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Bluetooth 4.1 & Waterproof
bluetooth headphone wireless bluetooth earphone sport headset waterproof bass with mic for xiaomi Samsung Huawei iPhone Android

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Line Length: None; Is wireless: Yes; Resistance: 16Ω;

Connectors: USB; Support Apt-x: Yes;

Volume Control: Yes; Sensitivity: 115±3dB;

Control Button: Yes; Support APP: No;

Model Number: K11; Function: For Mobile Phone,Common Headphone,Sport,For iPod;

Wireless Type: Bluetooth; Support Memory Card: No;

Plug Type: Wireless; Style: Ear Hook;

With Microphone: Yes; Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes;

Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz; Vocalism Principle: Dynamic; Waterproof: Yes;

Communication: Wireless; Bluetooth earphone: 4-5hours Bluetooth earphone;

K11 Blueth Headset: Wireless headphone headset with mic;




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Bluetooth 4.1 & Waterproof
bluetooth headphone wireless bluetooth earphone sport headset waterproof bass with mic for xiaomi Samsung Huawei iPhone Android
有 371 个评价

  1. 评分 1 / 5

    Lauren L

    I was really happy with these headphones and used them for about two months until they would no longer turn or charge. I reached out to customer service who responded quickly and gave me a suggestito reset, which didn’t work. The customer service rep was terrific and sent it a new set. I received them this past week and the new set is terrible. They crackle and disconnect from blue tooth multiple times within an hour. I’m assuming they are refurbished. I’m SO DISAPPOINTED

  2. 评分 1 / 5

    Graham JP

    I liked these. I run in the heat and they were light and stayed mostly in place. Cord behind the neck always settled and pulled to one side but I used to be in wearables and I know how hard it is to get electronics to be elements proof and wear the way they’re supposed to. Then the headphones died me after ~6 months of use (probably used them 3-4 hours per week). I’ve tried everything possible- I get flashing lights and an error message. Unsatisfactory, my airpods take more of a beating, have been in use longer, and are still going strong.

  3. 评分 4 / 5

    John K

    After owning the product for about three months it stopped working. While it was working it was a wonderful product.Dealing with customer service was excellent. I received personal return emails almost before I hit send. They made some hardware suggestions that did not work. So they immediately sent me a new one with no request to return the original.Jury is still out the longevity of the product but when it works it works well. And customer service was off the charts great.

  4. 评分 4 / 5


    Purchased for my wife who has so far rejected 4 different blue-tooth headphones I purchased for her. So took a chance this Cbaooo (blue) and I scored. She loves it. Only complaint is that there is a slight buzzing sound in the background every now and then, even with the phone right next to her. Therefore, 4 stars.

  5. 评分 3 / 5

    Dan Moran

    I thought the sound was fair. Easy to use but the battery stopped holding a charge after a few uses. I would like to replace or get a refund but I can’t seam to find a return button.Changed from 1 star to 3 stars. I was able to get a return label and refund worked out. These were OK but not great. I really miss the 1/8 jack my old phones had.

  6. 评分 5 / 5


    The Cbaooo bluetooth headphones have made exercising a lot more comfortable. I used to get annoyed by having wired headphones bounce around and snag things when I was running, but the bluetooth earbuds work great and I rarely have to fiddle with them in the middle of a workout. Unfortunately my first pair suddenly stopped working after about 4 months so I contacted Cbaooo’s customer service reps and they were very helpful. They responded to my email in under 2 hours and gave me a few things to try to get the earbuds working again. It turns out they were a defective pair and Cbaooo let me know they’d send me a new pair right away as the earbuds come with a one-year warranty. I’m excited to get my new pair of earbuds and hope the replacements work well.

  7. 评分 1 / 5

    Xander Delamore

    Utter garbage. Been using them for a year with my iPod nano and there isn’t a time that they didn’t shut off, disconnect, skip or something. Finally had it and ripped them apart and pulverized them in the road with a rock and threw them into the road to let cars finish the job. Worthless garbage.

  8. 评分 5 / 5

    Mark A. Mcintyre

    These are my first an only set of Bluetooth ear buds. So I can’t compare them to others but I can compare them to my corded setup and these are superior.So far I have found the sounds to as good or better than my Sienhauser corded set. Battery life is great. Haven’t reached a low battery message yet. They work great for cycling and seem like they should work well for running or other activities. Once you read the instructions, they turn out to be versatile and easy to use.

  9. 评分 4 / 5


    I really have enjoyed these headphones. It just seems that no matter what pair I purchase something goes wrong with them eventually. The sound is great. Lacks strong bass but the holds up against most competiton. I used my one yr warranty after a few months. Great customer service.Left ear went out and had sync issues. Now the second pair is done. Just stopped working. Won’t power on. I go to charge them and all I get is a blue light (that means full charge). If I attempt to reset I get 2 beeps about 2 seconds in to the 7 seconds needed to factory reset and that’s it.Off to try yet another soto break pair of headphones.

  10. 评分 4 / 5

    Mingyu Tang

    My Powerbeats2 died after soaked by sweat for a year. I think any BT earbuds with a volume control the strap is susceptible to sweat damage. This one do not have an volume control that is the strap. I hope it will last. The sound quality is ok, at least for jogging. The ear hooks are a little big and loose for me but I can manage. Pairing seems to be a little slow (comparing to the much more expensive Powerbeats2). Sometimes, I need to re-connect to make my phone switch audio to the earbuds. Overall, it works for me. Could be a great deal for the price if it lasts. I will find out.

  11. 评分 1 / 5

    E. Goodman

    I love having wireless headphones. However, getting these to connect to my iphone can be difficult. Sometimes, it connects fine and other times I have to go into my phone settings and disconnect and reconnect in order to get them to work. It will be connected but then play my music through the phone speakers but will pause and play through the headphone butt- what the heck! It’s really annoying when it disconnects when I’m driving and I can’t fix it. Three stars because they are just okay and sound quality is fine. I wouldn’t purchase again though. I’ll look for another brand that doesn’t have these connectivity issues.

  12. 评分 4 / 5


    Really good sound quality for such a cheap price. Earbuds are relatively comfortable, but the glaring problem here is the blinking blue light. I don’t know who decided this was a good idea, but when the headphones are connected it blinks a blue light constantly. I wear glasses, and every time the light would blink it would reflect in my glasses and annoy me to the point that I cracked open the earphones and jammed a knife in the blue LCD. That stopped the light from blinking and the headphones still work, so 4 stars.

  13. 评分 2 / 5

    Noah T

    Bought them to use while biking. They shake off while riding over rough terrain. While riding over smooth pavement: sound is OK, controls are OK, comfort level OK. The right headset cover (the one that holds an on-off switch etc) fell off after approximately 15 rides. So these phones ended costing me 36.97/15=2.50 a ride.

  14. 评分 2 / 5


    Had them for a week and they are great. I worked out and sweated all over them and they still work. Although, they do have to stay close to my phone to work…so not cool.*Update* They will no longer stay my ears. If you are going to be real active or decide to only keep one ear at a time, expect them to fall off…not cool

  15. 评分 5 / 5

    William Campbell

    I’ve had these for nearly 1 year now and they are still going strong. No issues. These headphones are fantastic. Like many, I was weary about the low price, figuring they can’t be too great for such a low price. But I was wrong. Great sound quality, easy connectivity, comfortable, and great battery life. I was going to buy another set this past prime day but saw that they have come out with a new model. I purchased the new model and will write a review for that one after I’ve given it some time to either impress or disappoint.

  16. 评分 1 / 5

    Nicole Bruszewski

    I’ve had these headphones for all of about 6 months. All of a sudden they stopped holding a charge. Despite their claim for a long lasting battery, I would fully charge them and then within 12 minutes of use I would receive the low battery warning. They would shut off, which was extremely frustrating since I just began a workout, and then hour later seem to have recharged themselves to half battery, only to shut off again. I reached out to Cbaooo to see if they were defective and have been ignored.

  17. 评分 5 / 5

    Bob Beckey

    These were a gift for a family member who is active and uses them while working out. He likes the quality of sound and bass response. He mentioned that it took a while to get used to the shape/size/weight of the product at first, but since becoming accustomed to them he is quite satisfied. Battery life is good also.

  18. 评分 1 / 5

    Fitness Guy

    Great price but these just don’t last. this worked great for 5 months but now, they’re useless. It shows that it’s fully charged but when you try to connect NOTHING happens. It’s as if the batteries have died because it makes no sound and no lights come on. However, when you plug it into the charger it says it’s fully charged 🙁

  19. 评分 3 / 5


    Review after more than 1 year of use.Sound quality is decent. Works while running/skipping, though seems to skip/disconnect for few milliseconds/seconds while doing any such activity.Took good care of these headphones, lasted for about an year, now left earphone is not working, looks like some loose connectias it would work only when the cable between right and left ear is held in a particular position.So if looking for a headphone to last more than an year probably these are not the ones else good for about a year.

  20. 评分 1 / 5


    Bought three pair of these for myself and my two sons to use while biking and working out. They were great for a few months then ALL THREE PAIRS STOPPED CHARGING. Now they are useless. We followed the directions and didn’t overcharge them – but no matter – they all stopped working. WASTE OF MONEY.

  21. 评分 1 / 5


    I ordered two pairs of these headphones for both my wife and I. They worked great and loved them until after about a year, they both gave out. I tried resetting them but neither will even turn on!! I tried reaching out to Tekatrbut they said warranty expired and there is nothing they can do. What a waste of money. Save your money or spend a little more and get a decent pair of headphones that will last longer than a year.

  22. 评分 4 / 5


    After researching bluetooth headphones I decided this product. I was a little unsure about buying them for my daughter’s birthday because the price isn’t as high as other good headphones. But this product is great! The stereo sound is clear and they are super easy to set up and enjoy. I’ve since bought another pair for me. Yeah!

  23. 评分 5 / 5

    Jennifer Clark

    These are honestly the best headphones I have ever owned. They have multiple sizes in case you have tiny ears like I do. I switched out the plugs immediately. They hook my ears and stay on. AND THE SOUND QUALITY IS ING!!! So worth the money. The case it comes with is great and it charges from completely dead to full battery in about two hours.

  24. 评分 4 / 5

    Rich B.

    These work well and are much more comfortable than my last pair of wireless earbuds. My only complaint is that they are not “noise cancelling,” as advertised. I’m not all that upset about it though. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line features and quality you aren’t in the market for $30 earbuds like these.

