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Original S968 Built-in GPS | Heart Rate | Air Pressure
Height | Temperature | Latitude
Longitude | Record Track
Healthy Tracker

Original S968 GPS sports smartwatch and health tracker IP68 waterproof

Rated 3.94 out of 5 based on 298 customer ratings
(298 customer reviews)

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Original S968 GPS sports smart watch and health tracker

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298 reviews for Original S968 Built-in GPS | Heart Rate | Air Pressure
Height | Temperature | Latitude
Longitude | Record Track
Healthy Tracker

Original S968 GPS sports smartwatch and health tracker IP68 waterproof

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Omar Williams

    My wife loves it. This is definitely an upgrade from the blaze. The vibratiis strong enough to wake her up in the morning without being overly intrusive.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    brianna roemer

    I love it! The Leple is eveeything i have wanted it to be! I had a fit bit flex for about 4 or 5 years before it died. When i started looking for an upgrade there wasnt 1 Leple that did everything i wanted. I was just about to give up and say i geuss ill have to settle when they anounced the Leple! I preordered it and just got Tuesday! I love loves everything about it so far!

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Tried It

    Never tried anything like this before. My old watch was a Rolex I bought 30+ years ago. Decided to buy this to help motivate exercise and promote better sleep. At the same time I bought Alta HRs for my wife and 3 daughters, a better size for petite ladies but unfortunately not waterproof; and I also bought some third party bands and protectors in different colors, a nice feature. I received mine just before vacation, so I cannot yet judge its effect my normal lifestyle, but so far the exercise part looks pretty good. The only complaints I have are about sleep. First, it does not track all my sleep. For example, back from vacatiafter a series of flights with 26 hour door to door travel time, last night my old Respironics REMStar Auto C-Flex machine said I had slept 2.2 hours before my first nightly visit to the bathroom, but Leple didn’t think I had slept at all. This kind of result has been fairly typical. Second, I do not like that Leple will not give me a breakdown of sleep stages for sleep sessions of less than 3 hours’ duration. At my age, I am awake often during the night, sometimes long enough that Leple decides to end a sleep sessiand start a new one later, instead of recording it as one sleep sessiwith a longer than usual waking period. Right now my evaluatiof this gizmo is borderline between 3 and 4 starts, but I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt. For now.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Looks and feels good my wrist. Functions well and has alot of options to taylor the tracker to your liking. It does receive phone call notifications but I haven’t been able to receive texts or calendar notifications?????

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great looking at a perfect size. Easy to set up right out of the box. Great tracker features Plus sinks with Leple’s app. Live exercise stats your wrist and great detail page at the end of the workout. Smartwatch features are adequate with more to come. No trouble getting 4 days Plus the battery.

  6. Rated 4 out of 5


    I really like my new Leple. It’s light and easy to wear. I forget I’m wearing it. I wish I could take off some of the pre-installed apps. Some of the apps I won’t use, however I love not worrying about getting it wet. So far so good. I just got it a couple of days ago and I would like to give an update in a couple of weeks. So far, I’m really enjoying my new and improved Leple.

  7. Rated 4 out of 5

    Ashley Haws

    Ordered this because I work in a food/bev manufacturing plant and we are only allowed to wear Leples or Apple watches and I’m an Android user. Today is my second day wearing my new Leple. Now that it’s up and running, it’s awesome and I’m obsessed! I look at my wrist constantly. It’s motivating me to get up and move around throughout the day, drink more water (I’m using the Water Logged app), battery is still over 50% and I’ve been playing with it quite a bit, and I downloaded a calculator app that is super handy. I have it set to a Flux watch face with a custom color theme that I really love.Removing 1 star because set up this thing was an absolute NIGHTMARE. The initial update would not complete. I tried to restart everything a different connection, still no luck. I browsed the community forums and based off many suggestions, I factory reset the watch, uninstalled and reinstalled the app several, turned off and turned Bluetooth, and not just once but multiple times in multiple combinations. Somewhere during all of that I got a big red X the watch with a data not cleared error. After just randomly restarting everything, I finally got the thing to update but then it wasn’t syncing well with my phone. My phone, an LG G6, is not the list of “officially” compatible devices and I thought I might have to send it back. I finally stumbled a comment in the forums where someone with the same issues said they unpaired their previous Leple from their Bluetooth devices. BLESS HER HEART. I unpaired my old Charge, had some improvement, and then deleted it from my devices my Leple app and voila. It works perfectly now and I have had no syncing issues since.

  8. Rated 4 out of 5

    Coco S.

    I like it so far but I’ve found the Leple app to be a little more complex than it needs to be. The only watch basically does what its advertised to do so if you’re looking for a watch that tracks your steps and exercising, this watch is a good one to go with. Here are some of the cons I’ve experienced so far:1. Not syncing properly with 3rd party app – I use the Loseit! app to track my food, calories, etc and was really excited to have a device that synced to that app so I wouldn’t have to enter in exercise manually. It has never worked properly. None of my exercises from the watch show up in the Loseit! App even though some of the burned calories do. Through lots of troubleshooting and research, I’ve found this is more of a problem with the Leple app rather than LoseIt!. I still haven’t found a resolution.2. Some data isn’t listed correctly in the app – You can view all the exercise you’ve done inside of the Leple app. For some reasit doesn’t list the calories burned for some exercises though. For example, a 30 minute walk from a few days ago shows calories burned, but 60 min of biking from yesterday does not. Both were tracked the same way the watch. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reasto why it shows for some and not other. I’ve looked several forums where other people have been experiencing the same thing too. It’s super annoying.3. The Leple app can be cumbersome – The Leple app has a lot of features but it definitely is made more complex than it needs to be. I am very tech savvy but still had a problem figuring out what certain features do what and how to navigate it properly.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is everything I wanted and everything they say it is!

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    D. Aksamit

    So, I started exercising a lot about 6 months ago, and decided I HAD to pre-order this when it became available. Before I started exercising I owned a Leple Flex 2 just to track my sleep since I have sleep issues. That Leple is very basic and basically just a pedometer, so this was quite the upgrade. When I started exercising I realized how important a heart rate tracker was to my exercise, and also more basic fitness trackers can’t track stages of your sleep, which I really wanted.I am in LOVE with this watch, and so glad I waited for this instead of getting the Ionic. A lot of people ask if they should get the Ionic or Leple. Well, it’s up to you, but the Ionic is $100 more and I personally like the style of the Leple much more. It’s much more sleek and elegant. However, if you have really large arms you may want the Ionic. I have tiny arms so it was an easy choice for me. The only thing better about the Ionic is the GPS, and I don’t use that….so if that it is important to you then you definitely need the Ionic.Anyway, this watch is a great competitor to the Apple Watch. And you don’t have to have an iPhone. Be warned, most Android devices are not “supported” by Leple, but will still work….however, they may be glitchy from time to time. I have an LG Stylo 3 Plus, a really new phone, and every now and then I will have syncing issues – it just WON’T sync. I have had to contact Leple a few times to help me, both with this and the Flex 2. Their customer support was actually surprising helpful and fixed it each time. However, I also have an iPad….so if it won’t sync I will just sync to the iPad for awhile. But I know that not everyone has that as an alternative.One thing I love about the Leple is that you forget you’re even wearing it. It’s really, really comfortable and not obtrusive at all. It’s very trendy and modern-looking. I got the special editimainly for the lavender woven band, but it also comes with a chip where you can make payments on. I actually haven’t set this up yet and be warned that it doesn’t work with all banks (and almost certainly not a small local bank), but it’s an interesting optiI will probably get around to using eventually.I am mostly using this for the exercise and the sleep. I have to be honest, I don’t care much about the music and while originally I didn’t think I’d care about notifications, I actually really appreciate the notifications now because I never miss an important phone call now because I didn’t hear my phone over noise or something like that.Exercise – most important thing for me, of course. I love how it tracks your resting heart rate, calories burned, the Leple coach. I know that Leple has a tendency to over-count steps though, so keep that in mind. I keep my step goal about 2,000 over because of it.Sleep – One of the most fascinating things to me is how it tracks your sleep cycles. I have some serious sleeping issues so this is really helpful to me. It shows your REM, deep sleep, light sleep, and awake. Don’t be alarmed to see how little deep sleep you get…the majority is supposed to be light sleep. I also noticed that when I switched from the Flex 2 to this, that I was getting a lot less sleep….both track and subtract your “awake/restless” time, but the Leple seems to be much more sensitive to it than the Flex 2. So for nights that the Flex 2 maybe recorded 9 hours of sleep, the Leple is tracking maybe 6 hours and 45 minutes, depending the night. I know my sleep is bad, but I honestly this it may be a little TOO sensitive.Overall, I am so happy with this watch!

  11. Rated 4 out of 5


    I bought this to replace a Pebble Time Round that was it’s last leg. I loved my Pebble so it’s tough to really compare this to that. What I like is that the screen is touch and pretty darn clear. What I don’t like is that I can’t speak into it to reply to texts though I could with the Pebble. I love that it tracks my sleep and has the relax featuring for breathing and also comes with the couch for some easy, quick workouts. I don’t like that you have to redownload watch faces unlike the Pebble that stored them and you could easily switch in and out. It’s a good replacement that was about the same price as the Pebble. Just wish it had the speaker for replying to texts by voice.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5


    Update after 2 weeks of use:I’ve put the Leple through its paces over the past two weeks… 110 miles of walking (235,000 steps) and 400 flights of stairs, plus tested its waterproof claims. Here’s what I’ve found:- The distance/step tracking is pretty accurate without the GPS, nominally better than the Blaze, but with one exception. It appears to be sensitive to arm movement without walking. For example, I attended a concert and picked up a “mile of walking” just by standing and clapping my hands at the concert. I tested this a couple times. Just sitting and clapping or tapping my knees to music will add steps and distance to the counter. Couldn’t find any solutifor this other than use the GPS functi- connecting it to your phone’s GPS – as you exercise, which works well. But now that I know the issue, I can adjust my tracking accordingly. Since I walk with my phone anyway (for security) this is not an issue for me either way.- Stair/elevatichanges track very similarly to the Blaze. My daily outdoor walk route includes some hills and the number of “flights” it tracks never varies by more than one any given day.- It is definitely waterproof. In the shower, in the pool for more than an hour, walking in the rain. No problem. You can even read the screen underwater. Haven’t tried the ocean yet… that will be next month.- Without connecting to GPS and only syncing demand, not constant, I get a good full 5 days of battery life. I find I have no need to have it continuously sync…. if I want to know my progress, it’s the watch anyway with less effort than opening the phone app.- I have not tested out the music yet, though I’ve looked at it and the instructions appear pretty straight forward. Since I’m taking my phone with me anyway, I don’t need to have the music the watch. I’m sure I’ll try it eventually.The bottom line for me at this point is that it is everything the Blaze was with a better interface, charging solution, and waterproof.I’ve had a Leple Blaze for 2 years…. it helped me lose 175 lbs over that time period. I replaced it with this Leple mostly because the Leple is waterproof. Other than being waterproof the only functional upgrades are (1) the ability to store music and play music directly thru Bluetooth, the watch’s ability to connect to WiFi (to do OS updates and download music) and (3) the updated operating system that allows third party apps to be installed and used. Otherwise than these it gives me the same functionality as the Blaze.It is a little smaller and thinner than the Blaze and because, unlike the Blaze you don’t pop it out of its frame, the control buttons seem easier to use. The screen display is much brighter too. The Blaze in direct sunlight is unreadable; this one is fine. Screen resolutiappears to be much higher too.Setup was a breeze. Just follow the step by step directions the app, which needs to be installed your phone before setup. There are also some fine videos online that will walk you thru the setup too.I’ve taken it thru 2 days of activity so far (about 24 hours) and as I write this the battery is 83% charged. Sensors seem a little more sensitive than the Blaze.Some reviews complain about the apps or the watch faces. I think there are plenty of the latter to choose from and most are free. The one pictured here was free and I liked it because it displays all the tracking one screen (and with a simple tap the screen I can change the display color).All in all I’m happy with the Leple upgrade from the Blaze.

  13. Rated 3 out of 5


    I have had the Leple for over a week now and I have concluded that while it does everything it says it does, there are some caveats.1. Step counting. The Leple seems to be more sensitive than other Leple’s in this category, particularly when driving. I recommend the 3rd party app DriveBit to help control this over-counting. Kind of annoying. This also helps control the ridiculous floor count that will accumulate when driving up a hill. See? Kind of annoying.2. Sleep Tracking. This almost had me pulling my hair out. It tracked the first night, and then no data for the next few nights I’ve been with customer service and Leple community to figure out why the heck the sleep tracker is so erratic. The conclusion….3. Heart Rate Monitor! This thing was cutting out me to the point that I was checking if it was getting a read every 5 minutes! It’d lose read and then not establish a new read! gah! I almost returned the thing until I switched the Leple to my dominant arm and now I’ve had constant tracking! The thing wasn’t getting a read because my left arm is covered by a dark tattoo! I looked it up and sure enough other tattooed individuals are having the same issue.So, buyer beware! I’m keeping the thing because it does work, is comfortable and overall like its functionality but It would be SUPER NICE to know that tattoos affect this type of heart rate monitor.Heads up Leple: You have a tattoo problem!

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kayla B.

    Best Leple watch I’ve ever had. It’s so much better than the blaze (which was the last watch I had). I love that it is waterproof up until 50 meters. Can’t wait to wear it while swimming. I love the brighter screen and the wrist band is so much more comfortable than the one that came the Leple. No need to change immediately unless you’re looking for metal or leather wrist band.I have found no cons yet since I received it Tuesday April 17th.I love that there are apps this watch and more to come.

  15. Rated 5 out of 5


    So far so good! I’ve only had the Leple for a few days but I love it so far. It’s pretty, comfortable, and functional. Battery life is good. It has multiple apps and customizable watch faces. It can play music you load onto it. You cannot reply to texts but you can get notifications. I like that the watch bands are customizable. Tracks sleep and multiple types of exercise. No built in GPS but I don’t mind carrying my phone. Overall, it’s a hit with me!

  16. Rated 4 out of 5


    I like this product a lot. My only complaint is that it is WAY too sensitive, which has been my complaint with every Leple product. I get a couple hundred steps overnight average, and the other day it started me out with almost 9000 steps after just being the charger overnight! It’s annoying, but other than that I like the product.

  17. Rated 5 out of 5

    B. Beck

    Love the Leple Leple. I love everything about it. Its light and very easy to check what you need to know. I’m very pleased.

  18. Rated 4 out of 5


    PROS: I like this watch and think the design is sleek, simple, and clean. I love that there is a heart rate monitor that isn’t bumped out so you get a smooth, flat back that doesn’t dig into the wrist or leave pressure marks. Set up was easy–it took about 30 minutes, which Leple was abundantly clear about, and there were lots of helpful instructions and images to make the process straightforward.CONS: The bands are really hard to change–the pin system is not highly functional, and it’s very finnicky to actually get them into place. My major complaint about this watch, however, is that without GPS, running data is simply inaccurate. For the last five days, I’ve been wearing the Leple alongside my Garmin Forerunner, and the distance data for the Leple is consistently .2-.25 miles behind. For every mile I run with the Garmin, the Leple only reads at .75-.8 miles run, which is especially frustrating since the sales consultant I spoke with at Leple assured me that the Leple was capable of accurately tracking distance without GPS.

  19. Rated 1 out of 5

    wendy roberts

    Very disappointed with this one. I have owned Leple products for years and this one broke me within a month of owning it. I was at work one day and it just went black me. That morning it had a 40% charge and by midday, it was dead. It also would not charge correctly after that and the screen was not working as it it should. Leple is replacing it, but here it is a week later and I still haven’t received the “replacement”. I spent far too much money this thing for it to not work.

  20. Rated 4 out of 5


    I love the sleek/slim design of this watch and how easy it it to use and navigate. The reasI didn’t give it 5 starts is because my GPS tracking is off. My mileage is always shorter than what Map My Run says and my husband Garmin Fenix 5 watch says. I upgraded to this watch from the Alta HR and am overall very pleased—mostly due to the more accurate HR. This seems to record way more accurately than the Alta. My Alta would read a HR of 75-95 during my cardio workouts. I’ve also included pictures of Today’s stats. You can easily scroll down your list to get a glance at an overview of your day.

  21. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cheryl Harrison

    I love the rose gold I had the original blaze. Yes, I handed it down to my 32-year-old daughter. I did find out with this product excellent Leple has one small problem it does show smudges and fingerprints. I would highly recommend ordering EZCO 4 pack screen protector inexpensive $10 Easy to install plus you will no longer have smudges and it will protect your watch from scratches. There are are so gorgeous thin leather bands that will fit this Leple Leple small for ladies. The brand is SWEES. Especially made for women with small wrists.

  22. Rated 5 out of 5

    M Fischer

    I’m loving it! Easy to set up, and I like all the features. Battery life is great too! This is my first Leple. I am definitely more aware of how much I move, sleep, and eat now. Makes me more motivated to get up and move. I’m not a big exercise person, you will definitely not find me at the gym in my free time. This gave me the small unobtrusive motivatiI needed tho, to get up, and move. I love the sleep tracking and the female cycle tracking also. The food diary/tracking is easy to use and I am now waaaaaaay more aware of the calories I am consuming.

  23. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kristen Devoe

    Who needs an Apple watch when you have this?! I absolutely LOVE it! The fitness tracker aspect is flawless. Tracking my sleep. My steps. My heart rate. The heart rate tracker is the BEST. I have horrible anxiety and I can physically see my heart rate rising when my anxiety goes up. I love the fitness challenges the Leple app. Currently I’m virtually running the NYC marathon! There are also guided workouts right the watch. Now the smart watch side. When i get a phone call I can decline the call from my phone. I can read and reply to texts from my phone. There are apps to read the news. Track your period. 2 games. Calculator. You have the Walgreens app to check your balance rewards points. Plus a tmore. The battery lasts roughly 3ish to 4 days depending use. With that said, it charges up to 100% in a flash though. I highly recommend this watch!

  24. Rated 5 out of 5


    Upgraded from the charge 2I am really happy with this watch so far.I was worried it would look clunky bc I have childlike wrists, but it looks really good. And it’s super light weight.Battery life seems to be holding up well.If you’re looking for something with more apps or more phone like features (I.e LTE connectivity), I don’t recommend this watch.It’s the cross between smart watch and fitness tracker that I’ve been waiting for.

  25. Rated 5 out of 5


    I think I love this smart watch. It’s taken some time and effort to arrange the apps and fix wifi connections though. After 2 online chats with the help department, it’s finally ready. I managed to pair it with my wireless headphones too. This allows me to listen to Pandora without having to carry my phone.I like the rounded corners and low profile. It now sports a magnetic mesh band too. In retrospect, I think the champagne color watch would have been more my style, but the black watch looks classic and almost elegant.It does everything that my old Blaze did, and much more.Changing clock faces is easy and fun. It’s nice to have so many choices, including using your own photos.I’m very pleased with it so far.

  26. Rated 4 out of 5


    Bought this for my father. Tested for several days with Google Pixel and got very positive impression. It does not feel bulky, sits well the wrist, syncs with the phone, battery survived for 4 days as promised.My father though has OnePlus One and he does have sync issues from time to time. It’s not a big deal but a bit annoying. Would require manual sync or watch restart from time to time.Ended up buying for myself as well.Update 2: It took a couple of emails (including sending a photo) to get a replacement. Nice, efficient and polite support. It took me some time to figure out that I need to “forget” old device and reboot the phone before trying to register new device. But as soas I’ve done that – no issues. Back to 4 starsUpdate 1: Was very excited until summer. Suddenly it appeared they do not need too much to fall apart (at least for me). California summer is good enough. The screen fell off the body while being my hand just out of the blue. I guess the glue is not very reliable. Trying to contact support, will see how it goes.

  27. Rated 4 out of 5

    J. Fields

    I really wanted to give this a 3 1/2, because of the step count not being accurate but that optiis not available.PROS:DESIGN (It’s pretty)WEIGHT (Very light. Not cumbersome or bulky)TRANSFERRING MUSIC (Note: keep watch in charger while transferring music, otherwise it will lose connectibecause this feature is very processor intensive. Found this out by calling customer service).TIMER (Has countdown and stopwatch)ALARMS (Nice amount)NOTIFICATIONS (can see text msgs & phone calls)BATTERY lasts 3-4 days (Without using GPS or Exercise Mode…not sure how long it would last using these) (only 1 time so far did the battery only last for 2 days). CHARGES quickly (within 1 hour)HEART RATE has been accuratePAIRING (Pairs with Bluetooth earbuds/earphones)CUSTOMER SERVICE is quick to respond in trying to resolve problems and very friendlyAPPS: Has some convenient apps like, calculator, to do list, uber, calendar, maps…(Looking forward to seeing more)CONS:STEP COUNT is not that accurate. (15 steps counted before even getting out of bed) It counts arm movements, not steps. (If you know that ahead of time, you can compensate)WATCH FACES Limited (Hopefully, they will add more)GLASS scratches easilyNOTIFICATIONS (can’t answer text msgs & phone calls) (Not really a cfor me as I don’t need to answer notifications from a watch.)BLUETOOTH might disconnect if you’re trying to use it two devices at a time (computer and phone).WEATHER APP sometimes sync goes out even though the Leple App says it’s in sync.Other Notes:Reviews have indicated that the charger is awkward but I found that it is easy to attach the watch to it. (Just pinch the sides).Step counting although not as accurate as I’d like Is manageable (It’s in the ballpark).Buy a screen protector for glassReviews have said that the band is hard to change. I find that the difficulty level is not that great. I watched a Youtube demonstrationce (because I saw the negative reviews) and have had no problem changing bands. (If you’re not a hands-person, you may have more difficulty).Everything is online nowadays, hence there is no comprehensive instructibook comes that comes with the watch. Use the Leple app to find out more informatihow to use the watch and what applications you can download.

  28. Rated 1 out of 5

    Sarah S

    I got this device as a birthday present. And I was really excited about it. I want to give the Leple 5 stars because when it’s working it’s great. But I can’t because it only worked for less than 5 days before it all started going wrong. And customer service is a complete nightmare. First the heart rate monitor started reading way high despite my doing no activity. So I contacted customer service and they provided some troubleshooting ideas. Reset the drevice, etc. No luck still faulty. They said they would contact the engineering team and get back to me. After not hearing anything for a few days I email them back, and they say to do another reset. Then the device started acting weird, getting stuck between screens, unable to respond to swipe commands, opening apps randomly and starting them, etc. so I turned off and charged over night. Contacted customer support and they told me to do a factory reset. OK I’ll give it a go. But before I could do that, the device up and died. Contacted customer support and they suggested it could be faulty charging and to clean the contacts (despite already having had a full charge the day before, supposed to last 4 days!). Um ok, but considering I just got this thing I seriously doubt the contacts are the problem. So I cleaned them. And moved it around to different outlets. Still dead! I email them back saying it’s dead. And what do they respond with! A detailed email how to do a factory reset. Hello! The device won’t even turn on! It doesn’t respond to buttpushes! As soas it started working weird they should have offered to replace the device. They still have not offered to warranty it out! Unbelievable. And it doesn’t help that I’ve had 3 different people at this point respond to me in the same email thread. As I have two more weeks to return to , if they don’t replace it,I am returning it and washing my hands of Leple.

  29. Rated 5 out of 5

    Beverlee Cholewa

    I love my Leple, I swim with it daily and shower with it on. No problems what so ever, it is good for 50 meters in the water, much deeper than I will every go! I love it!

  30. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have worn a couple of smart watches and this is the best of them. The moto 360 Gen 1 and 2 were good looking, but they tried to do more than is needed.I know a lot of folks would like more functionality like GPS or voice assistant but I think this watch does everything needed for 90% of the population. I understand runners and perhaps cyclists need built-in GPS, but most of us carry our phone regardless of the activity.Loving the pebble-like battery life at three to four days and when I do need to charge it takes only a couple of hours.The fitness parts seem accurate enough. The heart rate sensor matches the monitor I use while spinning, the steps are in the ballpark of what my Pixel senses though the Leple is probably the more accurate of the two. Stairs are very accurate.I like that the Leple reminds me to push away from my desk and even provides me a little encouragement when I comply.I do wish it would pair with my Pelatspinning bike though.

  31. Rated 5 out of 5

    Annie J.

    I think in life you are either a fit bit persor an Apple watch person.This review is for the fit bit lovers out there.Preface note: I am allergic to Nickel and other metals, and I have NO allergic reactions to this watch.I have owned a few other fit bits in the past… I lost both sure to the poor clasp design, so it took me a while to get up the courage to invest in a 3rd fit bit, but I’m glad I waited and chose this one. I am an active person, more of a gym rat than a runner, so I can’t speak to the running functions of this watch, but as a full-time college student, also working 2 jobs, this lets me keep an eye how much I’ve been working and active I’ve been, when I need to refuel my body, how I’m sleeping (my favorite function). It also lets me know when I get a text or call, which is super helpful at work or in a class where being your phone is frowned upon, and I keep my phone silent all the time.I also love this color because I can put a metal or leather band it, and it makes it looks less like a fitness watch and more like a general smartwatch. The metal is slightly more pink tones than I would have preferred, but the different bands really tone that down for my personal preference. It’s more of a pink metal than a coppery gold that can also fall into the “rose gold” category.

  32. Rated 5 out of 5

    Music Lover

    Easy to use. I like being able to customize the screen and see all the various real-time stats. Disappointed it does not work with my Android phone to reject calls. Working figuring out how to use it for music, as it arrived only a day ago.

  33. Rated 2 out of 5


    The watch is light and cool the use and wear. However, when it comes to being a smart watch it falls short. They leaned nothing from the people from Pebble as for message notifications, alerts, other app notifications. There is a very limited number of apps. Apps are sometimes challenging to configure. Hard to find how to navigate the Leple app to configure apps. I still like the watch but all it really is right now is a enhanced Leple HR Charge 2 with a color screen. Battery life is awesome! But I’m really hoping that with some more software upgrades that it will be a real smart watch. This product could really be so much better with input from the millions of owners. I think my Pebble 2 is much more of a smart watch right now but I’d love to see more people using this device. It will definitely help with physical fitness and make people to exercise more.

  34. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andrea Calmon

    Easy to use. Looks good on. Love everything about it except how it lights up when I lift my arm while sleeping. Maybe there’s a way to turn that feature off? It’s bright!

