    Bought this for my daughters iPhone 6 and it lasted about 3 weeks and then started cutting in and out and not charging unless in a specific position. Contacted customer service and they were great sent out a new one next day but the replacement is doing the exact same thing and I have tried it multiple devices.

  209. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Michelle Kim

    I bought this in October 2017, and I already need to buy a replacement because the plastic has melted off and the wires underneath are exposed (see photo, taken July 2018). I don’t move the cable around the house or travel with it, so the wear and tear might be an inevitable byproduct of poor quality and/or the length (10 ft) is just too long to last. It’d be nice if the charger could last at least one year.

  210. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Walter K.

    Works great when plugged into an outlet and nice to have the additional length, plugs into places I couldn’t reach before. However, these cables will not charge from my PC. When my iphone or ipad is plugged in, I can transfer files etc but it does not charge, it even tells me my device that it is not charging, don’t know why, defective, maybe. Until this is resolved, only 2 stars.

  211. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    This is my second or third order cuz it break easily. But I have the same problem with other brands so I can only blame myself use it incorrectly. Overall not bad and price is fair

  212. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Sean Boyer

    Product worked well until it became fidgety about 2 weeks later from normal bedside use at night only. I have to find the right angle for the cord to work at the hilt. Otherwise, it sometimes will not charge overnight if I just plug and leave it be. It IS made out of beefier material, but I have read that other customers have been having the same issue. I would like to have a replacement but for now I can deal with it. I just hate spending $8 a charger and have issues with it in a couple weeks you know?!

  213. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    JUNK I got this cause other cables have worked well and have lasted longer but this one which is suspend to be the newer versiliterally the part that connects to my phone well the edge started ripping. TOTAL JUNK!

  214. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Miss Ann

    Love that it has a small end and fits nicely through the Caseology case that I bought for my new phone. I wanted to get an Apple authorized cord since I’ve read other cords can be finicky and not charge fast. This cord is longer than the cord that came with the phone and it will be the cord that is always plugged in where my phone will be charged most of the time. The Apple cord wasn’t long enough from the outlet to the table I use for charging but this works perfectly.

  215. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Oh my. Where do I start? Of the two cables, only one had the name Basics printed it. The one that did not have any printing at all, had the end of it broken and pulled away from the end piece within five uses.So, I’ve been using the one with the printing it, for a couple of weeks now, and it broke as well. As I’m looking at the broken end, I noticed that the words basics has rubbed off! This is crazy. I realize now that these are Knock offs! A company has to go through rigorous certificatifrom Apple in order to be certified to sell Apple products. This company is being reported to Apple.

  216. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    David Martinez

    Its an okay quality cable, but the cable near the phone connector started to wear withing 2 months and was completely stripped by 4 months.

  217. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Hilary Witt

    I used this for a character in the car so it would reach the back seats. It was working fine until a few days ago when it got left in the sunlight hitting the car.

  218. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    There are cheaper cables but many are not MFI as they said they are and you will have lots of problem with connection. All my basic cables work as well as Apple’s.

  219. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Nathan Gibbs

    These were a good deal but didn’t last the year. I would have to twist them around my phone to get them to work. At the lighting end the connective wires seemed to be coming loose. Not a long term solution.

  220. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Ana Villacorta

    It worked well for about 6 months, then I had to move it around in the right spot for it to work. It stopped charging 2 months ago. Same thing happened to my husband’s. I use my son’s original Apple cable with the charger I bought from now.

  221. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    Dae Lee

    It worked great at first. The speed to charge was fast. Quality & durability are poor. After a few months of use the wire started to call apart from the part that connects to the iPhone. I thought maybe it was an isolated issue but it occurred to both cables in the 2 pk.

  222. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    John B

    both cables died and it was very frustrating to wake up in the morning and find that the phones did not charge overnight, Evidently, a loose connectione or both ends which prevented charging. You can bend the cord’s end and place it under your phone and the cord would charge. Love the cord’s length. For the price, easier to replace.I am buying another cord, just knowing that it will last about 6 months.

  223. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    doxie lover

    Didn’t work after 3 days. refunded and said to throw it away and are now charging as I didn’t return it?? HUH? It went in the TRASH!

  224. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Julie W

    This charging cable is exactly like Apple version-rubber coated and easily crimped. It did not last as long as the Apple one did. The connectito the iPad frayed in weeks. Shocks you up when you touch it. Poor workmanship

  225. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Omar A

    Ordered a black one a year ago, the plastic bit at the lightning port immediately started melting away. Here I am holding this white cable and the same exact thing has happened. Avoid this product at all costs. I thought they fixed this issue.

  226. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Best cords available, especially for the price. I’ve bought three or four of these now for different rooms around the house and the car as well. I’ve had some since around Christmas of 2017 and they show no signs of stopping any time soon. Much better than any of those expensive ones from Walmart that break after 2 months.

  227. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Product has no crimps and is has not been moved since purchased/installed. Product no longer works properly after a few months and not worth attempting to return or warranty out. The product is made poorly reconsider buying it.

  228. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Coach T

    The first time I bought this, the insulaticover cracked at the point where the insulatimeets the phone plug. It cracked within two weeks. I bought a second one. Same problem. I’ve uploaded a video and I’m attaching a photo. This product is arguably dangerous, and in any event it’s not worth the money. I gave it to Starr’s instead of one because people often ignore one star reviews but it really is one store product and it should not be sold in my opinion.

  229. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    J. Elizabeth

    I’ve had the same 3-ft iPhone charger since I got my phone a few years ago. It’s not had any problems or frayed areas even though I treat it a little haphazardly. This charger has a larger diameter and stiffer material, which doesn’t bend well. I wanted a longer charger so it could reach around my desk, but the cable is heavy and using the phone at all means I need to constantly juggle it around or get up to completely change the positiof the cable. I have another 10-ft cable I got from a store for $5 and have had for years, which has worked perfectly from day one.Another issue is the charger can’t decide which way it will charge. Logo up? Logo down? It changes whenever I plug my phone in. It usually works logo down. If I have to change the positiof the cable, in order to make sure the wiring won’t get twisted I have to do a little dance etc with it. I’ve used the charger for less than a month and the charging end is already showing signs of wear.Oh also the cable charges so slowly. I’ve had all apps closed for about three and a half hours, and I’ve gotten about 20% charge. That’s with making sure the charge point is free of debris. Of course I hadn’t checked which side the cable wanted to charge on. But come on.

  230. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I bought this 7 months ago and it’s already tearing apart. I am so careful with my things and even with care it’s falling apart. What a waste of money it was. It’s too bad.

  231. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Teresa Ludwig

    These cables are legit! I’ve ordered other long cables and typically they only work for a little while because they’re so cheap. Not these guys though. I’ve had the same cable for almost two years now and just ordered another for my work! Love these!

  232. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    These are great. I have had no trouble with them working and love the length options. I have one all over my house, and in my car so I can always charge up!

  233. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Eliana Selzer

    Both cables did not work. As nearly as I can tell, the lightning side is defective. It doesn’t actually go all the way into the outlet my iPhone or iPad.

  234. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Lasted about 2 weeks, before there was a short. I am so disappointed. My daughter recommended that I purchase Apple verified. I feel like I wasted my money. Trashed.

  235. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Durham FNP

    I’ve had this cord exactly 1 month, and it has already started fraying near the point where in plugs into the phone! I would not buy again.

  236. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Cathleen Clapper

    These are excellent replacements for the Apple brand cables. All of my Apple cables split up near the USB end. So far, these have not, and are a lot more economical.

  237. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    We own quite a few apple products and have a lot of cords but some are pretty old and finally pooped out us. This cord has been great, strong and works well with all our devices.

  238. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Freddy Torres

    Affordable, comes in multiple sizes, and gets the job done. I wasn’t sure if my iPhone would throw out a message about the cable not being compatible, but fortunately this cable works great with my iPhone.

  239. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    Stacie Vargas

    It charged my phone in my car. It stayed in my car at all times and never bent.All of a sudden, it suffered the iPhone charger fatal injury. I’m afraid to use it.I’ve had it for less than 6 months.

  240. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    After two months of use the cord doesn’t work any more. Fell apart way too easily. Something like this shouldn’t be this fragile. Went to get a refund and it says the window to return has closed. Only had one month. Won’t order again. Still have the shorter 3 foot cord and hopefully that one will last longer.

  241. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Mike Tarrani

    Tested it with an iPad Pro and it charges and synchs like an OEM Apple cable. Well constructed and the long length (mine is ten feet long) gives me a lot of flexibility when I need to charge further away from a charging port than the Apple cable allows. Definitely a safe replacement for OEM Apple cables.

  242. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Phelps Girl

    While my iPhone is plugged into this the touch screen goes nuts, opening and closing windows, keyboard coming and going, entering informatiof its own accord. At one point I stoped touching and the phone kept opening new things including almost buying something and asking for my thumbprint! I just watched. I grabbed a clue and unplugged it from the charger. Then the phone worked fine. Weird!!! Sending the three I purchased back. I’m afraid to damage my phone.

  243. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    This is working well so far. It is made from a different material than my previous cords which tend to break near the connectipoint. Hope it will be longer lasting.

  244. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Thought I’d spend a bit more and get decent quality, but one cable wore out much faster than much cheaper ones. Look elsewhere – is putting their name really crappy merchandise now.

  245. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I got a couple of these for me and the wify to recharge our phones with rechargeable batteries, very happy with the size and durability of these cables.

  246. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I buy these about every 6 months. I give them away to kids and grandkids who can’t keep up with theirs. They are completely functional and reliable. I would never waste money the name brand.

  247. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    This product worked fantastic for about 2 weeks. Then it just stopped working for the most part, you know when your cable is old and you got to bend it a certain way to work? Yeah that’s what happened after two weeks by the third week bending anyway isn’t going to get you a solid charge

  248. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    The longer cable length (6 feet) is great and more useful. See many past complaints (2016/2017) cable melt/ burnt. Use it fiPhone X overnight charging in past several months without issue. Either ’s vendor had improved the cable design/ manufacturing process or it can be users mis-handling the cable. User shall hold the plastic area and not the cable during cable removal to avoid causing inner wiring damage leading to short and burnt.

  249. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    For some reasthe connectifrom the wire to the plug in part is separating. I ordered two and this is happening to both. They still work but the wires are exposed.

  250. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Just a couple days into using this cable it broke as shown the picture. It was 2 to the pack and now my second one has broken the same way. I have never had this problem with true apple cables. We usually lose them hence the replacement. I am just learning if you have a genuine apple cable that breaks then the apple store will replace it for you at no cost. Hope this helps.

  251. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    Cord worked for a few months but inevitably the cord started to rip and detach from the charging point like most other Apple chargers tend to do. I ended up opting for a 90 degree charging cable and found that the lack of bending the cord is going to make it last so much longer. Not a bad cord here, justhas the same issues all other apple cords have.

  252. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    This cable lasted longer than expected for a generic–almost a year. I don’t think it’s quite as strong as the one from the apple store, but, for less than a third of the price, I can’t complain.

  253. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Kami Johnson

    Great cords. Great price. I have used other non-Apple cables and they will work for a little while but eventually a message pops up saying they aren’t compatible with the Apple device I am using. I don’t have this problem with the Basics cables and they hold up for just as long as the Apple cables I have had in the past without the high price. Highly recommend!