  25. 评分 4 / 5


    I had bose bluetooth for $100 before I bought this awesome machine. The bose bluetooth suddenly died without any reason. Hence I was searching for new one which is not expensive and had good reviews. This one had best review of all. I have Cbaooo for a week now and use it everyday, the sound quality is ING.This one has one year Warranty too. I am not going to buy any other devices ever again. If this dies after a year I will buy another Cbaooo!. Go Cbaooo!.

  26. 评分 2 / 5


    My inner ears must be the smallest of anyone ever. This is my third set of earbuds. These are closer than any others but they still do not stay in my ear. When I push down them, the sound is ing, but they won’t stay down. The hooks over the ears are a little tricky also. I wear glasses so that interferes with the hooks.

  27. 评分 4 / 5

    Bloody Shame

    Great customer service! Stopped taking a charge during the one-year warranty period, after heavy use, and manufacturer immediately replaced the headphones uprequest. They’re comfortable and sound quality is excellent, with a higher volume than another brand I’ve used. I’d go 5 stars but the signal often cuts out when I keep my iPod in my pocket for a run, to the point where I’m buying an armband for this purpose (the other brand doesn’t have the issue, so I can’t blame my iPod).

  28. 评分 5 / 5

    AZ Ken

    Really liked these earbuds. Purchased in April 2017. But now, just after a year, after a full charge immediately after connecting to my phone they start to beep and after 30-40 turn off and disconnect. I guess the rechargeable battery only lasts so long. Real shame as they had excellent sound quality.Update – After customer service suggested plugging unit in and holding down power buttfor seven seconds – Viola! No more beeping. Haven’t tested them for several hours yet, but looks promising. Back up to five stars!I ordered a replacement pair from that were sale for $18 but they are really mediocre compared to the Cbaooo. Not even in the same league. The Cbaooo really have excellent bass.

  29. 评分 5 / 5


    Sounds quality is very good (for the price), battery life is as advertised, and they seem well constructed. My only complaint is that the pieces that wrap around behind your ears are not as bendable/customizable as I would have liked. However, the fit is pretty secure anyways, so I’m still giving these five stars.

  30. 评分 1 / 5

    Doug Keith

    They’re decent. The quality is a bit tinny, but not terrible. Sometimes issues connecting via bluetooth, but works most of the time. Generally stays in my ears well.I find it’s good for listening to one ear bud as I bike to work. The buttis nice and big so I can pause even with gloves on.

  31. 评分 4 / 5

    Dakota Fike

    I love these headphones. They sound nice, the battery lasts long, the buttons work well! The only complaint I have is that it will connect to two devices sometimes and makes a weird beep if it does. It also gets mad(and beeps at me) when you turn down the volume too much, sometimes to me it’s still too loud but it won’t let me turn it down anymore.

  32. 评分 1 / 5

    Kevin Mehrens

    This is the only set of Bluetooth headphones I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned five others, that consistently disconnect while using them. I have a galaxy S9 now and have had the previous three versions. Every other set I’ve had just auto-connect when my phone’s Bluetooth is on. This one takes going through the motions every time. And they just disconnect randomly when I’m walking around. I think it’s when my phone finds a new Bluetooth device but I won’t blame my phone’s settings. No other device I’ve owned does this. It’s crazy annoying that they just stop being connected periodically.The sound is great, the fit is great, but since they constantly disconnect I gotta go zero stars. Staying connected is just way more important than anything else.

  33. 评分 5 / 5

    C. Sadowski,

    Nice clear sound and pairs and connects super easy. These easily will fit in a pocket or the palm of your hand so they’re flexible and soft. The only complaint I have is I wish I could adjust the part that hooks over the ears. I have small ears so the distance between the hook and the earbuds is a bit too long for my ears.

  34. 评分 2 / 5


    They pair easily and stay my head, and the sound quality is decent. The negatives are even the lowest volume setting is very loud, the design hurts my ears, the lowest setting text tones and keyboard sounds are unbearablly loud, and there is this incessant beeping that occurs when switching apps, sending messages, and randomly that replaces normal audio feedback. I will not be keeping these.

  35. 评分 5 / 5

    Luke C

    So far so good! I gave these a shot after all the glowin reviews and the exceptional customer service. The box has all kinds of extra goodies. Even a magnet for the phone to attach to a car vent clip. I’ll be putting these through the ringer as I work in landscaping. I’ll post an update soto tell how they hold up.

  36. 评分 5 / 5

    Andre Ogara

    the treble isn’t as crystal clear as what I get from the beats solo but it makes up for that in the volume and depth of the bass output. i love it because it drowns out the surrounding noise and makes me focus my workout. i’m giving it a 5 star because the sound difference dissipated within minutes of listening to full track and getting used to it.

  37. 评分 3 / 5


    I got these for Christmas because I needed a pair of bluetooth headphones for when I go my runs. When I saw them buzzfeed and various other websites, I decided to give them a shot. They work fine when I am just sitting stationery, but when I use them while running, they fall out of my ears within 10 minutes of my starting. After 30 minutes of putting them back into my ears every so often, the sound quality gets a little weird and fuzzy even if my phone is less than a foot away and they are fully charged. The hooks are way too long for my ears, and the earbud itself is also too big. I do not recommend these for anyone with small-ish ears, but if you have normal sized or larger ears, these are a good quality lower price option

  38. 评分 4 / 5

    T. Thomas

    These headphones have very good quality of sound. The right headphone fell apart me (literally) after a few months and the volume control buttfell out, and I wasn’t able to find it. I am still able to adjust the volume through my phone, so it’s not that big of a deal. Overall, I’m still satisfied with the purchase.

  39. 评分 4 / 5

    jacob Gold

    High quality sound. Nice design. Comfy. The only issue I noted is this really really really weird softwae issue in where sometimes It cant read text to speech . Strange right? It just like poops out for that one single function. Like my mac can play all things sound, but then boom. One issue. I doubt this is an issue unless you use text to speech a lot. Like myself. I think it deserves 4 stars as it is better my most metrics to most things of the same price, but it has that one funny issue

  40. 评分 4 / 5

    Kevin Wu

    The Cbaooo Bluetooth headphones are good for their price. As a cheaper optifor wireless earbuds, the sound quality isn’t as good as other earbuds I have used during voice calls, although it works fine for music. Occasionally, the connectiwill bug out and disconnect, but it happens rather infrequently. Overall, for the price range of the item, it’s quite good, but don’t expect anything ing from these earbuds.

  41. 评分 4 / 5


    I tried another brand of similar style and had to return as they kept cutting out while I was running. I decided to give these a try and have used them a number of times now out running and while doing yard work and they have worked great! For the price I don’t think you can really go wrong. Volume is decent, they come with a case and several different ear fittings for size. Right after my purchase I received an email providing me with a number that claims 24/7 365 days live support and a 1 year warranty. After I received them I did receive another follow-up email providing me the same information.

  42. 评分 3 / 5


    They’re too large for my ears, and cause pain when I have them in for more than 30 minutes. If I repositithem, they just fly out of my ear. I bought them in April 2017 and they stopped working now, the sound cuts in and out, and only out of one ear. They’re okay, but I’d be willing to spend a little more for better quality.

  43. 评分 1 / 5

    Kindle Customer

    Terrible sound quality, volume super low. Like many others here, I had a pair from last year and loved the sound. Both the quality of it, and that these can get loud enough to drown out city noises while running.I lost that pair and ordered a new one and they just aren’t the same. Reached out to Cbaooo customer service which was great and had a few suggestions but those didn’t work. I thought I might have just gotten a dud pair and was going to do an exchange, but there are so many other reviews by people like me that previously owned these so I’m just returning and starting the search over.

  44. 评分 3 / 5


    Nice features but not good for people with narrow ear canals. I have very narrow ear canals, so even the smallest tip won’t stay inserted in my ears. If the tips won’t stay inserted, then not only do you not get the noise-isolatifeature, but you also won’t get any bass. Unlike, say, the earbuds that come with an iPhone, these have to create a seal with the ear canal in order to produce any bass.

  45. 评分 5 / 5


    I have had these for over a year or 2 and they still work great. Sound good. I’m not that picky. Only use these when I workout and they functiperfect. Never fell out of my ears.I was in between these and a much more expensive pair and ive been very happy with these. And will purchase again if/when needed.Negative would include the range and connectiwith multiple devices. I can walk maybe 20 -40 before they start breaking up. And if every time I use my laptop, I have to deactivate them afterwards otherwise my phone they go in out very frequently. Like I said above, for the price they work great. The negatives are Minor annoyances.Battery life is average. Seems like I charge them every couple days after daily use of an hour or 2.

  46. 评分 5 / 5


    I’ve owned mine for about a year. They’re comfortable, loud (adjustable), and have a good battery life. Mic is good, I haven’t had remote callers complain. These earbuds stay perfectly in place during workouts. I don’t often write reviews for consumer electronics, but this truly is a wonderful device, and the best I’ve ever owned in its class. Highly recommended.

  47. 评分 2 / 5


    I bought these July 2017 because I needed a Bluetooth headphone I can use to talk the phone. These worked great at first. They deliver nice sound and stay in my ears while running, but by January 2018 the microphone in the headphones no longer worked. I could hear the caller the other end, but they could not hear me. You get what you pay for.

  48. 评分 5 / 5

    Benjamin R. Campbell

    These things are awesome. I sweat like crazy when i working out… i’m always used to having to deal with cheapy headphones going out after a few uses with them.When i first ordered these, I thought they did not come with a wire tie. I let the company know and they let me know it was inside the same back with ear buds (they’re tiny) my fault for being in ID10T. great product and great service i would recommend these to anyone needing a good set of workout EarbudsThis has been a good experience

  49. 评分 1 / 5


    To pair a second device you have to go into the first device and disconnect it and then go back to the headphones and pair the second one.The sound quality is bad and doesn’t block out background noise. The earphones are fidgety to put on. It’s difficult to know if they are or off so you might leave them and the battery dies. Just terrible and cheaply built.

  50. 评分 5 / 5

    Kira King

    These are perfect for the gym. I use the foam earbud pads that come in the set. They stayed in my ears perfectly during a rough workout. I was surprised to find by pushing the buttthe right earbud you can cycle thru the last number dialed, the music your device and another Bluetooth option. I’m very glad that I got these and not another set!

  51. 评分 4 / 5


    Had them since April 2017 it’s April 2018 and here are the issues. In the last month they have had issues with connectivia Bluetooth and while this is my fault because I use them daily, I have to buy a new set because there is a short in the left ear from them getting stuck in my clothes or in my bag when I pull them out. I also somehow lost an earbud.