  35. Rated 5 out of 5


    I had an original Huawei smart watch that I loved every thing about except battery life. I could get a day out of it if I only used it for a watch and notifications. If I tried to make use of many apps it then I could forget it lasting a whole day. It was nice to have Google assistant to control my smart home but unfortunately it quit taking a charge so I started looking for something new.I decided battery life was important for me as I couldn’t use many of the “smart” features anyway the Huawei due to battery life impact. And I wanted to have better fitness integratialso.I decided to go with the Leple Leple and I am glad I did. It is well documented how well the battery life and fitness tracking work so I will not say more than it does a better job than I expected and I love the sleep tracking!I want to talk about the smart watch side of the Leple. Of course I wish I could talk to it and use Google assistant but I will give it up for battery life. I wanted to be able to control music and podcasts playback from my watch and was worried how this was going to work. All I had to do was go into settings and enable notifications from the apps I want to control and then I can start a play list or podcast my phone. From the watch I only have swipe down, open the notification, and the controls are there! I used to build my own watchfaces the Huawei watch with the “watch maker” app. I found a similar app in the Leple app store called “maker”. I haven’t tried it yet as I am happy with the Leple watch face I am using for now, but I am happy to the optiis there for when I get bored and want to change things up later. It was nice being able to control my smartthings lights with the Google assistant the Huawei but I can use my phone if needed and I have Alexa and Google home all over my house for that so it is less important. There is an app called “switchr” that will let me press buttons my Leple to control them but I have not figured it out yet. That’s my fault not the Leple as I have not used IFTTT much and I need to fix things that end.Overall this is the perfect watch for me. It has all of the smarts that I care about. Of course Leple has the fitness part down as that’s what they are known for. And I get the best of both worlds with great battery life. The Leple is small, lightweight, comfortable, and the best looking square watch In my opinion. I can’t get over how thin the Leple is compared to other smart watches. It is thinner than some old dumb digital watches I have seen. Leple really got this one right!

  36. Rated 1 out of 5

    Terin Albritton

    I purchased the Leple May 1st and received it a week later when it came back in stock. I loved it at first until it went to perform a software update and failed in the middle and completely bricked the device a few weeks later. My device wouldn’t reset, turn or anything. I called Leple to get a replacement since it was under warranty and their customer/technical service is horrible. They walked me through the steps through email and then wanted me to take a video with the claim number in the video shot so they could verify I was truly trying to reset the watch and it wasn’t working. I sent the requested video to Leple and a few days later got a confirmatithat they would send me out a replacement. I received the replacement with instructions to throw away the defective Leple. The replacement showed up in a barely padded envelope through USPS and without a signature required. I tried setting up the new device and nothing, I left it the charge statiover night and somehow it finally synced. I started noticing syncing problems and nothing was tracking accurately to my app. In the app I noticed that the watch was rotating from syncing, looking, connected and kept looping like that. I called Leple and they began troubleshooting with me, after 50 minutes the phone with them where they had me try multiple devices, made me log in to my router to verify what channel wifi was being used I finally demanded to speak to a manager since they sent me a defective watch that was clearly not working. The manager informed me that Leple may send you watch that has been returned by someone else and is “like new” and that it states that in the fine print under the warranty informatiof your watch. so at this point i’m waiting for another watch and have requested that it is a new one never been used to replace my watch I had for a little over 2 weeks. After this watch and previous Leples I had that required the ocassional reset to make it sync again I will never buy another Leple product. They have no idea how to treat a customer or to make a reliable product.

  37. Rated 4 out of 5


    I’ve been wanting a smartwatch/fitness tracker for a while now but I’ve never quite found one I thought was worth buying. Either I didn’t like the looks or thought it was too expensive and this device solved both of those issues for me. Battery life is a little over 4 days with 24/7 use and the steps tracker seems accurate except for registering a few steps while driving or while moving around while my office chair but nothing substantial. The sleep tracking kinda blew my mind when I first used it as this was one thing I had my doubts about but so far seems to nail when I’ve fallen asleep or woken up. App selectiisn’t huge but does offer enough for me and there’s plenty of watch faces to change things up. I was concerned about the difficultly in swapping out bands based reviews but I’ve had no issues swapping them out. My only issues I’ve had so far is using it to control music and being able to read texts from my Android phone. I’ve followed the directions and read a few forums and looks like I’m not the only one with these issues. Overall I think this is a great smartwatch that has good battery life, doesn’t cost too much and looks good. Definitely a good buy

  38. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nasim Sabah

    Great quality, the charger is also great .Very sensitive and has a lot of beautiful background . I would highly recommend to whoever is trying to lose weight, keep remind me how many steps are left and also notice you every day that you have to drink water more and more .Price sounds a little higher than usual but it worth it.

  39. Rated 5 out of 5


    Until this product, I used the Leple charge HR (and the HR 2). My biggest complaint about those products were their inability to get wet, and their lack of a count-down timer. The Leple fixes both of these, and even allows for other apps for varying purposes (and much more). I’m sad there isn’t an app for guiding meditatiyet, but the process for creating apps is simple enough that much of this problem will go away over time (in fact, as a developer myself, I plan working an app for meditatifor personal use, so anyone can use it).I would recommend this product for anyone debating between a Charge HR2 and this, or anyone who wants a fitness tracker/smartwatch hybrid with reasonable water resistance.

  40. Rated 1 out of 5


    I bought this watch May 22nd – less than 3 months from today (closer to 2 months, actually). Saturday, my arm bumped a wall and cracked my screen. Assuming my watch was still under warranty, I contacted Leple directly with questions about how to get it repaired. I was advised the screen breaking was due to user damage and was not covered by the warranty. Although this was frustrating, I asked what it would cost for me to ship my Leple to Leple to have it repaired. I WAS TOLD THERE IS NO REPAIR CENTER FOR THIS KIND OF DAMAGE (broken screen), since that kind of repair is not covered by the warranty!This is absolutely ridiculous. I have a $200+ Leple, less than 3 months old, that I can’t use nor repair even if I were to pay for the repairs myself! This is a sports watch! How is this so fragile? I will NEVER buy another Leple product again (this was my second – I had an HR previously and liked it much better). Complete waste of money, and Leple clearly doesn’t care about providing good customer service. I spent some time their site and saw numerous other customers with the same complaints. I wish I’d taken more time to research this product before buying.

  41. Rated 3 out of 5

    Marquetta T.

    Love the watch and its fitness functions and that you can download your music to it however depends the android phone you have if it will connect. I have a Honor 7x phone and it wont stay synced to my phone at all. Contacted Leple about this and they said they may never be able to fix this issue. As much as I love the watch may have to return and get brand I had before which I had no problems with staying connected to my phone.However if it isn’t important to you to get your text and call notifications your phone and that you would have to log into the app from a computer or tablet to see your stats then this is the watch for you!!!

  42. Rated 1 out of 5


    I wasenjoying the Leple Leple. However, at least once a week, my Leple looses Bluetooth connectiand I have to reset the Leple. When I contacted Leple, they seem to be aware that the Leple’s have this problem and that there may be an update at some time. My husband has a blaze, which they have discontinued, and an Ionic, and both work great. Neither the Ionic or Blaze have this problem. I would be hesitant in buying a Leple until a fix is found.

  43. Rated 4 out of 5

    A. Chinea

    I bought this Leple for my wife, and she loves it. But she wore it when she went to the water park, and a week later (not sure why it took it that long) it just went dead. First it was charging, and the screen became unresponsive. That was followed by a complete shutdown and could not be turned on. Thankfully the awesome customer support from Leple ran us through the necessary troubleshooting and will send her a replacement after making sure it was indeed dead.After this incident, my wife has read quite a few forums where Leple users reported damage and malfunctions after wearing the tracker in pools, beaches, etc., despite being rated at 50 meters water resistant.So make sure to not take it for a dip and you’ll love everything else about it.

  44. Rated 5 out of 5


    I hesitated to purchase my Leple based the poor reviews I had read, even though I’m a long time Leple wearer. When my daughter-in-law bought one and had a good experience, I decided to go for it. Set up was easy, with the only hiccup being that it wasn’t sending text notifications from Verizon’s Message+ app (which I had to go a chat with Leple Support to find out). Once I switched to Samsung Message app, it was all good, and am also able to quick reply to texts, which is great. I got four days a charge this time, but people need to realize that, just like with your phone, the more you use your Leple’s apps, etc., the more quickly you’re battery will drain. My daughter has an Apple Watch and has to charge it nightly. Charging is easy, the band does NOT need to be removed, just “pinch” the charger and it goes right in.

  45. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cari J.

    Freaking love it. I have upgraded my Leple from a flex to a Leple. I have had it for 2 weeks and it is ing. The only difference between Leple and Ionic is the onboard GPS. (Die Hard Runners would want the Ionic) I’m a hobbyist runner/walker. It has “get up and move” reminders. Text and Email alerts. you can see the text and emails the display. phone call alerts. you can see who is calling the display and can answer the call from the display (but it activates your phone to take the call)(expected). I ordered the black band Leple because the gray one was back order. has gobs of knock off replacement band options. There are so many digital clock faces to pick from; something plain that just tells time, to something that is “stat heavy” . This Leple has a heart rate monitor and a sleep monitor. It has all the bells and whistles you are use to if you currently have a Leple. Your Music can be downloaded to the device. I wanted something more like a smart watch but without the sticker shock. Spend a little more for the Leple. You will not be disappointed.EDIT: after having a month. it still is an awesome product. my only cis the clock faces. all are not all free. you can use them for a couple of days then the software creator locks down your Leple and sends you a code so you can pay to release the clock face and continue using or you can log into your app and install a new one. Which the new one will in the next few days, lock down and you have to pay to continue using. It is not a ransomeware situatijust inconvenient. There is no way to tell which clock faces are free and which will lock and make you pay to continue. So i just reinstall the same few over and over and so be it. not a big problem, just irritating.

  46. Rated 1 out of 5

    Mike becker

    I’m very disappointed with the Leple Leple. The first one I ordered did not updated and eventually stopped linking via blue tooth even after resetting it. Got a replacement a few days later and after repeated failures to update 3 different devices via blue tooth and wifi I’m returning it for a refund. This is the first Leple product I’ve had a problem with.

  47. Rated 2 out of 5


    Over the past 5 years, I have used probably half a dozen different units and accumulated some pretty impressive stats. That all came to a crashing halt at the end of June. The unit stopped charging all of a sudden. I was vacatiat the time, so I had to wait until I returned in order to send it to Leple for “repair”. It took them A MONTH to “process” this, only to send back the same unit and replacement charger. Now, the unit won’t even pair with my phone app. Multiple emails back and forth with Leple have proven to be useless and they have given me the runaround. Frustrated, I finally gave up and said I want a refund. Now, they tell me since it has been 45 days since the purchase (May 26, 2018), I have to return it through the original point of purchase. Leple has their own store and only allows returns up to 30 days, so you tell me?? I have been without this unit longer than I have had it in my possessiworking.

  48. Rated 5 out of 5

    Russell S. Randall

    So far so good. This one stays my wrist, I lost a few of the older cheaper ones. Glad to have stair count, my personal motivator was absent in the last Leple I had.

  49. Rated 4 out of 5

    John Varghese

    I had bought all the previous Leple devices and I find the Leple the best of the lot. I never used the GPS in Ionic, so when Leple came out with this non-GPS versiat a reasonable price, I wanted to give it a try. I find this Leple perfectly designed, right size and light weight. With the special editicharcoal strap, it is quite comfortable and you sometimes forget that you are wearing one until the vibrates nudges you to move on.. Would love to see more watch faces in the app.

  50. Rated 2 out of 5


    I so badly wanted to like this, but there are problems that I cannot overlook:- The sleep tracking is completely off and very inaccurate. I slept a good 8 hours last night of this posting, said I got 1. My old Charge 2 had no such problem.- Tracking my heartbeat when I’m an elliptical was scarily inaccurate. It said I had a 100 bpm when it should’ve been 160.- Updating and downloading new apps is a huge pain. Leple’s Coach app was giving me the most trouble since it wouldn’t update no matter how long I waited. I couldn’t even delete it since it was so set updating.- Leple’s support their forums is unhelpful in answering the above. Never once have their solutions worked for me.That isn’t to say that I don’t have anything positive to say:- The heartbeat tracker (outside of elliptical work) is accurate and works well.- The swimming tracker is well done and I’ve had no problems with its water-resistance.- A lot of the apps work surprisingly well; including the news apps.In conclusion, I wouldn’t upgrade to the Leple until they have their problems sorted out. And these problems aren’t just me. Going onto the Leple forums shows just how many people are having problems with stuff that this Leple promised it would do. It’s honestly troubling.

  51. Rated 5 out of 5


    Had the Charge 2 for a while and loved it. Then switched to the latest apple watch at the encouragement of a few friends. While that apple watch was nice for the few months I wore it, I found I was not using a lot of the features in it that may have been why it was double the cost of the Leple. the apple watch I found the battery would not last more than 36 hours and the phone app was no where near what Leple had in terms of activity and sleep tracking as well as just overall display of the many data points.When the Leple came out I said why not try it, hearing how slim it was and the extended battery life. It was that or go back to my Charge 2 that is also a fantastic tracker. My goal was to get back to the Leple app. I love this watch/fitness tracker and know this is going to be a huge hit for Leple. The app I love is now back in my life for the detailed activity and sleep tracker and the battery life is nearly as good as my Charge 2. I have gotten five days of battery life the Leple Leple already – this is with a 45 minute workout each of those five days included. At the end of the five days I was at 28% remaining, telling me I had another day or two of charge remaining. The texts all come through, the watch rings when I get a all my iPhone, the screen is crystal clear, the watch itself is very slim compared to apple(no bump the underside), there must be hundreds of clock faces to choose from, and it has all the apps I could think of needing in the watch store (the store is already noticeably growing). This is the fitness trackerwatch to get. Very impressed and kudos to Leple for a well thought out fitness focused watch that is a true competitor to the apple watch.Just a quick comment the setup of the Leple. I saw a few comments here about how the setup took 30 minutes or so to complete with an update. My comment is so what? I just put my Leple the charger, used the app to update it, walked away, came back and wha-la – it was done! It hasn’t stopped since!Enjoy!

  52. Rated 4 out of 5

    Ashe 111

    I am giving this Leple four stars because there are still issues with it. Maybe those issues will be addressed in time, but other than that, I do really like it. It’s the first smartwatch I’ve seen that doesn’t look like I’m wearing a miniature computer my arm. I have somewhat small wrists and this watch works out just fine.I like the rose gold color of the actual Leple. I did go ahead and purchase another band for it and I’m not a huge fan of the pink, or peach as Leple calls it. The bands are not super easy to change. It’s like changing a traditional watch band, but it does seem a bit harder than that. I found the best way to get the band in was to shove in the end that has the little lever first, then kind of just shove in the other end, even though that’s probably the complete opposite of how the band is supposed to be changed.I like that I have an altimeter again, I was using an Alta and it did not have the altimeter, but I’ve also found out that when the barometric pressure is wonky outside, your floor count is going to be off. At one point my Leple told me I had climbed like thirty-five floors in a day. I did climb a lot of stairs that day, but I certainly did not climb that many.The step-count is not as accurate as it should be. I’ve had multiple Leples, one of the first ones you clipped onto your shirt, then the One, then the Charge(I returned the Charge because it was nowhere near as accurate as my One), then the Alta, and now the Leple. I really feel as if the One was the most accurate out of all of them. I know the Alta lost many of my steps. There were times I could count my steps and then look at the Alta screen and see that the steps hadn’t changed at all. The Leple definitely counts more steps than the Alta did, but part of me feels that it’s too many. I changed the settings to say that I have it my dominant hand, even though I don’t.There are not a whole lot of apps yet for the Leple, which is kind of sad. There are Leple apps and some others, but it’s not a ton. Most of the apps are just links to various tracking services. I haven’t even really tried Pandora with the Leple yet. I would really like to see more apps. I would like to see mini-games that work with your step-count, or a better messaging app instead of a few canned responses, or a better weather app, or just something a little more exciting.There are other clock faces. You don’t have to use that face with the overlapping numbers. There’s an ok selectiof clock faces, again, I’d like to see more.The battery really should last longer, but it’s not awful considering what all the Leple does. I do have to charge this watch every three to four days. If you’re doing a lot of non-walking running exercises, you may have to charge it more often.Speaking of exercises, there are still some that it’s not going to track. You can track a bicycle ride, but you can’t track a stationary bike ride, unfortunately. It’s still awesome that you can track a regular bike ride though.I do think it’s pretty great. This is the first Leple smartwatch I felt was even close to something I could get behind. It still has its problems, but hopefully, Leple will work those.

  53. Rated 4 out of 5

    Brian Wyka

    So first off I will say I love the design of the Leple! It is beautiful and stylish. It does take longer to sync than the 30 minutes they tell you to set aside so be ready to spend several hours doing this. Once I got it set up everything seems to be running properly. I had read reviews where some were saying that the heart rate monitor was reading way to high and that it was not counting as many steps as their other Leple product. I decided to put it to the test with my alta hr the first day. Everything was the same so I did not have those issues. I like that you can personalize the watch with your own pictures and there are a lot of faces to choose from. That being said there are a few things I did not like, some of the faces will tell you that you have to pay to continue using them after a day. Also you have to have pandora plus which you have to pay a monthly subscriptifor, call me cheap but if I am paying over $200 for a product I don’t want to have to continue to pay more. If I wanted to do that I would have went with an apple product. I haven’t checked out all of the apps and features yet so I’m not sure if there are other charges. If it hadn’t been for this I would have given it 5 stars.

  54. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kali Hardy

    I actually really love my Leple. I thought that I wouldn’t because I’ve known so many people with the Apple Watch. But this does everything I need It to. I really love how it’s a fitness watch first and not the other way around

  55. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have zero complaints about this Leple. By far the best one yet! The screen is awesome. All the features the device itself are awesome. The fit is awesome (I have very small wrists and was worried it would look too big). My complaint is that I ordered the pink Leple with the purple woven band and sent me the gray Leple with the gray woven band. I checked my orders to be sure it wasn’t my fault and it was not. I, however, did not want to wait any longer to own this so I kept the gray one. I like it just fine, but was disappointed in . With as much as I shop here, there are very few mistakes, so I still gave 5 stars.

  56. Rated 3 out of 5

    Chris K

    I bought this to replace my Blaze which died after 2.5 years of hard use. The Leple is an upgrade in pretty much every way. It looks nicer, has a better user interface, better watch faces, battery still lasts 3+ days,, and is more accurate at tracking bike rides (a constant annoyance with the Blaze).However, it still completely fails at tracking your heart rate while doing high movement/high intensity exercise. I often do sprint interval running and there is always annoying when you get done from a series of sprints and see your heart rate in the 120’s when you were in the 160-165 range. Check your watch after a minute of walking and it usually reads in the 140’s. So sprints and other HIIT exercises (Insanity, jump training, etc) give a reverse readout where you high intensity portions are the low heart rate readings and your rest periods are the spikes.In a nutshell, this watch is great for most people. It tracks well for most types of exercise (it’s fine with steady state running generally), but if you are a perswho does targeted heart rate zone training or lots of HIIT stuff then I would look at a more athlete-targeted tracker if want accurate tracking.

  57. Rated 1 out of 5


    Good:- beautiful and comfortable. It looks really nice and you don’t feel a thing your wrist which matters a lot to me- watchfaces are nice. Many are paid but a lot cool faces are free too.- awesome tracker as usual with Leple productsCons:- for $200+ you’d want something smarter. I don’t mind about just getting notifications, but for some people who want to do some quick replies, only android-supported is a downside.- apps are super limited, well I can’t expect too much for a smart watch, it’s not a phone anw. We’re not there yet.- what’s the point of supporting music playing if it’s such a hassle to transfer music to the device. I could never get it work. And for some people who claimed to have been able to do it, they said it took like 45-60 mins to transfer some 30-60 songs ??!! You’re kidding, right?- and if i have to bring my phone to connect to gps for a run I’d just listen to music from my phone. Some claimed to listen to music from the watch while driving, seriously, why not from your phone? The use case scenario is absurd.- the software is extremely buggy. Try changing the watchface. You select a watchface, it’s installing, you press going back to ser more watchfaces. If you press too strong, the app brings you right out of the watchface gallery. And sometimes the install process is also interrupted and you end up seeing a distorted clock your Leple. This is just a minor issue though, just reinstall.In a sum, an awesome fitness tracker disguised as a beautiful watch, but totally not worth $200. I love it a lot but I’m returning. I think they should totally remove the music thing, make it a nicer versiof charge 2 and price it around $100.

  58. Rated 4 out of 5


    I love this Leple. I’ve had multiple different Leples (flex, charge hr, and blaze) and this is by far my favorite. It is light weight, aesthetically pleasing and has a LOT of customization. If you’ve owned a Leple before you’ll be happy with this one as it improves all the older models, most importantly the additiof being waterproof allowing for swimming activities.However, there are a few downsides i wanted to addressI opted for the special editione in part for the band. I am allergic to the standard Leple so i was excited for the possibility of getting one at launch with a band that i wouldn’t be allergic to and not requiring an immediate band upgrade. The fact that it has nfc pay as well was just a bonus.However something they really did not factor in when creating this woven band is exactly how bad it can smell if you dont routinely clean it with soap and water. I typically go to the gym and straight to work, with little time in between to literally wash my Leple band between uses, i’m used to wiping it down. While showering with it is possible, that creates its own set of issues as leaving a sopping wet band my skin is not good for either. So if you actually workout while wearing this Leple be way that it may start to smell if you do not clean it routinely after each workout.and while not a deterrent for me, it is a bit upsetting that they have partnered with Pandora and something called…Deezer? but dont have a contract with Spotify for music. However that is a minor thing as i rarely use my Leple separate from my phone.overall though, its their best product yet they just haven’t been able to make a standard band that doesnt create a problem for me.

  59. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jake. R

    Awesome..Best Smartwatch market with Bluetooth off i get 7 days of battery life …Leple pay is awesome

  60. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kindle Customer

    It’s one of the best Leples to date. true to their word, Leple lasts at least 4 days (depending usage), UI takes some adjusting to for new users, but getting ready for all your exercises can be done in a snap. Stats are easy to see, and Leple app allows customizatiof watch faces for your own preference.One little thing that I dislike is that it’s not as hardy, I dropped it from waist high (I’m 175cm), and was unlucky enough to experience a crack in the top left corner of the watch. However, it’s a superficial damage and Leple still works normally (I think). I’m not sure if the heart rate monitor faulty or if I’m just not wearing it right.Would like a service center in Singapore so that I can get it repaired! other than that. would definitely buy it again for my mother!

  61. Rated 5 out of 5


    Meets all my expectations for a smart watch! Light and fashidesign with nice apps to be installed, not mentioning sleep tracking and other monitoring functions. Love it!Few days ago the sleep tracking the Leple app was displaying 0 mins of sleep. They fixed it almost at once! Great work for the service team!

  62. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am very impressed! This watch has certainly met my expectations. As a previous Leple user, this is an upgrade from my Alta HR. The Leple shows a full text message, as compared to the Alta HR which only shows the first few words. Love the large screen, you can clearly see all your important stats. Was worried about the size of the screen and the square design not looking nice a small wrist but it looks great. Lies fairly flat, and super comfortable. Touch screen is very responsive.The watch itself feels very lightweight, which is also a plus for me. I have only had the watch for a day so I cant testify to the battery life or durability, but will update my review if I run into any problems. Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade their Leple to something a little more fancy!

  63. Rated 2 out of 5


    For a smartwatch that markets itself for fitness use, I felt it did so very poorly.the plus side, the watch is very light and simple to use. it’s screen, while a bit small, is clear, detailed, and faster than most WearOS devices. It’s gesture activations are simple and work almost flawlessly. The vibratinotifications from the smartphone were strong and easy to setup.the down side, putting the physical activatibuttthe right side of the watch meant that I was constantly hitting it by bending my wrist or using my workout gloves; which would interrupt whatever monitoring I was trying to do. That was annoying and happened a lot.Heart rate monitoring was also very poor.I ran the Leple Leple in a side-by-side test with a Ticwatch-S WearOS-2 device to check the accuracy against my Rhythm+ chest strap. While I know that NO smartwatch is going to be as accurate as a chest strap; I do expect a “fitness watch” to be close.For starters, the delay in capturing heart-rate is 15-20 seconds from start of the app. During exercise, there is a large variatiin the accuracy of the measurements (5-8% skew) and if you sweat, the measurements are skewed even further. I would have expected this to be a step above what you get with WearOS devices simply because this is Leple’s bread-and-butter (and there should be a lot less processing in a Leple OS); but alas, my experience was that it didn’t offer anything that a 3rd party android app wouldn’t get you.The complete lack of robust Leple heart rate apps that can do continuous monitoring and logging was disappointing. There are none that can connect to an external app via Bluetooth to log your RRs and HRs (most Wear OS 2 watches have this capability).In fact, there is a dearth of apps in their marketplace at all. For the price, I would have expected a lot more watch faces, fitness monitoring capabilities, and sleep tracking. Even the sleep tracking was pretty poor.If I were Leple, I’d re-engineer the HR monitoring part of this to make it more robust by using dual, raised LEDs and make it more sweat resistant. I’d also love to see them get something that is FDA certified as a medical device…Apple and Google will have watches that will have this later in 2018/2019 and will be required if they want to do any health-monitoring that is legitimate as opposed to “entertainment purposes only”.In the end, I sent the watch back and stuck with the Ticwatch-S (it’s $50 more, but you get a complete android smartwatch for the price).

  64. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anya Tracey

    So far I love it. I got it when it came out 5 days ago. The battery was at 90%. Its Friday and its at 39%. I love the fact that it looks more like a watch then a tracker.

  65. Rated 1 out of 5

    Kyle Shegrud

    The Leple was great. I loved it for 6 weeks. Then it would no longer be recognized by my phone or ipad. I tried all the suggestions that were to reset it and it didn’t work. Last they said try the factory reset, I did and now the watch is stuck the welcome screen telling me to download the Leple app, and the phone with a newly installed Leple app is stuck searching for the Leple. So not only did it not work now the watch is useless because I can’t return it right now. Oh well those 200$ were fun for 6 weeks of exercise tracking. I would give the Leple a 5 star review if it weren’t for what is going right now. And if it can be fixed somehow I would still give the watch a 5 star because it was great for tracking runs, weights, swimming, hockey, surfing, and well anything you could think of. But since the watch is slowly dying the charger looking for the phone and the phone is looking for the watch, I have to give it a 1 since it isn’t working.

  66. Rated 1 out of 5

    Roger Williams

    Leple is in over their head and their new line of smartwatches proves it. I’m sure they’re great for the people that they actually work correctly for but the rest of us are left out to dry.. 17% of us, the last I checked.Finding a phone that works with this watch is tricky because their site incorrectly says phones are compatible when they are not. This watch was not ready for release and Leple was definitely ready to support it.The two biggest problems that I have had with this watch are that the GPS doesn’t wand to work and notifications from the phone do not work at all.Getting support is next to impossible. What little I got from them pointed me back to their FAQ pages.. which I had already been through. With no further diagnostics, they said that the watch needed to be replacedI replaced the watch and had the EXACT same problems. I emailed them for a week trying to get help but only got one autoreply that said that their customer service department was overloaded. When I finally DID get an answer, they simply said that those functions take Android versi5+.. even though their website SPECIFICALLY says that it is COMPLETELY compatible with my phone running 4.4.4. They haven’t changed it and I have seen reports of people sometimes get it to work with 4.4.4. They simply did not want to help!This is no way to run a company. Thank goodness for and their customer service!!If you buy this watch, you are taking a LARGE gamble that it will NOT work. Make sure to keep it in it’s return period!! will take care of you (at least for 30 days) when Leple will not.