  254. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    This charger is great in length but it broke very quickly. It would only charge if twisted one side. Otherwise it would buzz frequently and not charge. The beginning of the cord broke and has not lasted well.

  255. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    This is my second one and it works perfectly. The first one stopped working reliably after years of use, but I’m pretty sure it was due to being bent at the end over and over by my son. I would definitely buy again.

  256. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Ross G.

    It’s Apple MFi certified so it’s going to work just as well as the one that shipped with your phone. But this one is 4 feet longer which is a welcomed change. Another great product from the Basics line.

  257. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Rose M.

    I purchased the 6-ft Basics Lightning to USB A Cable May, 2018 and it stopped working yesterday, July 6, 2018. This was the second 6-ft cable I purchased because the first one I purchased in January 2018, still works perfectly. One thing I did notice, was that this second cord did not have ” Basics” printed the cord; but I didn’t think anything of it. I’m now wondering if this cord was a fake or just defective. Unfortunately, I can’t get a refund. Not sure if it’ll make a difference, but next time I received one not labeled, I’ll return it immediately.

  258. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I purchased this 2 years ago, the lightning connector became hot and melted. It was NOT plugged into a device. luckily we noticed and unplugged it before it started a FIRE. Will not be buying another of these

  259. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    This charging cable works well charging iphone 5/6 and ipad. No issues charging either device. Some replacement cables state that they are compatible, but do not work well. So far, this is just like the original and works great.

  260. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    now i have had this charger for the longest time and it’s traveled with me lots of places and been shoved in bags and throw around and everybody uses it in my car and still works. it’s a great charger.

  261. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Jake R

    I always seem to be in need of another phone charger. Well, with almost 60,000 reviews, how could I go wrong with this one??It works. It charges my phone. That’s that.

  262. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Andrew Y.

    I must say I really do like this charger I just purchased my second one after my first one started coming apart after 1 year and 1 month. It started to work sometimes when you wiggled the cord by the lightning port end. Very impressed by the charging speed with the cord being as long as it is! Would recommend to all my friends and family love the charger!

  263. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    This charger was rarely able to charge anything and the few times it did, it was painfully slow. The real problem is that it’s a fire hazard, though. I touched the cord trying to find out why my iPad wasn’t charging and I got a severe/2nd degree blistering burn my fingers. The charger cord itself was melted and warped.

  264. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    30 Something

    Purchased for the second time. Price is decent and quality is pretty good. Knocked down a star because it only lasted about a year and a 1/2 before it stopped working. Honestly though, most lightning cords don’t even last that long.

  265. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    A J

    Everything you expect, nothing flashy. Good length and it charge my phone just fine. If you are looking for a budget buy this is the one for you.

  266. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Didn’t even last a month, I’m returning it, very dissatisfied and disappointed.

  267. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I go through a lot of cords for all my Apple products. They are compatible and charge fast. These are well made and seem sturdier, especially right by the plug. That’s what always goes first me, but I think these will hold up great.

  268. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Online business owner

    Perfect. Don’t waist your time and money $1 store chargers, they’ll break two weeks later. 2/$15 is the best deal. Apple store sell one charger for $20. I buy everything , they never let me down.

  269. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    I purchased this in July 2015. I love that it’s 6 foot. Worked great for 2 years then just stopped. I figured, $8 for 2 years…not bad. Purchased another in July 2017. This one lasted 1 year and now my connects/disconnects a lot while it to charging. Can’t be good for the battery. So, I’m going to call it quits. If you feel $8 a year is ok for 6 feet, then go for it.

  270. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    This is the best lighting cable that you can get at this price. The material is not as shabby as the Apple’s lightning cable. It does its job, the only complaint I have is that the charging is pretty slow when it is used with car play, I am not sure if it is the issue with the cable or the car’s head unit.I have not used it for data transfer so I am not sure about the performance there.

  271. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    The Basics chargers work really well – you don’t get that message saying they’re not compatible with your device like you do with some brands.

  272. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Matthew Salvesen

    Basics cables seem to be pretty good quality. I’ve never had one fail me like a gas statione might. The 6ft is really great for your wife if she absolutely needs to keep using her phone even though it’s 6% battery.

  273. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    3 months after receiving the rubber came apart and the wire is exposed. Why can’t anyone produce anything of quality anymore.

  274. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    As far as cables go, there might be more to expect that someone might think at first. The length of this is perfect, the ends don’t separate even when pulled, and it doesn’t give your phone any weird messages about not recognizing the cable. What more could you want?

  275. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Less than a month later and it works sometimes. There’s a burn mark both sides of the cable. I don’t know if this cable is a lembut it definitely didn’t work for me.

  276. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    They lasted 2 years before breaking apart and disintegrating. Apple original cables are still in good shape with daily use. They need to use better plastics. However, that being said, they lasted FAR longer than the truly knockoff cables, and they work for both charging and syncing. So for that, they get the stars.

  277. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I’ve got a few of these now. They charge my Apple products perfectly. The only way you can tell the difference between these and the OEM is that they say them.We got two more because my wife frayed both of her Apple ones within just a couple of years of use. We’ll see if the ones hold up better.

  278. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Kara Marks

    Either this is the worst product ever or I have really lousy luck statistically to have gotten two in a row that are defective. I had bought a similarly priced product previously that only lasted about 6 months, so I thought I’d try a different brand–this one. In less than a week there started to be separatiof the cord from the plug and within 2 weeks it was looking dangerous, exposing wiring, and I arranged for a replacement with . By the time the replacement arrived a few days later, the cord was only working intermittently, depending upposition. Now the replacement is headed down the same road, so I won’t request a replacement, just a refund. I’ll be buying the one that lasted 6 months before, since to get an authentic Apple replacement would be significantly more expensive and much less convenient. I don’t understand what’s so hard about making a durable cord– I love for everything, but I’m so disappointed.

  279. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Within two weeks, my charger was broken. The wires were sticking out of part of it, and I was very careful with it.

  280. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I purchased two. Both worked fine for a short time, then after a month or so, the wire separated from the connector head and stopped working. I’m disappointed- expected an basics recommended product to perform better.

  281. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Aly Cooper

    I thought it was longer so I was dissatisfied

  282. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Chris C.

    Dont trust reviews. I purchased 6 for my family in May. 70 bucks!! Last one died today, June 29th.A waste of money. id like to be fully refunded. ill see if they will refund me….WOW… WoW… refunding my money and looking into the matter.five stars for customer service.Chris

  283. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I purchased 3 of these chargers, and ALL 3 either stopped working soafter using or DOA (Dead Arrival). I was ONLY allowed to get a refund 1 of them (because the other 2 stopped working days of the 30-day return policy). NEVER. BUY. THIS. CHARGER. Period. I bought 3, and ALL 3 were duds. In baseball, that is a strikeout. I would give this charger a “0” if that was an option. That is the only reasit received 1-start.

  284. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    The lightning plug slips out of the connector my iPhone 7, even if it is laying flat a table and not being touched. My phone does not have a case. The OEM Apple plug works fine. This is the 2nd one I am returning.

  285. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Ibrahim yaghnam

    These wires are of poor quality. They show signs of wear and tear within days to weeks with very light use (2-3x/week) that would normally show with high use for several months. This is unacceptable. I used these wires for 2 weeks only, and only charged my iPad 3 times a week. so within SIX uses the wire now presents a fire hazard. No bueno, . No bueno at all!

  286. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    V. Wood

    These are relatively good quality cords in that they are thicker than most. They also have a little covering to reinforce the end where it connects to the plug. The problem is that this little cover separates after a while so that the wires are revealed. I haven’t found a good solutito keep this from happening. For the price, I can’t really say that this would keep me from purchasing one again. It is just disappointing.

  287. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    The material itself is nice and durable, but the lightning port began to show exposed wires after only a month or so sitting my desk. Still 100% usable, but would suggest otherwise for extensive, high-impact use and lots of travel.

  288. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Very poor quality. Wiring started coming out within a week of use. Previously bought and lasted two years so was extremly dissapointed to see the poor quality this time around. Also noticed the plastic melting and warping.Won’t be buying again. Waste of money

  289. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I bought several and 2 broke right away. the mini end cracks very easy. Usually these Basic products are pretty good but run for life from these. Not worth the hassle of returning so I got burned. Live and Learn.

  290. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Works as it’s supposed to. I only use it at bedtime to charge my phone, so can’t speak to how fast it charges. Fingers crossed that it will outlast the cheaper knockoffs.

  291. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Stephanie Grooms

    I’ve bought these twice because I’m too cheap to buy the name brand ones but I have had to tape and rig them both within virtually no time after buying them. They all rip open by ththe connector into your device. UGH!Even if I try not to use devices while charging…they still do that.Right now I have used a straw cut open and taped around them to reinforce them.Haha I’m cheap I reckon.

  292. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    The quality of the wire seems pretty sturdy except the rubber attaching to the connector end. It might be a design flawed because over a couple months of usage, the rubber will rip… but good thing this is Basic so you’re covered.This would have been a 2-stars but since it’s backed by and their warranty is ing. Additionally, everything is pretty sturdy except the rubber end. 4-stars

  293. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Does not work with iPad or iPhone… lost window for returnWaste… I guess should have looked at all the unhappy reviews

  294. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    So far, the Basics lightning cables are the most reliable and dependable of all the replacement cables I have purchased. I have several and have never experienced shorts or other issues. The length is great as well. I definitely recommend.

  295. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Nora Ruffin

    Ever since I switch to iPhone I haven’t had a charger work more then a for months before breaking. These are super love and lasted me longer then any charge I’ve ever had for a smart phone.Also a great price for two cords.Only buying chargers from now one.

  296. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Use it everyday in my truck. This iPhone cord has lasted much longer than other knock nApple cords have lasted. Very pleased with products.

  297. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I literally just got it and after exactly 3-4 uses it stop working. Incredible!!!! I thought it would actually last longer the other cords I have previously purchased from but this cord was no better. Totally returning the cord and not always going by what the multitude of comments say about a product.

  298. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Chris Upton

    Works just like the OEM Apple cable. Almost indistinguishable except for the Basics writing the lightning end. The picture shows how I use this cable, sitting perfectly in the slot of a Scosche Magic Mount Stand. You can see the cord has held it’s slightly bent shape almost like it’s a memory wire. Would highly recommend.

  299. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Leslie A. Rowe

    I have tried buying other cables but Apple decertified them at rack new software upgrade. A friend recommended Basics and they have never failed. Great product.

  300. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    David Stevenson

    Cord went intermittent after 2 1/2 yrs. Only gets used at night my nightstand so it’s not flexed or coiled-uncoiled at all. Also don’t like how stiff the cord is. Much prefer a flexible silicone. I’ll keep looking.

  301. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Sadly within a month of purchase, this item started to fray by the phone plug end. The white cord broke and you could see the metal wires underneath. I knew it was just a matter of time before it stopped working. gave me a refund when I mailed it back but I was very disappointed that it started to fray so quickly! I’ve bought their lightening cables before, but never of this length. I noticed it was thicker, which I would assume would make it stand up longer, but alas, not so.

  302. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    Much less expensive than a new Apple cord, but is very finicky when plugging in the usb directly–sometimes doesn’t work in our car charger or multi-plug hub, for no apparent reason. Then the next time it will work fine. However, always works fine when the brick is used. Still worth the money savings, I’d say.