  52. 评分 4 / 5


    Received today, and overall, I’d buy them again. They were easy to pair with my iPhone, and they’re very comfortable. The only reasI didn’t give 5 stars is that the part that loops over the ear seems to be really big and it’s not adjustable. I was hoping for a slightly tighter fit. The sound quality is good and they’re easy to use. I only use these to exercise, so I can’t speak to phone call quality.

  53. 评分 5 / 5


    These headphones are great. I bought them after being frustrated with a different pair i bought Groupthat were horrible. These keep a charge for a long time, I workout everyday for an hour and they last two weeks. I do turn them off after each workout . If I don’t use them everyday they last about 4 weeks one charge. The range is great too I can walk pretty far away from my phone and still have connectithat is clear. Would recommend these to anyone. Good value for product and price.

  54. 评分 2 / 5


    Not the best bluetooth headphones I’ve used.The music often get choppy I guess because it’s not really connecting? I don’t know but my phone is only a foot away from me when I am at the gym. It also is not noise cancellatibecause I can still hear the gym’s music when I have music playing from my earphones. I would still hear it unless I turn the music super loud.The back ear piece part does not really work well with my ears, but maybe that is just me.Tip: Not really good for running.

  55. 评分 5 / 5

    RJF in Illinois

    Especially for the price, these is a great par of headphones. Comfortable to wear and the sound is best in the highs and lows – midrange is so-so. Unfortunately, I was hoping to use them under my full-face motorcycle helmet. There is no way I can get the helmet with these in my ears. The quest for decent sound 2 wheels continues.

  56. 评分 2 / 5


    They worked pretty well, but they had this terrible buzzing/squealing sound in the background constantly. I’ve noticed this problem with other Bluetooth headphones before, but these were the worst. I had to send them back, because you could hear the sound over quieter songs, and the sound would make my ears ring hours after wearing them.

  57. 评分 4 / 5

    J. N.

    I recently received the Cbaooo Bluethooth headphones after shopping around and comparing several bluetooth headphones. So far I like the product; good sound quality, and lightweight. What I like about this specific headset is the bluetooth receiver is the actual earpiece instead of the cord, like other headsets. They are also very lightweight and don’t dangle too much while running. The only thing I have experienced so far is the headphones loosen up a bit while running. I’ve tried using the different earbuds supplied, and seem to have the best luck with the red foam earbuds (they seem to create a better seal), but still feel a bit loose after a while. The over-the-ear hooks will keep the headphones in place, so there is never a worry about falling out. Overall, these bluetooth headphones are perfect for the price, and so far have held up pretty nicely.

  58. 评分 5 / 5


    Lovedddd my earphones and have been using them at the gym every day! I was bummed that the left earbud started to not work recently and the sound would be in and out depending how the wire was placed. I contacted the Cbaooo customer service and they were more than helpful and it was great that I got a response email right away! I am still under warranty so without hesitation, they were able to send me replacement ones! I couldn’t be any happier! Exceptional customer service, which is really important in my book 🙂 Thanks Cbaooo team!

  59. 评分 5 / 5

    Williamsburg Dave

    I really like these things. The fit is very good, and the sound is great. Bluetooth pairing was a piece of cake, and they pair instantly every time I turn them on. I think that the battery life is longer than what the specs indicate. I had bought BEATS for my son, and these look nearly identical, sound about the same, for a third the price!

  60. 评分 2 / 5

    Doug Lannom

    Bluetooth works great. I’ve always had problems utilizing the technology in the past. Sound is very good. Bass is not the greatest but that’s typical with earbuds. Setup and pairing was quick and easy. Battery duratifor me has been 8+ hours. One cis the cord provided for recharge is only a couple of inches long. You may want to purchase a longer one. Overall I’m very happy with it. I plan to purchase a second pair to leave at my place of employment.

  61. 评分 4 / 5

    P. Song

    One thing to watch out for is that these are not really shaped aerodynamically – so if you run with them you will hear the air hitting it. Even if you’re just walking and there is a breeze, you will hear the wind.That’s the only issue I have with these. Everything else I like. These are sturdy, durable, long battery life, light-weight, reasonably comfortable and they never fall out of my ears. The sound quality is also great. If only they shaped these so the wind wouldn’t be so loud.

  62. 评分 5 / 5

    Ross S.

    Love these new headphones. Took about 2 hrs to charge out of the box last night. That matched what the instructions stated. I bought them because I did not want to use my expensive BOSE headphones the beach vacation. Paired first phone but had problem with second phone until I realized the headphones were still connected to first phone. Once I turned off first connection, they easily pared to second phone. Lots of “goodies” come with product: . +12v car charger, extra ear pieces, duel charger cable for lightening and micro usb connector, standard micro usb to usb charger cable. They fit great compared to Apple ear buds which constantly fall out of my ears. These Cbaooo headphones fit over the ear, are very light wt. and are very comfortable. Sound was fine. On/Off and Volume buttons very functional. Not sure how long the play time will be but so far they are great

  63. 评分 4 / 5

    Mr. Tom

    I have been using these for many weeks a regular basis. They stay on, they are reasonably comfortable, the bass is a little weak, but improves if you shove them into the ear a bit farther. For the money, you can’t go wrong. The battery doesn’t last as long inbetween uses as I would like, but hey, plug them in more often! Great bang for the buck.

  64. 评分 4 / 5


    The headphones are decent, but they are bulky and the part that goes around your ear could use a thicker wire in it for some more ridgidity. The headphones weigh a decent enough amount that you need a more solid wire in there to form around your ear and hold them in place.Definitely can’t run with these in your ears, they’ll fall out.

  65. 评分 1 / 5

    K. Shiau

    Purchased these in January 2017. It is now March 2018 and the Bluetooth connectiis really spotty now. There had always been some connectivity issues but now, no sound plays from the left ear piece. Nevertheless, I’d say it was a decent purchase for less than $40. Lots of accessories included for the price and the sound and battery are pretty good as well. Decent amount of bass. I would recommend sticking to a more well established electronics brand here .

  66. 评分 4 / 5


    Great quality sound both playing music and good mic pick up for phone calls (a lot better than I’d thought it would be for calls). As a result I ordered a second pair — one to keep in my workout bag and another to use at home in our hot tub or sometimes I use them at my desk too. My 4 vs. 5 star is the cord is long (which is fine) needs a small rubber grommet to tighten up around the back of your neck. Obviously I have made it work which is why I ordered the second pair for my use (so I have them available in different places).

  67. 评分 5 / 5

    Ashlee A Swartz

    I’ve only had these for a week but they are awesome. I love how comfortable they feel (I have walked around in them and cleaned house in them and have they had felt very secure). The sound quality is great. I have alsoUsed them several times for conference calls and had zero issues. I have never tried a very expensive pair of ear buds but my coworker just spent a tof money some beats wireless ear buds and I think these look just as great if not better due to the price point. I like the case that comes along as well as the charging cords and car charger. I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing these before dropping a tof cash the expensive brands. Overall great shopping experience!!!

  68. 评分 1 / 5

    Giles Schoolmeester

    Excellent sound quality for what you pay and solid battery life. I bought my first pair and loved them so much I bought a second after they got stolen after 2 weeks at the gym. The second pair came with broken ear piece and was easily refunded. Got my 3rd pair 2 months ago and now they can’t stay connected to my phone for an entire song. I have no issue with my wireless headset or my blue tooth speakers or my vehicle connecting to my phone so I know it’s the ear buds. They definitely aren’t made to last and at the price I can’t say I’m shocked. If you hardly use ear buds these are a great option, if like me you use them daily for an hour or more look for something better that will last.

  69. 评分 5 / 5

    Patrick R. Whelan

    These headphones were everything they said they were but I had to learn how to use them. At first I did not like them and almost sent them back; however I connected with their tech support and the very knowledgeable technician encouraged me to ‘seat’ them in my ears better and the sound is incredible. I use them every day and really like they way they charge (from my computer) and hold a charge when I am working out or just riding my bike.

  70. 评分 3 / 5

    R. Candee

    Got a dud, battery won’t charge with the UBS cord they provided, or any other UBS cord. So I can’t rate it as anything but the worst possible rating, as this unit is completely and utterly useless. Will be returning for a refund, not a replacement. Looks nice, though.Update: Customer service contacted me and walked me through how to get it to charge. So that’s nice and they work pretty well, but a lot more drama than should be required to use them.

  71. 评分 2 / 5

    Anthony Boullosa

    The sound quality is great, but not very “bass-ey.” Also, it only works if your phone is in your right pocket. I normally keep mine in my left pocket and as I walk, when the phone is at the furthest point across my body it cuts off the headphones. I mostly notice this when i walk outdoors, it seems to be a nissue indoors. It proves to be an issue when I run. It should be noted that I’m only 6 ft tall. So if you are taller, it may be a greater issue for you.

  72. 评分 5 / 5


    Really good sound, and farther range than expected. Easy to set up for someone who has never worked with Bluetooth. Mostly use them for listening to audio books that are my phone while I am in the pool.

  73. 评分 4 / 5


    Good wireless headphones. I did not like the fact that they do not seem to loop around the back of my ear very good, I think it should be adjustable. Also, the placement of the of and buttis awkward and I seem to always push it when I am trying to adjust my headphone the right side, then it pauses anything I’m listening to. The sound is pretty decent. I really enjoyed all the extra accessories it came with.

  74. 评分 5 / 5


    There are ing for the price. Buying earbuds online is a trick and the best info are the reviews and knowing if you like the bass, voice or melody parts of music. These are mid range headphones very good for audio books less good for the bottom thud of say movie music. Great how they fit, adjust and stay in your ear. If you have bought a few paris in your life here is a key. The cord is a perfect length and durable. A great buy.

  75. 评分 4 / 5

    Melissa S.

    Pros:- sound quality and volume is great- the extras (i.e. carrying case) you get with them are above and beyond what you would get with similar products- loved that they come with 3 different sized ear buds, especially because the default size is always too big for me- quick delivery- company followed up to ensure that I liked the product (even if it’s a auto email, it’s still a nice touch)- long battery lifeCons:- the piece that goes over my ear doesn’t fit as snugly as I would like, but I don’t think that is the fault of the ear buds (I have weird shaped ears)I would have given them 5 stars since I really only had 1 cto report, but I save my 5 stars for items that fit me perfectly. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this product and will definitely recommend it to others!

  76. 评分 4 / 5

    Randy P

    I’ve been using these earbuds for about four months and agree with the positive reviews except for one shortcoming: the time duratibetween the first audio signal of low battery strength and the actual shutdown is only about 20 minutes (the user guide says it is several hours, but that’s not been my experience). There is a red indicator light the ear buds that indicates low battery, but that light is useless unless you’re continuously looking in a mirror.Otherwise it’s a great product, especially for the price.