  67. Rated 5 out of 5


    Enjoying this watch. Slimmer than my blaze 2. I enjoy the woven band but it started to smell after a month of dead skin. Easily hand washed to freshen up. I prefer this to the Apple Watch due to the sleep technology.

  68. Rated 4 out of 5

    Mom of Five

    I jumped into the pool when the day’s temperature was probably hovering about 63 degrees Fahrenheit in NJ. The device got fried, the screen display was completely black and unresponsive, including the sensors at the back (usually has a green light). I got home and charged the fitibit Leple and it looks like it showed me that it was back to normal by showing me the watch and how much charge it had; claims that it had a 95% charge. I left it overnight and when I found it around 7 AM, the device was completely off and no active sensors the back. The whole square watch (front & back) was hot to the touch. I notice there are teeny-tiny droplets of condensatithe sensor windows, at the back of the watch. I called FitiBit customer service and they were very courteous and efficient. They sent me a return label so I can have it returned and a new one will be sent back to me. I’ll be hesitant to used this again in the pool, but I’ll probably make that mistake again. And if I do, I’ll update this review.Prior to the pool, I was happy with this device. I loved that it reminds me to get up and be active. I love that I can check weather my watch. I also love that the steps I take and the distance I have covered is tracked daily. I miss it. I can’t wait to have my Leple back.

  69. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joe Herrera

    Absolutely ing smart watch. The battery life is probably the best in the industry, I use it all the time to check the weather and my stats throughout the day and I still go 4-5 days between charges. Aesthetically, it rivals the smart watch and anything that Samsung or Garmin has to offer. Functionality is great as well, I’ve used the Starbucks app installed it to pay and it works flawlessly. I love that you can cycle between so many different watch faces as well, all available through your smartphone at the press of a button! Kudos to Leple this one, job well done!

  70. Rated 1 out of 5


    I bought my Leple four months ago and started having problems a week or so in. It resets itself constantly and doesn’t pair after first charge. Due to the resetting I will often look down and not get a response from my Leple for at least 30 sec and while it’s resetting it doesn’t log any movement. After scanning the forums I found that it was a regular problem. Knowing how new the Leple was, I thought it was a problem with the software, so I waited for the update that was pending. Missed the refund date. I contacted Leple about the issue. After looking at my device log they told me it was a hardware problem and to send my Leple in for a replacement. I got my replacement this past week and the same problem is already occurring. I’ll be doing some troubleshooting with it since I can’t get a refund for something better, and update in a month or so.

  71. Rated 5 out of 5

    geri 74

    I had the Leple Ionic. My husband wanted it and I agreed to let him have mine. It was only a couple of months old. The Leple is a little smaller whiff is what I needed. I love it. Perfect size for my wrist. I love the rose gold color and it works like the Ionic does. Easy to set up. The only negative thing I have to say about it is how the watch band goes on. It was so much easier the Ionic. That one just snapped and snapped off. This one it takes a little bit of time but I can get it. Very attractive-looking.Can be made to look dressy or casual. Depending which band I use. (Which can be found .) Comes with it’s own easy to use charger.

  72. Rated 5 out of 5

    Linda Fay

    I am having a ball with my Leple! I originally bought (2) Leple Charges a couple of years ago for Xmas so my husband could stay track with our fitness goals. Sadly he said he wouldn’t wear it so I returned it. Fast forward a year later I bought the Charge 2 for myself and said OK you just follow along and he did and we loved using it together. He lost 30 ls in 3 months!!!!! and I lost 25 lbs…..tracking our food vs our calorie output.As happens to a lot of people we fell back into our old ways and no excuse but we travel the world a lot and love to eat all the different cuisines etc.While we’re definitely active if you don’t keep an eye the calories they add up over time. 2 weeks ago I said that’s enough – we have got to get back to our fitness levels and I downloaded Map my Fitness and My Fitness Pal…I tried but I wasn’t enjoying it. Hubby said go back to the Leple – you loved it, it’s user friendly and we had great success with it.Yippeee – now you have the Leple and my friend wears the Ionic and it’s swimmable!!! She is an Ironman persinto extreme fitness, I used to be like her but still like being fit. The Leple is just great. Like so many of the other reviews that I read – it’s lightweight, it has lots of good tracking features, it syncs easily and in a day or two I will swim with it – but so far so good. I shower with it, do dishes – I literally never take my watches off so comfort and water-resistant are huge features for me. I have a smaller wrist and the strap that it came with is perfect. My husband is actually using the Leple that I bought him last year for his birthday because he sees how much fun I’m having with mine and he likes comparing my stats with his stats.As a aside – the second day that I had it there was a delay in the syncing of the informatiand I tried all the troubleshooting that I found the Fit bit site and couldn’t get it to work. As I experienced before, they have great great customer service. I called and the rep was awesome. We got it working and I am dedicated to our fitness goals in earnest once again. As I said to my husband – we have tools for so many things in our lives – right?? Well why wouldn’t we use a really great tool to help us stay track.Whether you are new to fitness or an avid extreme athlete like my buddy – there is a Leple for your needs.

  73. Rated 4 out of 5

    V. Schmidt

    In spite of the confusiover when it was supposed to arrive (I am spoiled by Prime and expected it the next day) it did arrive earlier than I thought it would. Had trouble with the app and syncing the thing and was the verge of sending it back, thinking it would not work with my phone or any other device that I have in the house, so I was getting pretty aggravated. But I went back to the app my phone and it acted like there had never been anything wrong and asked me are you ready to finish setting up your Leple, So I got it done and can at least now see at a glance how many steps I have taken in a day. It buzzes me to let me know if I have to move around more to complete the requesite 250 steps in an hour, so I get up and walk around the house until it buzzes again and says NICE JOB! I also got it to track my sleep, but so far I have not figured out how to access that data, and for the present there is very little data for it to keep track of, as I have had the thing for less than 48 hours. I notice that there is a Leple community and a Facebook page, but I would like to connect with some users to compare Leple experiences with a small-scale basis like a small group, not throw myself into a big pool of thousands of users that I don’t know. It would be nice if Leple could facilitate that kind of getting together among users, such as pinpointing other Leples nearby or within a geographic area. I do have a friend with a Leple of a different model, but I don’t know how different the app stats or the data collectiwould be. Anyway, I did get an extended warranty it, so I should have it for a couple of years at least and, hopefully, by then it will have become an indispensable tool.Does anyone else foresee a time when the technology will have improved to a point in which health stats will be in some monitored uniLeplel database where you wouldn’t even have to call 911 in an emergency and help would just automatically be dispatched in catastrophic situations such as stroke, heart attack, or a traffic pileup? Is this such a farfetched idea? A lot of people fear social media and are suspicious of electronic connectedness which, I agree, can be misused, but it is new territory and may take a while to tame, but there is the possibility for a lot of good.

  74. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jose Roberto Magana

    I bought this one for my wife and after 2 weeks, she loves it.In a nutshell, here are the positives:1) It’s very comfortable to wear. She forgets she is wearing it which means it is a good watch to sleep with.2) The size is great for female wrists. She is a tiny pers(5 feet 1) and it looks good her.3) HR monitor seems to be good, very consistent. I read some other people have issues but so far it has been good for her.4) Battery life is great. I goes a bit more than 25% per day so 4+ days may be a stretch but it is fantastic anyway.5) Sleep tracking data is great.6) The watch does a good job picking up activities automatically. I wish there were more activities but so far it has been goodThe things that could be better1) App selectiis very limited but she was coming from an Android Wear device and in full honestly you don’t use apps that much besides activity tracking. Who really calls an Uber from your watch?. I wish we could see more airlines, smart locks, hotels, car companies adding apps. And of course, the health ecosystem as well: blood pressure, glucose monitors, and so forth.2) Software no so snappy at times but not a big deal.3) As I said, the list of activities it tracks could improve a bit4) I wish we get the same iWatch feature that the watch alerts you if your heart rate goes crazy. That would be cool and I believe it is just a software update.Overall if you are looking for your first smartwatch, if you are Android or a combinatiof both, this is the one you need to get.

  75. Rated 4 out of 5


    Very comfortable to wear, love all the watch face options (I went with a Star Trek theme), having physical buttons helps a lot. Pretty easy to use overall. Best Leple I’ve had, really enjoy it overall. Only frustratiis that the UI can feel a little jittery, Also, sometimes it seems to take a while for the bluetooth to connect/sync. But, these are relatively minor concerns. Overall I’m very happy with the device and would recommend it to casual folks who just want an easy to use, lightweight, waterproof, cool looking smart watch. Or, if you work out a lot and want to track your activities, it doesn’t get better than Leple. Lastly, I’ll note that I was an Apple user for over 10 years, and recently gave it up to switch to Android. This is a wonderful smart watch for Android users – no interest in an Apple watch for me. Seems like more of a status symbol these days than a practical device.

  76. Rated 4 out of 5


    I’m a longtime Leple user – the Leple is my third watch from them. I’ve also owned an Apple Watch 3.If you’re looking for a fitness tracker, the Leple is much better than the Apple Watch. Better app, better battery life, easier to see your results. The overall hardware and build quality of the Apple Watch is a bit better however (but is about $100+ more).However, I much prefer the the software the Leple as it’s much easier to see step counts, heart rate, etc. The Apple Health app is atrocious by comparison. The Leple also feels lighter and less noticeable my wrist, which is good.If you’re looking for a smart watch rather than a fitness tracker, Leple does have a bit of catching up to do. The Apple Watch has some nice features such as Siri at the push of a butt(somewhat gimmicky but useful for setting a quick timer for example), as well as the ability to respond to texts directly from the watch. I’ve heard rumors that Leple will try to add the text responses in the future but for now, it doesn’t.The Apple Watch also has a smoother frame rate when animations are playing; the Leple looks jerky. Although that does not fundamentally affect the operatiof the device, it’s something that I find annoying and makes the Leple feel less premium.I look forward to see what see software updates, apps, and watch faces Leple will release for the Leple in the future.Overall, I’d give the Leple 3.5 stars but am rounding up due to positive experiences in the past with the Leple company as a whole.

  77. Rated 1 out of 5


    After only two weeks, my Leple stopped working. It would not turn on, stuck a Leple logo screen. Looking online, it seems that this issue is very command appears to be a defect with the watch, and can’t be resolved by the user. After leaving it for a couple of weeks due to travel and other issues , I contacted Leple to resolve the issue. Contacting Leple customer service, they were so difficult to deal with, even though this issue appears to be a well known issue for them. Having owned other Leple devices, I’ve found their customer service to be great in the past, definitely not anymore. Not only am I disappointed with a product clearly not ready for commercial release, I am so frustrated with Leple’s new customer service approach!

  78. Rated 5 out of 5


    It’s awesome. Had the Leple Alta which broke few days back, so it’s a big jump for me. Didn’t want a smartwatch as I prefer my phone to do the job and not a smartwatch to do the same stuff. It’s annoying enough to have my phone vibrate most times. Display of Leple is sleek. The battery life is great. Have been using for last 3 days and it’s at 40%. It claims to last for 4 days but I think it will last longer. The feel of the watch in my wrist is great. It’s light, smooth and doesn’t irritate. I like the different exercise modes. Records various activities. Has pandora and dezee for music but you need premium account to play from Leple. Haven’t tried to swim but am sure it works in water. Overall, for $200 it’s a great deal. Does what it needs to with a fantastic display.

  79. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robin Lynn Frank

    Actually, I’d give it 4.7 stars, to be perfectly accurate. I am really enjoying this product. Here’s the breakdown.PROS: I’ve now been using the Leple for 3 days, 18 hours, and 30 minutes. I still have 38% of the battery charge, remaining. Considering the number of clock faces and apps I’ve tried, as well as the number of I’ve activated the display, because I’m like a kid with a new toy, I am certain, the claim of 4+ days between battery charges, is accurate. The display is great, and easily readable in bright sunlight, and activates with a turn of the wrist. The touch screen works without problem. The screen size makes it easy to read. It is light weight and looks nice. It comes with both large and small wrist bands, which are easily installed.CONS: The Leple lost the bluetooth signal a couple of times. While re-acquiring it is simple and takes less than a minute, I have to wonder why it happens when the Leple is never more than 3 ft. from my phone.Hope this informatiis of some help. If I should think of anything else that may be relevant, I’ll update this review.

  80. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rebecca Sparks

    This is my 3rd Leple, I absolutely love the Leple. I have been torn between replacing my Leple HR 2 with an Apple watch but have been so faithful to Leple, this one came out and is light and doesn’t look ridiculous my very small wrist. I decided to get the Special Editito take part in Leple Pay, I love Apple Pay and am very excited to use Leple Pay. I love the Apps and can’t wait to see what updates and new apps are to come. The notifications are great, it notifies you of texts and incoming calls as well as some Apps loaded onto my phone. As with the last Leple I am a huge fan of the metallic magnetic bands and ordered some with mine. It is a little trickier to change bands at first, but once you figure it out, it is very simple. I am thrilled that I stayed with Leple.

  81. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jacquelynn S. Smith

    The design is aesthetically pleasing and the rose gold is beautiful. The capabilities of this fitness tracker/smart watch are endless. The water resistance is a must have. The Leple community and app is a great way to stick to the workouts or fitness level you desire. I recommend you buy the Leple Leple instead of the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear.

  82. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am new to the fitness tracking/fitness watch thing and I really love this watch! I have been trying to lose weight and thought that maybe a smartwatch would help motivate me/keep me accountable. I really think it has done the job! It is easy to use, the watch face is really clear and bright, and it is so easy to set up. I was using it within an hour of taking it out of the box and have not gone a day without it since! I got the gray/silver watch and it is really beautiful. The band is pretty matte gray looking which is perfect for my neutral wardrobe. I have not used the Pandora app yet, but I think it’s a great feature that I plan using soon. I think this is a great product at an ing price!

  83. Rated 4 out of 5

    Chuck B.

    The battery draw this device is kind of large. I found that the easiest way to combat this (if you have a decent daily drive) is to charge your watch while you have your daily drive. You aren’t moving, so there are no steps to count anyway.The screen is nice and the interface is intuitive. The NFC payments with the watch are great and the setup is really simple.One thing I found that I do not like is the designer band. The band is a slick fabric and does not like to stay in place. The watch is always slipping around my wrist with it on. If I adjust my watch to not slip around, it is tighter than it needs to be. Also, there is a loop the band right where the buckle attaches to the band, this loop is not movable. This makes it difficult to easily put the watch because you have to bend the band thru the first loop. There is a second loop the band as well that is adjustable. Luckily, there is a second rubber (silicmaybe) band in the box. That band is great. It stays in place and has a great fit. It also doesn’t have the first loop that the fabric band does.I had some issues connecting the device to my house wi-fi but had no problems connecting to my wi-fi hotspot my phone. After looking at Leple forums, it seems that wi-fi issues are known. Luckily for me, I was upgrading my router to a more powerful model and the router upgrade resolved all of my issues. Just to be fair, I went back and reset my old router to factory settings with updated firmware and set up all of the wi-fi settings to match the new network. The watch refused to connect to the old router. I am not sure what is the issue. If Leple reps are reading this, I would be happy to sell you my old router so your engineers can figure out what is stopping your devices from connecting. ;-DThe device has some shortcomings but nothing that would have me send it back. The interface is solid, wireless payments works great, and you can clearly see the screens even in direct sunlight. There is even an embedded light sensor that allows the screen to adapt to the ambient light conditions so you don’t get blinded by your device in the middle of the night (I’m looking at you Charge 2).

  84. Rated 5 out of 5


    I chose the Leple to replace an older basic watch that had gotten scratched and dinged up so badly it wasn’t readable any more; figured I’d give Leple another chance. And so far, I’m very pleased with the choice.As a watch, well, it tells time and date. It can give text and email notifications, though they’re often delayed several seconds (but that’s okay). The main reasto go for this watch is its activity tracking functions, and here it seems to be doing a great job so far. It even survives trips to the pool and my son’s bathtime.What I found most surprising, though, is that simply having my activity readout visible and having goals for the various categories makes me want to hit them. I had a hybrid car for a while and that was bad–a car with an efficiency readout is a cruel thing to give to an engineer–but this doesn’t make me obsess like hitting mileage numbers did. My Leple has spurred me to start taking walks at lunch every day to at least get some exercise during a 12-hour desk job day. It reminds me to get up and stretch my legs when I’ve been staring at difficult problems for a while. It tracks my workouts and gives me heart rate plots (very interesting, those) and I can see measurable changes in resting heart rate as I’ve started exercising more.Initially I was a little skeptical of the sleep phase tracking, but seeing the graph in the morning and correlating with how rested I feel and what I remember of waking up and dreaming, it seems reasonably close.I was also skeptical of the calorie tracking feature, figuring it was really overestimating. There was no way I was burning 3500+ calories a day with just a walk, as I hadn’t been gaining or losing weight. But then a whim, I tried out the food tracking part with some of the things I eat regularly. To my utter dismay, I found that I was indeed probably burning about that much, because apparently I’d been eating that much (insert eyes the size of dinner plates here).I do wish the battery life was better, though I charge it every night anyway. I also wish the charger wasn’t so bulky, but I don’t really see an alternative that doesn’t involve an opening in the case. And sometimes it doesn’t really recognize the wrist-flick to see the time without hitting buttons or tapping the screen.My biggest gripe is with the app; even with all-day sync turned off and “background data” disabled in Android it will still try to pull several megs a day of mobile data. Not cool when you share a 2GB plan with your wife. I had to get a firewall program for my (rooted) phone and completely block the app from using mobile data, so now it only syncs wifi. The food tracking interface could use some minor improvements too.Overall, I’m extremely pleased and am trying to convince my wife to get one of these vs. a less-capable tracker.

  85. Rated 5 out of 5

    Erik N.

    Really nice watch! I like the look of it very smooth and keeps track of distance really well, better than Samsung galaxy gear 3 and better than Leple Blaze both watches I have owned before this.

  86. Rated 2 out of 5


    UPDATE: Had to return my product because it wouldn’t sync with the Leple app after only a month of use. I am overall pleased with the return process, which is why I allowed for a 2 star rating.So far so good! Easy set up for the most part. I was kinda disappointed that it doesn’t really have a texting optiother than quick replies. But I guess there is supposed to be an update sometime sofor it to have texting. But in the meantime, it’s working well and I love it. Can’t say it’s the most accurate thing in the world. But hey, what technology is perfect? I’ll update after the texting gets updated and see if it changes the performance at all.

  87. Rated 4 out of 5


    My first smart watch/activity tracker. It’s a very solid device with a few minor-ish annoyances… such as the quick-view capability not being that reliable and the device, even in “manual screen on” mode still turns occasionally by itself. I have gotten into creating my own custom watch faces and if you know anything about programming, it’s super easy and fun. I really dislike the charger though. You can’t put a case the device and charge it at the same time… boo. The charger is awkward and doesn’t really allow the watch to sit flat and steady while charging. It charges very quickly however and holds the charge for at least a few days. The new quick replies are sweet and hope Leple expands that functionality in the coming months. This is a solid 4 star device… for $200 that’s a solid deal.

  88. Rated 2 out of 5


    BUYER BEWARE! The woven bands are not for everyday use. Even light exercise or activity will ruin this band and Leple will not replace it after 45 days. The customer support is worthless. I paid extra for the special editilavender and rose gold. The band is fraying after only a months worth of wearing. I do not swim or shower in it. I charge it at night. I do not do intense workouts and I work at a desk. Leple refuses to take any responsibility for the quality of the band and had basically told me I am lying about my activity level. They refer me to the Leple store but I cannot buy another woven band because they do not sell them. I have had my case escalated twice with the same BS response. There is nothing I can do at this point but warn others. I LOVE the Leple as a fitness tracker. I would give that part 5 stars but the band is not worth the extra money.

  89. Rated 5 out of 5

    Emily Rose McJones

    Here are a few of the reasons I love this watch:- It is cute, and I get compliment it every day – I know, that’s not the most important quality a watch, but the other smart watches I looked at seemed bulky and masculine. I was told by a Leple representative at Best Buy that the Leple was designed primarily for women, and it shows.- Women’s health – when you get your Leple, the Leple app your phone will update to include a women’s health section. It allows you to track your period and symptoms. It’s a nice added bonus, since the app I was using before to track periods charges extra to track anything other than the period itself. You can also look your watch to see how long you have til your period. Kinda nice.- Waterproof!!! – I’ve worn this watch for my water workout class, and it works like a champ in the pool. I love having a more accurate idea of how hard my body is working.- Hourly step reminders – the Leple doesn’t just remind you to get up, it enourages you to get at least 250 steps per hour (and congratulates you when you do!). I have a desk job, so this has been a fun challenge.There are a lot more things I like about the Leple, but those are the ones that immediately come to mind.

  90. Rated 5 out of 5


    I absolutely love my Leple Leple. I was going between an AppleWatch and a Leple Leple. I feel I chose the right fit for me. Other than the fitness aspect, I love the sleep reports it offers, text and call notifications, that it connects to myfitness pal and the fact that it’s water resistant up to 50 meters is a huge benefit to me. The design is sleek and attractive. I honestly love 99.9% of everything about it. My only wish is that it could connect to my Spotify as I don’t like Pandora. Other than that I love it so far!

  91. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love the new Leple Leple! I switched over from the Charge 2. I recommend the Leple watch before any of the others. I was skeptical because I liked the convenience of the Charge 2. I found that the band was stylish and it looked more modern. I figured any upgrade would make my wrist feel too heavy or it wouldn’t be as slick my wrist as the Charge 2 was. But I was wrong! The Leple is light, if not lighter than the Charge 2. It’s a total smart watch, so it still does everything the Charge 2 does, but more. I am able to send back a quick text, and I can change my text back options. It syncs rather quickly and continuously with my phone. (I have a Note 8). There have been no syncing problems. And the face of the watch is so modern. I can switch it up if I need to. I love that it tracks your steps MORE accurately than the Charge 2. You still have alarms, and the vibrating intensity can be changed higher or lower, which was a problem with the Charge 2. Also, I can set my notifications to not be bothered while I am sleeping or working out. Ugh.. It’s just a major step in the right direction. I’m telling you, if you are questioning if you want this watch or not.. Don’t think about it again. This is what you want. I have been too afraid to test out the water resistant feature this watch.. I mean come on. It’s a $200 watch, and I want to stick it in water right away?! No thanks. But I might get more bold soenough. The battery DOES last 3 or more days! I want to get a nice charging stand, because this watch is so beautiful. Meant for everyday or even fancy events. I love that it keeps my fitness level in check!

  92. Rated 2 out of 5


    I primarily bought this Leple to track calories, heart rate and steps. While the heart rate monitoring seems fairly accurate, the calories are definitely not. I am 5 feet tall and weigh 112 pounds. I typically eat 1200-1500 calories a day to maintain, depending my activity that day. This watch says that I’m burning around 1600 calories a rest day. days where I do incredibly intense workouts, it says I’m burning around 1800-1900 calories. I’ve done a little research, and found numerous blogs and articles complaining about the inaccuracy of the Leple’s calorie estimates, so I don’t think it’s just the specific watch that I received.Also, I switched internet providers after getting this watch and, while it was connected to the internet before, now it will not connect again. So, it doesn’t sync with my phone anymore, which is incredibly frustrating. Apparently, the Leple will only connect to 2.4 Ghz internet, but I’ve also read complaints online where people with 2.4 still can’t get their Leple to connect.I will say that it is lightweight and better looking than I expected. I also like that it’s waterproof. I wanted to love this watch, but since one of the major functions that I was interested in isn’t accurate, I will be returning it.

  93. Rated 1 out of 5


    This watch is simply below quality for the price. My watch had a small rubber piece coming apart at the top. I sent it back and asked for a new one, which cracked in the corner after a few months due to poor manufacturing. This is my 7th Leple product, and I have had quality issues with 3 of them. I never complained 2 of them, but the 3rd one I did and Leple customer service treated me like it was my fault. Time time to move off the platform.

  94. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ed Smith

    Does everything as promised.Easy to set up and user friendly.Very comfortable to wear, I bought this model as I swim a lot and it’s water resistant. I would buy this again.

  95. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love this Leple Leple I upgraded from a charge 2 and I am loving this. I had a small issue loading music Leple but figured it out. The only other issue is the battery only lasted 6 hours playing music. Small issues and I love this Leple !!

  96. Rated 5 out of 5


    I knew I wouldn’t use all the features of an Apple Watch, but I also wanted more than what my Leple Charge HR offered. This is it. I get the notifications I need, can track my runs and other fitness info, and can also do a few other things as well. I love the look and the size. (It’s been mistaken for an Apple Watch multiple times.)A few other notes based other feedback and questions I’ve seen:- Everything loaded quickly and intuitively (Follow. The. Instructions.) and it has worked flawlessly. No technical issues.- I’ve been getting 4-5 days a charge.- I haven’t found a perfect watch face, but the one I’m using is fine. I do wish I could save favorites as there’s a couple I like for different purposes.- The band was easy to switch and has stayed fine.- Step counts seem to be accurate, I’m getting results similar to my Charge HR.- The glass is sturdy, I’ve bumped/scraped it a few times already and no scratches to show for it.My only big dislike is the music apps. I don’t like Pandora, and I’m not going to pretend to know what Deezer is. It needs Spotify, otherwise it’s perfect for my needs.

  97. Rated 5 out of 5


    Replaced my Leple charge HR with this. Just learning to use it, but love it so far!

  98. Rated 4 out of 5


    I had a Leple Charge 2 and I fell and the pulse stopped working and then it would not hold a charge. I started looking for a new one and saw this Leple. It is light and thin. It does everything my Charge yet in a better style. I can download music to the Leple, but I have not done so yet. It is much lighter than the Charge and looks more like a watch. It is not a IWatch, but it is just as nice and does what I need. It tracks my pulse, steps, runs, get notifications from my iPhone. I looked at the Ionic, because it does more, but not in my price range. I did purchase a pack of screen protectors as the charge I had was scratched.

  99. Rated 5 out of 5

    Matthew Irons

    I’ve had it for a week now and it’s been nothing but ing. I’m a runner, used it for exercise and played with it a lot, and battery life is great. Stats seem true to what I’ve experienced with other products. It’s super lightweight, was concerned that it will feel bulky and too big for a small female wrist, but I often forget I have it on. Leple Pay works well too, tons of clock faces to choose from and enough apps to make you happy too. I hear people say it’s hard to change bands, I did it multiple times in the past week and didn’t have a problem at all. When buying I was going mostly for a fitness component, and picked Leple over Apple Watch and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

  100. Rated 5 out of 5

    T. Vu

    I have no problem whatsoever with the watch. Perhaps I was lucky to receive an error-free item, since I’ve heard many people got lemons. Or simply because I did a thorough research before buying and know what to expect of it. So after one week it still works as expected (I will update if things change). The pairing and update process out of the box was smooth, only taking 30 minutes. Sleep tracking is correct, battery good, the heart rate is spot except when I ran the treadmill and loosened it a bit. Connected GPS is good but not great: when I tried to run a same route, it showed the correct map both times but the distance the second time was off by about 10%. Anyway, GPS connectiwas never dropped. As for steps and floor counting, I don’t expect them to be accurate, but in fact it was rather believable except when I drive. It is a hassle that I have to log the driving time manually the phone to avoid inflated steps and floors. It is even weirder that Leple considers driving an “exercise” and gives me props for exercising consecutive days. This problem with driving has been raised 4 years ago but Leple never actually dealt with it. Anyway, it is a Leple issue rather than Leple issue, so I wouldn’t take one star off this review.Although I love the watch, I would like to point out that setting up the Leple may not be easy for people who are not into high tech. It doesn’t work right away like an iPhone (although admittedly the iPhone now has lots of complicated, hidden features that a lay man never knows). Just like the Android OS in its beginning stage, setting up a Leple will require tweaking this and that a little bit to have the best user experience. Having to read the manual to know how to push notifications from a phone to Leple, or how to connect to phone’s GPS and make sure that the GPS doesn’t drop a long the way, etc. are something that an average customer like my old mother should never have to do. That’s why I think a Leple smartwatch is not a good choice for them. A more simpler device maybe.