  303. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Dor Dahari

    I was skeptic about this one..After a month of daily usage, I can give it 5 stars with piece mind!!The Apple MFI really approved itself and made this cable in different category compare to all the cheep ones..Good quality, works well all the time, both sides, and not expensive like Apple original cables!!

  304. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    It’s working perfectly so far, and you can’t beat the 10 ft reach. I do feel like the wires housed in the main, thick outer cover may be kinking a little near the part that plugs into my phone. I’m going to reinforce it with a small piece of chopstick and electric tape. But so far it’s still working at 100%, so 4 stars.UPDATE: The internal wires have frayed beneath the outer rubber housing and it won’t charge consistently anymore. At least Apple chargers will last a few months before this happens. That’s a swing and a miss, Basics.

  305. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Jonathan Kelly

    Have heard decent things about Basics products, however this charger is awful. I ordered 2, so is unlikely to be a single product defect. They stay plugged in my night stand, and have absolutely no wear and tear. They each lasted about 2-3 weeks before fraying at the end and breaking. I usually get at least a year out of my charging cords.

  306. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Robyn Ousby

    Remember when electronic products lasted for decades? I have had this less that two months and it is already falling apart. It also doen’t have the words basics it as in the picture. It seems I have to buy a new charging cord every few months or so. Apple brand also has poor quality. Seems kinda suspicious.

  307. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Purchased in February to leave in the living room as a secondary charger. Not used daily, but when it was needed. Works great. Charges effectively… however, in June started to notice the cord had copper poking out. I feel the product should have lasted more than 5 months of light use.

  308. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    This product is a waste of money , it falls part within weeks. The first few timesI thought I had a bad batch but now I understand why it’s sold cheap & has a warranty window- it’s poorly made. I ordered several & after wasting $50+ I got an original. Don’t waste your money or ti trying to get a refund , they know they’re selling a defective product & allows to keep the market. If you keep returning their defective product they will ban you as well.

  309. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Sabrina A.

    Charges much slower than my original cable, which is why I knocked off a star. Otherwise, I love the length- very convenient!

  310. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I’m not an Apple persbut my wife loves her iPad these work great to have around the house where I have installed several AC outlets with USB charging.

  311. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Good quality, does what it’s supposed to. Have bought several to have them all over the house. Even accidentally gifted one a trip to visit relatives – good thing they have iPads, too!

  312. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Lasted less than six months before coming frayed the lighting side. It sits in my room all the time and my phone gets plugged in and left there. Not sure how no one can make a cord that sits in one place and last for a decent amount of time.

  313. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Michelle Decarlo

    I went through a long period of rope cords that lasted three months max because I wanted a cord that was longer than 3 feet. My friend told me to get basic because it is long and if it breaks, they will replace it. My cord started to fray after 6 months and I assume it was done for. I called and got a replacement for free and so far, this one is still working.

  314. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    While Basics is great, it’s not always equal to their “replacement” counterparts or in this case, Apple’s cables. Less than four months after I purchased it, I noticed my iPhone 7 was charging slowly and the charging icdid not appear when I was charging with this Basics cable. Without thinking, we ended up going to an authorized Apple dealer who ran a diagnostics to confirm nothing was wrong with the iPhone. We decided to try again with a genuine Apple charging cable and presto, the iPhone started charging up again and the charging icreappeared.As a result, failed to set the bar with this Basics substitute for Apple products.

  315. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    These work well which is not the case with all licensed Lightning cables. Other than the branding, these look and feel like Apple cables.

  316. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    This charging cord is so well built and sturdy! It is the same great quality as the one that came with my iPhone. It’s a good length from my bedside table to my bed! I love it!

  317. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Carol Ray

    The cord is stiff and within a short period of time, beyond the return window 😏the wires at the connectipoint to the phone were exposed and I can see where they are twisting and being strained.Don’t waste your money.

  318. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I enjoyed the length of the cord, but after less than a month of using this product, it stopped working. The charging would go and off. When it did actually charge, it was a very slow trickle charge. Wouldn’t recommend for anyone who needs it for more than a month.

  319. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Richard Fraleigh


  320. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    This product doesn’t work. I plugged in my phone to charge and it worked once. Then I plugged it in again and it won’t charge my phone! I tried many outlets, including the one that I charged the phone with first and it won’t work.

  321. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Jeffrey McCormick

    The pin connector that goes into my iPhone falls out very easily, often times its own. Made me worry too much about my phone dying and causing me to miss work. Threw this thing out.

  322. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Elizabeth R.

    This is my 2nd cable from Basics. I’m a fan! The last one I had I purchased almost 2 years ago and it still works too just I wanted a new one since the lightning end of the cable was looking worn out. They’re affordable and do the job!

  323. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    K. Barker

    Basics is THE BEST. And I’ve bought one of every other kind of iphone cord, I swear! Apart from the overpriced Apple branded cord, which is too short for my life, this is the 2nd best and is pretty dang awesome.

  324. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    These are nice cables that are durable. My family is brutal cables. The ones that Apple provides are consistently destroyed within 6 months. These Basics ones are much tougher. The only downside is the Lightning end of the cable is just a little too big to fit with some of the cases we use our phones.

  325. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Cody Cappelli

    Dude, this wire. Straight up everyone who sees it when I bring it with me trips and things like that is uber jealous of it. They all say they want one. The reach is great, I love how I can browse my phone for the night while also having it charging conveniently. Has made it well over a year now without any issues and I literally use it every single day. struck gold with this item and my marketing of it – LOL.

  326. 评分 1 &sol; 5



  327. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Basics products are always excellent quality. I have bought many and will buy more as needed. The main reasI selected this product is because the cord is protected by a solid cover entering the connection. Many of my cords develop a bad connectiat this point.

  328. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    After ten months one cable started acting up, would cyslencharege on/off Alavert second. Flip I bet connector and it didn’t do that. After 14 months both my cables have stopped charging. If I had known this had only a 1 month warranty. I would have avoided it.

  329. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Feels more durable than the iphone charger from Apple. I like the 6ft length because you don’t have to be right next to an outlet to charge your device. Also, given the price its a no brainer that I’ll be purchasing another when necessary.

  330. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    A. Simmons

    Very soafter purchasing, the wire begins to separate from the connector. Perhaps I needed to have disconnected a bit more carefully, but it just seemed with a normal amount of wear, I’m already replacing these with a sturdier version.

  331. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    Melissa Kue

    This is my second time buying the extended cable because the first one I had stopped working due to my child pulling my phone off of it. I thought it would be more durable, but oh well. This is inexpensive and does the trick, so I purchased it a second time and will make sure to keep it away from children.

  332. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Big D

    I bought this cable because of the design of the lighting plug…its very small and I can plug it in with out removing my case…if your case has a small opening and the other types of cables don’t fit…this one will its barely bigger than the lighting connector…and we don’t have any problems with it any of the Apple devices phone or ipad

  333. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Bought two for my iPad Mini 3 and my iPhone 8, works perfectly fine. Also, fast delivery. I ordered Saturday evening received it Monday afternoon.

  334. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Michigan Professional

    So far so good. Great cord at a reasonable price. It’s becoming key to protecting our devices to buy cwrtified products – this was a good knew.

  335. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Exactly the same as I purchased from Apple. Fits perfectly not like the others that you purchase at the gas station. Price was incredible

  336. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    J. Conrad

    Love the different lengths available. Substantial cord will be harder to destroy. 😜 great price also. This is the second time I’ve bought the 6 ft iPhone lightening cord from basics. Highly recomend.

  337. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Very pleased with these cables so far. I have bought many “off brands” in years past and finally gave up and only have been using the Apple brand cords. Well, I’m sick of paying their price and I trust products. So far so good and I’m hoping these last a long time! 🙂

  338. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    These cables are okay for the most part. However, they start breaking apart after a few weeks. It’s still able to hold a charge, but it starts to rip apart at the end of the cord where you plug it in your device.

  339. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I bought this to connect my phone to an external battery pack, and I didn’t want a lot of slack cord. This fit the bill perfectly. I have purchased other Basics products and have found them to be good quality and a very good price.

  340. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Z. Porter

    It’s long I got the 10 footer and works great I have it for the table in between my wife and I recliners. The cable itself is thicker which I like. Doesn’t come with a power block which is stupid but luckily I found one laying around from old android phones.

  341. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    R. Miller

    I liked the black cable(Apple needs to stop with that bright white crap)But this thing stopped working after a few months.I guess I’ll buy the Anker versiof this. needs to bet a better contractor to make their stuff, this cable was sub-par.

  342. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Who’s First

    Very nice lightning cable for the price and one I feel I can have reasonable trust in its quality. I’ve had no issues at all with iPhones and iPads these and would recommend them over any other third party cable. I’ve had other brands either not charge or start and stop for no apparent reason, but the Basics have never had a problem so far.

  343. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    There are two criteria for a lightning cable such as this. One, it should wear well under normal conditions. I have not had the cord long enough to know, but it looks and feels sturdy. Two, it should certifiably work with Apple products. Many of the non-Apple cords you can buy look good until you plug them in and then you get a pop-up message your iDevice that says that the cord is not compatible – usually with a cheaper 3rd party cable this is the case. I have an additional requirement that the cable not only work with my iDevice, but also my DJ deck, which sometimes causes the cable to fail to stay connected (with the warning pop-up), even if the cable worked for other applications. This cable passed both tests.

  344. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Amy M. Cataldo

    Works but I am unable to use my phone while it is charging this cord and it effects the ability to use the touch screen/ responsiveness of the touch screen

  345. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Charges extremely slow, went from 1% to 5% in 1 hour and I used basics adapter and the original apple adapter, which they both work with the original lighting cable from apple

  346. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Nice and long, gives you enough length to leave your phone plugged in and still be able to use it without leaning down to the plug. Seems pretty good quality. I have been using them for 6 months now with no problems.

  347. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    Cord Kirshner RN

    Pros. Inexpensive; free Prime shipping (usually defaults to same day)Cons. Periodic error message from Apple products saying cable is incompatible or stops charging; eventually frays at lightening connector.Bottom line. I like saving money but nowadays being sustainable and green are more important. I switched to the more expensive Anker PowerLine II offering a lifetime warranty which hopefully means a greener charging cord.

  348. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    The item arrived in just three days like all my products. The item was a 6 foot phone cable, it was packaged fine and looked acceptable upopening. After 3 1/2 months the cord end that plugs into the iPhone and/or devices begin to pull out of the connector. See photo. I then bought a cord from by Anker for about the same amount of money. Their cords are much thicker and heavy duty. I’ll bet the end won’t pull off this baby!

  349. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    Bought so many packs of these. The kids lose them. A couple also messed up around where it plugs into the phone. We had to throw those away. Work great otherwise. Wish they came in different colors.

  350. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Candice Hall

    The plastic used as insulatifor the wires is extremely cheap and inflexible, causing the plastic head near the phone to detach from the insulation, leaving the wiring exposed. The cable arrived June 5th and I noticed the damage June 16th.I’ve had enough cheap cables to know that the wires will quickly start to fray, leaving the charger unusable.Disappointed that basics would put out a cable so poor that it couldn’t outlive the bargain store cables that at least lasted a few months.The original Apple cable that came with the phone was much more durable and lasted two years.