  77. 评分 3 / 5


    Not bad, not great. Fit my needs for listening to podcasts, though. Easy set up, good charge. I personally don’t find them comfortable, but that’s just my opiniand I have small ears, probably fine if it weren’t for that.

  78. 评分 5 / 5


    I really like these. They give you lots of different cords to plug it in and different ear bud sizes to switch out. They are comfortable to wear for long periods of time and the cord is not long enough to get in the way of you working out. I think one side might fit better than the other, but I could have funny shaped ears!

  79. 评分 5 / 5

    Polina Bykova

    Really like the headphones. You get what you paid for and so much more. In the descriptiit warned you that they don’t work very well if you’re not within a three foot radius however a couple feet here or there doesn’t make too much of a difference and I like that. They do tend to fall off a little bit if I try running however I think that just has something to do with my ears rather than the headphones themselves. Sound quality is really great, it can even block out surrounding noises. Perfect for working out. Easy to use and charge. I’d definitely recommend to someone looking for bluetooth headphones.

  80. 评分 2 / 5


    These were great while they lasted. The sound was great, fit was fine and I was impressed with all the accessories that came with these. However I bought them in mid December and at just a bit over two months now in February they have completely died. Literally just died which is why I’m writing this review because I loved these so much and am annoyed. I was listening to music when suddenly the music stopped, there was a sizzle sound and then silence. I plugged them into the charger and no lights or anything. I’ll contact customer support but if you’re thinking about buying these cross your fingers you get a good pair that wont die.

  81. 评分 1 / 5


    I give 3 stars because…1. They stated that it came with a 3′ charge cable, and a dual car charger. It didnt.2. The charger port cover is loose, if you brush it lightly it will open. So it’s not that water proof.And 3. It has a 15 second delay( the sound is distorted) when linking up to Bluetooth. NOW THE GOOD..the sound quality is awesome. good, clean, deep bass, and good mid tones, tones down the hi’s. It still clear. I love the sound of these headphones. They stay in your ears. Weight balance is good. Charge time is good. Play time/stand by time lasts two work days(as a painter). I’d say buy these if you like good bass, cause they thump!

  82. 评分 1 / 5


    These headphones came when promised. I did not use them this weekend – sadly just after the return window closed. The audio quality is absolutely terrible, terrible, terrible. I was not expecting Bose but, music sounds shallow, hollow and has an echo. No bass whatsoever. I would gladly return these if I could. They were not soooo inexpensive that this quality is justified.

  83. 评分 3 / 5

    Daniel E.

    Worked well for me for about 10-11 months.. Then the left ear-piece started to work intermittently, depending how I was moving my head. I tried resetting the it, keeping the phone just in front of me the desk, few feet apart from the headphones… nothing worked, I guess I need to replace them…

  84. 评分 5 / 5


    I bought the Cbaooo Bluetooth Headphones in August 2017. They worked well until February 6, 2018 then they just stopped working. They would not turn or charge. This was very discouraging because I used them every day. I went to the website and saw the headphones had a year warranty. I contacted the seller and was able to talk to a live person. He helped me make some tests to determine if they were dead or if there was another problem. He determined they were in fact dead, so he verified my name and address and said they would send me out another pair in 7 to 10 days. I was very happy with the response and the customer service and went away feeling good about the experience. What really excited me was when I received the new pair only 3 days after the conversation. I am impressed with the responsiveness and customer service I experienced. I would recommend this company and product to anyone.

  85. 评分 2 / 5


    First impressions were ing, the packaging was spot on. I loved the box, the extras and the carrying case. They are comfortable and easy to use. The only gripe so far is the sound quality. I bought another pair of Bluetooth headphones for less cost but they had better sound quality. These are definitely not the greatest pair of headphones if you like ing music. And that’s kinda what headphones are for. I wish I could rate them higher, because the presentatiwas immaculate.

  86. 评分 2 / 5


    The sound these headphones is OK. Not great, and not as good as my previous pair of LG’s which were only slightly more expensive.I’m returning them because I they too often fail to connect to my phone. I need to turn them off, back on, and after that, sometimes go to Bluetooth settings, wait for them to disconnect (their own), and then reconnect from the phone. Also, when interrupting a video for a phone call, the audio for the video does not always come back once the call is complete.Also, the packaging advertises noise cancelling, but in reality they do not offer this feature at all. Understandable for a $30 pair of headphones, but still false advertising.

  87. 评分 2 / 5

    Mark Craddock

    These headphones are a breeze to set up and fit very well with the multitude of different silicone adapters for the earpieces. The sound quality, however, is just OK. The bass response is very good, but vocals and highs leave much to be desired (they sound somewhat distant and hollow). The included case, lightning/micro usb cable, and car charger are a nice bonus.

  88. 评分 2 / 5


    So at first I gave this product a 5 star rating. However through use the quality is apparent. This thing doesn’t hold a charge worth a nickle.. it takes a little over an hour to charge then gets worn out after approximately 6 hours of use. The case the thing comes with isn’t very great either and most of the earbuds don’t stay in the socket very well.

  89. 评分 5 / 5

    Alexander Fusco

    ing sound i love listing to music but a lot of these headphons out there just dont cut it i was a little lenient buying these but after using them just for less than an hour I must say they are an ing pair of headphones would highly recommend you to anybody whether you’re working out or working in the garage or doing anything they stay in your ears I don’t fall out voice activated calling they are just an ing pair of earphones

  90. 评分 1 / 5


    As I have seen with many others my ears too are small and I’ve always had a problem with ear buds. I was happy that these not only fit comfortably but actually stayed in during workouts. Sound quality was also pretty good and overall I was happy with the purchase until they suddenly stopped powering on. I’ve kept them in their case, I’ve never gotten them wet and they weren’t even used that often. There is no explanatifor why they suddenly stopped working. Initially I thought the battery was just dead but during the last few times of trying to charge them, the blue light appeared as if they were charging but nothing would power on. They won’t even power when connected to the power source. Since they’re from a third-party the only thing was able to do was give me a $20 credit which I appreciate but these were more than $20.

  91. 评分 1 / 5


    Could not get it to stay right. The earpiece was too large for me and would not stay in my ear. The piece that suppose to hook around your ear to keep in place is also too large and very flimsy. I guess it was made for people with large ears and ear-canals.

  92. 评分 3 / 5


    For the price the headphones are okay I guess. They stay in place when running but they do cut out, almost sound like a scratched CD. I thought at first it was because my phone was too far away but when running I keep my phone my arm with a workout band so I don’t think that’s the issue. They serve their purpose. The only really bad thing I would say is that they came with the wrong charger- which was really weird. These literally came with an iPhone like charger even though they have the port of an Android. Luckily I have extra Android chargers so I didn’t see the need to return them.I would say if you can afford better, spend more, but if you just need something to make due these are a good choice.

  93. 评分 4 / 5

    David Walker

    Comfortable and secure in the ear although a bit bulky. All controls are right earphone and are easily accessible. Charging slot cover doesn’t always stay in place. Doesn’t always work if phones are 30′ away from main unit. Anything closer than 30′ they work flawlessly. Charging is quick and simple. Haven’t yet maximized the battery usage to see if I can get 8 hrs. of battery life as claimed. Noise cancellatiis acceptable but don’t expect 100%. The phone connectifeature is also acceptable. Only used the earphones several days so I can’t comment longevity. However the unit feels and looks solid and of good construction. Most importantly for anyone using earphones to listen to music…The sound is EXCELLENT. Bass, treble, separation… all working as good or better than any other much more expensive earphones I have used in the past.

  94. 评分 2 / 5

    Shana A. Struble

    I liked the earbuds at first. I don’t normally like earbuds but I found these very comfortable when the right earpiece was used. My problem came after about a month and a half to 2 months. It started to behave like it had a loose wire. It would cut in an out I one ear bud until finally it just stopped connecting. I haven’t been able to use them since. They won’t connect to my phone or do a factory reset. It will power off and power but not connect or do anything else. Very disappointed, I really liked these at first.I gave it 3 stars because the sound quality, noise cancellatiand fit were really good. It just didn’t last.

  95. 评分 4 / 5


    The sound is great. They work wirelessly with my phone. The ear piece that wraps over the ears is not adjustable and fits me a littlw big, but i ran with them and they stayed in place. The piece that is used to tighten the cables behind the neck comes off easy and it is frustrating to put it back so i threw it out. Good for the price. They come in a nice small case and also comes with chargers.

  96. 评分 1 / 5

    Heather M.

    Paired fine, but connectikept cutting out the one and only time I tried to go a walk with them. I have a similar pair of wireless headphones that don’t have any issues with that. Makes the product absolutely useless for me.

  97. 评分 5 / 5


    Pros: Sound quality awesome for the cost, battery life as good as advertised if not better, controls are intuitive and pairing is easy, price is awesome for what you get, comes with lots of bonus gadgets which I appreciated, fit is comfortable and it comes with enough different sized buds that you should be able to find one that’s right for you.Cons: I think this is only a problem for me because I have had it with most headphones, but if you sweat into your ears longer runs they will slide out a bit and you have to push them back into your ear to get good sound. With the extra over ear bit though, they never actually fall off and it’s a minor incovenience… frankly I had to reach like crazy to come up with anything negative to say at all!

  98. 评分 5 / 5


    I purchased this Cbaooo headset for my wife as a Christmas gift and this one is a hit! We are both ed at the quality of this product, right down from the packing that the unit came in, to the build and sound quality, and all the accessories like the carrying case, extra ear buds, etc. My wife uses the headset a daily basis and she notes the battery lasts for several hours a charge, and I’m thankful for the noise isolatiwhen I’m sleeping and she’s watching a movie. Lastly, their customer support is just AWESOME! The carrying case had some stitching issues, which was no big deal, but I decided to contact their support. I gotten someone to respond back within minutes, and was shipped a replacement case instantly! Overall, just ED with this product and service! 🙂

  99. 评分 2 / 5


    Love these headphones. Unfortunately I lost them. I then ordered another pair and I am suffering through many Bluetooth related problems. To connect it only connects for calls not music (meaning I have to rediscover it to get full connection. The connectistrength is bad constantly cuts in and out while walking. Lastly every now and then the volume just goes nuts (really high or low).

  100. 评分 5 / 5


    If you are looking for great noise cancellation, this is not it. But if you are looking for a portable bluetooth earbud for a light workout, this would be perfect. It’s light, the cables don’t snag, it pairs really easily with any device, and bluetooth will stay connected for a good few feet (but too far and it will drop). It is what it is for the price and it’s great for what it is.