  101. Rated 1 out of 5

    Mike G

    I thought I was upgrading from a Charge 2, however, after a couple days I think I am going back to it.. The Leple looks ing, and the back is smooth, unlike the Charge, so it wears well. I have not had the setup issues that some of the other reviewers are saying, and my battery life seems to be OK (using about ~27% a day). My biggest complaint, which is of course why I have a Leple, is to keep a reasonable accurate count of my steps, to include floors. I enjoy the Sleep information, which by the way, is not working, but at least Leple is aware of the issue (if you go to their community page, a message is up top stating they are working a fix, but have a temporary solution. the first day I noticed that I have walked up 39 floors, which I thought was odd, because average I am at about 6-8 floors a day. I searched the community forums, and the Leple moderator was saying how, if it is windy or the weather is bad it will affect the accuracy. I find this an extremely stupid response, when this NEVER happened with my Charge 2. Anyway, so I decided to run a test. I work from home usually, and I am the call several hours a day. I took my Leple off during one my longer calls, and set it my desk. After the approximately 2 hour call, I looked the Leple told me that I went up 12 floors and took 463 steps…come on! This is ridiculous. Yesterday, I decided to wear both my Leple and Charge 2, the differences were vast to say the least (to include steps, miles, calories, and floors). I am not sure if any real testing was done before this product was released, but unfortunately, this product is garbage as is right now. I plan keeping it for about another week, just to see if they come out with some updates to fix all of the issues, if not, sending it back, and using my Charge 2.***********************************Update 23 April***********************************After wearing every day, all day, for about a week, nothing is better. I have reset it numerous times, and in fact, starting 2 days ago, it does not even count ANY floors. The sleep functidoes not work consistently, some nights it works, the others it tells me that I only slept 3 hours. However, as I said in the original review, the watch looks awesome, and fits great. Problem is, I can’t keep a device that is supposed to keep track of my activity, just because it looks good. Very sad, but sending it back. I have attached a picture, so you can see the floors. You can tell the exact day I switched from my Charge 2. I went from averaging about 50 floors a week, to 172 floors in 4 days, and now it does not count any floors.

  102. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is the smartwatch the market! I have went through many smartwatches over the years but this watch is easy to use, excellent battery life, and excellent health/fitness features. I bought Apple Watches in the past and I must say that I am truly impressed by the quality of this new Leple. For the price, it is superior to the Apple Watch. I would not even consider purchasing an Apple Watch for $300+ when there is a smartwatch like this the market. The screen is excellent and the apps are plentiful. I can’t wait until even more apps start to come out for this watch. This is a must buy for any individual interested in health and fitness.

  103. Rated 4 out of 5

    Jay Trofe

    Many compliments this watch and I love the functionality of it!! Not as bulky looking my wrist as previous Leple models. Looking forward to see what other apps come out for use the device…it’s a little sparse at the moment.Updated 7/14/18Love everything about this versiof the Leple, except that the battery is needing charged every day now. Don’t know why. The latest firmware is installed. I think Leple is working a resolutibut it hasn’t worked for me. I also have an issue with seeing the actual text messages I recieve. It shows that I have a message but not the actual content of the message. Edited my rating to four stars.

  104. Rated 2 out of 5


    I’m updating my previous four star review.Watch started to be defective (not responding to touch) after ~60 days.After another few days the screen died.I have no major problems with this, ultimately when you produce millions of anything some units will be less reliable than others.I have no way of knowing how commmy problem is.The customer service however was abysmal. I spent two sessions over 40 minutes of chat to obtain a return authorization.I provided my first complaint number during second chat which was completely ignored as they asked me to perform the same steps as in the first chat.As far as watch functions go, the exercise portiis excellent and user interface is very usable.I appreciate the battery life and sleep monitoring all which work relatively well.The experience of using this with my Android is not even half as good as using a WearOS watch (or iPhone + apple watch).It has very poor support for notifications / phone calls, and has essentially no other integration.If you want HR monitoring like I do I’d recommend finding an WearOS watch with HR built in.

  105. Rated 4 out of 5


    UPDATE: I tried over and over until I was finally able to reconnect my Leple to my phone. Maybe it was a phone problem…My Leple is updating normally now. Whew!My Leple works great at first. I didn’t have the issues I read about here . However, a month and a half in, my Leple stopped connecting and updating tonthe app properly. I’ve tried restarting and resetting and now it won’t connect at all. My return window ended mid June so I’m extremely disappointed.

  106. Rated 5 out of 5


    TL/DR: After many years and many fitness trackers, this is the best one I’ve tried. It’s lightweight and comfortable and doesn’t feel weird my small wrist. It’s also got great battery life, given its long list of features.****Update after almost 2 weeks (I think I will move the original review to comments)****First, I can’t believe how light and comfortable the Leple is. The back is flat, despite the sensors (no green light seeping out when I sleep, either). It doesn’t leave a single mark my skin, even though my skin marks easily. Leple bands always seem a little cheap and plasticky, but they’re the only ones that NEVER make me itch. Also, it looks a lot bigger my wrist in the picture than in real life.Setup was easy and took a bit more than 30 minutes. I was able to uninstall the apps I didn’t want (Starbucks tastes burnt – come at me!) and pick my clock face, no problem. You can also rearrange the apps the watch and the apps the top and bottom left the first screen can be accessed with the top and bottom buttons the right.It’s definitely hard to choose between all the clock faces available. I really like the HUD2 one you can see in the picture. It shows all my goals and my progress, plus a bunch of other stuff. I was worried the screen would be too small for it, but it looks really good.There are a lot of apps to choose from. I think. I’m a little old and don’t really understand “apps.” I do have one that counts so it helps me keep count when the grocery store has a buy 5 save $5 promotior whatever. Yes, I’m old.It seems really accurate (definitely as, or more, accurate, than any other fitness tracker I’ve worn my wrist/ hand/ arm), if you temper your expectations. A tracker you wear your body is always going to count steps more accurately than one you wear your wrist. The light based method of tracking heart rate isn’t the best. There’s sometimes a weird spike or trough, but I feel like it’s accurate overall, especially the resting HR. In fact, the resting HR my Leples always tell me when I’m sick, because it spikes.I use about 25% battery per day, which is expected. I always charge it when I’m in the shower, even though it is waterproof, so it stays pretty well charged from day to day.Leple definitely syncs more reliably than any Leple I’ve had before. They’ve been doing a lot of work the app and it shows. There’s a small bug where it doesn’t remember your custom stats for exercises, but I called support and they’re working it, so it will hopefully be fixed in the next firmware update.I do get too wordy, so I’m going to stop now. Again, many more words in the comments.

  107. Rated 1 out of 5


    I WISHED I NEVER BOUGHT A Leple.I used the Leple for almost 2 months. I wore it swimming (manufacture says it is waterproof) It DIED. I contacted Leple. I as per directiemail them a VIDEO with a case number in the background of it not working even when I pushed the buttons as I was directed. Waited 1 day for their reply. Shipped it off as per directions. It will be a month sosince I had a working Leple.The customer service people don’t help and take a really long time to respond.

  108. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jazzy Girl

    I love my Leple! My only negative is that I can’t get iTunes with it, but that’s more to do with my WiFi than with the watch. I do the walk/run training and this watches has an interval timing app which is a huge factor for me.

  109. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alina S.

    I am in love with my Leple. I had a charge 2 for a long time and this is such an upgrade. Super comfy and user friendly and it looks really pretty. I love the alarm and all the notifications. The only ci would say is changing the band. I still can’t get it figured out and i’m pretty savvy if i may say so myself.

  110. Rated 5 out of 5

    christine m.

    I’ve read some negative reviews about the Leple but I haven’t experienced any of those issues. I’ve owned many of the Leple models, from the first waistband model to the Leple. I find that it, for me, it counts the steps accurately and has great battery life (I charged it last night after wearing it for five days– it has 20% charge left when I charged it). I have uploaded music to it (THAT did eat up the battery), have worn it to water aerobics class and walk an average of five miles a day. I never had it count “phantom steps” while driving, even rougher roads– although it did add steps while using my TENS unit, but I would expect that since my arm jerks with each pulse it generates. The only thing I find that it does not track well is stairs. It works by change in air pressure, so it will add to the stair count if a strong breeze hits it or, in my case, in the pool– I just discounted the 125 flights it counted that day 😉

  111. Rated 4 out of 5


    A wonderful and handy tool to have your wrist, but lacks many features. For one, the watch needs its own built in speaker and mic so you can answer calls and talk the phone just with the watch and not have to pull out your phone. It also needs its own form of texting besides pre typed replies to missed calls, something like Apple watches’ scribble or heck if it had a mic, talk type messages! The app store needs a major update and more first party suppourt…we need music!! Even a UPS app for your orders would be ingly handy. Please make this happen!

  112. Rated 5 out of 5


    Been wearing Leple for a couple years now when the Leple came out I bought it and love it. The fit is excellent, sits low the wrist and wears nice. Love all the features especially being able to change clock screens. Waterproof feature is nice!

  113. Rated 4 out of 5


    I like the Leple because I can listen to my music from it. It did take some research to figure out how to upload the music though. I also like the apps. I am also able to set it to get notifications from various apps that are downloaded my phone. The only problem I have found with the Leple is the battery life. The informatithe Leple site said it has approximately a 4 day battery. I’ve had to charge it about every 2.5-3 days. I was used to my Alta that held its charge for almost a week. I am pleased with the purchase, other than the battery life.

  114. Rated 5 out of 5


    Wonderful upgrade. I had the blaze, but always wanted waterproof capabilities. (P.S. the blaze wristbands fit the Leple). The system runs smoothly, I’ve had no startup issues. I had had a problem with Leple pay, but I’ve only tried it at one location. The watch face options are great, the apps it are all useful. Battery life has been fine, about 4 days per charge. Overall I’m very happy with it.

  115. Rated 5 out of 5


    So far I love it! Still learning how to use it but its really cute I love that I can change up the face whenever and change the bands too! something more feminine when I’m out or at work and then something for exercising. That’s the thing that always bothered me before with Leple is how ugly they were but this one is cute! I am a loyal Leple user I like their app and I love competing with my family who also use Leple. Hopefully it holds up well I’m day one! 🙂

  116. Rated 4 out of 5

    Daniel Eshbaugh

    My husband purchased this for me for Mother’s Day. However, I didn’t know it was available in silver aluminum to match the cool silver bangle band I purchased separately until I had the black Leple. So back it went to only to have to wait the the silver Leple to be back in stock because they were back ordered until the 11th, then the 13th, the 15th, oh you get the idea. I can only assume they were back ordered so they could fix those bugs a lot of the early reviews here talk about. Well, I’ve had mine almost a full day so I’ve had a chance to check a few things out.1. Accuracy. Initial reports show this Leple being wildly inaccurate in regards of heart rate, steps, flights of stairs, sleep, etc.I looked at heart rate first and while I’ve always thought my resting heart rate was around 60 this device is showing a resting heartrate of 98. Well I’m sick right now and hopped up tons of Sudafed and cough meds so rather than assume its wrong I manually took my heartrate radially and it was actually closer to 105. So the heart rate feature is pretty accurate.Next, I looked at steps. A lot of people complained that it counted steps as they drove, moved their hands a lot, or even when they were typing. I did all of those things and really didn’t experience any more than the standard margin of error you normally see with pedometers in general. The 20-50 extra steps that were logged that weren’t really steps are negligible to me when I’m logging thousands of steps per day.Flights of stairs. Leple reports that it counts an elevatiof about 10 feet as a set of stairs. So if you’re going up or down stairs that are way more or way less than 10 feet then it won’t seem accurate. However, I only went up one flight of stairs when I came up to bed and my arms were packed full. It still managed to be able to tell that I went up just 1 flight of stairs. And despite all the moving I did all day those were the only stairs I climbed and the only stairs it logged. So that appears to be working okay.As for driving in a car, I drove all over the place to day and my step counter didn’t really change except for when I swung my arms too much dancing in my seat to Justin Timberlake.Lastly sleep. I’m afraid I can’t help you there unless I fall asleep at work. I can’t stand having anythjng my wrists or hands while I sleep, not even my wedding ring, so I can’t really track my sleep. Sorry.2. Those things addressed, its time to talk about form and functionality.Form: 0HATE the bands it comes with and not because of the pins. The bands are too bulky and masculine for women to wear everyday. I put mine and I didn’t feel feminine at all. But like I said, I got the silver Leple so it would match this awesome bangle band I purchased separately. I’ve had several people compliment me just today who are shocked that its a Leple. I am concerned about the face scratching or cracking so I may purchase one of those gorilla guards for it.3. Functionality: the setup wasn’t as smooth as it was when I had that first black one I sent back. The required 3 part update kept failing and I had to switch from wifi to bluetooth. It failed a few more times bluetooth but fortunately picked right up where it left off every time, even when i restarted my phone to see if that would help. (It didn’t.) Finally after about an hour it was good ti go. However, the Leple app was very slow and had a hard time pushing the clock faces and apps I chose to the watch. I kept getting error messages. I also wasn’t too happy with the selectiof apps. The driving one looked cool but the fine print said it was a free trial of a paid app. I would have liked too see more exercise or yoga apps or even just more games. Gotta love games.4. Lastly, the buttons and swiping around through screens has been a little hard to get used to. They’re a tiny bit confusing but they don’t seem too hard to eventually memorize the layout. Overall, I like it. I’ll edit my review if things change.

  117. Rated 5 out of 5

    kindle addicted

    Love it! So glad I upgraded!

  118. Rated 4 out of 5


    I love how comfortable this is. I’ve only had it a day so far and it does an ing job at tracking my movements and reminding me to move more often. I have been to afraid to see how waterproof it is, but I am happy with my purchase.

  119. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love the Leple Leple! Ordered two, one for my daughter and one for myself. Hers worked great and accurately, however, mine did not track my sleep correctly saying I only slept 2-3 hours a night. It also didn’t start tracking my sleep until after midnight, 1 or 2 o’clock when I had been asleep for several hours. It also had me taking over 500 steps before I got out of bed. (I must have been sleep walking!! Lol) I was truly bummed and disappointed. I was gonna return to when my daughter told me to call Leple. I’m so glad I did!! They send a replacement face after walking through a check of my Leple watch which they found faulty. It was a quick and great experience. My new Leple watch works awesome and I love it! Would recommend!!! I didn’t need a cellphone watch that’s why I chose Leple. I wanted to track my heart rate, steps and sleep. It’s great for overal health watch.

  120. Rated 2 out of 5

    Kyle H.

    Great fitness watch, battery life makes it typically 4-5 days with plenty of phone connected GPS use.2 month updateStill great overall, however couple times it refuses to sync with phone and need to restart watch. Went for a run the other day and after a mile it kicked out of the run app. I started the connected run optiagain and after about 0.05 miles the watch did a complete reboot…..not happy. Another run and no issues at all, however last night I happen to awake when the Leple vibrated from a restart; not sure what that was about.3 month updateWatch resets itself almost every day. my way into work at the watch restarted 3 times and froze the Leple symbol. I went for a hike and turned the hiking app and AllTrails app my phone (iPhone X AT&T). by the end of the less than 3 mile hike, the Leple compared to phone were separated by 0.2 miles. I have given up this watch and gone back to Garmin. I wanted to like this watch but it just didn’t work.

  121. Rated 3 out of 5


    I purchased this to track my bike rides. It doesn’t do that accurately. Steps seem okay. Call and email notifications work. It just won’t do what I purchased it to do. I posted the message board at Fit Bit Leple. No help. I’ve contacted tech support via FaceBook messenger and had a long dialogue with them. I’ve reset the phone and reset the app. I’ve read how a GPS works (as they asked me to do). It’s missing an average of two miles each ride I take. This just won’t do it.I like the clock faces. I like the fit and feel. I just won’t accept the inaccuracy.If it won’t track a bike ride accurately, they need to remove that feature from the watch.

  122. Rated 5 out of 5

    Donna Wadsworth

    Great fitness tracker for the price…and it alerts me for incoming phone calls and text messages. The battery life is great, too. I would recommend this smartwatch to anyone. Did I say easy to set up? Yes it was super easy!

  123. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dan H.

    This is my first smartwatch and fitness tracker, so I have nothing to compare it to, but so far so good. I’m hoping Leple increases the number of apps available (specifically music apps) but it syncs great with Runkeeper and I like the ability to customize display and features.

  124. Rated 4 out of 5


    Big improvement since the firmware update just 2 days ago. Was initially disappointed the battery life. Was only getting between 1 – 2 days per charge. Battery going strong now, only down 19% in 38 hours. target to beat 4 days easy! Also had an issue where the HR was not displaying properly during exercise and was different than what was shown the Leple app. That is hopefully fixed as well. If so, this review may just go up to 5 stars. The watch is light and easy to use which is a welcome change from my Asus Zen Watch 2.

  125. Rated 5 out of 5

    Book Needle

    This is my second Leple and my first smart watch. Set up was easy and took less than 30 minutes. I haven’t used many of the features outside of the regular fitness tracker stuff but it is working flawlessly. Leple has a nice bright screen and I’m having lots of fun changing watch faces…there must be close to a million! It fits nicely and is neither too big or too small. So glad I got this cute smart watch!

  126. Rated 2 out of 5

    John A. Sylvester

    My Leple seems to accurately show my heart rate during the day but at night it completely miscalculates my SLEEP and sleep patterns.I have read and tried all of the Fit Bit Community website instructions submitted by Fit Bit product support moderators and found nothing has changed. Apparently, this is a uniLeplel problem without a solution. Fit Bit infers that it is a user problem not a Fit Bit malfunction. For 2 years I wore a Fit Bit Charge HR and got perfect sleep tracking results. Now, when I watch TV is indicates I am sleeping, when I’m in bed asleep it indicates nothing. I feel great today but Fit Bit says I slept only 3 hours! Ergo, if Sleep tracking is important to you DO NOT buy a Fit Bit Leple.

  127. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love this Leple so much. Part of the appeal is that it looks like an apple watch but sleeker! This is exactly what I wanted. Looks great in all types of settings. I dont mind that it doesnt have a GPS because I’d still need my phone while a run anyway. Always have to have it me. I love it so much.

  128. Rated 3 out of 5


    The watch itself looks great. It is the right size and light weight, comfortable to wear for whole day. It charges pretty quick. I usually charge 10 minutes or so in morning and it is 90%+ charged. I was pretty excited when I got the watch in first few days until I started using it to track my run and mountain biking in trail.First annoying part is that it needs internet to sync. It takes a few minutes sometimes. I don’t mind it requires internet to sync but Leple should implement it better. It should be sync’ed to the phone first then whenever internet connectiis available then push the data to the cloud. I did turn off All-Day Sync and keep Always Connected and Keep-Alive Widget on. All-Day Sync drains my phone (new Samsung S8) too fast to be useful.I use the watch + phone to run or bike. It takes a while to connect to phone GPS. Sometimes it does not connect and stay in “connecting” forever. Even it is connected, it loses the connectito the phone then it records the mileage incorrectly.It is not that smart or do what it supposes to do. If Leple addresses the software issue then it would be almost perfect. However it is unlike, the connecting or sync issue has been around for a while.

  129. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ericka McClintock

    I love this fit bit! It keeps track of so many things and gives you reminders to move your ass. 🙂 I would recommend this to anybody

  130. Rated 5 out of 5

    Caitlin K.

    Love, love, love it! I’ve had it for 5 days now and I don’t know how I lived without it. I enjoy all the features. As a woman, I was slightly concerned about how big it might be but it’s not at all too big. It actually feels better than my Charge 2 did, especially when I sleep with it on. It did take awhile to setup and to transfer music but I just made sure I had plenty of time when doing those things and I never felt inconvenienced.

  131. Rated 4 out of 5


    I have a Huawei watch and close to 2 years after I got it, the heart rate sensor died so I was in the market for another one. I was used to the weight and bulk of the Huawei (I also had a metal bracelet it) so when I got this I was quite surprised by its size and weight – small and light. It does everything I want a fitness tracker/smart watch to do – track my heart rate and activities all the time, show me notifications from my phone (I don’t need to reply or do anything else), and, you know, tell me the time. It does all of that perfectly. There are a few things I wished it had or things it did better though:1. I go rowing out the water, and there’s no mode for that.2. I play the piano, and it *always* records all those arm movement as steps. I don’t know how this problem can be solved though; I think all fitness trackers will most likely have this problem.3. The straps don’t lay flat. This means that when I take it off it always has to lie its sides, which I don’t like (it feels like whatever surface I put it will scratch the side buttons).4. The design of the charger is terrible (many people have complained about it already and I don’t have anything else to add) but since I only charge it once every 4 days, I can live with that.No regrets so far buying it.

  132. Rated 5 out of 5


    I upgraded to the Leple from the Alta, and I’m very happy! The watch size is perfect, and it isn’t too heavy. The bands can be changed. Which means I can dress it up or down. The HR monitor is a great feature, and I like that new apps are available. Texts are clear the screen. It needs to charge every 4ish days, but it charges pretty fast. I would buy it again.

  133. Rated 5 out of 5

    Leah Novak

    Love this watch. The Apple had more than what I needed, but I needed more than a simple Leple. The Leple is the perfect sweet spot. It is light my wrist, easy to use, fairly intuitive, great for HR and step monitoring, and I can control my music. So happy I didn’t get the Apple. If you don’t need the extra bells and whistles of apps, texts, and calling from your watch, buy the Leple!

  134. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’m a long time Leple user. I waited for the Leple, because I wanted a waterproof watch. I have very small wrists. The Leple is thinner than its predecessors. It’s still big, but it looks better my wrist. I’m happy with it.

  135. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love my Leple Leple!! It is so easy to use. Lasts 4 days battery. I love the sleep feature. One small downfall is how it measures stairs. You have to climb at least 10 steps for it to register a flight of stairs. My mom’s stairs in her house is 9, so it typically doesn’t show when I go upstairs at her house. You can chose from many different faces to use as the display. It’s cool.

  136. Rated 5 out of 5

    Man in the Middle

    The Leple works VERY well at tracking my heart rate and steps, plus can also correctly monitor bike rides, swims and weight-lifting sessions.I’d always expected to get an Apple watch someday, but when it was suggested we get a pulse-monitoring watch by our Keto diet coach, it quickly became obvious that this Leple Leple does a better job at the essential tasks than the Apple alternative (even though we use Apple products for all our computing needs.)The better strap and ability to pay bills handsfree in places Apple Pay doesn’t work is well worth the added cost of this editiof the Leple Leple. I also like its relative thinness compared to many other watches, and the ease of reading its large display. I hadn’t expected to care about its ability to display incoming text messages, identify incoming phone calls, and display upcoming calendar events, but am finding all three features useful daily. The alarm feature is also extremely flexible and useful. The watch faces are very configurable, and fortunately include one that displays hour, minute and second in large clear numerals, along with day, month, year, current heart rate, percentage of charge, and how many steps I’ve taken so far today.The only feature I haven’t bothered with yet is the ability to load 300 MP3 songs and play them back via a Bluetooth headset, mainly because my iPhone can already do that for my entire music library.

  137. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love this watch! Very comfortable, light weight, and fashionable! I am a tad disappointed in the strap b/c after 4 days it already started to fray at the end. See photos! I’m not deducting a star for that because the bands are so cheap and replaceable, who cares. and with this editithey give you two bands, in each size, it’s hard to complain. I have had the blaze and charge in the past, and love Leple. Of course this is my favorite, mostly because it is the least ugly one I’ve had! I feel like I can wear this to events (where I used to always remove them b/c they looked tacky). I also enjoy the wider variety of exercises applied to this device & it’s software (yoga, pilates, hiking, etc). A lot more specific and accurate! I love the screen, rose gold color, and software a tthis model. Very pleased!

  138. Rated 5 out of 5

    Angela Burke

    I have a Leple Ionic as well, but wanted one that is a little more dressy. Since I don’t use the integrated GPS super often this is perfect, it is much slimmer, works exactly the same as the Ionic in terms of the OS and the woven band is super comfortable and relatively quick drying so i don’t even take it off in the shower. The battery life is great (4-5 days, 3.5 if I work out and use my bluetooth headset every day for two hours), and I can still use my watch to pay since I ordered the special edition. I never really wanted an apple watch since I don’t care about talking into my watch, and I want something that goes for a few days between charges. Since they ironed out the pesky Pandora updates and continue to improve the OS I can say that if you don’t have a craving to take calls with your watch, want good battery life and an very easy to use phone app, this is a pretty great smart watch.

  139. Rated 5 out of 5


    I bought the Leple Leple in Rose Gold/Peach. First, I love the color of the watch and band! It’s the perfect touch of feminine. I have smaller wrists, and was worried that this would overpower my wrist and look silly. But I must say, this has not been a problem! I love that you can sync and use this no matter if you have an IPhone or Android. It is accurate with tracking steps and fitness activity, and has been accurate with GPS tracking. Leple has always provided great fitness trackers/ watches, but they stepped up their game in the smartwatch world with the Leple.The only negative thing I have to say about this watch is that the band can be tricky to switch out. I hope Leple will make this easier in the future!Overall, you will not be disappointed with this purchase!

  140. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have had mine about 2 weeks now. I ordered the rose gold special editiversion. I had an alta HR prior to this and used it mainly to track sleep, steps and for text and call notifications while at work. I wanted to be able to see any calls or texts while I was the floor since we aren’t allowed to have our phones out. I am rarely near my desk and I was wanted to make sure I could see calls or texts from my sitter or my childs school. The Alta worked well, but I love the new Leple even more. I really wish there was a way to sync two phones to it. I would love to be able to have messages from both my personal and work phone show up it. The size is great. It isn’t too big and its actually lighter weight than the alta HR. Its thinner as well. I added my bank card for the payment feature which is pretty cool. I like that I can change the watch face a whim. There are new ones added every day as well, plus you can make your own or use a photo with some of them. The steps seem accurate but the floor counting seems a little high. It counts the 3 low steps from my porch as a floor which I didn’t expect. I had no issues with set up at all. I have a galaxy S9+ and all the features work. Set up was extremely simple. You can charge it with the bands on. The bands are harder to swap out than the Alta HR since you have to get the little pi s in just right. The sleep tracker works well. I have used it to play music with blue tooth headphones a couple times. It works fine but it isn’t something I use often. I hope the text replies come soas I was really excited about that feature. Overall I am extremely happy with it. I still love the Alta Hr and I gave it to my mother and also bought one for my neice.