  351. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Todd S. Burgess

    I purchased this July 13, 2016. Worked fine until June 12, 2018 when it could have started a fire!The end that connects to my phone was so hot, it melted the plastic around it. When I picked up my phone in the morning to disconnect the cable, I noticed my phone felt warm. I grabbed the cable to unplug it and it burned my fingers. The cable end was so hot I couldn’t hold it. The plastic was soft and too hot to touch. The cable was progressively hotter towards the last foot near the phone. An electrical engineer I know looked at it and said it likely had an internal ground failure/short and resulted in overheating.It served me well and I’m not looking for a handout. I would however hope that the manufacture would like this back to verify what happened and hopefully improve it so this doesn’t happen to others. Well & Manufacture? Please reach out to me.

  352. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    This is a certified cable, heavy gauge. It charges faster than the cheaper cables, and there is the peace of mind knowing that this is certified as having the chip. I am about to order another one.

  353. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Just like every single after market cable I have purchased , this one is also a fail. The cord is separating from the end piece that goes into the phone (too much bending separates these every time).

  354. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    I’ve purchased so many lightening cables for my iPhones that I was hoping this Basics would be good. I purchased this at the end of March cause my pone kept rejecting others despite them being Apple certified. Now this one is saying it’s not supported. It’s beyond frustrating because this doesn’t get overly used. I never leave my phone to charge overnight either. Despite others saying it over heated and caught fire. mine has not done that. Just because of that I’m going to stop using this charger. Waste of money. Only gets the extra star because the length is great.

  355. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    It’s been 8 months or so and no problems. Except for being longer in length and cheaper, it’s interchangeable with the Apple cords I have. I use it with an Apple plug. It’s plugged into my wall. It should be noted that I’m very easy Apple charger cords. I had one last almost 10 years before the neck got weak. Secondly my husband is a master electrician and the house, which he built, is new, so no possible voltage problems. His advice was if you’re using a nApple cord or plug with lesser conditions use a surge protector, FWIW. I do not have this charger one. No problems so far.

  356. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Michael Ostrom

    The absolute best cable you can buy, even better than apple…the cable is 2-3 times as thick as a standard cable and it’s durable. Definitely worth the extra money!

  357. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Mom of Boys

    Hopefully these will last longer than the good ol cords that came with our iPhones. They seem very sturdy and well made. We’ve only had them a short time and they seem great. Will update if anything changes.

  358. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    This cable works perfectly for charging my iPod. This cable seems to be constructed much better than the ‘Cheap’ ‘Aftermarket’ (Imported) cord that I previously was using.

  359. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Van Gogh

    Good, economical charging cables. They work just fine iPhones, Ipads etc. They dont feel particularly durable or sturdy so I don’t expect that they will last long.

  360. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    Pros: the length and charges quicklycon: Had it only 3 months and plastic that covers the wire, broke at the at the part that plugs into my iPad. Now the wire is exposed.

  361. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Niki Frye

    I have had the best luck with Basic’s iPhone charging cords and I have purchased several. I really do not expect any cord to last more than 6 months and all other “off brands” I’ve tried last about a week if they even work at all. I usually lose the Basic ones before they stop working so that’s why I have purchased so many. The one cord I use daily in the same spot has been working for 4 years now.

  362. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    In time the lightening end’s insulatiand wires o bad.This is why I had to buy another.Other Lightening cords too go bad. Mostly the plating the connectors wear out too early.

  363. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    The connector strain relief began to separate after only three months of use. Now the wires inside of the jacket are exposed and I’m afraid it’s just a matter of time before a wire break occurs. Can not recommend this brand.

  364. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    makes a decent cable. They work as promised with one exception. The connecting in the lighting ports is weak and prone to separate after usage, considering this is the area that will get the most usage from constant connecting and disconnecting of your devices. I’ve had to replace several times through s great product warranty all do to the same exact issue.

  365. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Fernando Alejandro

    I bought this over a year ago, and I recently decided that I wanted to review things a year after I’ve gotten them. So basically I’m reviewing my items from 2017. You really can’t tell how good a product is when you first unwrap it, but hindsight provides a lot insight. This chord had functioned as expected, and is still working great after a year of use. Would definitely buy again.

  366. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Amanda Jones

    I have had this for about 6 months and it’s worked great. It randomly stopped working yesterday and would charge for a second and then stop charging. If you held it in a certain positiit would charge fine so I kept using it. I just picked up my phone and felt something burning my finger, looked down and the charger was glowing, looked like it was fire and it hurt so I threw it to the ground. This is what it looks like. Not happy and very concerned about this product.

  367. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    hany guirguis

    I don’t like it because I bought it less than a month ago for my band new l phone and now it is not working at all. Although I just used only for a few times. And now I can’t return it because I should do that yesterday and I didn’t have a chance.

  368. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    My cable basically doesn’t work anymore after about a year or so of use. I’m really careful with my cables since these cables have a tendency to fray towards the end. This particular cable has no fraying or anything. Just doesn’t get recognized by my iphone anymore. I do not recommend buying products for Apple products. Either the cable just quit working or it’s no longer compatible with my iphone 7.

  369. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    This cable charges as fast as the Apple products. Love the length, I can plug it in to the wall and sit in a chair and watch videos with the kiddies.I have to edit from 5 stars to 1 star. After just a few months of use the cable portiis separating from the plug in piece, exposing the wires inside. I have actual cables from Apple that are much older than this product that have never separated like this. I would NOT buy this again.However, is standing behind their product and rushing out a replacement.

  370. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    About what you’d expect from any iPhone charger. Bought this one when my last one stopped working, this one worked for about two months, then stopped working. Next, tried a new one by a different brand which has recently become dysfunctional; going to have to buy another soon. Basically, this charger is just like all others – does the job, but won’t last you very long. I didn’t expect anything different, though.

  371. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Brown dog

    Bought to be used Russian river cruise. Worked great so I could plug in my phone next to my bed rather than use the ship’s plug that was across the room.

  372. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    It seems to be more durable than others I’ve used, so hoping for a long life. And I love the length! Perfect for sitting the couch with my iPad while having it charge.

  373. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Jen H

    Purchased in 2016 and it’s still going strong. I have purchased, I can’t even say how many braided-type, other brand chargers since then. I don’t like moving the chargers around so I keep several at home. EVERY single other one I’ve purchased since this one has failed (regardless whether Apple certified or not) and this one just keeps plugging along—pun intended. It gets daily use and has been treated with some tough love and keeps going. Gave in today and ordered a few more, can’t wait to get chargers that work everywhere I need them!!

  374. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Ordered and received this cord approx. 8 months ago.I love the convenience of the length of this cord. Extremely helpful when using my phone while it is plugged in.I have used this cord almost every night for the past 8 months and haven’t had a single issue with it. Sturdy quality. Has not frayed as Apple brand lightning cables always do for me. Charges my phone well. Is not warm at all when I unplug my phone in the morning. A great product that I’m currently ordering two more of. Thank You Basics!!

  375. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    So much better than what you buy in the quickee marts or walmart. My daughter goes through apple cables rather quickly. This is the best solutiso far.

  376. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    So far after owning the cord for a few days it has had nothing but problems, every other time I go to plug it in it barely functions. It causes the phone to rapidly vibrate and acts as though it’s being repeatedly plugged in and out and unless unplugged will not stop and does not charge the phone. So avoid this brand at all cost, especially if you use mainly Apple products.

  377. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Amanda Cree

    Thought this would be great because is usually fantastic, but this was a waste of money. It broke first week of June and I had purchased this April 19th. Will find another brand and won’t be purchasing again.

  378. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I wasn’t too impressed with this cord and it didn’t last longer then a month. Very disappointing

  379. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    Chuck K

    Didn’t last very long. Shield and red wire broken with no visible outer damage to sheath. The cable wasn’t kinked and had no 90 degree bend like other damaged cables I’ve seen yet the break was still near the Lightning plug end. I guess these need to be handled somewhat gently.

  380. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Ian Merzwinski

    Super frustrated with this charger. For two reasons… I bought the same ‘ Basics’ charger about 2 years ago. It lasted me all those months of traveling, college, and just normal charger stuff. It finally broke about a month ago. No worries, I will gladly pay another $7 for a good two year charger.NOPE. I got the new charger in the mail 1 month ago and it’s already broken… I hope reads this and gives me a refund or something, because this is absolutely terrible. The product is 100% of a different quality than they used to use and it’s proven right here. The ‘ Basics’ lettering even came off after about 2 days… Now that shouldn’t happen. C’m…

  381. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Laurel Holochwost

    This cord does exactly what the item descriptisaid it would. Charges my phone fast, and the length is awesome. I bought this because the cord that came with my phone was short, this one allows me to use my phone while it’s charging without feeling like I’m a short leash. Seems pretty durable too. I would buy again. Thank you!

  382. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I love me some Basics for almost everything. Even these. They’re terrific. But in this department the Anker cords prevail. Nothing wrong with these cords, except the Ankers are better.

  383. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    These are fantastic! Sturdier than original cords, more reliable than other non-apple cables. These have become lifesavers.We have some issues with out iPads reading them but we make sure they are fully connected and charging to avoid being upset the next morning.

  384. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I abuse my cords – not sure if anyone can relate. This lasted for close to a year. I was happy enough to go for it again. Love the length!

  385. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I bought two of these, one for home, and one for work. They’ve helped while traveling, especially as I sometimes find the distance between the outlet and a chair too long to work with the shorter cable. This cable works great when charging in spaces in public places that weren’t designed for charging phones.

  386. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    Kindle user

    Well I want to say I LOVE these BUT 2 out of 4 I guess I can half live them both the longer chords fell apart at the plug in site to iPad so it is unfixable and didn’t even last 6 months so It kind of sucks

  387. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    T. Payne

    So far it’s as durable as what I have grown to expect from Apple’s own products. The cord itself might be a bit stiffer than the Apple product.

  388. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    First one of the two pack failed within a few weeks, and the second almost burnt up me. Luckily I caught it before burning my house down. The picture show heat damage. Buy authentic.

  389. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Vince P.

    1 year on, used daily, still doing what it does. This is the most reliable Lightning cable I’ve owned, and as a result I’ve purchased several so there is one in each vehicle, one at my desk, one my night stand, etc.

  390. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    I was so excited about getting this charger in the mail! I loved how thick and sturdy the cord was, but the cord split (see picture) after 10 days and now the charger doesn’t work at all. Very disappointed.

  391. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Mark Tosi

    My pet peeve is the Apple cord always falls apart and the solutiis simple to fix. I’ve bought this product in the past of differing lengths and I’m happy with it. The charger cord lasts awhile and the price is reasonable. I’ll keep buying as needed. Worth the cost.

  392. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Zachary S.

    I purchased a couple of these to use around the house and they lasted for almost 2 years. They are not the last charger you will need but they get the job done. The ends of ours all started to come off and they ultimately stopped working altogether but again they were incredibly reliable for almost 2 years!

  393. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Apple clone of a cable. Can’t really tell a difference and always works with no issues. We’ve tried all sizes and all work great. We buy new ones every 8 months

  394. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Reliable, high-quality, resilient, works perfectly. A far more comfortable length than the crappy 3′ cables Apple gives you. I am very happy with these, and highly recommend them

  395. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Jordan B.

    I’ve had this charger for a few months now and it works great. It chargers fast and I love the extended cord. It also hasn’t bended or frayed at the tip from using my phone while it’s plugged in like the apple cords always did with me.