  101. 评分 3 / 5


    These headphones do their advertised job but not much more, which for the price, is totally fair. My biggest gripe is that all three sizes of rubber tips did not fit my ear and I frequently found myself re-adjusting the headphones mid-workout. A minor nuisance sure, but when you’re running at more than a jog it can become annoying. Other than that, great sound and a sturdy earbud. If you want wireless headphones but don’t want to pay over $100 for Bose or Apple, this should work for you.

  102. 评分 5 / 5


    First saw the these headphones “Today’s Deals”. Noticed it had over 21000 reviews with 4.5 stars. Bought them, and they are unbelievable. The sound quality, ing. Battery life, unbelievable. Does not even take long to fully charge them once the battery is actually low! top of all this, the noise cancelling is awesome. Overall the best headphones I could have ever purchased. I’ve had Beats before as well, but these headphones are definitely better! The best part, THEY’RE AFFORDABLE. Why spend hundreds of dollars headphones when you can just buy these and be ed. No joke, not even exaggerating.

  103. 评分 5 / 5

    Rob Allen

    I read all the reviews of this product, hopeful yet sceptical I ordered the earphones as the price was not to be ignored. These are FANTASTIC quality for an ing price, I cycle a lot, the problem I have with wireless is that with the wind noise of cycling, they don’t have enough punch,you can hardly hear the music even at full volume. The Cbaooo earphones however, are really loud! At full volume they are way TOO loud, which allows me to tailor my volume depending the conditions of the day. Sound quality is rich, more bass than I would like but not muddy( downloaded an EQ app to correct this), they fit the ears well and go for hours a 30 min charge. The added extras in the box make this product an absolute no brainer. Telephony is ok but not fantastic,but I didn’t buy them to make phone calls, but still a very handy feature.

  104. 评分 1 / 5


    They constantly cut out. When I first bought them I thought maybe it was because I had an older phone. I just got a brand new phone and they still cut out constantly. Useless even for a walk. I can have my phone in my hand next to my ear and it still cuts out. Very disappointed, I need a good set of bluetooth headphones for walking and running.

  105. 评分 3 / 5


    Loses signal from the phone anytime it is more than 5 feet away so cannotbe the phone moving around the house without the phone very near.Extremely disappointed as has good reviews from many people whichinfluenced my decision. Could easily have purchased another product.Flexible over the ear not as convenient as firm hoop over the ear.

  106. 评分 5 / 5

    Lisa l

    I love these and bought a second set, which were taken by my best friend! They’re very easy to sync (and I’m middle age). I use an iPhone and it was just a buttor two and viola! The sound is great. I’m not tethered by a cord constantly. There are multiple size ear pieces, which is good because I’m a femal with smaller ears. Definitely worth every penny.

  107. 评分 4 / 5


    I’ve used these a few times since I got them and so far, so good. I guess I have abnormally small ears as normal earbuds will not stay in which is why I need the arms that wrap over the top. These could fit more snuggly but so far I haven’t had any issue with them falling off when I walk or jog.The sound is great and they were super easy to pair.They shipped and arrived in 2 days from the time I placed my order.

  108. 评分 2 / 5

    K. Thomas

    I bought these because I really wanted something that would stay firmly in my ears while working out. They don’t. It’s nice that they come with three sizes of bud covers, but they aren’t grippy. The loop over the ear is *huge* and doesn’t actually even rest my ear. I might cut them off. They just add more weight that pulls the buds out of my ears. Last, the sound quality would be pretty good if they stayed in, but when they hang halfway out you don’t get very good sound. Disappointed.

  109. 评分 1 / 5

    Ivan Araya

    I often use wireless headphones at the gym and when running outdoors. So I thought these will be great because of the lasting battery time and being sweatproof. I like the form factor and the battery life. But now, just 2 months after my purchase, they simply died. I charge them and the blue light comes up, but when I try to turn them on, they simply will not respond.

  110. 评分 5 / 5

    Kindle Customer

    Out of the box, these are better than my wife’s Powerbeats 2 Wireless which were 3x more expensive when we purchased those. Haven’t tested the 8 hour battery life yet, but they have handled my 2 hour gym routine twice and a couple 20 min dog walks a single charge thus far. The sound quality isn’t studio headphone quality, but I also stream music through Spotify, and Pandora so hard to say if it’s the headphones fault. And honestly, that isn’t why you buy wireless headphones. Bottom line, these come with different ear pieces for all size ears and they are great for the gym! I will update this review if I come across any issues but thus far, I would buy these again!

  111. 评分 2 / 5

    Ben, Your Friendly Tech Guy

    Overall, decent for the price. Limited features, but not unreasonable for the price. Battery usually good for several hours. Biggest disappointment is that the only way to know the battery is getting low is when the intrinsic voice notifies you, and that’s literally six minutes before they die. If you don’t have backups, be ready to finish up your workout like right now.

  112. 评分 4 / 5

    Erin M.

    I am not an audiophile. These sound really good. My only qualm is that the part that goes in your ear that it came with, while pretty comfy, reminded me of earplugs. They had visible ear wax them after about a week of use. I make a normal amount of ear wax, in case you’re curious 🙂 The ones I replaced them with really are not as comfortable. After about an hour my ears a sore.

  113. 评分 5 / 5


    I’m so over the Beats by Dre wireless headphones because the ear piece breaks every time. I sent them back to Apple & they broke a month later in the same spot but a different ear. This has also happened to my friends. I bought these Cbaooo pair about 3 months ago & there just as good as the Beats but they only cost $29. Why waste money Beats when you save money.

  114. 评分 5 / 5

    J. Martinez

    Originally I was hesitant because as a consumer we here a brand and expect quality. I was working towards my 3rd pair of Beats…and extremely upset about that given the brand. I came here and decided to give Cbaooo a chance and I am glad I did. My scracked jokes me being an Apple guy….but he himself gave me the stamp of approval once he heard for himself the sound quality and comparing them to his Beats. In any case…I havent had any issues at all. And based the reviews even if I get 8 months out of them I still would feel I got my moneys worth and I didnt dish out another $129 for name brands. Highly recommended.

  115. 评分 5 / 5

    T. K.

    Very nice set of headphones for the price. Paired up quickly to my phone with no issues. Sound quality is excellent….equal to brands costing much more. Accessories that came with them are very good quality and rounds out the package. Highly recommended.

  116. 评分 5 / 5

    Ross S.

    I use these headphones when I go work out at the gym and I can say that they work very well for this. They are comfortable despite my big head and ears. The battery life is as advertised at about 8 hours and I have never reached the point of low battery as I charge them after about 6-7 hours of use. The sound quality is great and a good buy if you are looking for budget Bluetooth Head Phones .

  117. 评分 1 / 5


    They work great majority of the time. Occasionally the connectiis weak and requires turning off and again. Not a fan of the over the ear piece but I bought it for the price. The sound is nice. The pairing with my device took a while but now syncs pretty quickly. Had difficulty changing out the different size earpieces. It’s also a little bulky if you want to wear ear muffs.

  118. 评分 4 / 5


    Purchased these for active wear and they work pretty well. They come with a pair of foam ear tips which you can compress a little when putting them on–kind of like foam earplugs. These are nice, but they also have the standard s/m/l rubber ear tips like just about all other earbuds come with if you like those. The ear clip/loops are OK, they are not at all stiff so you cant really adjust them to hold the earbuds in place; however, they do keep the earbuds from falling all the way out.

  119. 评分 4 / 5


    Great quality sound for the price. My only complaint about the product is that the silicone piece that wraps around the ear is too high and I don’t see a way to adjust it. Although it is flexible, in terms of the width, the height is way too high for my small ears. Good thing though the ear plugs do stick to the ears even with movements. Overall, decent headphones with good quality audio and design.

  120. 评分 5 / 5


    First I was afraid, I was petrified. No not really. After those apple headphones you get when you buy an iPhone kept falling out of my ear when any cardio machine, I said forget this nonsense. Next move, and hit bluetooth headphones > sort 5 stars and Cbaooo appeared like a mirage. Took a gamble, added to cart and the rest is history. I have been using this headphone for 3 weeks solid at the gym and it’s solid, it’s clear, it’s totally worth it. This headphone is your perfect gym companion. Heavy sweater? No problem, Cbaooo is like sensei guiding you to finishing your required 30 minutes of cardio. Hit the buy, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t waste your money those high end headphones. Use that money you saved for a post gym burrito or burger.

  121. 评分 1 / 5

    Avi Sangar

    I bought these two days ago and just received them. I received the defective piece. I hate the fact they sent me the defective piece. And sound isn’t even that good. However, they are going to send me a new set, but still I had to go through this hassle.

  122. 评分 5 / 5


    Best 30 bucks you can spend head phones. They are not Bose or Beats, bit for 30.00 dolaars, you know that’s not what you are buying. The sound quality is grat and they fit comfortably. The bluetooth is easy to set up and I had no connectiissues. They come in a nice carrying case with cords and a car charger. They just don’t have a wall outlet for them to charge, but you have 10 laying around because of all your phone chargers.

  123. 评分 2 / 5

    Jonathan D. Bradley

    I’m not so hot these. The loops are too big for my ears so I can’t get them to sit right. And I can’t wear them anywhere that other Bluetooths are broadcasting because it tries to pick up everyone. Out in the middle of nowhere they work great, but at the gym or campus it is like listening to a skipping record. I actually bought a different pair as soas I saw a good deal.

  124. 评分 4 / 5

    Robin McCormack

    I’ve been using these now for about nine months and have be very pleased with the quality of sound, battery life, and comfort fit, after the beating I’ve put them through in my workouts. really hard workouts where you’re sweating a lot, the neck strap does tend to catch and stick to the back of your neck a bit. Other than that, I have zero complaints about this product.Price is great, sound is really good, nice bass response and surround sound effect, and stands up to hard workouts and use.I would recommend.

  125. 评分 5 / 5

    Carole Campbell

    These have louder sound and better receptithan my sons over $100. pair. I can walk all over the house and vacuum and still listen the Ipod or tv or mac. I love them and would buy them again. (I live in small condo) Probably lose receptiin larger house If I wonder to far.

  126. 评分 5 / 5


    Great product. Purchased one for my husband Cyber Monday. He loved it. So many extras included in the package. AND the sound is AWESOME!!! Noise cancelling full sound. Perfect for exercising. I recently purchased 2 more as Christmas gifts.