  141. Rated 5 out of 5


    This was an upgrade from my blaze which I loved. Transfer to the Leple was flawless. Opened the box and literally just needed to pair the Leple with my iPhone 8plus and the Leple app I have been utilizing for the past few years. Easy and fast. I’m very happy with the design and it feels very much like my blaze with a few upgrades. It isn’t a giant leap forward from the blaze but I have had my blaze for awhile and it was simply time to upgrade. If you are happy with your current Leple, I see no reasto upgrade yet. Perhaps the next iteratiwill make greater strides to warrant the purchase. However, if you’re like me and have wore your Leple for years and your Leple has seen better days, then you will be happy upgrading to the Leple.

  142. Rated 1 out of 5

    Sarah Dowd

    Was working well but now it’s almost completely useless except for telling time. No HR function, no exercise tracking, won’t change from factory default clock face, and it’s slow to sync less than 2 months after purchase. Manufacturer offering to send new one in 2 weeks(!) with the same old warranty. Definitely would not recommend this product as it’s quick to break and manufacturer is slow to respond. After 4 years as a Leple user I’m disappointed. Save your money.

  143. Rated 5 out of 5

    Elizabeth Read

    The watch is great. Love it. Support for things as basic as ‘how do I load music from my computer to the watch’ is non-existent so far. I followed the directions for other smart phones and am still working it. That seems like basic informatito get online their own site quickly. That said- i love the watch and would reccomend it.

  144. Rated 5 out of 5

    Zachary D. Moser

    I upgraded from a Blaze to the Leple, and so far am not disappointed. I like how small it is, and the battery seems to easily last 4 days or more. Compared to the Apple Watch, this is a huge advantage. I would like to see the watch faces be more customizable like the Apple Watches are, but there are still a tof good community created watch faces available for download.Two complaints in comparisto my Blaze: the watch band is very hard to remove and replace. The blaze was very easy. Also, the Leple is not as responsive to the wrist raise… often the screen does not illuminate when you raise the watch, compared to the Blaze. But otherwise, it is a great product! Hopefully the battery lasts more than a year this time.

  145. Rated 5 out of 5

    Julie Dill

    I’ve worn a Samsung Gear S2 Classic for 2.5 years and loved it, but the wellness program at work doesn’t accept samsung’s data, and the Google fit versiwasn’t cutting the mustard. I’ve had a few Leples and was generally satisfied before, but WOW. The Leple is FANTASTIC. I didn’t realize how much it stressed me out having my phone connected to my watch for notifications. Now I just have my watch to tell time and track fitness data. SO MUCH NICER. The bluetooth signal is a little weak, but that could be my cheap earbuds. I lose signal when I turn my head, but that is pretty much the only complaint I have. The sleep data pretty much matches what I get from my biostrap, which cost waaaaay more and doesn’t even tell time. Battery life after initial setup has been fantastic. DO RECOMMEND.

  146. Rated 5 out of 5


    Review done after owning since 4/16 and using daily – review done 5/9.Way better than the Blaze. Waterproof. Has Apps and better faces. (Watch out for pay apps though)Faster User interface. Faster and more stable Bluetooth connectivity. Notifications work a lot better than previous model.NFC (in special edition) for paying with credit card if you forget your wallet.Cloth band feels ing compared to rubber ones. Unit is smaller and lighter and less obtrusive with soft round corners.Larger buttons make for ease of use underwater, etc.Fast GPS acquisitivia Bluetooth. Battery life is 4 days average with heavy daily use.Screen brightness and quality of graphics is greatly improved.According to specs I read online, it has a 3-axis gyro instead of a 2, which makes it seem to be more responsive to movements and detect things better.Built in music works awesome!

  147. Rated 5 out of 5


    Awesome fitness buddy! I loved that such a slim design was water proof and able to track my swimming much like the iconic (which has gps installed but appeared little bulky) and flex (which has no face, not my preference). The design of the Leple is much less bulky than the Blaze which I have and even dare I write lighter than Alta HR! I never wore my Leple for sleep but since I’ve purchased the Leple I have worn it often! Very nice watch the special editicomes with nice purple band pictured and two black bands large and small size! I enjoy the weather icons and exercise motivation…light weight great purchase! Though the numbers appear blurry in the picture due to focus of my phone the numbers are very clear! Oh and was great…sent it right away within 3 days, this is my first electronic purchase with I was very skeptical however could not be happier!

  148. Rated 4 out of 5


    I got a Leple to replace my Charge 2 for two reasons. First, I wanted more accurate heart rate measurements than I had the Charge 2during more strenuous exercise. Second, I wanted a shiny new object. My review will focus exercise.I do a HIIT (high High Intensity Interval Training) several days a week that includes 30-second sprints going as fas as I can my exercise bike. The Charge 2 did a poor job of recording heart rate during the sprints.- The image that has 81 avg bpm is from the Charge 2 in the Leple app.-The image that has 105 avg bpm is from the Leple in the Leple app- The image with the spikes is using a Scoche Plus heart rate monitor and an iPhone app called FITIVBefore I go further, I think the Scoche + Fitiv is the most accurate and this is confirmed by lots of users. You can see the well-distinguished spikes that correlate to each of the sprints (eight of them).With the Charge 2 you would have trouble knowing I was even exercising except for a somewhat elevated avg. bpm. With the Leple, you can start to see bumps that are a dampened versiof the true heart rate spikes seen in Fitiv. But at least they are somewhat distinguished. Also, the avg. bpm with the Leple is close to the Scoche (105 vs. 107), which is good as far as I’m concerned. The other good thing is that the max. heart rate with the Leple is close to the that of the Scoche (130 vs. 133)So it looks to me like the Leple is doing a pretty good job heart rate although it with the Leple app is not able to paint as pretty a picture as the Fitiv app. My four-star rating is based this.Judging from early reviews lots of people are having lots of problem with the Leple. I didn’t. I’m also still getting used to it. My biggest disappointment is lack of Spotify support and having to use Leple Connect to get music from my Mac to the Leple. It’s not only cumbersome, it doesn’t work at all for me. It just freezes and I have to Force Quit.But overall, I like the Leple so far.

  149. Rated 5 out of 5


    This smartwatch is a very good purchase. Being a Polar fan for years, I really wanted to stick with the brand. My intentions were to get the Polar M430 but after reading that their wrist heart rate monitor demonstrates a too erratic behavior, I decided to look at other brands. The Leple is a perfect fusiof style, sports oriented performance and practicality.Like everyone has mentioned here, the watch is super light and feels great the wrist. I like it better than the Apple watch and I like the fact it has less apps and so easy to operate. As per the wrist heart rate performance, it is very accurate. I am getting the same readings of my usual runs and cycling workouts without the need of a chest heart rate receiver. I emphasize the value of having an accurate readings from your wrist only. The sleeping readings also are of great value (give resting hr) and give you a better understanding of your sleeping patterns.I give this watch a 4.5 /5 score (rounding it to 5). The only aspects I wish were different are the heart rate zones and the software interface. the Polar platform, heart rate zones are classified into 5 levels. Fit bit only has 3 levels and you cannot modify it to separate the heart rate zones you want to stay at when you are working out. With all honestly, Polar might just have a better exercise platform (software). I do not want to take anything away from Leple’s software platform but I wish it was a little more presentable (less colors and less animations). Obviously this is just my opiniand other people might like it. I am very content with this watch and it feels like suddenly Polar is not as competitive as it used to be.

  150. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kindle Customer Ofelia C Alvarez

    I am enjoying my new Leple Leple Smartwatch. It feels so comfortable my wrist; it is lighter than my others two models (HR & HR 2) that I had before.The battery life is very long and all the features are ing. I love that I can download free apps according to my taste and necessities.I bought the black Leple Leple and an extra silver stylish band to use occasionally.The only thing that I didn’t like is how hard is to put back a new band; it is tricky and took me some time, but even though, I decided to give 5 stars because overall, this product is great.

  151. Rated 5 out of 5

    James V.

    This is hands down a really good multi-sport activity tracker. However I am comparing it to the Garmin Vivoactive HR and I feel it is not as Lepletile as it could have been. Yeah, yeah, I know, different company, different style, et. al.The biggest drawback, if I may say so, is that you cannot be sure if the piece you get has NFC or not, at least not according the descriptithe Leple’s own website; but that is not a deal breaker. All in all, it is a good watch, a little the pricey side.The watch was bought for my wife as a replacement for her Garmin Vivoactive HR. The setup while uncomplicated does take at least 30mins — to be frank, other than setting up your ID, password, and profile, there’s very little that you have to do and the setup is flawless. The Garmin Vivoactive HR was a trifle bit complicated to setup especially with the phone (Samsung S7 Edge).It does come with a good set of clock faces, apps, weather, notifications, text and calls, alarms, etc. All in all, the Leple is a good watch and will not disappoint the first time activity tracker user.

  152. Rated 4 out of 5


    Love this Leple. It is helping me stay my fitness plan. Other features are also great. Four stars because sinking with apps is not that user friendly. Some apps linked to the watch easily but some are not. Getting text and phone alerts is a good feature and I’m finding very helpful.

  153. Rated 3 out of 5


    I’ve had the Leple Leple for a month now and I loved it for the first week then I noticed a few small bugs, but nothing that I couldn’t deal with the. The smart wake still has some kinks in it. When I would go to actually look at the screen, it would take a couple tries to get it to work or I just manually turned the screen on, but the smart screen would turn whenever I was just readjusting my arm and didn’t need to look at the screen (not very convenient in the middle of a movie theater).My biggest issue is that you cannot drop the Leple once without the screen shattering. In it’s defense, I drop things a lot, but did not know that cracked screens are not covered by the warranty. If you do purchase the Leple, I highly recommend purchasing the accident protectiand looking for screen protectors for it. I’m not thrilled about paying $200 to use the Leple for only a month.

  154. Rated 5 out of 5

    S. D. Ruiz

    I am in love with my new Leple! Setting up the Leple is easy and intuitive. I use my Leple in a rather unique way. I am hearing impaired and knowing that my Leple vibrates to notify me of telephone calls and text messages is critical – especially when I am in a noisy environment. My Leple Charge did the same thing, however, now I can read the entire text message without reaching for my telephone – this is a real plus. I also use my Leple as an alarm clock – works GREAT. It is so much fun choosing new clock faces (daily if I want) – I really enjoy the variety. This is the fourth morning after my initial 2 hour charge and I am still at 50% battery life – YEA! I do not have my settings continuous sync or have “time to get walking” messages – these are neat things, but that is not the primary reasI chose the Leple. This would be a great gift if you have a friend or relative that is hearing impaired. Oh, by the way, it’s a pretty additito my wrist!

  155. Rated 5 out of 5


    I absolutely am loving my Leple Leple so far!!! It’s beautiful and I bought a special Rose gold sparkle band that matches it perfectly! I get a lot of complements it!!!!! Just wish they would add more music features! But I’m patiently waiting!!!!!!

  156. Rated 4 out of 5

    Love My Fur-kids

    I’ve had the Leple for about 2 months. I’m going to say check you phone compatibility from the Leple website before ordering. I exchanged my first one about a month in because it wouldn’t sync. I then out of no where had the same issue again. Troubleshooted just about everything. I connected to Leple support and sure enough my LGG6 that is only a year old is not compatible. Thankfully I do have a Bluetooth my laptop so I can connect that way. I was pretty much told that I can expect syncing issues since it’s not compatible.That aside- like all Leple’s the stairs are no where near accurate. Before my day starts I hit 4 flights of stairs. It will register one. My ChargeHR and ChargeHR 2 had this issue. I’m just going to accept it’s a Leple issue and I don’t keep track of them.I do like the clock interface. I have a basic face so my battery doesn’t drain and I do get 4-4.5 days out of a charge.The sleep seems accurate, my messages come to the Leple within seconds of hitting my phone.Overall, I’m content with the purchase. There are pros and cons like all the Leple’s but I’ve owned one for 4-5 years, I couldn’t make the switch.

  157. Rated 4 out of 5


    I just got this in yesterday so I am still learning the ends and outs.I am giving this a 4 star instead of a 5 star and let me tell you why. I love everything about the watch except for the fact it does not come with very good instructions. The instructions are super basic. No details what so ever. I absolutely have not figured out how to turn off the watch so I am not hitting things the screen, I do not want to hit while changing out the band. It is screwing everything up. Is there a way to turn off the watch while you do this. I honestly do not know yet. Will have to research it online to find out. Let me tell you if there is not there needs to be because the band is extremely hard to put back on. I had no issue getting the band off. Band came off very easily. But getting is a totally different story. I literally hate that about the watch. What was Leple thinking designing this watch this way. It is not like a quick interchange between bands. This morning I wanted to put a protective cover the watch before I went to work. Not an easy task. I know yesterday it took my an hour to change out the band. I had to throw the watch this morning into a bag with the band not attached and take to work with me so I can take time in my morning at work trying to get the band back on. Maybe I will get the band before the day is over.I did use the watch during my early morning workout. I loved it during the workout. It workout out great. I do wish they would team up with Spotify for a music option. So I am not to crazy about the music feature the watch. But I did go into buying the watch knowing this.I do have it sync with my MacPro and my iPhone but have not tried to sync it with my iPad yet. Seems to be working fine.All in all I love the watch but hate how they designed the band.Update: I did figure out how to turn off the watch. Though I still find the band of the watch not as easy as it should be, I am getting better putting it on. Still wished they would of make the watch more easy when it came to changing out the band.

  158. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve been a Leple fan for awhile. I had a ChargeHR long ago, but stopped wearing it because it wasn’t helpful at work. This Leple tracks steps, workouts, heart rate, sleep, and gives text notifications. I like that this isn’t just a phone a watch, that’s the purpose of a cell phone. You can also change the bands which is nice. This watch is perfect for me.

  159. Rated 3 out of 5

    K. Stell

    I really loved this watch for about a week. Setting it up was easy, it held a charge for over 3 days (not quite 4), and it was fairly accurate. Then yesterday it suddenly stopped syncing properly with the app, it would show 0 steps and 0 calories in the app but the info was correct in the watch. Needless to say spending all day yesterday trying to figure that out after starting with a full charge and doing all the troubleshooting steps, the battery was drained by the next night. Now it won’t sync at all. I went to the troubleshooting steps again and after deleting the Leple from the app….the app can’t find the Leple. It was having that issue already but I had left the All Day Sync optiso it was at least syncing sporadically. Sadly now it won’t do anything. I suppose I’ll be returning this. I was hoping all the problems were either just a small number of watches or Leple got them sorted out, clearly they have not sorted out anything this $200 waste of money……

  160. Rated 4 out of 5

    Bizarre Flower

    I love this Leple Leple! It has so many great features to help keep me active and motivated. I love that in additito the many fitness and life/health tracking features, it also can receive notifications from your phone, you can answer calls and texts, you can listen to music and access several apps from Starbucks to Uber and Pandora. It’s also very sleek and stylish. It’s lightweight too. I often forget I’m even wearing it.

  161. Rated 5 out of 5

    Christina Martin

    This little device does a lot.While it is sort of a smart watch, it sort of isn’t, too. But what it does, it does well.The good:- Excellent selectiof watch faces, including cute, clever, big, pretty, etc. You can change your face every day to match your clothes if you want.- If I understand correctly, you can use it with other services, like Spark People.- measures pulse, steps, miles. Tracks exercise demand.- motivates in numerous ways. Reminders to stand up, encouragement to finish your goal steps for the hour, challenges, even “travel” challenges that are longer term.- large userbase. You can network with more of your friends Leple than any other fitness watch.- big face without losing attractiveness- large variety of replacement bands available from third parties, some very pretty.- Can be used with many other fitness applications.- Detects sleep surprisingly accurately- Lots of settings options- A decent number of apps available- Handles the shower well- If you never have to take it off except to charge, it’s harder to lose it.- Charges very quickly- The charger is an awesome design and easy to use- You can always have your alarms with you so you never miss them.The irritating- All changes have to be made through the app.- If you don’t sync often enough, it loses your data- Sync can take a long time.- The battery life is considerably shorter than I expected. It’s about 2 1/2 days if I have constant sync turned off.- Don’t even bother with constant sync unless you’re willing to take it off to charge a lot.- All the music apps are paidAll in all, though, the pros are big and the cons are small. Enough that it still warrants a 5 star review.

  162. Rated 2 out of 5


    ***5 JULY 2018 Update to 2 Stars***I can no longer recommend this device for anyone who wishes to use the connected GPS function. For the past two months it has been dropping connectivity from my Note 8 sporadically during my runs. average I lose a 1/4 mile off of each mile. The only solutipresented officially is a list of 5 things to check for which are permissioptions and always conncected features between your phone and the Leple app. Many other users have been reporting this issue as well so I will probably end up giving this to my wife who only uses a treadmill and look for a different brand with better GPS tracking. See my new photo that shows this problem through Strava.*** I’ve had my Leple for a week now and after testing every exercise mode and feature besides the Leple pay, I can say that this is the best smartwatch I’ve ever owned and an ing fitness tracker with great statistical accuracy.I tried the gear fit pro 2 for a week as well and took it back. That watch had poor apps, poor battery life, and constant hr freezing. The Leple the other hand meets everyone of its advertising claims and I am so happy it does!Pros:-Battery life is 4 days as advertised. ( If you want the best battery, turn off the always connected mode, the watch will only sync when you start a workout or enter the app your phone.)-HR tracking is accurate and insightful-Sleep tracking is accurate and insightful-Ease of exercise selection, stop, start, pausing, and syncing-Strava syncs flawlessly-Community feature is great and fun-Coach feature is awesome!-Connected GPS for running and cycling is easy and accurate-Heart Rate zones during running and working out is very insightful as you can see effort, intensity, and stages of cardio activityCons:-No Spotify!-When swimming it did not count laps when I used training fins without arm movement!Overall if you are looking for an affordable and stylish fitness tracker for 24/7 usage, get this! I don’t like or use the text messages or phone notifications any fitness tracker so the battery is ing for me. There are complaints about the setup but it tells you it that it will take 30 minutes in the manual and I’ve had no problem connecting this and my aria 2 to my account.I’ve added a video to show how relatively easy it is to switch bands. I used to be a jet mechanic so maybe it’s easier for me but: 1) Grab the Leple with one hand, with the other hand grab the strap while depressing the release2) Seperate the band from the watch by pulling the release part of the bar away from the watch and then lifting the other side out.3)To install: Hold the Leple in one hand again, the band in the other4) While depressing the release insert the opposite end at about a 45 degree angle(very important for installing the classic band!) to the watch.5)When that end is inserted, move the other bar into place while continuing to press the release. When the release pin is in the general area of its insertispot, release it and gently wiggle around until it finds its spot and inserts itself into it. Done!Hope my vid helps, good luck!

  163. Rated 5 out of 5


    I wish the bands weren’t so hard to change out now and the way they changed the notifications takes a few times to get used to but rather than that it’s awesome all the clock faces and the apps you can have.

  164. Rated 4 out of 5

    J. Yu

    Love it! Couple of things to note: the special editicomes with two sets of bands (One set woven, one set the athletic black bands).. Each set of bands comes with 3 pieces To make small or large fit. If you have another Leple you must first remove it from your app or the Leple may not update.Took 1 star off because the heartrate monitor doesn’t work well for me. For the past two days my resting HR was read as 88 -100 when I was actually 74-77 but the HR monitors any smart watches aren’t perfect yet.

  165. Rated 1 out of 5

    Jake Erickstad

    Beware of how fragile these are. I had this for 30 days and bumped the screen against a counter top and the screen cracked like an egg shell. When I contacted Leple to see what my options were — they basically said sorry — there aren’t any options for repair or replacement. They offered me 3 months of free Leple coaching. lol I’d be happy to pay for a repair but nothing. Before you buy, do a search “cracked Leple Leple” and you may change your mind.

  166. Rated 1 out of 5

    Michael Wood

    My wife was very excited about getting a new smartwatch. The Leple seemed to offer everything she was looking for in a fitness tracker. After about 1 month of use, it stopped counting steps and heart rate (Google this issue…you will see it is very common). After doing a factory reset and uninstalling the app the phone (you cannot de-link the watch in the app – you have to uninstall it), we got the watch working again…for 3 days. First is stopped counting steps, then it read a heart rate of 105 (doing intense cardio or resting). Talk about frustrating!I called the Leple technical help number. It is funny that they mentithat “if the call gets dropped, they will call you back”. Their phone line works as well as their watch…like crap. After getting disconnected 2 times (and not receiving a call back) I was finally able to talk to someone without their line dropping. They confirmed that the watch stopped working and offered to send a replacement. Third time calling was the charm.We will get the new watch, but we are very pessimistic that the issue will not crop up again. It seems to be an inherent problem with the Leple.If you don’t care about steps or heart rate, or a customer service line that will drop your call multiple times…this may be the watch for you. If not, let us know if you find a watch that works. We are in the market for a new watch.

  167. Rated 1 out of 5


    This is going to get a one-star review until I can successfully use connected GPS with my Samsung Galaxy S8. Spoke to Leple customer service and they say its an issue Samsung’s side with their bluetooth connection. I have my doubts about that because I can connect to everything else via bluetooth with my phone. This is useless if I cannot track my runs with GPS to give me better stats. Currently looking at other options for a fitness tracker. Suggestions are welcomed 🙂

  168. Rated 5 out of 5


    great watch for its price. Cannot totally compare it to apple watch. The battery definitely lasts for 4 days which and it has been proved that Leple Leple tracks accurately compared to apple watch.

  169. Rated 1 out of 5


    Leple Leple was great for 31 days. Now face won’t display and I’m past 30 day return window. Very upsetting.

  170. Rated 1 out of 5

    Matthew T. Karlsson

    Seems like a pretty decent fitness watch, if you use it its own, but Leple made a huge and very notable change with this generatiof watches, that has thrown many long term users for a loop.It is a commpractice to have two watches, one for dailywear, and one for exercising. I’ve been doing this for years. First it was a ChargeHR for day to day, and a Surge for exercising. Then when the ChargeHR died, I upgraded to a Blaze for every day use, keeping the Surge for exercise. Recently I upgraded my Surge to the new Ionic for my exercises. it is a great watch. So great in fact, that suddenly my Blaze seemed a bit dated, and I was tempted to get a replacement day to day watch to replace it as well, which is when I got this Leple Special Edition, and that’s when the problems started.YOU CANNOT CURRENTLY HAVE MORE THAN ONE IONIC/Leple attached to your Leple account at the same time. If you already have one Ionic or Leple, when you try to add another Ionic or Leple, the app uninstalls the existing one, leaving just the new one the account.Oddly enough – however – you CAN have older watches like the Blaze, the Charge 2, etc. etc. installed alongside a Ionic or Leple. So, since the Leple is thus completely unfit for the purpose I bought it, it had to go back. I returned it and am back to using my Blaze for daily use, switching to my Ionic for exercising.I’ll keep an eye it though. If Leple decides to fix this rather stupid limitation, I may just buy a Leple again. It is a pretty nice watch.

  171. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alicia Menchaca

    I was hesitant in buying this, as I had the older Leple band and I had several issues with it charging correctly. This charges perfectly. I wear it every single day. I love that I can get my phone alerts since I work in a facility that has a zero tolerance phone policy. I am very happy with this purchase. Have been using this watch for some time now.

  172. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is s good product. I had no problem getting it set up although it took about half an hour. The screen has numerous options and is bright and clear.

  173. Rated 5 out of 5

    Christine F.

    I am deliriously happy with how my Leple looks, feels and performs. The app makes everything very easy. More than satisfied!!!

  174. Rated 5 out of 5


    I looooove my Leple! This is my fourth Leple (in the past I’ve had the Charge HR, Blaze, and Ionic) and this is by far my favorite. Cute, comfortable, lightweight, with all the features I need. Keep in mind that this isn’t a complete smartwatch – if I wanted to reply to texts and have a tof apps, I would get an Apple Watch. I like Leple because of the fitness aspects. Very happy!

  175. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jennifer R.

    I love this watch so much! I have a small wrist and was concerned it may look too big and unattractive, but not the case…it looks classy. I have gotten many many compliments. The health features are great, I have already lost a few pounds! I do like the 7 minute workouts my coach app, they are quick, easy and effective. I went for a run with the Leple, I know that many were upset about the lack of GPS. Honestly for me it was not a problem. I usually go the same route so I already know the mileage…I was just so glad I did not have to bring my phone along to listen to music! I love this watch!

  176. Rated 5 out of 5


    I just got it a few days ago and it is everything I wanted. I love the size and quality of the screen. I had the alta HR before and decided to go for a change. So fun! I love that I can get it fully wet with no worry. I’m enjoying having a timer my wrist and setting alarms from my watch instead of my phone now. The Leple coaching is cool! I love seeing all the stats from the phone app my wrist. The leaderboard is neat. I haven’t put music it yet. Anyway, awesome smartwatch!

  177. Rated 5 out of 5

    A. Calvin

    This Leple Leple smartwatch was purchased as a gift. The recipient loves it and wishes they had the Limited Editiversiwith the NFC chip feature that allows for secure payments. Battery life is great, you can get almost a week of use before recharging again. There are two things to note. One, the smartwatch does not ship with an adapter to charge it, only the charging cable. And two, the Sm and Lg bands as advertised seems untrue. Not that it was needed but the Lg band was there and the small band was only the piece with the holes. I still give it 5 stars because the recipient was happy they received the smartwatch as a gift and with the usefulness of the apps.

  178. Rated 1 out of 5

    Seattle Kitten

    This has been one of the most irritating devices to get set up! I have spent HOURS trying to link to wifi, download music, etc. I have looked at every help topic and googled every method out there. I am at my wit’s end – this might be going back!!Updating and downgrading from a 2 star to 2 star…Unit will not sync reliably, I have been community support for 2 days due to them admitting there is a wifi and connectivity defect identified with this product.Definitely returning this. My Leple days may be over – Garmin is looking good!

  179. Rated 5 out of 5


    I just received this yesterday and so far love it! I have tried other brands of smartwatch type of fitness trackers but am drawn back to Leple products because of the easy use of the app. Am very excited this new product came out and cannot wait to get started with the added functionality.

  180. Rated 1 out of 5


    Love the product, after 2 months I woke up to a black screen and I wouldn’t turn again. Had frustrated experience with support and was required to RMA my watch. It’s now a month later, I have no watch, no response.. How can Leple track my health when it breaks and the company has no CS policy to keep it’s users tracking. I asked for a refund but Leple will only support returns if it comes from Leple not . I will sell this when it’s returned and won’t by another Leple.