  396. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    Pepe Portucasa

    Product works fine. My only problem is that the lighting connectipart breaks from the rubber wiring leaving the wires exposed. It has happened to 3 of them in less than 6 months

  397. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Accidentally ordered the 4 inch cable. Unsure when I’ll be using this. Maybe if I have to charge from my computer… Costs as must to return it as I paid for it so I’ll keep it for… something. Just double check your size. Excellent cable.

  398. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Prudvi Raj Banala

    It’s waste of buying Apple “OWN” USB cable when you have Basics USB cable for iPhone.I bought this for my office and It’s worth buying.its lasts longer than Apple “OWN” USB cable with less price and with good quality and hard to break.

  399. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    dennis doverspike

    The cables do the job. But they get very hot doing it. I would not say they overheat, but they are hot to the touch when you unplug the cables.

  400. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    A Humble Opinion

    Wanted shorter cords but these were the only ones I could find listed as Apple certified with quick delivery. They both work perfect, just difficult to travel with.

  401. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Joseph Wolfgram, Host of Stop The Bully Within podcast

    Have a need for a very short cable for your iPhone? This worked great for my 2018 Honda Gold Wing application. No more bundled cords, or cords getting pinched in the bin cover… just the right size!

  402. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    After two years still working. Anker died in less than a year. The only problem is the phone side of the cable the reinforcing boot around the cable has torn. But for the price and the FACT it’s still working is a plus

  403. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    I ordered these cables in May 2017. They failed in October 2017 (5 months), and replaced them. They have failed again, 7 months later. They are now out of warranty since the original order was placed 369 days ago (the warranty expired one year from the order date, and I am 4 days past that date). My cable shows arcing burns, as may others have experienced. Spend a little more and get a better quality cable.

  404. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Good price for a long cord and trusted product. We always seem to be losing these so glad comes to the rescue as usual.

  405. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    One of the longer lasting lightning chargers that I’ve found. It’s been almost a year since I first bought this, and it’s still working great! Thinking of ordering more just so I have extras around the house.

  406. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Adam Stradling

    Doesn’t fit well at all. It feels like it is just a little to small or something, it pops out with the slightest movement. I frequently wake up in the morning and my phone is not charged. Never a problem I have with my original cord.

  407. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Have purchased about 5 of these over the last year and not a single one has stopped working (just decided we needed more around the house so we didn’t have to keep moving them around). My husband has put his through a bit of abuse, there are some kinks and twists in his cord (over a year old now) and zero issues still.

  408. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    a consumer

    For 10 months, it worked fine with no overheating or other problems and then it just stopped charging no matter which charger it was connected to. Fortunately this cord had a 1 year warranty so provided a free replacement today.

  409. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I thought I was ordering the same cable I purchased from a few years ago. My order history indicated it was the same cord I had purchased. It is a nfunctioning cable. I have already disposed of the box so I can’t return it. I have had several bad experiences ordering things that don’t work or seem to have been previously used items from . I still like and I’m hoping this is just anomalous in nature.

  410. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    Great cord! Very long! It works great! I had bought it in December 2017 and it stopped working June 1 2018. I had to take advantage of the free warranty but the replacement arrived in 2 days.

  411. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    So regretful that this charger has crapped out me. It was temperamental for a time where I would have to remove it from the phone and reinsert it, but that wasnt really anything to gripe over. Now it doesn’t charge at all. Makes no sense and is a real bummer

  412. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    If your original cord is wearing out or if you simply need another this is a great option. I’ve purchased other after market options that stopped working after a few months of normal use, but this cord just keeps performing. Save your money & buy this one!

  413. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    price was right, but the plastic sheathing started flaking away. for reference, it sits next to my bed… so there’s no reasit should be breaking so so(within 4 weeks).

  414. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Usually -labeled goods are at least average but lightning cables are an exception. I bought multiple cables and all of them stopped working within two to four months of occasional use.

  415. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I have had this cord for 2 years now (just noticed that as I’m buying another one for my son) this cord has gone through a lot and still remains perfect. Charges pretty fast and as you can see I use my phone a lot with this cord and bend it back and although it has a bend mark it has not broken at all. Worth the price and my phone never gets hot so unlike all these BS chargers I’m going to stick to basics and believe that idly really is mFi Apple certified.

  416. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    These work great for a couple of weeks then wear out. Once they wear out they don’t stay in the charging port to charge your phone. Will not buy again.

  417. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    Occassionaly our phones get fussy with these cables but after a few unplug/plug back in, they will charge. just happens once in a while

  418. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Great inexpensive cable. Always go with Apple certified lightning cables as some have been found to be counterfeit. Check reviews. This one works great.

  419. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Robin Cunningham

    This works very well with my iPhone. No issues with it not being a “supported device”. Would order again.

  420. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Ordered and had to return more than 3 times now. Works fine for a couple weeks before the wire starts fraying. We don’t bend it or toss it around in any way. So disappointed.

  421. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Worked great for about 6 months then bought 2 replacements and with in 3 months it stared coming apart wires exposed. These are no better than the cheap ones.

  422. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    They are as good as anyone’s, even Apple’s. I have never had a problem, they really are certified by Apple, they work all the latest devices!

  423. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    Took off one star beacaus when my phone is charging with this cord it won’t let me unlock it with my Touch ID. . . I have to manually enter my password to unlock my iPhone 6s. Could be a user error? But annoying nonetheless.

  424. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Crud (would say the other word). I know it would be crud and I bought it anyway because the price was so seductive. Just pony up the dough now so you won’t have to waste your time buying this, trying it, having it fail when you need to (think: road trip). Blah.

  425. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    My experiences with Basics products have all been positive. I’m convinced that their products as well as this cable are in many ways of substantially better quality than even OEMs. There is one killer for the commcharging cable, the failure at the connector/cable junction. It breaks exposing the individual wire strands before they themselves break. The Basics cable has a longer outer bend protectijacket than any other cable its price range effectively protecting the cables from damage and fraying the end connector, right where it matters. Everything else being as good or better than the original in terms of functiand quality this Lightning cable, for me this simple reinforcement makes all the difference and the deciding factor to have purchased it.

  426. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    This charging cord works great with my iPhone 6. I like the longer length so you don’t have to sit right next to the plug when charging at home.

  427. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    B. Stiner

    Bought them for work. Our field team has a bad habit of breaking cords, these are a much cheaper replacement, really helps with the budget. They work well to keep our iPads running.

  428. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Vicki Rushing

    Had just purchased pocket size rechargers for travel. They arrived with a short cord to recharge the charger but needed the adapter to connect the portable charger to my iPhone/iPad. This is the answer.

  429. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Richard D

    These charging cables work great. Basics products have turned out to be a blessing for me because they fill my needs but at a much better price than ordering from Apple. I highly recommend these

  430. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    This cable is almost perfect. It is very sturdy, provides no software problems, and has great reach. My main complaint with this product is that the lightning adapter sometimes feels loose inside the phone and may easily fall out of the charging port. This is not that big of an issue as it’s only happened occasionally and provides no substantial nuisance.

  431. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Melly Pagan

    Going to return back after reading some reviews. I dont want to risk using this new charger. The old model was so good it worked for alot of years, never had any issue. This one seems to look fake as well. The basic logo faded once I put my hand the word. please fix this problem.

  432. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I ordered the 6ft cables and love them. Now my mom has no excuse for her iPad battery to die, lol. They feel sturdy if not a bit stiff, no cheap feeling.

  433. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    This is a perfect cable for Apple’s magic mouse and I invested in the adapter so I can charge up the mouse when it’s power gets low. Important: It works!

  434. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Ahmad AJ

    Well I was really happy when ai found those apple certified and all , so I bought the 2 pack and got them March 14 (a little more than 2 months ago) and today suddenly one of them just stopped working! Nothing not charging at all ! And I’ve been using it with an original Apple charger only , so I’d say it’s all the same (Apple certified or not they all just stop working after a couple of months which is really disappointing

  435. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    James Keeler

    This cable was pretty much what I expected. It’s long and it works.However, this cable is VERY stiff. It’s as if the cable is made from solid-core wire rather than braided cable. It isn’t a huge deal, and I didn’t take off any stars from the review, but it is a bit annoying to deal with.

  436. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Daniel M schad

    After using this cord for a week or two.. this cord stopped working completely. This product sucks big time.. it now completely stopped working.. I am very disappointed in this product and for selling a cheap product.

  437. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    C M

    Great charging cable for my mothers’s iPhone 8 Plus phone. She needed a longer cable to be able charger her phone easily and this fits the bill. The cable is long and durable. I like that they have the black color optiinstead just white. I definitely recommend this product.

  438. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    This is a great charger for the price! I got this for my car so I wanted it short and black so it would stand out. It works great and there are no issues wth the charger fitting into the phone. I went with this since I knew it was an brand and I was nervous with the other chargers and not knowing who made them.

  439. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Mark Price

    Works like it should. Hasn’t broke yet. That is a good thing. I have bought an the same cord from a different seller and it didn’t last a month.

  440. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    Lasted about two years with semi-frequent use. It still works, but is not fraying near where it plugs into the phone. I’d be happier if would provide an easy way to recycle or repair this product, given that it has a limited lifespan.Super helpful having such a long cord! Very nice to have this option.

  441. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    UPDATE: Well. I did love this charger. Until I tried to plug it into my laptop and my comp said it was defective. Guess I’m back to square one >:( It does work with an AC adapter. Although, when I went to plug it into the wall after I tried my laptop, it didn’t recognize it the first 10 times I plugged it in.FINALLY. A charger that’s long enough to still use my phone while charging, it fits into the charge port even with my lifeproof case it, and I didn’t pay a small fortune for it. Will be purchasing a couple more!

  442. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Virginia Mack

    Tried to charge my iPhone 6s and it doesn’t charge. The phone would show that it was charged to 20% and I would try to use it while charging and it would suddenly drop to 15%.It charged my iPad, but I mainly bought this to charge my phone. I also bought the adapter plug for the wall. If I can, I am returning the charging cord and wall adapter. I’m very disappointed it didn’t charge my phone. I would not recommend this product and I will be buying replacements directly from Apple from now on.

  443. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    David Washburn

    I’ve ordered cords before without thinking of the length then been disappointed (my own fault) when they arrive. However, ordered a 3ft one for our nephews car. The length is absolutely perfect for a car but I’d imagine go up to the next length if you wanted one for the house.

  444. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Roseann VF

    I’ve bought several of these now and they all preformed perfectly. Don’t hesitate to buy – in a soup bowl of choices , you won’t go wrong here.

  445. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Christopher Asencio

    First off, this cable is ing, it’s a fast charger cable that is way better than the one that comes with the iPhones. Secondly, I purchased this cable in July of last year, 2017. Literally 1 month after I bought it, the cable started separating from the part that goes into your phone but it continues to work so I just didn’t worry. It recently stopped working and I called this past Friday, the 25th of may 2018 and already by the following Monday @ 11 am, I have a brand new charger, free of charge and it’s the exact one I purchased and I didn’t have to send back the old one. ing, you guys are ing, I love you guys so much, my wife and I will continue to purchase everything we can from you! Thank you so much! 10 stars if possible! Not for just the cable but mainly for ’s customer service!

  446. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I wanted to re-order some more chargers but have read mixed reviews about the quality. I decided to write my own review my experience. I purchased mine in Aug of 2017 and they’re still working perfectly. No frays or cords getting hot and melting like some other reviews I’ve seen. My hope is that since it’s an product, that they’d stand behind their product (?) I was deciding about ordering more and after reading the reviews, was hesitant but I reminded myself that mine have worked perfectly. My kids are notorious about not being able to find theirs so I’m getting more for back up! These are higher quality than the off-brand ones in the store (which I questitheir safety). Hopefully, the next time around will be good again!!