  127. 评分 4 / 5


    The work just fine and sound very good. I do not know what people really expect from ear buds because the quality is somewhat limited due to the design. These headphones sound just as good as my $80+ LG Bluetooth earbuds. The case and extra plugs are a nice touch.Sometimes I do have pairing issues. After a quick phone/headphone reboot everything seems to work perfectly fine.

  128. 评分 2 / 5


    Well once again I learned you get what you pay for. The bluetooth keeps disconecting constantly. I had read that in other reviews but thought I would be better. So its not. And if you use them with something loud like a Lawn mower the engine interferes with the bluetooth as well. I have more expensive ones that work all the time but i wanted a cheaper pair for yard work. They don’t work so good.

  129. 评分 3 / 5

    Anne Weinland

    I think these are too big for a womens ear. They are really big and I have a difficult time keeping them on, I am a 37 year old women with normal ears. Wish I had ran a few more times with these before the return window closed. It connects fairly easily to phones, just remember to turn it off when not in use. The battery does seem to last a long time which is nice.

  130. 评分 1 / 5

    Disappointed doc

    These are terrible headphones. The bass is outrageously overpowering. They had claimed prime day to sell for over 100 dollars, however this was a classic case of trying to make the consumer think we were getting a great deal when really the ear buds cost 2 bucks to make. The ear clips do nothing, they float above your ear and have no structure in them to mold them around your ears. Listening to these bad boys pretty much kid like listening to your music underwater. If you value in any way shape or form what your music sounds like, AVOID AT ALL COSTS

  131. 评分 5 / 5


    “This is the second time I purchased these headphones. I paid $19.00 and would certainly buy them again ( I have) they are a Very good value. As good, or better, a sound as the earphones that come with an I Phone, but with the convenience of Bluetooth. The battery seems to last several hours between charges, which are fairly fast <1/2 hr., but i haven't really been officially timing them."

  132. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I love these headsets. I use them in the car (when I remember to grab them from the counter in the house), when I mow the yard, and sometimes when I ride my bicycle. I have purchased several different Bluetooth headsets over the years and I always stopped using them eventually. These are definitely my favorite yet. Sound is good. There is enough bass for me to be happy. I still need to use someone else’s phone to call mine with a friend using these headsets to know the quality of using these for phone calls. They sound great from my end, though.

  133. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    I was first attracted to the price of these bluetooth earbuds; however, upthe first listen, I knew I was 100% dissatisfied. The audio is poor and has little to no bass–mostly treble tracks are heard. top of it all, there was audio feedback/white noise during moments of no audio playing (i.e. between tracks, while pause, etc.). Purchase returned same day.

  134. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Chris S

    These earphones are a great price and great quality! They come with multiple attachments and are adjustable, so they will fit no matter what size your ears are! Moreover, they do a great job of blocking outside noise- I used to have to turn the volume of my apple earphones up all the way to block out other noises, but with these I don’t even have to turn the volume up to the halfway point! I wear them at the gym at least 4 times a week, and they are great for running, lifting, and any other workout. They will even tell you when the battery is low! Overall, these are a great buy!

  135. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    cheryl gelinas

    I purchased these headphones for my husband. He’s severely hearing impaired. He absooutely loves the price,sound, quality. Comes with a warranty, great carrying case, cable and extra buds. I’m so pleased with this purchase that I’ll be buying another set for myself soon. I highly recommended these to family and friends.Thank you for selling such a wonderful product.

  136. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    Have been using these headphones for about a month. They work as advertised and look very robust. I get about 4 hours of steady TV watching from a full battery charge. Would give these headphones Five Stars if the ear-loops could be removed because my family tells me that they look bulky when I wear them at home. Also, these headphones would be exceptional (Five-Stars) if the Bass sound can be little deeper.

  137. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Duke PT

    Wow! These may very well be the best deal in audio headphones. Incredible price point and high quality sound with all the extra amenities. I’m a long time Beats user who repeatedly paid 8 times what these cost and finally got tired of the reoccurring problems I had with them. The Cbaooo earphones are so comfortable. At first I wasn’t sure about the more flexible ear wrap piece but it is very moldable and stays where you put it. Packaged nicely, good sized and sturdy zipper case, USB charger, Car charger, sliding tie piece to tighten the loop if you wish, multiple size earpieces.Your quality is appreciated. Thank you!

  138. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    Really good sound when listening to music, never cuts out, BUT if you don’t have any sort of music or background audio playing and you start typing it makes an unbearably loud noise for some gosh forsaken reason, probably the reasit is discontinued. When trying to connect, if it is a saved device my iphone has a wonky time connecting to it, but once its connected it stays connected. Very very good battery life and charges super fast so 5/5 stars there. really only complaint is the loud noise it makes when typing without background audio, if you can deal with that then this is a very good priced bluetooth headphone, but i wish i knew beforehand it made the noise. I would rate 5/5 stars if it wasn’t for the noise that’s how bad it is.

  139. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Great head phones for the price. Works as they should and charge lasts for a long time. I can’t say exactly how long the battery lasts but I use them several times for a couple hours before I charge them. sound is pretty impressive for the price. They do not have bass like beats but are still full sounding. Definitely recommend for workout headphones or a cheap alternative to more expensive ones.

  140. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    michelle d

    This is my second pair. I LOVED my first pair but one of the ear buds broke at the connectiwith metal showing. No fixing. This new pair gets static very easily and the ear buds don’t seem to be as comfortable as first set. Not horrible though.I called customer service regarding the static problem. Customer service was outstanding!! They gave me directions how to reset Bluetooth to stop static. Also, in conversatiI explained about the first pair breaking. The company has a 1 year warranty. They are sending me a new set complimentary.Nice interactiand representatiof company. Seems they really want you happy.

  141. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    I thought these sucked. The over-the-ear hook is way too large, and the only tips that will hold them somewhat in place are the foam tips – even then, if you sweat a little, they will work themselves out of your ears without much motito help them. The sound quality is okay, but those two issues were dealbreakers for me. Look for something in the $40 range, and forget the over-the-ear hooks.

  142. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I do like these and would buy again. The sound is pretty durn good for $20! The fit is good, I don’t even notice the over the ear clips and they help in keeping buds in place. If your ears move when your facial muscles move (watch – my ears move!), try this: place buds while you are smiling. Works for me. Bluetooth range is up to 30 ft with no intervening walls. Buy these, and I doubt you will be disappointed.

  143. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I originally gave these headphones 5 stars but if I could give them more I would. Not only does the battery last for a long time, the sounds is ing, and they’re super comfy to wear. Recently I washed my headphones. I know, dumb right? They still work! They’re charging just fine and they still sound super clear. While I don’t recommend washing these headphones, know that if you do, they will survive.

  144. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Arielle Sargent

    Personally I was not a fan of these, I prefer the bluetooth head phones that stay weighted around your neck but my boyfriend loves these! He takes them jogging, going to the gym, and during school/ work when he’s working a project. Definitely based preference. They always fell off my neck and annoying if I needed to continually take them out so people could talk to me. Good quality and battery life otherwise. Would recommend to the right people

  145. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    I tried this headphones with an audio book. The sound quality from this headphones is clear. For me, the headphones is not comfortable. I have small ears, and small ear canals. Even with the smallest ear buds, the headphones is still too full in my ears. The ear hooks hover over my ears. I think for someone with larger ears, this headphones could be quite comfortable. It’s a good quality headphones though.

  146. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Ranjot Dhaliwal

    At first I really liked these headphones. They come with a car charger and seem to have good build quality. However, these headphones are terrible if you use them while you are active. I used them at the gym and the bluetooth was constantly cutting in and out. It happens all of the time and it doesn’t matter if I restart my phone or the headphones. The sound also cuts out and there is a lot of background noise. Do not buy.

  147. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Janet L Esposito

    For they money you get a lot here. Easy to set up. Listen time is strong and buds are comfortable. That all said the sound quality isn’t great. It’s good but they lack a decent bass note and even when I change EQ phone it doesn’t help. Would not compare them to noise cancelling devices I typically use the plane. I’ll use these when outside and save my Bose for air travel.

  148. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    souksamlane sengsuwane

    The sound volume is the most decent bluetooth I’ve ever owned, louder than all the previous earbuds I’ve had. The bass is good but not what more can you expect from earbuds. Hugs my ear pretty well and comfortable. Now that being said, I don’t like this cause I workout, work and train a lot. The sound cuts in and out A LOT! If I’m not moving from spot to spot the sound doesn’t cut out, but if I walk around… then it clicks, cuts out like a scratched CD. CD? What’s that?

  149. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I have a love hate relationship with headphones. I’m a long distance runner and love listening to Audible while running. Headphones don’t fit in my ears, and despite minimal wear and tear, fall apart too fast. I have had these for over half a year. They have been great. I’ve also had business calls while my runs, and the clarity and ease of use is perfect. THEN, my buttgot jammed. I don’t know why. It was fine one day and not fine the next. I contacted Cbaooo through their website figuring I’d get some lame response a week later. Instead, they got back to me within the hour with a really well written email asking for my order number. They confirmed my address and have a new pair the way to me since it’s under warranty. This has to be one of the best customer service I have ever received. I will be a Cbaooo headphone wearer for life.

  150. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    I’ve had these for a couple of weeks. The company is very responsive. They sent me an email immediately after I received them wanting to know how I liked them and to reach out for any follow-ups (for $30 headphones I was impressed). I’ve paired them with my Apple Watch and iPhone 7 and it seems to work well. No complaints so far. Will take a little to get use to the wrap around earphones if you haven’t wore them before, but overall they are snug and stay put. I’ve ran with them and mowed the yard and they stayed in fine. When I’m at work (since they fit snug in your ear) it blocks out noise so I can’t hear my coworkers, so I miss requests I would normally hear with the Apple headphones. No complaining though, some times they need to be tuned out! Overall, I would recommend to a friend and my wife is thinking of getting some.

  151. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    Lightweight, comfortable, sounds good.Have been told that the microphone doesn’t sound that great by some others.A little hard to operate just because they don’t have many visual indicators.They can pair with other devices and start beeping when you get out of range, so operatican be a little tricky.But for what I wanted: they do the job well and I’m glad I bought them.

  152. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    David Bailey

    This was an excellent buy, the range is decent even through walls and the sound clarity for audio video and calls are excellent, the tips are comfortable and sit well the ear with no discomfort whatsoever from prolonged use (over 6 hours continuous usage) and battery life is excellent. The mic is so sensitive however that you have to be mindful of wind directias it is picked up by the mic and distorts your voiceFeb 20th 2018…update…seems the headphone developed a short somewhere…contacted the seller and they issued a replacement at no extra charge as it was within the warranty period with no hassle…will maintain the 5 star review due to an excellent product combined with stellar after sales service and warranty support

  153. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Chelsea Evans

    Guys for real, these are ing. I’m hearing stuff in music I’ve never noticed before. Such clear, awesome sound. And they’re super comfortable to boot!I even got a phone call with them in and had the microphone near me and my friend commented how clear I sounded before I even told her I had the headphones in.Definitely invest in these bad boys, especially with all the extras that come with them.