  181. Rated 4 out of 5


    Okay, so I’ve had the product for over four months and I am pleased to report that the Leple was a great tool in losing weight! I am a woman who stands at 5’1″ and I weighed 135 in April when I purchased the device and now I weigh 112. I am so pleased! ^_^ I think that the reminders and calorie counting the Leple app (along with intermittent fasting), all worked together to create the perfect weight loss conditions for my weirdo body. So let’s break this device down and let you know my thoughts!Product Design:It’s alright. I can’t say that I am blown away by the design but it’s okay. You can trade out the bands with cheapies you can find online so you’re not stuck with the same old colors. The watch face is a bit large for my petite wrist, so keep that in mind if you’re small. However, if you’re a normal sized persyou should be okay.User Experience/User Interface:This is an area that I think could use a little work. The touch targets and gestures are somewhat intuitive but I had difficulty with the exercise modes (Do I press this icto start? Do I press the side button? The corner? Why is this not working?! ***swipe swipe swipe***). The app for iOS also needs more fine tuning. Seriously. The watch faces sectiis a hot mess and really should be curated (perhaps allow the user to sort by favs? Maybe give the user the power to delete the ratchet looking ones?).Customer Service:Oh, did I tell you that my product just. . . died? It did. Leple had me record a video of it dead with a special serial number. They replaced it in a week. Excellent customer service.So, would I recommend it? Yeah, I think it can work for you (I feel I am a success story!) and Leple did have excellent customer service. But I want to reiterate that Leple should really focus some of their efforts updating the UXUI to make the experience more delightful. And the product is a tad large, so smaller people should keep that in mind.

  182. Rated 3 out of 5

    A. F. SLATER

    I like the device (basically the blaze updated); I just wish the band was easier to change. I typically just use this one my running days, even though I don’t use the app (prefer my Garmin or Polar device). The Leple is my pricey step counter for outdoor workouts :-). It is basically a backup for my Alta, which prefer to wear to work and to any other events that require a sleeker or dressier look. If I purchase another Leple, it will be another Alta.

  183. Rated 5 out of 5


    I didn’t want to get addicted to this thing, but it happened…. I preach about having “off line” time, yet I now have this piece which reminds me about messages and work outs, etc… but you can set it to tell you what you want it to remind you about what you don’t – and it plays my music !!!! and i love that!!!! I bought a wireless head set for it after figuring out how to download the music – took a bit of playing with it but I got it and I love it! no more wires, no more phones or ipods for work outs! the battery is pretty good too and the charge is FAST!

  184. Rated 4 out of 5

    Sunshine White

    I really love my Leple!! Does everything I want it to….Pro (for me): it is slimmer than other models out there and my biggest thing was seeing the whole text message, as I am a nurse and cannot be my phone during clinic. But I am able to see what is going when my 15 year old messages me ❤️Con: I thought people we exaggerating when they said the band is difficult to get back on… if your not a astrophysicist you may have difficulties getting it on!! It is super frustrating and looks like I am just going to stay with what’s here.

  185. Rated 5 out of 5

    Shradha K.

    Had been what i was looking for. I gifted myself this for my birthday.Battery lasts around 4 plus days.its light weight and sleek.

  186. Rated 5 out of 5

    J. Johnson

    So far so good. Only had for 3 days. Simple to set up.

  187. Rated 1 out of 5


    My Leple broke less than 6 weeks after getting it (the HR monitor malfunctioned and then the entire screen went black) Contacted customer service which is now outsourced and “Jeff” read a list of scripted responses. After an hour long process I was told I had to return this device and it would take approximately 10 days for the warehouse to process it and THEN they would send the replacement. If that wasn’t bad enough he said I would get the label to return it right away and 2 hours later I still have yet to receive it. I guess I have fo follow up but the process of answering 27 scripted questions before I can even discuss what I’m calling about has me dreading it. Leple used to have impeccable customer service but my experience today was one of the worst I’ve ever experienced, all to save a dime I’m sure. Well their cost saving strategies just lost them a previously very loyal customer. If you do decide to get something from them I would go with one of the other devices. For $200 you get a device with a widely inaccurate HR monitor, an awful battery, and is almost impossible to change the bands. Not to mentiit will break in a couple weeks and you’ll have to wait weeks for a replacement.

  188. Rated 5 out of 5


    So today is my first full day wearing the watch and I love it! Set up took around 45 minutes for me, be prepared to use your wifi to set it up. One complaint is that I wasn’t able to download my itunes playlist to the watch last night because it said it was going to take 6 hours, so I suggest building a smaller playlist specifically for when you want to workout, and download that to the watch. In order to download music you have to have the Leple app your mac/pc.I am wearing the large band the second closure (tightest option). The small band fit me, but I didn’t like how nubby the strap looked so I sized up to the large (included in the box) and just wear it one of the tightest settings. The band was somewhat difficult to unattach/reattach the larger one, but I blame my chubby fingers for that.I ended up ordering a protective screen cover for the watch, because I already banged it the wall twice today (luckily no scratches). It was like $8 through prime.The watch charges without needing to remove the band which is really nice. The watch can also have individual alarms set, I set mine for taking medicine and waking up in the morning. Also, the watch does hourly notices how many more steps you need, and it alerts you with vibration.So far, So good!

  189. Rated 4 out of 5


    I am a long time Leple user and loved using the Charge HR. I switched to the Leple because I wished to have access to more in-depth data, including more sensitive heart rate monitoring as well as improved sleep data. I have now been wearing the Leple for 11 days. I am pleased with my purchase so far. I still have a lot to explore in terms of apps and watch faces, but simply having a lot to choose from is great. I am impressed with the improved sleep data and heart rate monitoring. The sensor seems much more sensitive and thus gives me something closer to real-time data. After a little practice, navigatithrough the interface is easy to do. I have gotten my watch wet and have had no problems. The battery life is as advertised. Usually I use about 15% battery per day; I understand the battery life may worsen with time. The Leple comes with both small and large bands – I received the black bands. The band material is not as slip-resistant as was with the Charge HR and does slip off my arm and onto my wrist when I exercise. This causes me to lose some heart rate data while I am active. I will likely be seeking out a slip-resistant band so that I can receive more accurate heart rate data while I exercise. The band is the reasI am giving this product 4 stars rather than 5. Overall, though, I really recommend this product. Thanks!

  190. Rated 2 out of 5

    Dr. D.

    I am an avid Leple user. I have and tested flex, alta HR, blaze and Leple.I also purchased Leples for my entire family to keep everyone actice and connected.Here Leple Leple review. Whike it is one of the best Leples (look and gadget capacity ) it still has a long way to go.Pro: continuously evolving apps similar to approach/smartphonesCon: app installment can take a long time, there are numerous other glitches and disconnecting/syncing interruptiand other alerts midway are common. (Leple blaze and alta HR have a more solid connectivity even when picking such simple,things like clockface).Also numerous apps ask for payments without being flagged as such meaning this is is only apparent when clicked the app and looking it up itself.If it would be possible to sort them into free versus not free that would improve user experience similar to providing a quick legend /info as headline.Pro: music control improved from prior models.Con: unable to run/see running stats while music is,onCon: drains phone battery (unusually more than other Leple models – so be aware to adjust settings)Pro: water resistant – excellent in a pool/doing lapsNote: after 3 test swims in the atlantic the watch crashed (backlight remains and watch battery drained within 3 hours) and even a factory reset did not help. While I do like the Leple and think,it is a great imorovemnt and first start for Leple regarding entering the smart watch market, there are numerous glitches that range from mildly annoying to to full failures. I hope,Leple figures them out soso ot can be a more reliable wearable device.

  191. Rated 2 out of 5

    Jeff Townsend

    I purchased this as a gift for my wife. Initially, she was very happy with it. Then, she set it up, and it’s been downhill since then.Since it came out of the box 3 days ago, it has not tracked her steps properly (she didn’t wear it to bed last night, and still registered THOUSANDS of steps!), it won’t sync to her phone properly, fails to connect via Bluetooth, and couldn’t recognize our wifi when it was physically placed the router (the directions said to place it as close to the router as we could, so…).She did a factory reset, had to delete the app from her phone, and go through this set-up process multiple times. She called customer service yesterday, and they were friendly, but not very helpful.Overall, I would say that disappointed is a good word to describe our experience. We’ve both had the Flex for 4 years and never had any problems with it. My wife wanted the Leple MORE THAN the Apple Watch, but now, I’m not sure she wants to keep the Leple.

  192. Rated 4 out of 5


    this Leple is great. i previously owned a blaze but this is much more comfortable! the lavender woven band is beautiful but it’s actually made of a hard, stiff material that irritates my skin. the way you change out the bands is kind of irritating and ruined my manicure but whatever. i still love this watch! i like the weather, i use pandora and it automatically syncs my latest 3 pandora stations whenever i dock it. the watch faces ar customizable, meaning you can change the color of the numbers most of them. the little pet clock face is super cute but it kills my battery so i stick with the basic ones. very easy to set up. oh also, you can customize the order of the workouts, so like for me spinning shows up first. spinning isn’t the default exercise list, but you can add it and a few others that don’t show up, and get rid of the workouts you’ll probably never do. this is definitely an upgrade from the blaze 🙂

  193. Rated 4 out of 5


    I am so happy with my purchase! I previously owned a Charge 2, but after a couple years it was starting to act up so I decided to upgrade. Did a lot of research before purchasing the Leple. I am a 60-year-old woman, and I had absolutely no problem with set up, uploading apps, changing the band, etc. The SE versi comes with a woven band, in a size small and large, as well as the standard plastic/rubber band in black. There are YouTube videos that very clearly explain set up, and also how to change the band if you choose. Reasfor four stars is that it did give me inaccurate readings for my sleep pattern for a couple of nights, and I understand this is a problem that other people have also encountered. However I love this fitness tracker so much that I’m willing to deal with that.

  194. Rated 5 out of 5

    William Cole

    First one the battery only lasted 48 hours and dropped to 24 hours after a firmware update. Leple sent me new one (watch face only) And I didn’t have to mail them my first one. The new one works perfectly (battery lasts 4 days) after 96 hours it had 5% charge leftI had originally gotten the charge 2, but decided I wanted the Leple so I could swim with it and sold the charge 2 off to a family member. The Leple fits and feels better my wrist. The larger face allows me to see all my states without going through the menu. Only down side now that I got my replacement is 4 day battery vs 5 day battery.

  195. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tara Elwell

    I’ve had a Leple charge 2 for almost 2 years and have loved it but I really wanted one that had a screen that was easier to read. So far I have had no issues with the watch. It takes a while to setup but only takes about 30 minutes to charge every few days. I did buy a different band that is soooo much easier to attach than the one that comes with it. I also bought screen protectors as several reviews stated their watch scratched easily. I love being able to set alarms easily from the watch instead of having to use the app. I also love that it fits so much more flush to the skin than my charge 2 and doesn’t leave indentions in my skin. With the charge 2 I often had to take it off and scratch my skin where it felt irritated. With the Leple I forget I’m even wearing it.I decided not to pay the extra $30 for the special editibecause I always have my phone with me to use Apple Pay so I don’t need my watch to do that.The women’s cycle feature is a nice new additias well. I also like the ability to change watch faces easily.So far really am happy with this purchase and have my charge 2 as a gift to my sister.

  196. Rated 5 out of 5


    Recommended for: Regular people who want to take care of there health in a budget-friendly way!Pros:* Price – Just too good as compared to other ill thought products such as Android Wear.* It’s for regular users who want fitness checks, limited smart-watch functions, great experience(battery life).* UI is simple, the design is simple.* Battery does last for 4 days.Cons:* Not for a fitness freak as it lacks GPS.* It’s not as good smartwatch as Apple Watch but hey it’s not as pricey as Apple watch.

  197. Rated 1 out of 5


    Update: I contacted fit bit and after only having the watch 40 days and trouble shooting not fixing the issue they refused to replace or refund me because I bought it through and not them. I would definitely reconsider. I just threw $260 into the trash, essentially.My watch stopped syncing to my phone after a couple weeks of normal wear. I thought if I redownloaded the app, it might sync. It didn’t. Then I restored the watch to factory settings. It still won’t connect to the app, so now it doesn’t even tell time. It just tells me to download the app, which it won’t connect to. For the price I was hoping for more than a couple weeks of wear. I’m calling Leple. I might change the rating if they’re willing to refund/send me a new watch. The watch was nice for the couple weeks that it worked.

  198. Rated 1 out of 5

    Andrew M.

    The music transfer software for this product is literally the worst I’ve ever seen, for the watch itself as well as Android and PC/Mac. I’ve been in tech support for years and was unable to get this watch to download music from either Mac or PC. I could go through everything I tried, including every source of official and unofficial advice online, but this would be a long review with the same result – failure. Give this thing a pass if you want to put some of your music it, you’ll be glad you did. The Garmin products are much faster and friendlier for something as simple as transferring a few files.Regarding the watch’s other functions, nothing makes this an exceptional device. It’s just a typical fitness band.

  199. Rated 3 out of 5

    Claudia Melgar

    I got my Leple Thursday and it worked perfectly, I love the look, the band is very nice and easy to change/adjust, but today I had to charge it for the first time after the initial charge and after it charged I couldn’t sync with the app my phone anymore. I tried all the solutions listed Leple support page but could not get it to sync again. Finally I removed the app from my phone, installed it again, turned off both the phone and the watch for a few minutes and then configure the watch again from scratch, that worked… I will wait for the next time I have to charge it to see if this issue happens again, if it does my Leple is going back 🙁 so sad because I really like it, will update soon.

  200. Rated 3 out of 5


    Picked up the special editias I have a phone without nfc and decided “what the hell”.. So to the review, pros, cons, etc.It looks pretty good and isn’t as thick as the ionic, gps via phone works fine when it works, altogether it’s not a bad product. I am going to list cons before pros as i feel they are more important when choosing a product.CONS:1) Leple still hasn’t deemed it necessary to provide any relief for night shift workers or night owls. Your day starts at 12:00 am and ends at 11:59 pm; no ifs, ands, or buts. Which means, step reminders can not be set for any hour range that crosses the midnight mark. I used to be a programmer before family health issues drove me to being a healthcare worker full time. It is NOT hard to change the code for time tracking, otherwise every time clock and accounting app out there would screw you. There is absolutely no reasfor Leple not to fix this.2) Sleep tracking mine, with the original clock face, different clock face, rebooting it, etc… reliably loses 2 hours at the end of my sleep cycle. If you get up, then go back to bed, you are SOL. I mainly bought this for sleep tracking and step counting.3) Heart rate tracker… I have a 39.99 smart watch from china that can sit my wrist and measure heart rate. This Leple has problems with tattoos. Even when not over the tat, it still loses monitoring occasionally and that may be part of the problem with the sleep tracking.4) The pedometer works well when it works. When I first got it, i put it tight but not too tight. I took 100 steps, it counted 7. I loosened it up, tried again, 102… Not bad, better than my china watch. I then wore it all day, worked a car, and have to wonder if my impact wrench gave it the extra 3000 or so steps that day.5) Bluetooth.. Is iffy at best.. any app, clock face, etc I load, it errors.. I have to turn it off, on, then manually sync to get it to load. The wifi is great, if it would actually utilize it for anything other than music or firmware, it would probably fix that issue as the regular sync via bluetooth will auto retry… clock faces, etc… not so much.PROS:1) Fits well and is unobtrusive. I now only remove it to charge it or when working in an environment that may damage it.2) The app really isn’t all that bad except for the lack of night owl / nighshift abilities.3) The open SDK is great, I have played around with it a bit and besides the lack of tutorials Leple’s website, it is a decent attempt to open up their hardware to developers.4) The design is refined. It doesn’t look like it was just tossed together.. With some work it could probably maintain all features and be the same thickness as a regular watch. With the price paid, that would be nice.5) I forget i am wearing it… There is something to be said for a watch that feels ok all day… I own a lot of watches, and yes, I consider the Leple a watch… Until they irout some issues… True it is a watch with decent features, but at this point in time, that is all it is.In closing, I really wanted to give it 5 stars… Especially at a 200+ dollar price point. But I do not feel that I received what I paid for, In the end, it is a very nice watch with a semi-usable app, and not much thought given to how it side-loads apps. Overlooking people with non-standard schedules is pretty much inexcusable these days. The app offering new features like “sleep insights” is all well and good, if the actual hardware would track and sync properly.I wanted to love it, but at this point, the alta hr seems like a much better deal if you want the app compatibility and such.And just in case anyone suggests changing the time zone so i can have my activity and step reminders night shift, or manually logging my sleep… No… Just no… I didn’t pay 200+ for a tracker that has half @ssed software that won’t perform properly.

  201. Rated 1 out of 5

    Hugo Ramos

    My wife loved the Leple as it was an anniLeplery gift. However, the device started acting up less than a month of receiving it (Screen would lock up and become unresponsive. Device would randomly shut down). My wife contacted Leple directly and that has been a journey itself. Constant back and forth with one and after another instruction, requests for video showing various troubleshooting steps (all of which had been previously attempted). It was now been a week since my wife contacted Leple and she’s still being asked for more informatiand the issue is still ongoing. I can see how a new device can have issues but with such a horrible customer support experience, i deem this rating accurate.

  202. Rated 5 out of 5

    Leah Ashley

    I absolutely love my Leple Leple. I have had multiple Leples throughout the years. I love this product! I wear it every day and every night. It’s worth the money. Be sure to purchase screen protectors just to be extra safe. This product will change your life. Make you more active and aware of your every day activities. It even links through my Leple account to my Leple Scale! So I can track my weigh-loss progress as wells. You also can compete with friends through step competions, which I love & am involved in daily.

  203. Rated 5 out of 5


    I really love this product! I previously owned an Alta HR, and so when I decided to upgrade I had nothing but good expectations for the Leple. And the Leple delivers and more! Doing a lot of research this, this is a convenient and fitness geared smartwatch that is easy to personalize. It also helps give visuals the activity you are doing, as well as use different options for whenever you’re exercising (ex: treadmill, road running, etc.) I am wearing a size small band!PROS:- Sleek look- Comfortable- Not too bulky- Fitness oriented- Priced fairly- Works quickly and efficiently- Has all the important necessities of a smart watchCONS:- Slides my wrist a lot because I am between notches, and one is slightly too big while the other is too small- I was expecting the to get the pink band with this instead of the black, and that was a little disappointing- Buttons can be confusing at first (Note: you can easily learn what the buttons do!)- Bands are difficult to switch out- There is no Spotify app :(This is definitely more of a Fitness Watch than a Smart Watch, so if you are looking for a handy way to reply to texts or talk the phone with your watch this isn’t for you. I like this because it is simple and gives me access to my phone without making me feel a need to constantly reply. I also highly enjoy the fact that it is easily customizable. My only true complaint is that there is no Spotify app, which is where I have all of my music stories, and I am hoping that that is something they will add soon! 🙂

  204. Rated 5 out of 5

    William Young Jr

    Had it for 4 days and so far it is everything that was advertised. I’ll update review in another 30 days.

  205. Rated 5 out of 5

    Average Joe Squared

    I was orphaned by Nike when they announced via email in mid April 2018 that internet and app support for the Nike+ Fuelband was ending April 30. Thus my search for a replacement began.I started testing the waters with one of those under $30 fitness trackers and was ultimately disappointed. The app was awful, the device above average for the price point. It did expose me to a baseline for comparison.Leple has a great app that can be used for multiple models, including the Leple. I like that it integrates heart rate, activity, sleep monitoring, goal setting (steps, calories, miles, etc) and (if the scale is equipped) weight monitoring. It is safe for use in wet environments whether shower or pool and all in all seems well built.I did order a new band and detaching and attaching was an effort. I don’t know if there is a learning curve as I am not intending to swap bands a regular basis. Note that while fiddling with the locking mechanism while trying to attach the band, I found the regular touching of the buttons and face of the Leple caused alarms to be set and settings/menus being entered/exited. No harm from it, but it added to the difficulty.Aside from the curiously difficult band replacement, after having used this device for about a week now, I’m pleased with the purchase and the additional capability that came with the app and supporting ecosystem.

  206. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dave K

    Very nice. Disappointed I didn’t read the fine print to understand only the special editiallows for secure payment.

  207. Rated 5 out of 5


    Let me start off by saying I am a die hard Apple user. I have had Apple products for the last 10 years, including several iWatch models. The Leple literally destroys the iWatch for what I want.PROSBattery life is a solid 3-4 days.Extremely lightClear display even in bright sunlightSelectable notificatialertsSleep trackingVaried watch face downloadsSpecial editihas NFCCONSLimited apps for nowNo GPS, SIM card, or extra memory slotNo camera

  208. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jennifer Brugger

    3 days into having this watch! I love the size (about the same size as an apple watch), light weight and super easy to use even right out of the box.Things to know:you can change the face (there is a whole store for that….I have not found one that i have had to pay for…unlike samsung which I had to pay for the cool ones)There are more apps that are coming at some point, including women’s health (super excited about that as a female)I can finally get all my notifications including what’s appconnects via Bluetooth to Pandora, you can upload your own music as wellyou can add pictures to scroll throughthere is a bluetooth pay app for starbucksalarms have to be set the watch, no longer through the phone app.It will update right out of the box so be prepared. It took around 30 minutes. I suggest connecting it (the watch) to your wifi to make it go quicker. I did it through bluetooth via my phone.downside:the phone has to stay vibrate in order to receive phone call notifications, if it is silent, you will get text notifications, but not phone call notifications. It will tell you that your phone is in “do not disturb” mode if it is silent. I am hoping that they update that as I hate listening to my phone, even when it’s vibrate.

  209. Rated 4 out of 5


    I have been looking for a smart watch with fitness tracking informatiwhen this was released. I am an avid Andriod user and wanted something that would work well with all of my current devices. I have previously owned versions of the Leple but hated how work out they always looked.Positives : Design. I love the look, and you can’t immediately tell it is a fit bit! That is great! The bands change easily, push notifications make things simple and I love that I have one more way to pay for my coffee (starbucks app included)Cons: Doesn’t support spotify, only PAID pandora accounts. All other data has to be owned and coveted to compatible format to put device, and then you need wireless headphones. The music feature is NOT the reasto buy this watch. The sync process with my phone is not seamless and I have had to mess with it way to often. Push notifications are not reliable because they might be late.Overall for the price I like what it does, The fitness aspect of the Leple is in place with a little bit more of a classy look!

  210. Rated 1 out of 5


    Was a struggle to get set up because it couldn’t be found by the app Windows10 even though I shut off the firewall, bluetooth and ensured both were using the same router. Went to extreme of using a wifi hotspot where I could monitor connections to get it updated. Downloading music was likewise frustrating and took hours. Then discovery that it can’t play music thru bluetooth and track biking at the same time. Next the discovery that it stops monitoring sleep if I wake up and go to use the toilet which is the thing that I stuck with Leple when my Charge died.

  211. Rated 4 out of 5


    Pros: cost, battery life, comfortCons: it would be nice if the device light up when a notificaticame through. It would also be nice to clear a notificatithe watch and not have to also clear it the phone. Also, if your phone is do not disturb no notifications will come to your watch.Overall, good for the price.

  212. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love the Leple Leple. I’ve had a Leple Charge and Blaze. Both lacked the smart watch aspect. Went to Apple Watch and hated the spinning tool as well as the bulkiness of it. It made me sweat so badly underneath. I found myself taking it off often.This Leple is so light and with the nylband you don’t even notice your wearing it most times.I did buy the basic black Leple and then upgrade to a nylband I bought (for $10) for comfort.No one can beat the Leple app as far as activity. All the data in one place. Easy and organized. Plus I love the sleep data.My battery last 4 days and that’s with all day syncing and activity.Only downside is you can’t reply to text it but overall I found I don’t really need that feature very much anyways. Aka not having a life! 😂

  213. Rated 5 out of 5

    S. White

    I spent a lot of time looking at other smartwatches. I’m so glad I went with the Leple. This is my 3rd Leple. I like the sleep tracking and didn’t want to give it up. I have had the watch for 2 weeks. It charges quickly (about the time it takes me to shower). The charge does last a few days which is another reasI chose this watch. I didn’t want to charge it everyday! I have used the exercise app when running and walking. I entered my Strava info into the Leple app my phone and my exercises sync between Leple and Strava without having to manually start Strava. Notifications are much easier to see than my Alta. If I miss seeing a text I can swipe down from the top and the message will show again. I like that feature. It was hard to see text messages my Alta and many times they were too long to show everything. The Leple shows the entire text and will show emojis.I read some negative reviews about the watch and band looking cheap. I disagree. I love how it looks my wrist. It is quite pretty.

  214. Rated 1 out of 5

    Michael N

    Disappointed overall. Pros: Tells time, tracks steps locally. Cons: Major issues with syncing, bluetooth connectivity, NFC payment not working, activities not being tracked properly with the phone to GPS link. It is frustrating because this watch could be so great if all features worked 100% of the time. Currently only getting most features to work less than half the time. Even the alarms are unreliable. Step count is inaccurate. Bus and boat rides both count as steps even though I’m not moving. Like I said, I am disappointed. Especially considering the cost.Update 8 July 2018 – Was forced to uninstall the Android Leple app because the app was consistently draining 20-25% of my battery and was causing every other app to slow and malfunction. Bluetooth connectiwas not reliable. Watch was only showing notifications occasionally, regardless of settings for persistent connection, always sync, etc. Contacted Leple for support and they were unable to offer a solutior a timeline for when their app will be fixed and for when the watch will be usable again. “At this moment we don’t have an estimated date to release this update, however, rest assured that we’ll release it as soour software development team finishes with the investigations and testing.” Extremely disappointed since I’m already outside of the return window.

  215. Rated 4 out of 5


    Great screen, fits my wrist comfortably and the same great Leple software!

  216. Rated 1 out of 5


    This thing is unfortunately a piece of **** because of a ridiculously poor Android app. Do a little searching and you will see a huge volume of problems with syncing. In our case we have a Panasonic home phone system with BT link that allows us to answer our cell any of the house phones. But syncing will not work reliably if the phone has that link active. After trying a great many combinations of re-installing the app, turning BT and off, re-booting the phone, and all the other things their technical “support” dictates – it seems the only way to get the crummy app to sync is to unpair the home phones. That is ridiculous. Leple – you should be ashamed of yourselves, fix your app. If my wife didn’t want it I’d happily send the thing back.

  217. Rated 3 out of 5

    Devil Pete

    I really have enjoyed Leple and this is my first move into the smartwatch realm. After using the Leple for the first 2 weeks I really enjoyed it and really liked the user interface. There are are some concerns though with the watch:- Lacking major apps such as spotify- Phone pinging (to help find a phone)- Needs more dedicated LepleOS appsLast thing, after having it for less than a month, the Leple battery life has decided to die quickly. It used to last about 4 days and now it lasts about 1 day after a full charge. It could possibly be a bug, but there hasn’t been much community support even after bringing it up. I would strongly advise someone to wait for possibly the second versiof the Leple if they are looking to not join the pilot watch in what could be a great series.