  447. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Chris D

    The first one I got worked for 2 1/2 years and then died. Considering what I paid I still thought I got a good deal and bought another one. My most recent one didn’t even make it to six months. Sorry , you don’t get a third chance and I just got a cable from another supplier.

  448. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    Patrick McBride

    After reading multiple Q&As about this being the EXACT same size as Apple’s lightning cable I went ahead and bought it… my dock requires an EXACT fit and nothing but Apple’s cables has fit. Surprise, this didn’t either. It’s close, but the plastic part surrounding the connector is slight more oval and wider and the cable is thicker. Wasted my money yet another cable.

  449. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    I was thrilled with the price and length of the charger. I purchased March 6th, received it within the 2 day shipping window. However where the cord meets the part that plugs into the phone (sorry for the weird wording of parts I’ve included pictures) has split open revealing the wires inside. It’s still working and charging fine, I just feel like for barely 2.5 months worth of use this is premature damage. Will be hesitant about replacing with this brand

  450. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    I ordered one cord and after 3 weeks it became defective no obvious flaw so I returned it and they sent another and after 1.5 weeks this one is falling apart and exposing wires. Do yourself a favor if you do get this right away reenforce the spot with electrical tape.One star for length and look of productOne star for price and easy packaging-one star for first defective product-one star for second defective product-one star for wasting my time.

  451. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Kevin M.

    Great cord that actually charges the phone and allows the apple sync functito work. Some other cords we have bought dont support the apple sync function.

  452. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    This charger is reasonably priced and does its job. It started to fray at the end that goes into the phone after ~8 months but didn’t stop working until after 13 months. I think that is better than other chargers I’ve tried in the past. I just ordered a second one to replace the first.

  453. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    These last about the same as the same wire that comes in white from the manufacturer that is too say not too long for me about 6 months average but cost much less so they are ok for the price. The end of wire at lightning plug would always fray and eventually stop working. I have since found some braided cables from that after a year of use still look brand new but cost more.

  454. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    N. Campbell

    I’ve barely used this and the cord split off the part that plugs into the iPhone and no longer charges. One I bought from a gas statiin a pinch has lasted longer and been more durable.

  455. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    Strong cord but the usb connectipart is a little long so it tends to bend when used my portable battery. Beware. Should be fine for regular use home outlets

  456. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    This is cable is very sturdy. I have had it for a year now and it haven’t frayed yet!

  457. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I ordered this cord just over a year ago and it no longer works so I had to throw it away. My phone had issues holding a charge from it and the tip of the cord slowly deteriorated and peeled off until it no longer worked. I had to go back to using my original 3ft iPhone charger that originally came with the iPhone.

  458. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Perfect Quality, snug, and just as described.My first one had the wire shed by the lightning end of the wire just under a year after buying this and sent me a new one with 2-day shipping all for free of charge.Get it, it’s worth it, and stands behind their warranty!

  459. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    It worked but it makes more sense to buy LONGER cables. The standard length is too short!I want my device to be charging in the kitchen but I can keep it plugged in and walk a couple of blocks.This was good quality though.

  460. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Elizabeth Lopez Corrales

    Best cable I’ve had, lasted me two years and only because someone nicked it and so the rubber got cut and it eventually frayed and the inner wires came out, but even in that state it kept working perfectly fine. Always charged fast and stable until it couldn’t anymore and died. It probably would’ve lasted longer had it not gotten cut by accident. Bought a second one to replace it when it died.Edit: I DID get the Black 6 ft. cable, I don’t know if the color has anything to do with the melting and sparking problems. The pictures I’ve seen of the messed up cables have been white ones.

  461. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    These work great and are a cheaper alternative to apple cables. Thats all I have to say they work like they are supposed to and I never get a weird error or anything.

  462. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Awesome stuff . Works like original Apple charging cord yet it is so much longer than the original . I used this for iPhone 6 Plus and every apple product after it , still going strong after 2 yrs . Best part of it is it gave me the freedom of move with my phone when it’s in charging , you can actually move around .!!!!

  463. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Dominic L.

    No problems with over a month’s use so far! Using this cable for my iPad Mini for just over a month now with daily charging it has worked just fine. I was impressed because several other off brands I’ve tried either did not work at all or failed within a shorter time frame. I do try to be gentle with my cables so if your rough cables you might have a different outcome. Visually they look strong, feel sturdy and show no signs of wear in the first month. I will update if something changes.

  464. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    They need to be perfectly straight in order for my phone to charge. I ordered three different sizes, and all of them are the same. If the cable is hanging down, up, left, right, or literally any other direction, it does not charge. Would not recommend.

  465. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Bought the 10 foot cord! Really nice to have a long cord. The cord is sturdy and doesn’t feel like its going to break at the tip that plugs in to your phone!

  466. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Kaitlyn A Wearden

    I’ve had this cable less than a month and I use it only at night by my bed to charge my phone and it is already starting to tear up where the cord meets the lightning end. It still charges fine for now, but I don’t know how much longer that will last. Disappointed in this cable.

  467. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Pam H.

    Works great like Apple products. Braided cables were no longer working with our iPhones so we got these nbraided ones and they work fantastically. Very impressed. Will buy only these from now on.

  468. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    I have ordered these multiple times and in different lengths and colors. Here it is. These cords are disposable. You wouldn’t be here looking to buy one if the one you got with your phone held up. These are a perfect price point for what they are. I have received two cords I have had issues with over the years and they replaced them immediately. I continue to use these because they do last longer than the other off brand ones and they are priced right. I will xxontinue to buy these in hopes that one day, in a perfect world, my children will no longer steal my chargers and my cords will never need replaced and my kids won’t loose or lend every charger o purchase for them. Until then I will be a loyal customer.

  469. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    John R. Barry

    I love the iPhone. Always had one. Probably always will. The only gripe that I have really had is that Apple hardware is so specific and you can rarely find a non-Apple brand charger that works for very long or works all that well. My Apple charger started to go out so I took a chance this one because I needed one quickly and it was very inexpensive. It’s fantastic. It charges very fast. It works really well. The cord length is great. The cord gauge is a bit thinner than the Apple brand (of similar length). But, it is still very durable. I would recommend this 100%!! Enjoy!

  470. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    The wife

    Only two stars because the cords got worn out easily with normal usage and one of the cords melted while using for charging. Scary…..

  471. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Charges my phone quickly and helps keep my kids from stealing my iPhone charger. I can charge my phone and use it while lying in bed due to the longer cord. I’m about to buy another one for a backup

  472. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I’ll admit my phone is a tad finnicky, but an ACTUAL apple charger works fine. I was fooled into thinking this was an actual apple charger and I assure you it’s not. It doesn’t NOT work, but f you’re looking for an apple product, please know in spite of this shady company’s best effort at suggesting otherwise, this is NOT an apple anything it’s a cheap knockoff like all the rest.

  473. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I purchased this cable in April . We are in May and already the cable is coming apart at the USB connection. I will never buy it again,

  474. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    Lasted 5 months before the end started fraying, and was broken a month later. I have other cables I used for years without having that problem.

  475. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    That’s all I want this thing to do is charge my iPhone, and do it in a reasonable time. It does exactly that, and I am very happy with this product.

  476. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I have purchased these many times for my husband for his iPhone. He is rough cables and they last about 18 months or so and then we need to get new ones. We have never had any issues with them (compatibility wise) and you can’t beat the price.

  477. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Jennifer Boggs

    I wish I could leave a good review because of the convenience of ordering , however, over the last 5 years, all of the cords I have ordered from basics have lasted less than a year. I will randomly plug it in and….no charge lightening bolt. I have been fortunate that this has never killed my phone overnight, as I am dependent my alarm for work. I am at the point where it seems like it’s worth it to just buy chargers direct from apple.

  478. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Long Lasting cable!**Update: I wanted to leave another update because this cable has outlasted my expectations. Its still going strong and works fine. It has become my regular cable that I carry in my pocket at work everyday. I work 12 hours a day and put it through some “stuff”. It works just as good as the day I got it. Great cable!

  479. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    You know we’re becoming too spoiled as a society when we need a new phone charger to use in our car so the phone can connect to our entertainment center in the car. Which it was just for the initial setup of ApplePlay but it’s now there as a charger that I use daily. At one time, we had 5 Apple phones in our house so there were more than a few cases of missing charger cords. I have been using these Basics ones for several years and will continue to do so. You can’t beat the price and quality these.

  480. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    This cable charges the phone quickly. However, the wiring under the lightning port is prone to failure. The chargers are inexpensive so I don’t mind buying replacements after a few months.

  481. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Steven Ellman

    I have purchased several of these. They last longer than any others the market. Charge fast. Great product. Not necessary to purchase OEM.

  482. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I should have read the other reviews before I used it. It ruined my Iphone 6S plus. The charger runs way too hott and apparently fried my phone according to the apple technicians. Obviously they were not help and had me buy a complete new phone. If a lawsuit against these chargers hasn’t started then I will probably be the first. They are danagerous and could probably start a fire if unsupervised.

  483. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I cannot recommend this cord. I’ve purchased the 10′ cord three times now, and each time it’s lasted less than a month before it becomes a crapshoot as to whether or not it will charge my iPhone. The spot where the cord meets the plug-in at the phone is particularly vulnerable.

  484. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Robert Crist

    I have been buying several of Basics products lately, testing for quality and durability and just as all the other products I have tried, this one does not disappoint. Now when shopping for products like this, I always Start with Basics because the price is competitive and the quality is equally phenomenal.

  485. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I have the braided versiof this and the nbraided version, and while the braided versifeels alot nicer, at the end of the day it’s a charger and it’s lasts a long time and you don’t get that weird error that happens you don’t have an apple rated product

  486. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I don’t normally write reviews, but I read them a lot and I feel that it is important, especially with tech products, that people share their experiences. So long story short, I wanted longer cables, I have been off apple cables for a long time and wanted the cables to last a while. I purchased these because of the positive reviews in quantity and quality. My experience with the cables was excellent, I have to say, I am NOT easy my cables. I am a college student, and the cables go with me everywhere, I pull them, I step them, I always bend them in weird ways, which is probably the reasthat they are not working now. Anyways, now that the cables are finally not working, I go to my order history and expect to see them in 2017 or 2018 even. So I keep scrolling and find that I bought them in 2016, that is the longest I have had charging cables since I have been off apple cables, and they still work, the cables are just a bit finicky when it comes to positioning, and its time for new ones. I have never had any issues with it connecting to iTunes either. I am just impressed with how long these have lasted and wanted to say something about it. They are worth buying, considering no cable lasts forever.

  487. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    Shawn B

    Good length, but the cable jacket split directly behind the plug. I used a piece of heat shrink tubing to repair it, but I’m disappointed that the jacket broke. The cable was inexpensive, but still…

  488. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    William C. Little

    I purchased this for my job, in case our guest with an iPhone needed to charge their phone, it was to have hand. It a quality cord and the length is good. I have had to use it yet but it nice to have hand.

  489. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I’m not one who writes a negative review but this charger started splitting weeks after I bought and the wires started exposing. I was a little disappointed about it. I wrapped taped around it to ignore it and it lasted for a few more weeks but today it just stopped working. I had to buy a new replacement immediately.