  154. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    They are okay for the price, but don’t be fooled into the reviews that claim these work as well as the beats. Connectivity is fine, the fit is fine, but the sound quality is definitely not par with beats or even other similarly priced wireless earphones. I wanted to give it a try for a while to make sure that it wasn’t an illusibut I have used these for months and it seems clear; the volume is not equal both sides. Right ear bud is noticeably louder than the left, and this bugs the crap out of me. I am not sure if it’s just mine that has this problem, but one side being noticeably louder has been a big enough problem that I end up not using them at the gym half of the time.They may be okay if you just want cheap wireless earphones for listening to podcasts and etc., but I would not recommend if you are thinking that you will get high quality sound for music in general.

  155. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Andrea & Steve

    Worked perfectly for 5 months. Then, one random day they just decided to stop pairing with ANYTHING. I would stay away if you looking for a product that will actually work for longer than 5 months.

  156. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Sam S.

    I don’t write reviews often but here is why I have for this product:1) Great Quality Sound, Great Price, Second to None Customer SupportThis is my second pair I have purchased from them as I have bought one for a family member as the quality of the product and sound is ing. I will continue to purchase these high quality earphones for other friends and family as this product has not disappointed and their support team is one of the best I have worked with.The battery life lasts very long compared to its competitors, the Bluetooth feature makes it very convenient to walk around your workspace and continue to listen to audio instead of having to constantly take off cabled headphones/earphones everytime you want to take a snack/drink/bathroom break or walking around to get away from the desk.Their customer support team replied very quickly to my request, resolved the issue, were friendly, and went out of their way to help resolve my needs. I will continue to buy these earphones for other friends and family!

  157. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Just a clarification. These ARE waterproof BUT THEY DO NOT PLAY UNDERWATER when using bluetooth. They will stop and then when you comeback to the top they will play again. Otherwise these are nice. Stay in your ears and have pretty good sound quality. But since I was getting them for swimming these are not what I wanted. Tried a bunch of different set ups and yes I am always within 5 feet of the iphone I am using with bluetooth. Have a tether pool and this doesn’t have any sound when the just dip below the surface. Maybe bluetooth doesn’t work that way I don’t know but not what I wanted.

  158. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Do NOT pay for Beats! These work quite well. Battery lasts a very long time. Nice bass response! Good fit. My only complaint would be the mic not picking my voice up adequately in a phone call. And there is some wind noise when walking/running caused by the housing design.OUTSTANDING customer service. They will make sure your are happy with your product!Revised: After a year, these headphones constantly cut out. They sound good when/if they are connected.

  159. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Nate McWilliams

    TL:DR ReviewSound Quality: 4.9/5Comfort: 4/5Battery Life: 4.8/5-annoying buzzing noiseFull Review:I almost gave these Bluetooth earbuds a five-star rating. They sound quality is great if you are listening to music anything above 20% of the maximum volume. When listening to anything lower than 20% max volume (podcasts, breaks between songs, soft songs), the left earbud will emit a pesky electric buzzing noise. The buzzing noise will overpower the sound of any soft music or podcast that you may be listening to. I would not recommend these for non-music purposes because of the buzzing noise. Also, I’d like to point out that the right earbud does not emit any buzzing noise whatsoever. The ear hooks are not adjustable and are too big for my ears, I typically let them dangle the outside of my ears because of this.

  160. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Bob F.

    I needed to replace some BT earbuds after my dog chewed them and thought I’d try these. Great value and they stay in my ear no matter how hard I exercise. They don’t get in the way and connect seamlessly to my iPhone. Only have had them for two weeks now, but they seem to be holding up well. Unless my previous earbuds, I haven’t gotten a battery low message yet and use them for 2 hours at a time almost every day..

  161. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I don’t EVER write reviews unless I’m 100% impressed and I just have to say these are hands down the best headphones I’ve come across so far. I am a gym junkie so I go through my headsets quick and purchasing $$$ headphones is not something I look forward to lol. So I did my fair share of research and came across these. I read the specs, the reviews and I was hooked. NOW I SEE WHY. Yo, I am stoked! Can’t wait to use them at the gym. Clean, clear sound, no fuzz, bass is just the right amount for me. Wear is comfortable, and material is soft. I am actually wearing them right now listening to Diplo all while getting the goosebumps! Lol I love music so hearing it this clear.. just awesome. GOOD JOB Cbaooo, several points to you, you have earned a new fan. Time for you to become one, you will not regret it!

  162. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I love my new Cbaooo Bluetooth headphones. I use to hate running the treadmill with my old headphones they use to slip out of my ears every time I started sweating, not anymore. I love the fact that every time I connect or disconnect my Bluetooth it lets me know via voice prompt. It comes nicely packed in a box with a storage box, extra earbuds, o short usb charging cord and a long usb charging cord for car. This is good stuff is high quality from the packaging box to the headphones. If you like running the treadmill and hate your old headphones I recommend that you buy these your going to love them, no more workout interruptions.

  163. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    James Renwick

    Ordered a set of these for my wife as a “test” to see if she’d really like wireless headphones with the full intentiof buying her a different set of really pricey ones (don’t want to use the name but it rhymes with “meats”) if she did like going wireless.Three days later she says she loves her Cbaooos and doesn’t want the others. I try to explain that the sound will be so much better, blah blah blah and she says, “listen to them.”I do. Two days after that I ordered a second set for me. These are fantastic. Sound quality is impeccable, battery life solid. Light weight, comfortable and worked great even after my seven year old stepped them.Can’t recommend highly enough, and TWO sets of these cost roughly the same as I would have spent the… meats.

  164. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Sky R.

    Sound quality is Good 3 Stars, setup with iPhone easy and flawless – 5 Stars, the next category is the Fit – 0 Stars: I bought the Cbaooo for my daughter to use for gym workouts. She called me and thanked me but said she’s had zero luck with this style of headphone wired or wireless. I should of listen after 1st use she called to complain. I figured it was a user problem so I traded by brand new Platronics BackBeat Bluetooth headphones with built in microphone for her Cbaooo’s. The Headphones: wrap over your ears and sit inside the ear canal BUT they don’t stay inside the canal extremely FRICK’N ANNOYING move your head or body they fall out of ear and dangle off your ears EXTREMELY ANNOYING in case I forgot to mention!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Headphones come with 3 silicone cup sizes to fit your ear canal and I tried all 3 sizes, Sm-Med-LG, produces same result the dangling headphones. Price is right sound quality is good but the closer is the FIT Quality ————SUCKS a double thumbs down

  165. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Sara M

    I did buy them around May and they were working perfectly with an ing sound until just a week ago when I started having issues with the left earphone, losing the sound, it looked like a contact or something. I wrote the seller and an hour later Kimberly Pollak wrote me back with the instructions step by step how to fix the issue. Now they work like NEW!! The funny thing is that when they started giving me issues I though they were just another piece of… Well, I can say now confidently is that they are built to last and that the seller really cares to offer an AWESOME service!

  166. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Just died. Not used for exercising but just listening to podcasts or music while working and studying. Light turns blue to charge but even after charging for a week straight the minute you take them off the charger its as if they are dead.DON’T BUY!

  167. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Sandeep Kalidas

    As long I stay in the house or back yard (phone always me) these are great. But in the front yard, they cut in a out constantly. I’ve done the factory reset and they still have issues when I’m in the front yard doing yard work. I don’t know what in the front is interfering, but it’s annoying. I reached out to Cbaooo and they have been nothing short of ing in trying to fix this by sending me another set. Stuff happens and I’m glad they are taking care of it.

  168. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Walker C. Evans

    I’ve owned these headphones for several months now, bought a pair for myself and the wife.Pros:CheapDurable (didn’t seem to have any trouble with water; it took going through a washer/dryer cycle to kill them, whoops)Decent sound quality (esp. given the price)Cons:The headphones give you about a 5 minute warning when the battery is about to die; countless times I’d be mid-run and they’d start dying, giving me an annoying reminder every 30 seconds that the battery was low before shutting offConnectican be weak; when first connecting these via bluetooth each time, it typically takes about 10-15 seconds to get a solid connection/sound output.I’ll be honest, my biggest issue is the stupid battery warning. That may not be as big of a thing to some people, so if it doesn’t matter to you, it’s a good buy.

  169. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    These headphones are good quality however the design is poor. First of all they are fairly bulky. Primarily, the fit is uncomfortable as it starts to hurt my ear after awhile. I have owned a few other brands of headphones so I know how to fit them correctly. The plastic sits too close to the ear so it applies pressure and hurts after awhile. I tried to bring this to Cbaooo’s attentiso they could have an opportunity to possibly improve their design but they instead blamed it me stating that I do not know how to properly fit the headphones. I will keep them because they work, but I am not too impressed with the fit. I will say they have good battery life and sound quality. I have not had trouble with them breaking yet however I may have to wait another few months and see!

  170. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Todd Trapans

    Solid headphones! But so was the customer service! I’ve had the headphones for about 10 months and they’ve been very durable. I must admit, I’m probably hard them in the gym. For example the cord might get pulled when I have a barbell my back doing squats, as sometimes I forget to flip the cord around to the front. Not sure if that was the reasthey were malfunctioning, but at some point one of the speakers wasn’t working properly with the sound going off and whenever the cord moved. Cbaooo crushed it with their customer service though. Kimberly asked me to do a factory reset. That didn’t work. She immediately apologized and shipped me a new set of headphones which are now the way, since I’ve had them for about 10 months and they are under warranty for 1 year. But just to be safe with my new set, I’ll try to remember better to flip the cord around to the front when I put a heavy barbell my back. So even if you’re really tough them in the gym, Cbaooo has got your back!Thank you Kimberly and Cbaooo!

  171. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Sus 212

    I didn’t like these. They wouldn’t stay put hands free in my ears for running, or even walking for that matter. They just kept flopping out. I contacted the vendor and was told to try different sized buds, but trying to find a specific bud that stuffs so tight into my ear not only seemed unlikely since the whole ear device piece was so big and clunky, I just can’t see it staying in there for a run with that size and nothing else hanging onto it other than a smoosh in the ear if you can find the right size. I also had a lot of trouble just doing the basic functiof connecting the bluetooth to my device. I had to repeat it about 10 times before it would connect. I have never returned an item , this was the first time I’ve returned something.