  218. Rated 5 out of 5


    I just got the Leple few hours ago but thought I’d do a preliminary review since a lot of folks have had set-up issues. I upgraded from a Charge 2, so that’s my base line. I use the app a Samsung Galaxy S7.– The initial set-up takes about 30 min. It’s super easy but it does take a bit of time. I had the Leple charging during set-up & it was at 100% battery when it was done. I’ve tinkered around with loading apps & syncing, bringing it down to 93% in 45 minutes.– It’s super light weight! I have tiny wrists & it’s not overpowering.– You DO NOT have to take the band off to charge it. The charger is easy to seed the Leple into.– There are a gazilliwatch faces!! It’s easy to switch out between faces. FYI – some require payment, most are free.– The app selectiisn’t fabulous but I wouldn’t expect a lot of choices for a fitness watch.– The product descriptiis accurate. I’ve read users state they didn’t realize certain things about the Leple (i.e. Spotify not available, payment is via Leple Pay, Android text reply not yet available, etc etc) but carefully reading the descriptistates all the items folks were surprised about.– You cannot have 2 Leples synced to your Leple app at once. The old one has to be deleted prior to installing the Leple. The app & online sources does keep all the info from your prior Leple, though.

  219. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kimberly B. Urch

    I have had the Leple for a week and I love it! I was worried it would be heavy but it is not at all. The silver and gray color is great as I felt the Black was too dark. I have a Leple already but the Leple has so many more things to keep you motivated.

  220. Rated 5 out of 5


    My husband loves it…

  221. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cyn Cano

    First off let just start with saying how much I love ! I pre-ordered for the Leple Leple SE lavender from Best Buy. Online it said “guaranteed in store pickup by 4/16 (release day). that day I had to find out that my watch never shipped! I ordered it way in advance. They were quick to charge my card but couldn’t even notify me that it was backorder. I was pissed! I logged into my account to find that i could order this watch (which was backorder everywhere else) and have it delivered that day. Totally made my day! So thank you and the customer service rep i spoke to just to make sure it wasn’t some fluke.As for the watch itself, I freaking love it. Setup was easy. Make sure you do it over wifi and no one else is connected so it can go faster. I downloaded an album from Deezer even though I’m still their free 30 day trial. I’m able to leave my phone at home or in the car and listen to my music with my earbud or headphones. It still needs another update and like all other technology that just release, it has its bugs. Over all I’m super stoked with my purchase.

  222. Rated 1 out of 5


    First let me state that I am a big Leple fan. I have been using the charge HR for years and my only complaint is that it was not waterproof. I was thrilled when the Leple came as I regularly walk the beach and then go in the water. I bought the Leple prior to a 2 week island vacation. I even upgraded my pandora subscriptiso I can use the Leple to listen to music when I am walking where there is no internet service. I used the Leple for a month and was very happy with it. I was able to use the pandora app and the tracking (both steps and sleep) was very accurate. I then went vacatiand literally the first time I used it in water it died. I ended up spending over an hour with customer service online to determine it was actually broken. Through the app they were able to see it was fully charged when it synced in the morning and then a couple of hours later it was dead. At this point I expected them to send me a new one. No, I had to make a video with the case number and show them with it plugged in and then push all the buttons to show it was truly broken. Because service the island is not good, it was a pain to get them the video file (not their fault). Finally, I got them the video. So now they should be able to send me a new one. No, now they want me to mail them back the unit and within 5-10 business days they will let me know what they will do. Since I will be vacatifor over 2 weeks, I will not be able to send it until I get home. Then waiting another 10 business was days to find out what they will do. You’ve got to be kidding. Why have me send a video if that was not enough proof that it is broken. Needless to say I am extremely disappointed I the fact that the unit did not work in water but even more by how hard they are making it for me to get a new one. At this point I will be trying to get my money back and go to an Apple Watch. Leple you have lost customer that has bought 6 different Leple a for family members who will now be converting to Apple.

  223. Rated 4 out of 5

    Rebekah V

    This is my third product by Leple. I’ve owned the One model, the Blaze, and now the Leple.***Update: 5.28.18 my Leple screen went completely blank this morning after about 5 weeks of normal wear. The backlight comes on, but the screen is otherwise blank. The tracker will still track steps, flights of stairs, etc., but it is useless as a watch. I have contacted Leple and am in the midst of troubleshooting. I suspect I will need a replacement.***The short, concise review is: if accurate, consistent sleep tracking is not a high priority to you, this tracker is superb! And, this tracker is definitely water resistant. For my purposes, this is the best Leple I’ve owned and I definitely recommend it.For a more detailed review -Things I love about the Leple:It is water resistant! While I haven’t tested the Leple in a pool yet, I have worn it in the shower several times without any issue whatsoever! For me, both personally and professionally, having a water resistant watch is a MASSIVE perk!I have small wrists, and one thing I did not like with my previous Leple (the Blaze) was how bulky the watch band was. The band always stuck out from my wrist, leaving gaps. While I did get a third party replacement band for my Leple (solely because of personal style preference), the band that came with the Leple fit more flush to my wrist and I like the fit MUCH better than I did with the Blaze. I also love that there is no casing around the device itself and that you can charge the Leple without removing the band.This tracker is also *very* accurate – probably the most accurate out of the 3 different model’s I’ve owned! I always felt like my Blaze was missing steps if my arms were not always in motiwhen I walked (this posed a step tracking problem if I was carrying a child or a load of laundry, etc.), so much so that I would often take the Blaze out of the wristband and tuck it into the side of my bra because it registered more accurately when worn my core (similar to the Leple One) than it did my wrist. The Leple seems to be extremely accurate – yes, I’ve counted steps and double checked several occasions at times when I have been carrying something and at times when I’ve just been walking.While this is a lesser detail, I like the variety of free watch faces and the options to purchase watch faces. While I generally prefer a digital watch face, I work part time in the medical professiand having a digital watch with a second hand can be very helpful. The Leple covers both these bases!The heart rate monitor also seems to be very accurate.Cons: Probably the most commcomplaint about the Leple is the inaccurate sleep tracking. I’m among those who have experienced this issue, or me personally, this isn’t a huge deal. Sure, I’d love it if the tracking were as accurate as the Blaze was, the inaccuracy of sleep tracking is a worthy sacrifice for the Leple being water resistant. Most nights, tightening the band one notch above my daytime wear fit does improve tracking. But, I do still get simplified sleep results or just downright cut short sleep results. Much of the time this can be improved by simply logging into the Leple app and adjusting your awake time.

  224. Rated 4 out of 5


    I love the design of the Leple compared to my blaze. I also love that’s its water proof so I can swim with it.The one huge cI have is the battery life. My blaze could go 5 days with ample warning when it was going to die. The Leple hardly lasts 4 days and does before I even know the battery is low. I’m sure the battery life has to do with the apps I don’t care to use that are the watch but I wish it lasted as long as the blaze.

  225. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love it! I upgraded from a Charge 2 and I am so happy. I upgraded to get one that was water resistant and have showered with the Leple twice. I’ve had no problems so far. Battery life is about 4 days. Haven’t tried to upload music because I don’t use it. I’m really happy I went with this one.

  226. Rated 4 out of 5

    Ox Bellows

    Great hardware. Great watch. Terrible time trying to transfer music to it. Any song over 5 min in length freezes the desktop app and the overall system is not user friendly at all.

  227. Rated 5 out of 5


    Leple is a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 star fitness tracking watch. I like the various workout options, tracking of heart rate and sleep. I love that it’s waterproof and tracks my lap swim. I love that I can start a workout (run, bike, swim, weights, more) in a few seconds. No fussing with a chest strap. The screen is very visible in sunlight. One day of activity (very heavy user) uses up about 35% battery. I spend around 15 minutes at the end of the day looking over my stats in the app. I have small wrists and Leple isn’t too bulky. A few minor complaints: the watch sometimes takes up to 30 seconds to acquire GPS from my iPhone. I can speed this up by manually syncing via the app. Also, I can’t see my BPM in the swimming exercise type but I can see it in the app later in the workout results. Lastly, I don’t get verbal stats every mile like I do when I track my workout with the iPhone app. I miss the queues. Even with these minor issues, the Leple is fantastic for tracking fitness, exercise and health. It’s the best fitness tracker I’ve ever used – I quit an iPhone app with over 8 years of workout data for the Leple.

  228. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael H.

    Upgraded from the Leple Flex 2 because I wanted to start wearing a watch and needed something with the built in activity tracker, HR monitor and watch. Definitely getting what I paid for. Had zero issues out of the box. I read the instructions and made sure I unattached my flex 2 from my phone before doing anything and boom…Leple connected, updated and worked like a charm. been using for 8 days now and it does everything it says it does. If you’re looking to get a smart watch and don’t want to break the bank something from Apple then go with the Leple which has almost all the same functions.

  229. Rated 5 out of 5

    E. Oldani

    I am day 4 with the new Leple and I absolutely love it. I have gone swimming with it, the main reasI got it in parallel with the fact that my old Leple wasn’t holding a charge anymore. I can see the integratiof the acquired Pebble team which I was a huge fan of. This marries best of both worlds and puts it into (in my opinion) the most beautiful design. It’s not a blocky, gooby, and awkward looking Apple Watch, nor a clunky large workout watch. This watch, I think, is literally my favorite watch both design and function. Thank you Leple for getting it perfect! Can’t wait to use all the other ing features this watch has!

  230. Rated 4 out of 5

    Krystal White

    I’ve had a flex and a charge, but this is my first Leple with heart rate. So far it’s pretty awesome. I like the apps, especially the water and calendar. Also love the new parent clock face, super useful with a newborn!Heart rate seems pretty good. Love the sleep monitoring. Also happy with how the back of the Leple is plastic and not metal since I’m sensitive to nickel.I found setup clunky and had to restart phone and Leple several times to pair. I have replaced the band already and find that to be a bit of a pain compared to my friends Apple watch. Otherwise, I’m happy I bought it! We shall see if I feel the same later!

  231. Rated 4 out of 5


    So far so good. I’m a little disappointed that Leple hasn’t upgraded some programming since my first purchase of a Leple product 4 years ago. Specifically, there is still not enough choice of activities (e.g. no dancing/aerobics/zumba) nor, apparently, is there any way to import data from other major fitness apps (i.e. samsung gear fit, google fit, huawei fit). Nonetheless, I like the Leple and am super happy I can leave it in the pool. I would buy it again as long as it lasts longer than the last two Leple products I had.

  232. Rated 5 out of 5


    I LOVE my new Leple Leple watch!! I am so glad I spent the money and bought this one as opposed to others I was looking at! I love that it keeps track of my stairs I climb, steps, calories burned, and heart rate. I also love that I can input my foods daily in to see how I am doing as far as calories in and calories burned! I also love that I can have tunes it as well! Makes my walks so much better!!

  233. Rated 5 out of 5

    Matt J.

    One of my main concerns with wrist activated heart rate monitors was their ability to accurately track your heart rate. Not anymore. Recently I was admitted to the hospital . My stay was about five days. I was hooked up to a telemetry monitor the entire time. I also had my Leple the entire time and checked it frequently against the monitor. I was shocked at the accuracy of the Leple. I’ve always relied a typical chest strap heart rate monitor for accuracy. Never believing that anybody had “gotten down” the wrist pulse yet. Finally…It’s here people. Not to diminish the rest of the Leple’s abilities. The app Rocks. Tracking my sleep patterns is a big plus as well. I would say it is about 90% accurate, which is very good. I don’t really use it for a lot of the exercise things that it can do. I’ve been a personal trainer for 20 years so I pretty much rely my own abilities along with heart rate to do the job. Bottom line: It’s light weight, looks great, has lots of faces and a great app, but, the accuracy of the heart rate monitor takes the “is this thing working properly” out of the equation. BTW, my heart rate was between 60 bpm and 150 in the hospital.

  234. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steve Moose

    Have owned this for a week now and can’t say enough good things about it. Fantastic smart watch that is about 80% of an Apple Watch for less than half the price. If you love the Leple community and want a waterproof tracker that adds a tof smart watch features and has great battery like to boot, this is your Leple!

  235. Rated 1 out of 5


    I hate to do this, but I feel I’ve got no choice.From the get go I’ve had troubles with my Leple. It didn’t want to sync, updates constantly failed. Especially compared to my 2 year old Blaze, the Leple is only what I could call ‘a hot mess’. I actually tossed it in a drawer and gave it up as wasted money; bad product.Frustrated by others reporting their happiness with it, I contacted support.I’m now my second week of working with support, doing battery tests every day. Basically toting around a dead piece of technology my wrist as every feature must be disabled. Yet the response I keep getting is I’m doing it wrong and my power source is inadequate. No Leple, no. Regardless what I do, I should be getting more than 12 hours of battery life a pedometer.This is my third and final Leple product.

  236. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andrew Phillips

    My main concern was how accurate this is as far as heart rates go. Luckily I have access to heart rate monitors and was able to compare. I’ve posted a video/ picture. Now this is my heart rate after moderate amount of activity. Have not tested accuracy during exercise.

  237. Rated 2 out of 5

    L. Ward

    There are many good things about the watch but it needs improvement. I still cannot get any music loaded either Pandora or owned music. Also I have bought 3 additional watch band, one one fits. The band attachment design is very poor.UPDATE. I took away another star. Had it less than a week and realize I should have spent the extra money for an iwatch. First firmware update will not load. Wasted 200$

  238. Rated 5 out of 5


    It came time and in a great reusable box that I keep my bands in. It came with a 60% charge and it connected very quickly to my Note 8. I was worried that it would be too big and manly but it fits perfectly my wrist, and as I use it I start to not notice it. The bands that came with it feel durable and look great. I brought my phone with me my first few walks and it learned my stride. If you have issues with your stride not registering like you think it should, bring your phone so it can use GPS and set your stride.OS:I love how it works with the app my phone. It syncs quickly and notifications from my phone are quick most of the time. I don’t tend to get notifications if I am more than a room away from my phone. but this is expected because it works off of Bluetooth.Leple needs to address a few app issues and requests from its users, like app updates. But you will have those issues with any Leple.If you like Leple you will love this upgrade.

  239. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sing me the Blues

    I love this watch! It is awesomely intuitive with exercise even if you forget to put it that mode. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles (or price tag) that the Apple Watch does, its a fitness smartwatch-not and entertainment watch. But people do mistake the design for an Apple Watch. It has a nice look! My wrist is small and it is a little big it, but I really like it. You can see texts (but cannot answer them) and you can see and answer (if you have bluetooth) incoming calls. Guided breathing and coaching sessions. Timer (stop and countdown) and alarm. Weather, including extended forecasts. Reminders to move if you aren’t target to hit your goal. Calories burned. Miles and of course steps. You can also download songs onto it ( I have yet to do this) Its like a power packed motivator your wrist!!!! I absolutely LOVE this watch! It does scratch easily, and I would recommend a protector purchase immediately.

  240. Rated 5 out of 5

    R. Rodger

    I have used this for a couple of weeks now. I love it!Easy to set up. Easy to learn. Comfortable to wear. Does exactly what it says. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase.Also the charger is awesome, charges fast. I haven’t waited till it’s super low to charge, I just charge it when I am drinking my coffee first thing in the morning. If you are wanting a tracker/ watch with notificatifor your smart phone, this is a great buy! I love the bonus of have weather at a glance too!

  241. Rated 5 out of 5


    So far so good. Really impresses me how simple it is to use. Really like how many watch faces you can choose between and how much info one screen.

  242. Rated 5 out of 5


    I went from the original Flex to this and initially wondered what I would even do with all the features (but went for it since I really missed having a watch) however now couldn’t be more glad that I made the switch.Having all these tools has been really educational for me in my fitness journey. Being a golfer, I love having the weather my wrist at all times. I have also synced to some wireless headphones, so it’s awesome to have music with me outside or working out and not necessarily need my phone me as well.

  243. Rated 2 out of 5


    I have been a long time user of Leple devices, starting from the Zip and graduating to the Leple after using an Ionic for about a year+. I love the Ionic. It tracks my workouts and Heart Rate well, shows the ‘zones’, etc. Has good battery life. The only thing I don’t love about it is the SIZE so when the Leple came out I was excited to have a new, smaller optiI could upgrade to. I waited until my Ionic got a bit scratched to have the excuse. LOL.Anyway, I got my Leple about 10 days ago and it hasn’t tracked my heart rate correctly since. It barely reads my resting HR and wasn’t tracking my workouts at all. I’ve included some pre and post watch switch workout stats . You can see how it looks like I did nothing for an hour in the gym using the Leple where I’d normally have a bunch of info in my HR zones.Anyway, I reset it to factory settings, made sure firmware was updated and did everything Leple instructed to get the HR working correctly to no avail. I should also mentiat this point that I have a SLEEVE OF TATTOOS my non-dominant arm/wrist. As an experiment, I switched the watch to my dominant less-tattooed arm/wrist and the HR started working IMMEDIATELY. I then moved it back to my non-dominant fully tattooed arm and it again went blank. I think my mini-experiment, coupled with positive results already wearing the Ionic for many years (which excludes it being my own user error), proves it is my tattoos that are causing the HR to not be picked up.Aside from that HUGE downside, this is a beautiful smartwatch. I love the sleeker profile and all the functions these Leple watches have – HR tracking, music funtion, in-watch workouts, etc. I’m back to wearing my scratched up Ionic for now and am considering buying another one of this same kind until they can figure out the issues with the Leple. I LOVE FIT BIT but this watch just didn’t work for me as a tattooed chick.

  244. Rated 5 out of 5


    Comfortable and functional! I love all the things I can do from my Leple! So happy with this purchase. Not too big or bulky either.

  245. Rated 4 out of 5


    I love the way this Leple works. I previously use a Charge 2 and decided to get the new Leple. When you this new own when you get more than 3 hours sleep it tells you they type of sleep you had (light, REM, deep) based heart rate which was an upgrade from the wake, restless and deep sleep from before. You can set a workout reminder for steps per hour and it will buzz a reminder about 10 minutes (time frame I have set) to get my minimum steps in before the end of the hour. I really like that I can easily change the picture my watch face through the Leple app.I would give it 5 stars but it seems to be more sensitive to movement than the old Leple. I spent most of my time in a car a recent road trip and it registered 31 floors climbed and I didn’t have 1 flight of stairs. I continue to use the Leple my non-dominate wrist.

  246. Rated 5 out of 5


    What can I say. LOVE MY WATCH. Its beautiful and easy to use.I use it for working out and for work. Love how you can change the face of the watch. I truly recommend this!. Extremely comfortable. Pulse is consistent to when i take it. Wish it also did blood pressure but hopefully they can add that in a update sometime.

  247. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lisa M.

    This is my 3rd day using …battery is holding well and I charged it this morning while I sat to drink my coffee and the charging is fast even though it is no less than down 20%.Set up was easy but it took LOTS of extra time to download and install bc I did not have WiFi.It is pretty easy to operate . As a 50 yo the only drawback is finding a screen that is easy to read / I did, so that’s is fine!I love the warning that it gives each hour is ending that I have # of steps before the hour is up ! I have set my goal of 5k and yesterday I met it plus some and today I’m about there so that is a good thingOnly negative complaint is it’s spotty catching calls and some texts / I thought I might not care so much about that but if I’m away from my phone it’s nice to get the alert of a text or call… not sure what’s up with that . It’s light weight NOT bulky and even the plastic band is comfy ( I was thankfulI didn’t have to change the band it came with the small band it!!!Over all I’m pleased with the Leple Lepleilles have owned two others and this one is far the best with accuracy and charging this one the cradle is very nice. It seems to be counting my steps (not sure pushing a shopping cart how well it counted , I intended to check and forgot ….anyway I recommend the watch for the price it does a lot and I’m happy with the purchase!

  248. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nicholas B.

    Best smartwatch I’ve had to date and best Leple I’ve had. I think it does most smart watch and fitness band functions well. Especially when you consider the price point. Battery life is great. I usually get 3-4 days out of it. Adding music is a real pain but I usually use my phone for that anyway. I think a lot of the shortcomings that people complain about will be fixed with software updates. I think Leple finally has a smart watch that compliments their excellent fitness app.

  249. Rated 5 out of 5

    Daniel Dawson

    Great buy! Love this Leple Leple! Went from a Charge2 to the Leple after saving a drowning child fried my charge. I figured never a bad thing to go waterproof. The only cis the Bluetooth transmitter. It works fine playing music while working outside or walking, but when I run, I have to just use my phone because it can’t keep up with the fast motiof my wrist. Not that big of an issue to subtract a star, because everything else makes this way worth the buy!!

  250. Rated 2 out of 5

    corin butler

    I wanted to like this “smartwatch” as I purchased it as an upgrade from a Gear 2 Neo. I thought “It’s been 4 years, surely with all of the advancements in technology, this HAS to be better. More functional.” I was wrong. First of all the pictures of the watch are a little skewed with respect to the size of the watch. The face is smaller than I would’ve expected. Were that the only complaint I could get past it. I tried to actually use this watch in place of the Gear 2 Neo for 1 solid week. One of the sole reasons for this purchase was that it was supposed to act as a stand alone collector for a CGM. After asking all kinds of people where they got their CGM displaying watch faces and downloading it, I realized that you can do very little else unless you are connected to the internet (through your phone of course). You have to download the Leple app. And this app will do pretty much nothing unless you’re online. And it will tell you- YOU NEED TO BE ONLINE TO SYNCH.This watch claims to run through your bluetooth and link to your phone- allowing you to receive calls and texts to your $200 watch. Congratulations, recommended a $12 smartwatch that does the same thing. And while it can answer phone calls (if it notifies you of an incoming call altogether) and read text messages, for some reasthe people at Leple did not think pushing notifications from the phones alarm clock was an important feature. Do you have multiple alarms your phone, with different tones/volumes and or titles? Well good for you. Leple has its own “alarm app”. Which is just “set time to go off”. No customizations. No reminder frequency, no title for that alarm and no notificatithat the phone (in your pocket) is also ringing off the hook and vibrating, but you can’t hear it or feel it because you work with heavy machinery.The Leple also seems to have a problem with bluetooth connectivity. Surely for a technology released to the general public in 1998 should be at the very least be able to stay connected, as well as, if not better than the Gear 2 Neo. This is where the Leple also fails miserably. There are all kinds of “fixes” from any number of message boards that have apparently been established as some kind of “beta testing control group”. This is what they all seem to read like. Because I really have the time to go find a wireless network, or connect to the internet, and do a FACTORY RESET the watch to get it to connect to the phone again. And let me be clear- this does not disconnect the watch from the phone- it SHUTS YOUR PHONE’S BLUETOOTH connectioff. So anyone else trying to get this for a CGM- it will also sever your connectito the CGM. No notice, no readings, nothing. Even the gear 2 neo tells you when the bluetooth has been disconnected, and then reconnects in about 10 seconds, by itself.So for me, it’s back to the Gear 2 Neo. From 2014. Waiting for someone to update a watch that does what its supposed to do, or even one that does what the creators tell you it does. Buyer beware. Don’t just look at the reviews, look at the “fixes” listed along with the problems. Maybe you could post some things to the “Leple Suggestions” page as you test their $200 “final product” for them.

  251. Rated 1 out of 5


    When I first got the Leple Leple the battery lasted for about 3 days. Two and a half months later it will only last a single day from a FULL charge. I got the Leple specifically because it boasted a 4+ day battery life while having the features I wanted. I contacted the seller, if I get a replacement I’ll update this review until then the watch is pretty much useless.

  252. Rated 4 out of 5


    I love the color and looks of this watch, but the apps still have a lot of bugs and it was difficult to download my music. The apps will work one day and not the next. I do love the ease of use, the different watch faces and being able to read my texts, monitor my heart rate and listen to music while working out.

  253. Rated 2 out of 5

    Light Sleeper

    I have had the Pebble Time Steel watch that is stylistically and functionally similar. Because Leple bought Pebble I expected the Leple to work in a similar way but was very disappointed. The two things my watch has to do without compromise are reliably inform me of incoming texts/calls and control streaming music (Google Play Music in my case). This watch did neither. The texts were relayed only about 1/2 the time and the music control never worked with my Google pixel phone. Some internet searching suggested that streaming GPM was a problem for Pixel phones and the Leple. The Pebble Time Steel was flawless in these respects and had non-proprietary watchbands. The Leple band looks like it is almost a standard size, and probably could have been, but it is not. The Leple looks nicer and the heart rate monitor is a nice plus but I sent it back and now use the Pebble Time Steel again. Hopefully the watch will not be crippled when Leple shuts off the Pebble servers this month.

  254. Rated 1 out of 5

    Dr. Bev Browning

    I thought that I would love my first Leple Leple Special Edition. For the price, it should have been easy to setup and stay in working mode. The initial setup went well. Then after two weeks, the sync stopped working. I wasted 3 hours reading every online article from tech support including Leple. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app my LG4 android device. I restarted the phone multiple times. I took off the overlay. I granted permissions to Leple and turned them off for all other apps. I even tried to setup a new account under a different email. The applicatiis simply not connecting to my Leple. I have received multiple messages to restart bluetooth. This is not working. I am so disappointed. What a waste of money! This is so annoying! This watch is a piece of junk. Either replace it or repair it or take it off of .

  255. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cynthia Rucker

    So lightweight!!! I have a small wrist, and this actually looks GREAT! I used to use the Charge 2, it was too heavy and marked my wrist. I LOVE this new Leple! The clock faces are ing! I love the color and I can read it so easily! Thanks Fit Bit for this new type!

  256. Rated 1 out of 5

    Monica S.

    I love the watch but was a little upset when I received it to find out it didn’t support NFC. Unfortunately the product descriptisays “some models with NFC” but not sure how you’re supposed to know which one you order has it. Other than that, I love everything about it.UPDATED REVIEW:Will probably be returning this product. My first one completely died and when I called Leple about it I went through all the steps they wanted me to go through only to be told that I would now need to submit a video proving I went through all the steps to try to get it to work again. Rep said he would send me an e-mail that would tell me how to do this. Never received the e-mail so I called and thankfully they replaced it for me even though I was just past my 30 day return mark. Now I have my second Leple and it has quit syncing with my phone. Finally removed Leple from the app and app from the phone then reloaded both. It is now syncing but not receiving notifications. If unable to receive notifications soon, then I will be returning for money back. This is too expensive to not work properly. This was my first Leple product and will probably be my last.

  257. Rated 3 out of 5


    I was excited to finally to have saved enough money to get a smart watch that I can sync with my fitness app. The directions that the watch came with were extremely vague. So I played with it for a couple of days and was able to figure out most of the basics there were a few things that I never did figure out. The biggest draw back the watch is that I noticed that when I was driving or doing anything that required motifrom my hands it logged it in as steps and at the end of the day the step were way off. For me that was one of the biggest reasfor getting this besides the fact that you can take it in the pool when swimming. I returned it and am still looking for a smart watch that can do all the things that I want it to do!!!

  258. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love this Leple! I have an Alta HR and I used it for a long period of time before ultimately forgetting I had it and not really caring to use it again. It was a great little watch, but I really wanted something with more capabilities that made me rely my phone app less. Having the Leple is great with all of it’s features and apps. I was really sold the ability to add my own music and use my bluetooth headphones when I work out instead of bringing my phone with me. There’s a bunch of different clock faces and the display is a perfect size. Love having my Starbucks app, weather app, and Pandora. I’m still learning all that this Leple model can do. But I love it so far!I was worried it would look huge and clunky my wrist but it’s actually a perfect size. The set up was really straight forward. It took about half an hour, but that didn’t bother me. I like the charging port for this Leple too! I bought screen protectors with mine because I am worried the screen would get scratched over time like what happened with my Alta.