  490. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    E. Silva

    They changed the cable. They used to be thicker and better made, but now they are thinner and break easier. Still charges, but less durability. Maybe stick with the apple versiif you want more life out of it.

  491. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    L. Pruitt

    I have not even had this a month and it is already broken and frayed. It is very long, so it is not a problem of it being too short and being yanked. I am very, very disappointed in this product. I had another basics charger and it lasted a long time. Now, it does not even work half the time. Very disappointed in this product.

  492. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Bought this in January 2018; it’s May and it’s already coming apart. Didn’t even last 6 months of normal usage, just plugged in next to my sofa.

  493. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    PerfectI have a Lifeproof case my phone and didn’t want to have to remove it to plug in the charging cable. I have a another 3 inch charging cable but the case won’t allow the cable to reach the port. This was a much better option. The other one I’ll use as a spare in the event I change phone cases.

  494. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I’ve had this cable for about a year and it was working mostly fine until this morning when I smelled something burning. When I couldn’t locate the source of the smell, I assumed it was outside so I went back to my room to charge my phone and I picked up the cable to plug it in and found out it was the cable that I was smelling! It burned me as I picked it up. Luckily my phone was not plugged in when this happened, otherwise, my phone might be toast!

  495. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Purchased this product first back in October 2016, nervous about the reviews/price but went for it anyway. Boy am I glad I did!!! For the price, you cannot beat this charger. It wasn’t until January 2018 that I started having issues with it not working, so I retired my old one of almost 1.5 years and got a new one. I definitely will not be buying a charger from anywhere else in the future! For the price and quality, you cannot beat this charger!

  496. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    good value, but does not wear as well as OEMhad to replace one within 6 months since plug into phone came very loose exposing wires customer service was very helpful resolving problem, as always

  497. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Oh man! Great lightening cables. What an awesome price. Basics line comes through again. I love Apple products, but…..Don’t waste your money the original Apple lightening cables. These work just as well for a fractiof the price.

  498. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I had one and it broke – the wires were pulling out and becoming exposed. It had been my daughter’s so I assumed she’d not treated it well. I ordered another and within a month it looked like the photo – wires pulling out. This time I was the only one to use it and I know I didn’t abuse it. This is very poor quality and I won’t order one again.

  499. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    This is my daughter’s favorite charger because it’s so long; she can lounge in bed with her phone while it charges. Get the 10 ft. one! It’s worth it!

  500. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    Works as expected. Nothing fancy just charges as you expect. The cord is a little un-flexible. If I had to describe it I would say it’s like a plastic cord more than a rubber or cloth one.

  501. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I love these cables. They consistly work great and the length is way better than what comes with the iPhone. Whenever I need a new one, I buy these.

  502. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    I ordered this and was happy with it but about 3 months later it just stopped working. I thought it was my phone but tried another charger n found it was the 10 ft charge I had recently bought. It still looks new but doesn’t work.

  503. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Worked fine for a couple of months but then actually started to smolder and melt – be careful and don’t leave it unattended

  504. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Nice thick cord indicates this is not a cheaply made product. This cord comes in handy when I am video chatting and start to go low battery power. My nearest outlet where I like to talk is about 4 feet away behind my chair. I just plug this in and I begin charging while chatting. If you’re looking for an alternative to a power bank, this might help.

  505. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    Nick Rinz

    This cable was alright for about 6-7 months. For those who move their cables from one place to another, consider buying a different cable as this one will probably not last very long for your. If you plan keeping this by your bed and not moving it for long then this will last you a little longer.

  506. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I’ve been using this charger for 3 months but I’m not going to be using it any longer. It had been working perfectly fine until this past week. I started to notice something was up when the charger only charged my phone half of the time. By half of the time I mean that sometimes it would cut in and out while charging. A few days after that started I noticed that my cable was starting to get hot while I was charging and continued to play my phone. That’s happened with every charger I’ve used so I never thought that it was an issue. Well today I took a look at the charger only to see that it had started to burn. Not only were the wires themselves melted and charred, but the top plastic part that gets plugged in by my phone has started to melt as well. Luckily I caught it just in time before it had burnt anything else. Definitely won’t be using this brand of chargers again as much as I loved it for the few months I had it.

  507. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I love this deal, especially since I have a toddler who keeps ruining my cords. I never imagined I’d need to buy so many so I’ve very thankful for these Basics options in longer lengths! No more straining to use the phone while it’s charging.

  508. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    works great i made of small bag of extremely short cables for data retrieval off of phones for my business. let me know if this was helpful in your purchase.

  509. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    M. Tozzi

    I ordered it March 1st, and I have some exposed wiring already May 9th. I didn’t expect years of use or anything, but 6 months would have been reasonable, not barely over 2 months.

  510. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Cord works perfectly with my iPone 7 and my iPad. I break or wear out my charging cords a pretty consistent basis. So buying the brand versus the Apple brand is better value for me and saves me a few bucks each time I need to replace one.

  511. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    German B

    Purchased these a month ago and it has already broken apart at the lightning connector. It’s exposing the internal wires.These are not the same quality from the previous cable used to make.Very disappointed. I’m currently waiting a warranty replacement. And I’m not sure how long that replacement will last and if it’ll be even covered under warranty again. Time will tell.

  512. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    This cord sucks. I’m an avid fan of Basic products, this cord could be compared to a dollar store buy one get one free promo. Out of the box the cord is kinked at every fold. I’ve never seen a cord folded, but this one cam folded in a box. It’s so thin, that when I try to straighten the cord it still leaves a bend at every fold. Really disappointed with the quality of this cord.

  513. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Mike Ret

    it only works 1 way not both. I believe apple designs them so you acutally use them either way you plug them. Pray to good you do not plug it in when youre too tired becuase you will be very upset when you wake up to a phone that is no longer charged or that is at 1%.

  514. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    I bought this in November of 2017. It is not May 2018 and this charging cable has stopped working. It is so off and with charging and you have to move the cord around to different angles to try to get it to start charging

  515. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I’ve had this cable since February 2018. I ordered it while I was deployment and have used it nearly every day. Having a cable 10 feet long works ing not only while I was deployment but now since I’m back home in my apartment. Today I noticed the cable was split at the very end(most likely from holding my 7 Plus with the cord crimped at the bottom while laying down). Following the return and refunds the app I was quickly connected to speak to Michelle who has sent a replacement to me. Fast friendly and by far with the most ease of any warranty product I’ve ever had. I highly recommend purchase of this cable. It works and if you have a problem is there to help you.

  516. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I have left my phone plugged in with this cord several times to have it charge only to come back later and find the battery further drained or depleted entirely. We bought two of these and both do it. I won’t buy lighting cables again. It’s not that they never work but that they often don’t and that’s almost worse. Getting rid of them. A waste of time and money.

  517. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    I ordered one of these about a year ago and it worked ingly until last night when it wasn’t able to charge my phone anymore. However, it never showed any signs of weakness or breaking as so many of the authentic Apple chargers do. I like it enough that I ordered another one. $8 a year for a charger isn’t the worse thing and who knows? Maybe this one will last longer!

  518. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    Justin M

    I loved these at first, but both of them have separated near the plug as shown in the photo. This is my first review of an Basics product to get less than five stars. The strange thing is that the cable still works and I don’t see slack in the insulatiso I’m not sure what is going on, but it doesn’t give me confidence plugging this into my $800 phone.

  519. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    Cable cord is long enought to use my iphone while it charges up. Although I appreciate the flexibility, when bended too much, the cable feels too weak that I feel inner wires might break inside, and bumps are left for a while in the bended area. Also, I expected it to be thicker, althought not that thin either. But those are all negative descriptions I have to say about it. the other hand, it feels as efficient in charging time as the USB cable my iphone came with. I saw many pictures before buying it about people whose item got melted or came destroyed. Mine was perfectly new, even in a box package, I do have noticed that my power box (not included) gets a bit warm, but that’s usually when I forget to unplug it. I trust this power cable very much, but not to the point at which I would let it charge over night or plugged for more than 1-2 hrs.

  520. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I like some branded products; I dislike others. The Basics cables are wonderful. They are not only cheaper than Apple branded cables but they perform well (no data loss) and last longer. Apple uses a cheaper plastic for the length of the cable. That plastic doesn’t age well and within a year or so, it will split or disintegrate. The Basics ones are sturdier and haven’t given me any problems, despite their lower cost. In fact, the Basics one are about as cheap as the many cheap knockoff clones in dollar stores, which often suffer data loss during transmission. I have many of the Basics cables in various lengths for my many devices. the other hand, I find electronic devices, in particular their Fire Tablet, to be a bad purchase. You may get sucked in by their low prices compared to other tablets but you should check out all the negative reviews to see how many just die within a month of their 90 day warranty. Reviews of devices seem to be binary: either they work well and people love the low price or they fail completely within months of purchase. Too bad if your device fails just a bit beyond the short warranty product. Stick to the accessories such as cables and look elsewhere for the electronics.

  521. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    They’re ok. They only last a couple months, but I suppose that’s about the ‘lifespan’ of all of my cords, so that’s to be expected. They work as expected, until they don’t anymore.

  522. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    These are great! They are Apple MFI Certified which is necessary because nobody wants a power surge destroying their $1000 iPhone. Plus they cost less than if you bought a USB from Apple. It’s a win-win!

  523. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    MoMaven 2018

    I had serious doubts about the quality given the price, and I’ve had bad luck using non-Apple accessories with my Apple products, but this is a great replacement cable that is sturdier than the original.

  524. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Not impressed at all. I needed a longer cable after my R&dio Sh&ck one stopped charging (well over a year & a half old). Ordered this and was happy initially. Then noticed the connector point that plugs into the phone area is broken and exposing the wiring. I have never had that happen in such a short amount of time. Some really old ones yes, but never after 3-4 weeks. Sadly I already ordered a two pack of Basics 3′ cords before I realized the problem.

  525. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Not sure if Apple approved. Sometimes phone gets the unsupported device error.

  526. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Timothy Oefelein

    Meh, I’ve had good luck with the Basics Lightning cords in 3 and 6 foot lengths, but the 10 foot length seems to have issues. I’ve ordered three of them and:1. Stopped being reversible two months after purchase. exchanged, no questions asked, as I knew they would, and the replacement unit detached from the cord with three months of normal bedside usage.2. Detached from the cord within three months, same as the replacement for #1.3. Works normally, so far, knock wood.1 out of 3 is not good odds. I’m happy with the 3 and 6 footers but I doubt very much I’ll purchase another 10 footer from Basics.

  527. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    This was a replacement for same. It frayed at the charging end after 6 months of careful, everyday use. While it was courteous of the company to replace it, it happened again 6 weeks later. So as good as customer service is, the product itself is poorly made and not worth any price. Def a buyer beware- facts are facts. Hope this is printed so consumers understand what could happen once purchased.

  528. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Mom of 3

    We bought two of these one for me and one for my son. They both split open near the end that goes into the phone withing a few months. Mine still works even through it’s split, my son’s is useless….

  529. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    It’s a good cable for average charging use, but used daily in a car will kill it. It lasted me about 6-7 months in the car, then it stopped working properly (wouldnt stay connected, wouldnt charge, etc.).

  530. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Love it. It’s a good thick cord and it doesn’t cause that horrible “unsupported accessory” message. I use it for an iPad mini and iPhone 7.