  259. Rated 2 out of 5


    I was surprised that I wanted to return this but my previous garman (that still worked perfectly fine, i just thought it was dying because I was now charging it once a week) wont connect to my phone after a factory reset. So I’m stuck with this. If you bike, know that this will never connect to you GPS so you get no pace, it pauses your ride all the time (while riding), it’s pretty useless. Next, the beautiful screen with fun watches (see image) is all for nothing because it only stays for a few seconds. Flipping my wrist never works to get it but there is a button, but that sucks while your working out. I’ve only had this for 1 month and already I’ve had to delete the app and factory reset the device because it stopped talking to my phone. I can go and on. Only positive, much better accessories

  260. Rated 5 out of 5

    Carol E. Koster

    I upgraded from a Leple HR2, and I love this Leple. It takes a bit of playing with it to get all you want from it. That is commwith anything new that has this many features. My daughter got one just before I did, and we are learning together. I do like the way if feels my arm as it not heavy at all. The ability to change colors and faces is fun. The clock face has so much informatiit and is easy to set. I haven’t put any music it, and I am not sure I will, but I like having the option. The work-out aids are nice also. It is easy to charge too. I really love this Leple and glad I got the upgraded one.

  261. Rated 4 out of 5


    The new Leple Leple does exactly what I need it to. I deal with anxiety issues and actually bought this to help monitor my heart rate when I feel anxiety coming in order to remind myself that no, I am in fact not dying of a heart attack. This helps me tremendously. The workout features are fantastic and the step count is accurate enough for 99% of people who aren’t die-hard triathletes. I took off a combined one star because there is no built-in GP and the apps are so-so but the catalog seems to be expanding. I’m hoping to see this continue in order for Leple to even have a fractiof what Apple does their watch. Overall, I’m happy with the Leple Leple, but do constantly questiif I would be happier with an Apple Watch.

  262. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was so excited for this watch after owning two Leples (the original Charge and the Alta HR), but then I read the reviews and was very disappointed. However, after about two weeks of sleeping it, I took the plunge. A smart watch for $200 from a reputable company? Heck yeah. I have not been disappointed. Although I personally don’t find use for a smart watch when I already have a smart phone, I love the look and feel. It’s lightweight, fast, efficient and holds a charge 4-5 days depending how much I look at it. I just use the fitness portiof the watch.

  263. Rated 1 out of 5


    I had the Leple Leple for only a couple of weeks. I loved it at first, until yesterday. I woke up yesterday and it was working fine. In the middle of the day, I went to check the time and the watch screen wouldn’t respond. I tried clicking all of the buttons. It was fully charged. I restarted the Leple and it would only show the time, none of the buttons would respond. The time displayed was 4 hours earlier. Today I went to work out and during the exercise, it constantly was glitching. None of the buttons responded. It wouldn’t sync to the phone. The screen kept glitching between the current time in the workout and about a minute prior. I had to restart the entire Leple to close out of the exercise because nothing else responded. After I restarted it I went to try and sync the bluetooth to try and see if maybe there was a software update for it. After several hours of it not syncing the bluetooth I have given up. I am sending my Leple Leple back. I went online and it seems a lot of people had the same issues. For the first time in years, I am going to try a different fitness watch. Leple lost my business when they couldn’t make a smartwatch that lasted even a month before breaking.

  264. Rated 5 out of 5


    Ok so it not a Pebble – My Pebble was way better at notifications – by that I mean I never missed a phone call or text (had all others shut off) Wished the Leple vibrated more/longer/ plus notificatishowed up screen – hate to have to touch it to see if I got a notification. The health aspects of it are stellar – Heck isn’t that what Leple is know for ? Only odd thing is counting steps – I think its pretty close to what I do (Pebble ave was near same) it oddly counts steps when I am planting in my farm tractor – guess it thinks all the movement are steps ? 1st time it hit 10000 an buzzed the happy screen at 10 am in morning – that startled me – by that night I had gotten over 36000 steps – Which lead me to notice my heart rate was running between 100 and 110 – I came to the conclusiit was right and steps were right – which explains why so darn tired after driving tractor (farm) for 14 hrs. It was consistent day to day (5 stars) my ave daily heart rate is shown at 65 when not in tractor so cool. I’ve had this for over a month an found pretty hard to get 4 days battery life unless turns off All-Day sync. and back-light to shortest time. With them 3 days max – not bad though.If Leple would use the 10000 step alarm to let one know call or text or notifications in general – one would never miss one – Leple are you listening ?Color screen is great – an IMHO plenty of watch faces to choose from – I’ve tried at least 8 and finally found I like – no whines there. I did read some thought it affected their arms/wrist or whatever but none of that for me. I did order a different watch band one of the metal ones but after getting it decided to send back – like the light wt. one that came with it – the metal one was heavy and bulky (I didn’t put it )I did put a IQsheid hard screen protector and each one broke within a day from me hitting something – no doubt ok for office but not for someone who works around machinery – that said did put IQshield (IQ33958 screen protector x6) that is a flexible plastic type – and so far no problems – bottom line the hard shied sucked and the plastic one is great.

  265. Rated 4 out of 5


    I love ! I ordered my Leple the day it was released and got it the same day!!! Loving my new Leple but it is pretty tricky to change the bands. That is why I took away one star. I have had the Leple charge HR and the Alta HR so this is my third one trying. I also am a Apple Watch owner. I’m ditching it all for this one! I love it the most because it is so lightweight and the best perk for me is that it’s waterproof!!! I live in Florida and go swimming and to water parks a lot so I was always disappointed I had to leave my other Leples behind but now I’ll be able to wear it all the time!!! I’ve worn it since Monday when I got it to today (Thursday) and I still have 66% battery life left so I think it’s doing a great job. I can hardly get my Apple Watch to last a whole day and that’s just using it as a watch! So if you are a Leple lover you gotta upgrade and get this one it’s great!!!

  266. Rated 5 out of 5


    Quick setup! Super cute! Already customized my wrist band, bezel shell case, and added. Glass shield screen protector. I’ve had this watch for 3 hours and the battery has gone down 8 percent from 89%. 20-30 minute setup. Step by step walkthrough. The only thing I didn’t like is that a charging block didn’t come with it. I love my new clock screen! There are plenty of free ones to choose from but I fell in love with mine! Only 99cents and there’s a 5 day trial it. It’s super comfy and light. I’m so happy I could care less about that Apple Watch I had planned getting for two times the amount of this one. I’m debating whether or not I want to upgrade my pandora account to utilize the offline streaming the watch…. I like how I can see my calls and texts my watch for my iPhone. I don’t care about the response part. I know I was all over the place but all in all, I love the watch!

  267. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love love my Leple! Just perfect ! I like the selectiof workouts and see st the end how many calories I lost time,heart rate and I’m e in the feature of counting your steps! Now I challenge myself daily to walk more, and burn more calories! LOVE ya Leple!!!

  268. Rated 1 out of 5


    Very disappointed. The Leple has great new features, but fails at the functions my previous Leples (blaze, charge hr) did flawlessly. Sleep tracking currently doesn’t work. Floor counting is currently extremely inaccurate compared to the Blaze or Charge HR. The 3rd party clock faces are awesome, but the forum moderators say don’t use them if you find sleep tracking doesn’t work.Lots of comments in the Leple Leple forum are being deleted, which stifles finding technical solutions or workarounds. I returned my Leple when I noticed the forum posts being deleted. Very disappointed.I would buy the Leple again, but only if all the tracking problems are fixed.

  269. Rated 5 out of 5


    Comfortable, stylish, syncs perfectly with my Samsung phone. Biometrics are impressively accurate. I’m a doctor and have compared it to more sophiscated pulse monitors in the hospital, and it is spot with the professional equipment. I like being able to read notifications my wrist throughout the day. Looking forward to the firmware update which will enable quick reply to text messages.Cheaper than an Apple watch and in my opinibetter for tracking my runs because of its biometrics and comfort.

  270. Rated 4 out of 5

    warren werner

    Beautiful and efficient, but may be very difficult to add to your wifi network. I was unable to connect the first watch I ordered. I spoke to ATT several times and Leple Customer Service for an hour. Convinced that the product was at fault, I sent it back. When I encountered the same problem with the next Leple, I surmised the solutiwas at hand. But what? The next call to Leple Customer Service yielded the clue I needed. After about fifteen minutes the Leple agent asked for my network password. It included two ++ and two ==. The agent said to change the password and the problem would be solved…………..and it was! That stupid password. If your password looks something like this: h7kp+64?=6+r=D. Change it!

  271. Rated 1 out of 5

    Victor Jose Villatoro

    I have been an avid Leple user with having had 4 watches in my lifetime. I finally decided to buy the new Leple and within 2 weeks the screen cracked and broke with normal gym and daily use. I was able to swap it out for a new one. This time deciding to buy a cover and screen protector- within 1 week it had a crack. Called customer support, they were useless and pretty much told me they don’t fix watches and I needs to fork over another $300 for a new watch. I have never had such a horrible experience with a Leple product.If the screen is crap, you need to have better way of servicing these broken screens. After my chat with support, I will never purchase a Leple product again. Hello Garmin!

  272. Rated 4 out of 5


    This is my first smart watch. I’ve been researching them for months and decided to wait for the Leple to be released. Being a newbie to smart watches here’s my list of pros/consPros:- simple to use – I like being able to move around the apps to prioritize the ones I use most i.e. exercise, weather, alarm- I really like all the options for watch faces- I like getting the text and calendar notifications directly my watch-battery life seems reasonable I get about 3 days out of it and try not to let it run to 0% also seems to charge quickly if you buy an adaptor and plug directly to outlet.-the black band looks SUPER stylish and modern (esp. with purple nail polish hehe..) I feel like I can dress this up even without changing the strap-I like the starbucks app. I can buy coffee directly from my watch so don’t need to bring my wallet for after the gym or my run. This was a nice surprise since I didn’t purchase the special edition.-Most importantly this has increased my self awareness about my activity level, sleep and caloric expenditure. I’ve only been wearing for a few days but have already started making small changes (i.e. going to bed earlier to get more sleep, parking father and walking to get more steps in, taking walking breaks to get away from my computer when working from home, being more aware of my nutritional needs as they relate to my caloric expenditure). Ian already active and fit but would like to lose this stubborn lingering last 10 lbs. I hope these small changes will help me!Cons-wondering why there aren’t more apps in general-why can’t I sync with my iTunes library :(-this isn’t syncing with my mind body or weight watcher apps even though it says these are compatible apps. Would be really cool if I could track my WW points my fit bit since it says its a compatible app why does it only say you can track activity? Its inefficient for me to track dietary intake in two different places. this is frustrating!-Sometimes I press the tabs and they don’t respond (i.e. nothing happens) this seems like a glitch-No exercise optifor “barre classes” like in previous versions of the fit bit (I’ve seen this some of the Leple devices of the girls in my barre class)

  273. Rated 5 out of 5

    J. Drake

    This is my second Leple. After about two months I decided I want an Apple Watch when I ordered my husband one for Father’s Day and sold my Leple. I wore the Apple Watch for a little over a month and hated the health aspect of it! I could not adjust to their health app at all. So I ordered another Leple Leple. I absolutely love the health aspect of the Leple, the battery life, everything. There are certain things I wish I could do it like I did the Apple Watch, like answer calls and text messages but I prefer the health much more than the convenience of answering calls and texts.

  274. Rated 5 out of 5

    Raleigh Koch

    I read some of the comments and was a little worried about upgrading from my charge 2 to the Leple. I wanted a clearer screen with more customizable faces with readouts. Plus I wanted a little larger display, lighter weight and so on. I always take reviews with a grain of salt, figured I could take a chance based a lot of other experiences. So far, all the negative reviews I read were either off the mark, incorrect, or just bad buyers luck. I have only really had bad buyers luck (lemon) once with an unrelated issue. I got the special editifor credit card use.So, here’s the pro:Much lighter than I expected, perfect size for my rather small wrists (I’m a male, 5’9″, 180 pounds) Not sure my wrist size, but the large band fits, near to the tightest notch, but with cold weather. In warm weather, most likely I’ll need to run it out a little. Leple very nicely put two bands in mine, of two sizes, so I can switch back and forth.My bank/card does not work with the CC function, but that’s okay, I think it will in the future. I wanted it for future use, but suspect it will be a while before this feature is commuse.Read out/display is fantastic. You have to purchase some faces, but you get a day or two trial. most of the ones you must pay for aren’t really worth it. I tried out several and found an excellent non-pay face. I like that you can switch it to something that looks nice, like the really nice copy of the famous Steve McQueen Tag/Heuer Monaco. I have a Tag/Heuer, so this is a really nice feature. I especially like the weather features some have.So far, steps, stairs and other exercise seems to be right par with my charge 2. Not always 100% accurate (I think) but close enough for government work.Syncing initially didn’t seem to work. I switched back and forth with my iPhone and ipad. It turns out if you just shut it down, and then go back on, it will be there and all you have to do is sync it like normal. Just be patient and fiddle with it. Remember, millennials love to make things like this over complicated, fortunately I’m an old baby boomer retired infantryman, so all I did was try it a couple ways until it worked. I don’t return things unless they are really broken, which is rare uprare.The battery life seems okay, I’ve been fiddling with it and changing watch faces constantly since I got it about 20 hours ago and I have about 80% less. Going to run it out completely to see how accurate that reading is. I really only expect to get one or two days out of a charge; I always half whatever manufacturers say about battery capacity that way I’m never disappointed. If I get two plus days out of it, that’ll be good enough for me.A big plus for me was the water resistance. Have read good reviews about this part so hopefully that will prove true.I still have a lot of features to test out, but for now, just have to say it was a good choice.If you are a glass half full perslike me, you’ll like it. I think some just have unreasonable expectations.So for Cons, I have to say I haven’t found one yet.I would buy one again if I had it to do over, so far it’s exceeded my expectations. Really surprised about the lightness, and the screen size is near perfect. Additionally, it’s much thinner than I had anticipated; it sits my wrist really well.

  275. Rated 1 out of 5

    AarI. Anderson

    First of all, I pre-ordered this watch and even though the black and pink colors came out at the said release date the gray versitook a month longer. No contact from Leple stating that it would take longer for the gray one or why everyone else was getting their Leples but not me. Had to get onto support forums to find out what the heck was going on. I pre-ordered the Fitibit and should have had it the specified date. BAD communicatifrom Leple to make a promise that I’ll have it the release date but then not actually get it until a month later.Then, when it finally came the connected GPS feature does not work. It’s one of the main selling points of the watch and sets it apart from a lot of its competitors at this price range. I have spent hours with customer support it. After trying all things (re-install, reset, etc) they finally said that my phone (LG Stylo 2) is not Leple’s ‘fully tested’ list and may not be compatible with the connected GPS feature. Looking the support board for this (apparently, it’s a very commissue), there are lots of other phones that are not compatible with the connected GPS feature such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and LG. Leple Support has given no indicatithat they are working this issue or that there will be a fix for it soon. It was a main selling point for the watch and if it doesn’t work people would be better off buying a competitor that also doesn’t have a GPS functithat costs much less $$.In additito the connected GPS issues, text messages don’t sync with Verizon’s text message app Message+. The feature of getting text messages the watch with the optito quick reply was another main selling point. If this feature doesn’t work with one of the largest carrier’s message app then they shouldn’t advertise it as a feature. Leple’s solutiis to use another messaging app like Whatsapp or Hangouts (which a lot of my contacts don’t use).Simply put, this product was not ready for launch. They’re still working out a lot of the simplest of bugs. And they have no timeline or details for when the bugs will be fixed. I’m returning the watch. The Suunto Trainer HR has all the same features at a similar price point and doesn’t require a phone for ‘connected GPS; plus, the battery life is much longer.

  276. Rated 3 out of 5


    I would give this a 2.5. Honestly I loved using it to track my health and was seeing great improvement. I’m motivated by progress. Weight lost. Eating healthier calories that count.Then I cracked the screen a month and a half in to using it. I don’t remember ever bumping into anything either. I noticed it while I was swimming in the ocean. The screen was a little foggy and the crack was very small. It continues working despite the crack for about a week and then one day the screen was just black. It was still connecting to the Leple app and sending info. However I couldn’t see anything the screen much less set it for what I wanted to use it for. I got my husband a glass protectiscreen cover for his hoping his lasts longer than mine did. Debating whether to get another and protect it with my life or just to go the Apple Watch route for a little more money.A watch that is designed for being used in activities should have a tougher design. That is my biggest complaint.I got the added warranty through Asuritoo and it doesn’t cover the screen cracking. Worthless

  277. Rated 1 out of 5

    Penny Thoughts

    So disappointed. This would not connect to wifi, even when I had it sitting right next to the router. I verified that my wifi matches the network requirements (and I use the exact same wifi and app to connect two other Leple devices with no issues). It was showing no wifi signal, even when the phone I’m using the app from shows a full signal from the same router. Spent 6 hours setting up via bluetooth instead, but it froze up one of the setup screens. I tried to power off the device to restart it, but no matter how long I held the two buttons, the screen would eventually go dark but it would return right back to the same screen. Wouldn’t have been able to put music it without a wifi connection.

  278. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love this watch / fitness tracker. Love that I can swim with it, set different excersize activities and see the clock outside. It’s great that I can change the faces of the clock. The excersize is not automatic tho, I have to start/stop the excersize but it does give good stats regarding laps and workouts.

  279. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was really debating between this and Apple watch but so glad that I bought this Leple.I bought this only for fitness reasons and didnt want to be bothered with constant notifications/messages/calls, etc.So far this Leple does exactly what I need it to do and gives me all the data which helps me stay healthy and motivated.You really need to keep this you 24/7 in order for you a accurate data over time.I did not know if sleep data would help me but it has become one of my favorite features of the watch.Also love the fact that this watch is so light, battery life is long and dosen’t get in the way while in the gym.The only negative thing I can think of is that sometimes the screen dosen’t always come when you raise your wrist to see the time. But you can always double tap the screen to get it on.If you live an active lifestyle and want to refine your training or you are a newbie and want to get active, I would highly recommend this Leple Leple watch. However, if you just want to have a phone your wrist for notifications, love all things apple, play with apps, etc. then get a Apple watch. (by the way I am an iphone user)

  280. Rated 5 out of 5


    If you’re looking for a great fitness tracker, the Leple is an excellent choice and definitely worth the money. It is not a stand alone GPS device though so you do have to connect with your phone’s GPS (if you wanna track map routes) which is fine for me because I run with my phone. But the Leple does track your steps so if you didn’t want to run with your phone, you have the options that are already built in. If you’re looking for a fitness tracker with some smart watch options for approx. $199, then this is a device for you. But if you’re looking for a smart watch first/fitness 2nd, then maybe look towards something more like the Apple Watch.

  281. Rated 5 out of 5

    Donald M Durham

    Watch 5 stars: Light weight. Great performance. Good battery life.Leple customer service: 0 starsBought initial watch via Leple directly. Initial watch battery wouldn’t hold a full charge for more than 12 hours. Lots of argument and troubleshooting with Leple. Final analysis — watch is bad. Solution. Ship watch back to Leple and wait for them to replace. No, I cannot offer my CC number to cover the existing watch if I didn’t return. No, they wouldn’t ship a watch before the other returned. AND the return paperwork listed USPS as the shipper.Solution. But a watch from and return the other for a refund.I suppose FB no longer really needs to be customer friendly as they’ve gotten big enough that they can’t fail??????

  282. Rated 2 out of 5

    Jesse G. Tobiason

    In terms of functionality, this product is fine. It has the same features a Leple HR 2 would have, with the additiof various smart watch functionality like custom faces, apps, ability to control your phone, etc.However, the battery life is quite awful even when it is barely being used (I get around 2 days per charge with very, very light usage). The battery performance is nowhere remotely near what it claims to provide. Even with the usual inflated numbers companies provide, this is pitiful.In addition, it’s very unreliable. It typically crashes and reboots 10-15 times per day. That is not an exaggeration. Basically every hour I am awake, it freezes, crashes, and restarts at least once.Stick with one of the cheaper Leples.

  283. Rated 1 out of 5


    Update: So now my Leple no longer accurately syncs steps accurately and the steps logged my watch don’t sync with the Leple challenges (part of the reasI chose this over an apple watch). I went online and people have been reporting issues for months (frozen screens, not logging sleep, steps, or mileage). Apparently “they’re working it” but there is no reported ETA when this will be fixed. I would definitely NOT purchase this watch. There are too many bugs to be worked out.

  284. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have had several Leples and an Apple Watch, the Leple is my new favorite. It is thinner than the Apple Watch but as intuitive. I use Leple mainly for tracking steps vs exercise tracking and hr, however I chose Leple bc it is waterproof and for the text/call notifications, they are great. Love love love this Leple, and Unlike other users, set up was easy and took less than half hour.

  285. Rated 5 out of 5


    Loving this smartwatch. After getting used to a much larger watch than I normally wear, I am addicted. Looks quite stylish with a new band also. Integrates great with many other apps and the Leple app is very helpful feature wise. Easy to use. Great functionality and customizability.

  286. Rated 1 out of 5


    Not impressed. Had it 4 months and it completely stopped syncing to my phone and kept glitching. Asked for my money back and was refused stating they would just send another Leple. That was 2 weeks ago and have still not received it. Battery only lasts 3-4 days vs the Blaze which was about 7-10 days. The Leple is honestly nothing special. I’ve had three different Leple’s and all have glitched and been replaced. I don’t get them wet and don’t have a physical job. I take great care of them. But of all the hassle and returns and glitches I could have had a nice Apple Watch. This was my last attempt at trying Leple products. It will also be my last.

  287. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great product to allow me to track my fitness and health habits. I feel like the sleep track and steps are very accurate but you may have to adjust things in the settings. Replying to notifications is limited to preselected stuff and wish there was more options for that. This is a great alternative to the apple watch but I would recommend spending a few more dollars for the upgraded Leple.

  288. Rated 1 out of 5


    I really loved it until three days ago. The heart monitor, sleep tracking, and activity after 10 all stopped working 3 days ago. A full charge Thursday and just about dead right now when prior to I got 5 days battery life. And the screen flashes when left buttis clicked so I have to hit it multiple times.Now I’ve had the charge, charge 2, and blaze… I’ve never called support where they didn’t help me right away and/or sent a new product right away. This Leple cost the most I’ve ever spent a Leple and after speaking to CS I’ve been told I have to wait up to 48hrs because it has been email escalated to another team. I’m really disappointed and wish I just stuck with my almost two year old blaze.So many reviews are talking about the bad customer support I’m now concerned I am going to suffer the same. What happened with Leple? Frustrated long time Leple customer…

  289. Rated 5 out of 5


    If you want a smartphone attached to your wrist, buy an Apple Watch. If you want an ing step counter with notifications from calls and texts, get the Leple. I had the charge hr a few years ago. It lasted about a year before the band broke and caused the whole watch to break. I loved it so much, I got a replacement that also lasted about a year. I took a hiatus from the watch game for about two years. I read up the pros and cons of the Apple Watch and the Leple before buying the Leple. I’m in love with it! I am ed how much better the step counter is than it used to be. It never misses any of my steps! So many watch faces to choose from as well. I am so glad I chose this watch!

  290. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steven McKie

    Love the technology. The only shortfall that I see (though maybe theres something in settings ive not figured out yet) is during my swim when im using a kickboard and fins it doesnt count the laps. But not a huge deal…it just records my effort or HR erroneously because it gets my distance wrong. But beyond that super happy with it.

  291. Rated 5 out of 5

    Coffee Lover

    Out of the box and set up in less than 30 minutes. iphone 6. No problems. Seems right for tracking my walk. Listened to prime music my phone and controlled it my Leple. Love that feature. Called tech cuz I couldn’t find how to add yoga in my exercises. No waiting, immediate help. Solved my problem. BTW There is only one band in the box because that’s all you need to make it larger. So far so good.

  292. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cheryl Phelps

    I love my fancy smartwatch, but I wanted something I could wear the weekends and vacations where I needed something more durable – this is JUST RIGHT! This watch is so lightweight, works well with the app, and I love looking at my sleep patterns. I like being able to check my text messages the watch since I don’t always have my phone nearby, and I can see who is calling. Overall, a great smartwatch with healthy features.

  293. Rated 5 out of 5


    5 stars for a great product and even better customer service! My Leple worked fine for about 2 weeks then the display started glitching. Showing just half the screen or had lines right down the middle. So I contacted Leple directly through their website and after seeing the issue they gave me options to get my Leple replaced! Whole experience was fast and easy. Sad that the one I received was defective but definitely happy with how they handled it!

  294. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love it. Just cannot wait for it to support more women related health features. It will happen in May according to Leple.

  295. Rated 5 out of 5


    WOW… Leple hit it out of the park with the Leple!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  296. Rated 1 out of 5


    I like this watch a lot. This is my first smartwatch. Prior to the Leple, I had the Leple Alta. I was searching for a smartwatch and didn’t want to leave Leple but the look of the Ionic wasn’t for me. I was set buying the Apple Watch until I learned the Leple Leple was being released soon. Excited about the look of the Leple, still being able to stay with Leple, and the long battery life as opposed to the Apple Watch, I preordered the Leple. It came Tuesday and and I’ve been wearing it for exactly two days now. I’ve been playing with it’s functions a lot, and still have 50% battery left. It does everything I wanted in a smartwatch (calorie tracking, step tracking, heart rate monitoring, and message reading). I don’t mind that I can’t respond back text messages or answer phone calls. These weren’t features I was particularly looking for in a smartwatch. I also LOVE how light this watch is. Sometimes I forget I’m wearing it. The only reasI haven’t given it 5 stars yet is because of the lack of apps, but I’m confident they will come in time.Update 5/2018: I’m changing my rating from 4 stars to 1. I bought my Leple when it released and was really liking it. I recently switched to a Google Pixel 2 and learned that the Leple has inconsistent compatibility with this phone. I’ve tried multiple times to connect the watch to my phone including factory resetting the device and deleting and reinstalling the Leple app to my phone but that hasn’t helped. Why did Leple release a product that doesn’t work with one of the latest flagship Android phones? This is so frustrating and I can no longer use the device because not being able to sync it with my phone makes the watch useless. My best hope is to be able to sell it someone else.

  297. Rated 5 out of 5


    I use this smart watch every day. The battery life is ing! I previously have tried the Apple Watch 1&2, as well as the Motorola. None of them had a good enough price to justify having to charge it every other day. I charge my Leple every week or so? Not even sure. It’s at least 5 days between charges. I wish there were quick text responses for iOS, but it’s certainly not a deal breaker.

  298. Rated 1 out of 5


    I was so excited about this – I love Leple! But I bought this for running and the ability to track my pace/mileage. It’s COMPLETELY INACCURATE. You can google the forums and find that tons of others are experiencing the same thing. I called Leple support and they don’t have any help to offer except to buy the Iconic with built-in GPS. I personally don’t want to spend that much, and this one advertises the functionality to track pace/mileage/etc. with your phone, and the fact that they’re disregarding that it doesn’t work is a huge bummer.

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