  531. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Had to order replacements because the first set, one didn’t work. I was without a phone for two days because it messed up something in the contacts where it charges.

  532. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    Audrey Dailey

    I actually returned this item because I didn’t realize the cord was only 4 inches long. I’m not sure in what situatiyou would need a cord that length but I definitely needed a longer one. I thought it was 4 feet but should have read the descriptibetter.

  533. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    I’m really disappointed in this product by because I’ve only had it a few months and it’s already starting to show wear & tear at the connecting point of the lightning end connector. Yes, there’s still plastic covering the wires but it’s just a matter of a few months/(weeks?) and it will need to be replaced. Hm. Very disappointed in this, my first really poorly designed product – cable in particular.

  534. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    The Apple provided cable is far too short. I purchased the 6 ft versiand the wife quickly assumed ownership so I bought this 10 footer. Much more practical.

  535. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    L. Kowalczyk

    I have been ordering the same cables for several years. More recently these cables have become thinner and of poor quality. It only took about two weeks for the wires to fray. I compared it side-by-side with an basics cable I had ordered about a year ago and the cord is of an obviously smaller diameter than it had been in the past. These want Last very long.

  536. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    These were bought for my husband’s iPhone 6 and my iPad mini. They work very well and still do. My only complaint is that one our cords at the top (where you insert into the phone or iPad) has already ripped open and is bent even though we have been very careful about not doing so. We’ve been lying them flat tables and not letting them sag or bend, and it still done it anyway. It still works, but it’s a matter of time before it completely quits working.

  537. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I purchased the 10 foot cable, because I needed the extra length. The cable, however, is barely capable of charging my iPhone 6S. My previous Basics cable would charge my phone fairly quickly, even if I was currently using my phone while plugged in. The new cable takes hours to fully charge my phone, and it doesn’t charge at all if I am using my phone while it is plugged in.Update: After using this for a few months, the cable still takes a considerable amount of time to charge my phone. top of that, with any slight movement of my phone, the cable becomes loose and stops charging my phone. I know this is not a problem with the port my phone, as every other cable I own works like a charm. I can only use this cable while I sleep, as the extra length is required to reach from the outlet to my bedside table, and I can allot the hours needed for charging without a need to be my phone.

  538. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    TC Maverick

    Not sure what’s going on. One day they work; one day they work all of my apple products and next… thank goodness it’s where replacing it (them) will be easy. I’m saying it’s the product just FYI BOTH GOOD AND BAD

  539. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I love basics chargers because they’re cheaper than buying other brands or originals elsewhere. They last long enough. I don’t think durable chargers actually exist though, not in my experience. But I love basics!!

  540. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Thank you for improving the cable! Basics has improved the design of the cable making the ends thinner so they are more in alignment with the phone vendor’s cables, meaning they should fit all cases just like the phone vendor’s cables. Early versions (a few years ago) of these cables were problematic.

  541. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Jillian A. Wells

    Just realized I bought one of these just over a year ago. I use this literally every day to charge a single IPhone 5 with no cracking, overheating, melting or fraying that you see with the other reviews or cheaper cords. Can’t recommend it enough as I’m about to buy another one.

  542. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Trevor B.

    Cable is perfectly compatible with Apple products needing a lightning cable, at a fractiof the cost of buying an Apple brand one. Works great and comes in a nice black color.

  543. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Worked well for the first two months, charging was slower than with an Apple cord but that was no big deal. After two months it started bugging out and was getting spotty with the charge. Really disappointed.

  544. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I bought these as christmas gifts for my mother and they worked for about a month. She is not hard them at all they just stay plugged into her bar at home where she plugs her phone in every night. She just told me today but i wish she had let me know sooner so i could return them and get my money back. Unacceptable ….

  545. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I bought this to use in my car, that way I wouldn’t have to take my charger in & out of the house all the time. The real iPhone chargers are so expensive, I really wanted to avoid spending that kind of money. I thought this was worth a shot, and I’m glad I bought this instead.It works just the same, and I’ve never gotten any kind of error message like I did with other brands that were not Apple in the past. I actually bought this one for friend because I was so happy with the one that I originally purchased for myself.

  546. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Jess Hsiao

    Works as advertised. I would definitely buy it again and the cable is super long, so it’s great for using in the car if you use your phone for nav all the time.

  547. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    T. Clark

    Poor design at the strain relief, eventually leading to the insulatiframing and bare wire being exposed. See photo. Only braided cables for me from now on.

  548. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Billy B

    Decent quality for the money. A bit “thin” in the cord, but not too thin. Many would probably appreciate that it’s a thinner cord for travel or flexibility.No complaints. I like Basics stuff.

  549. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I had to replace the charging cord that actually came with the car charger I bought less than a year ago, so I went with Basics. I trust them more than AT&T with cords at this point. I’ve gotten this cord before and knew it would hold up. I love the 6 ft length. It allows the backseat passenger in the car to charge their iPhone or me to charge mine while it’s in the visor mount. I got the 2-pack this time so I’ll have one in reserve.

  550. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    The cable worked fine for about 6 months. No melting or heating up. I loved the longer length for bed because my wall plug is in a weird place in relatito my bed. The longer cord worked really well, I wasn’t constantly dropping my phone the floor.The down side is it only worked for 6 months before I got the “This accessory cannot be supported” error. After about 6 weeks of plugging and unplugging my phone to get the error to go away I gave up and got a different cord. For the price it’s passable but I might spend a little more and get a cord that’s going to do the job it was intended to do.

  551. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Shawn Barlow

    The thing I like best about this Lightning to USB cable is that it effectively transfers electric energy from the wall of my house into the small lightning port installed my Apple iPhone.Also, because it is in 10 ft in length you can charge your phone and travel within 10 feet of the wall you are charging from. This provides you ample room for walking or exercising while holding your phone and charging.

  552. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    2nd time ordering these cords. The first ones were great and lasted a long time. However these are not as well made. The cord’s charger end started to detach from the almost immediately. We’ve had it less than a month and will need to order a new one soon. Really disappointed. Make sure you order electrical tape with this purchase.

  553. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    I’ve had trouble with other “Lightning Cable’s” and it’s use with multiple iPhone’s (5, 6 Plus, 7), but so far, so good, this cable seems to work all 3 of these phones that are in our household. If this cable lasts more than 6 months in our house, I will come back and change this to 5 stars! (if I can re-locate this review)

  554. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    It worked without any problem for about a year but then it stopped registering in my phone sometimes and I would have to unplug it from the iphone and the wall until it connected. It does’t even register as being connected between my macbook air and the phone. It’s a little disappointing but is it ok that a year should be the expected lifespan of cables?

  555. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Basics rocks! These work great and I love that they offer longer-length cords. No more dragging extensicords everywhere! I buy several different items in their brand and have always been more than pleased with the quality – usually happier than with the name brands I used to use. I’m definitely a convert.

  556. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    JUNK! I received this charging cord April 8th. Today is April 25th. It’s already coming apart. The joint where hard plastic of the charging pin meets the flexible cord has already started to crack and separate. Even though it’s not expensive I’m glad I still have time to return this for a refund.

  557. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    Purchased the charger for my iphone. Three weeks later the wire casing has worn out and the wires have worn as well. That did not last long. It was charging well and fast like an original iphone charger. I think they may need to make some improvements for the longevity of this product. They are sending a replacement but ask that I return the one that is broken. That’s an inconvenient trip to a UPS store and shipping charges THEY have to pay. Doesn’t make much sense.

  558. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    D. Warren West

    This thing still works, believe it or not, but you wanna talk about some ghetto rigged junk!! I have to use like 1/2 a role of electric tape to keep it together after the base of the lightning cable separated from he harder plastic base and exposed all of the wiring. It started fritzing out unil I taped the thing up like I was putting a plaster cast a broken leg. There are better out there for the same price and often less. Keep looking. Be diligent.

  559. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    This fit perfectly in all my Apple products. I had purchased a different brand and had to send it back because it didn’t fit my items. Stick with .

  560. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    Worked great! Seemed very substantial, it was not. Broke within months, but great service replaced it overnight! That’s why it gets 3 stars, or it would get 1 star.

  561. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    it’s a working cord too bad my phone is the issue grrrr, I need a new phone, the hole you stick the charger into is jacked up and only works when I twist the cord around my phone, so it’s NOT the cord, just my stupid phone

  562. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    I bought this at the end of December and have used the cord for 4 months and the plastic cord covering is already cracked at the lightning connector base. I only use it at night with light use so I was surprised when the coating started to break and show the cable wires already. It charges ok still but I’ll have to tape it with electrical tape. The product charges well and the length is nice but the durability of the rubber wire coating is disappointing.

  563. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    John W. Anderson

    I have bought several lightning cables over the last few years for home and in the car for my phone and my wife and son. Aside from the cable that came with the phones directly from Apple, the Basics lightning cables are the only ones that have been problem free. I have had some Basics cables for a few years and they just work every time.

  564. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Sheri AZ

    Worked great when we received them. But within the month the connectiseems to have loosened and you constantly have to check that it is charging. We bought a couple of them and one of them no longer works at all .

  565. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    This is the second Basics Lightning Cable I’ve purchased. The first one is almost a year old and still going strong, and I was so impressed I bought a second one for the car. It works perfectly with the original cube that comes with the iPhone as well as other USB ports (car, computer, etc.). I have never had any issues with overheating, and the cables haven’t frayed, despite daily use and frequent bending. For the price, I have yet to find a comparable cable. I bought one from Five Below that dropped my battery by 2% as soas I plugged it in and took ages to charge. I’ve never had any issues with the Basics cables, and find they actually charge pretty fast. Will definitely continue to purchase these.

  566. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Lawrence S. Brownell

    very satisfied with this purchase

  567. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    These cords work perfectly for about a year and a half and then you have to replace them because they somehow become incompatible with your phone. A message will pop up your screen. Still cheaper than apple cords and most will lose or ruin a cord within the year and a half time frame.

  568. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    Carolyn S. Greene

    I just received my second replacement of this cable. The original was ordered in November 2016, and replaced 10 months later (September 2017). The first replacement was replaced ~7 months later (April 2018). the plus side – has been very quick to replace the cable, and most importantly, there have been no electrical incidents, flames, fires, etc. the negative side – these cables do not last even a year – and I consider myself a light cable user. I typically plug in over night, and then unplug/plug in when I’m getting ready for work in the morning. It’s rare for me to plug/unplug more often than that. I use a different cable in the car – when charging is warranted, and rarely (ever?) need to charge while I’m at work.

  569. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I have been looking for a short cable to use with my portable battery pack, the one that I had before finally failed and I had been coiling a 3 foot cable and tie wrapping the excess cable together, needless this was fairly cumbersome in my pocket. I have used this cable twice and am very happy with it. I would recommend it for purchase to anyone needing a very short charging cable.

  570. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    So I love the length of this charger. I previously had the 6ft one but then it stopped working. Like one side of the cable (the part that plug he into the phone) had a black mark it. I thought it was something I did but nope. I purchased this charger in the 10ft length and I’m now having the same issues. It looks like little burn marks. Idk. The price is right so I guess it isn’t such a big deal but what might be happening to my phone is a little worrisome.

  571. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Dr storm

    I have had the cables for 6 months now and they are ing. I live the beach and everything metal rusts badly….. my official Apple cables quit working after a few months (rusted). These units from Basics are still in perfect condition!!! Good job

  572. 评分 3 &sol; 5