  172. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I bought the Cbaooo Bluetooth Headphones to pair with a MP3 player which I had purchased for my wife. According to my wife, the Cbaooo headphones are perfect for her. Charged the headphone set, turned the power on, paired with the MP3 player by pressing the connect icthe player, played away.The sound quality is great, and the range in our house is about 25-30 feet from the player which I think is very good, as my wife is never more than a few feet when she is at work from her player.Very happy with the Cbaooo Bluetooth headphones and recommend if you are looking for a product with great sound to check these out.

  173. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Thomas M.

    I had only one issue after about two weeks of use. My cell suddenly wouldn’t connect or recognize the headset. I was bummed and tried and retried every which way that the little instructimanual was suggesting. Message kept saying ‘Connectifailed”.But I finally just deleted the “Active Buds” from my bluetooth device list, and it reappeared with a reset.So happy again. Issue hasn’t happened again. But if it does, I’ll know what to do.Just simply a great bluetooth headset. Especially for the price!

  174. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Kevin Horner

    These are awesome Headphones. Comfortable and secure fit. Comes with all of the charging accessories you could ever need. It also comes with a sturdy case to keep your phones from damage. Haven’t had these wireless headphones long enough to comment durability, but the sound is outstanding. These replaced a set of JBL Reflect Sport headphones, which had a speaker go bad in under a year.

  175. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Maria Winkler

    I would have given a higher rating, but there is not a lot of flexibility in the volume control the lower end. For louder music, I am unable to turn the headphones down low enough. it goes from a bit too loud to completly off. Also, the recorded voice screams POWER or BATTERY LOW, even when you have the volume turned down. Aside from that, they are very comfortable and the battery lasts a long time. I’ve been using them for 8 months now. Pretty good until I find something else that has a more refined volume control.

  176. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Product should be hassle-free. While the setup is easy, (you set it up like any other bluetooth device), there are many downsides and reasons why I regret my purchase:1. The sound works clearly maybe 50% of the time. I am using an iPhone 6, so bluetooth capability my device is not an issue. It cuts in and out constantly.2. Battery life: lasts a few hours, which means I am charging it everyday.3. Volume control: The lowest volume setting is way too loud, especially considering the earbuds are directly in your ear.4. Price: They advertise that it was originally $160: no it wasn’t. It has never sold for more than $60.Recommendation:Buy a name brand headphone and spend a little more to have a stress-free experience.

  177. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    The headphones deliver decent sound, but I still haven’t found them to be extremely comfortable after an hour or so of use. Have tried the different ear pieces and sizing seems to work, but not yet 100% convinced. Don’t think it is a problem with the product…. think it is a problem with my ear! Easy to sync to my phone. Really purchased to listen to music from my phone and have not had an opportunity to use all the other features. Very impressed with the case, car charger, etc.. that ships with the product.

  178. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Rachel N. Law

    I didn’t care for these headphones. They are way too bulky. The sound quality was really good but not much bass in my opinion. I wear glasses everyday so the ear hook thing didn’t work well for me. It was hard to get the bud in my ear and if I only wanted to wear one bud while at work, the other bud was too large to slip under the neck of my shirt. I’m returning mine for a different brand that’s cheaper and smaller.

  179. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Stuart Watkins

    I do like them, they are a much more affordable alternative to the Beats but they have room for improvement. For almost $40 they aren’t bad at all. My biggest complaint is the calling feature, whenever I call someone they can’t hear me and I’m the phone A LOT. They could also use an eq feature too, I looked in the manual for anything pertaining to the audio and found nothing…so I’m giving them 3 stars.

  180. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I have normally hated earpods, but I really wanted to find a pair to make me like them. I have since loved these even though I have only been using them for about two weeks. Battery life is pretty long, I used them for an 8 hour shift at work and then some the next day before the Low Battery warning came up. I compared them to the beats equivalent and for the price there is just no reasto get the beats.TLDR: If you want a damn good pair of headphones for a damn good price, these are it.

  181. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Bill C

    Like the sound quality, but….purchased for the stated – noise cancelling feature.These did not cancel any background noise from the plane engines.If you press them in tight, they muffle the noise, but then you have to turn up the volume to hear music.Loud volume is not what I wanted for the flights.seller needs to change product title – these are Not Noise Cancelling headphones. Misleading

  182. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Max Cohen

    These are the second pair of iPhone 7 compatible headphones I ordered from . I went with plug ins (CCTRO MFI certified lighting) first and they were awful!! Didn’t work straight out the box! So they’ll be getting a terrible review.. but these Cbaooo’s are really good.. the price was right and the battery life seems to go the distance.. haven’t needed to use them for more then two hours at a time before I was able to charge (but according to the little bar I hadn’t even used 20%) so for $35 or whatever they cost I’m happy.. the ear hooks should be removable.. if I had one complaint.. There a little big and if you’re wearing sunglasses and a hat they kind of feel odd. But you can adjust them yourself to make them comfy so… 4.5 stars.. but I’ve only had them a week so talk to me in a year lol.

  183. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Works when it wants to. I have had these for a little over two months now and so far it’s been okay. The first couple of weeks were great, no disconnectivity, clear sound, great battery, etc. all the positive stuff you read here. But after the break in period, man are they pretty annoying at times. They require a restart after turning them on, why? Well once they pair initially I know that if I start listening to music I will be stuck having it drop connectifrom my phone that is literally in my hand or sitting my desk in front of me. Then it’s nothing but “connecting” music “connecting” music ” connecting”. I bought them to work out and don’t want to use my higher quality headphones (Bowers & Wilkins and Seinnheisers) to go workout. Might just fork up more money just for better quality headphones.But they sound great when they do want to work! I’m just tired of it restarting.

  184. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Felix B

    The value for the dollar is huge these buds. I needed something that would stay in my ears while being active and these delivered, once I found the ear tips that fit (I used the foam ones that came with it). I do wish that they would allow for the Comply tips to fit, but the connectiis too small. Sound is good and they’re comfortable to wear for hours. Minimal Bluetooth issues – occasionally a hiccup but that’s normal for these devices. You get a tof goodies in the box, including a cool two-headed charging cable, which will save space in the glove box of the car. Just two wishes for me: they feel a little cheap, so perhaps a better plastic (I’m coming from a set of Jaybird Bluebuds), and it would be good to have extra foam ear pieces (I typically need to replace them every six months). Overall I’m very happy with my purchase.

  185. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Locus Solus

    Don’ let the 3 star rating turn you away, I just am not that fond of them. They just don’t fit my head / ears and are kind of heavy, and tend to slide off when hanging around my neck, even under light movement.the other hand, they are LOUD! They have pretty deep bass response, almost too much for me! They connect quickly and easily, and have an ING battery life in comparisto most other devices I have used. Truly 6-8 hrs of continuous playback high to max volume. That is rare.

  186. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    David Cha

    I’ve now used it for 3 months, and it doesn’t charge consistently anymore. I have to wiggle the charging cable to get it right, maybe one out of ten times to see the red light. I thought it was the charging adapter so I tried both the long and short cables to charge but I got the same result, meaning it’s the headphones. I use the earphone exclusively for the gym and I only used it 1-3 times a week since the purchase three months ago. But the return window has closed so I’m now stuck with it. I can’t believe the poor workmanship.

  187. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Steve Alexander

    I tried the ActivBuds the strength of the ratings here. I have not been disappointed.The sound quality is quite good for an earbud this size. They fit in the ear well and the over ear hook is soft and comfortable. It holds the earbuds in place. I have no suggestions for improvement.My pair suddenly stopped playing in the left bud and cut in and out in the right. I went to the Cbaooo site and left an email for support. I was quite surprised to have a response back the same day. The suggestiwas to reset the buds to factory settings then re-pair with the devices. This worked perfectly. The response promised to replace the buds if the reset didn’t work. The instructions were concise, well-written, thorough, and easy to follow. I was surprised by and well pleased with the quality of support.

  188. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Daniel R. Vivacqua

    These headphones are incredible. This is my first pair of Bluetooth headphones and I have always been skeptical of what the sound quality would be like Bluetooth. These headphones are SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive than my BOSE headphones (which are not wireless) and the sound quality is just as good if not better. They are truly noise cancelling and the ability to control the music from the earpiece is fantastic. This is the best purchase I’ve made in a long time and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  189. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Adam Perez

    This product is great… And the company is even better.. I bought these Cbaooo headphone by invotek about six months ago. Great quality sound and quality material from the soft silicear hook; hooking over your ear, to the entire headphone.. The best thing is the customer service, the reasI say this is because it comes with a one year warranty and unfortunately I had issues is the unit within six months out of the blue but emailed them around 1am in the morning and they replied within a couple of hours with two more email they emailed me a well really professional and down righ nice letter saying they are sorry to hear that I’m having issue with there product, another email to confirm my address and two days later a got a new unit with no problems.. Will definitely buy from this company again..

  190. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    benjamin h wurzel

    these are very decent headphones. ordered some 17$ TAIR bluetooth headphones that SUCKED. sound was bad and didnt stay in ears.The sound in these is decent. not great. stay in ears nicely and will be good for lifting.only downside is they stick WAY out of your ear. a bit clunky.glad i bought these. would be curoius how these compare the the similar BEATS model

  191. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    These earbuds are fantastic! They don’t slip out of my ears in the least, the sound quality is great, and all of the accessories are such a huge bonus. My favorite part is how compact they are and how easy it is to slip the earbuds and their charging cable into the case that comes with them.I am partially deaf, and these earbuds go plenty loud enough for me. I can run, kayak, and even scrub down dorm bathrooms while carrying a tof equipment with me, and I’m not worried about these slipping out.My only couple complaints are the following: first, sometimes they just get really iffy about connecting to my devices. They’ll cut in and out. It doesn’t happen often at all, but it does at times. Second: they definitely don’t have a huge range. Although it advertises that they work from 30 ft away, sometimes mine work worse even from just a few feet away.

  192. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Skip D Expense

    Apparently works for a lot of people but lasted a mere two weeks for me. Faced a some glitches getting it to pair w/ my iphone but got it working and loved it for walking or jogging. No wires! But eventually pairing failed once and was a hassle to get going again. And, then, finally, it wouldn’t pair at all; replacing app, returning to factory settings, charging, rebooting, etc. Nothing worked. There is a note in the instructions that the device is sensitive to moisture. I’m going to assume this is what happened. It was damaged by exposure to sweat. I used to have a similar problem with the iPod mini. Anyway, beware. Not a good consumer product.

  193. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Dave Spends Too Much Here

    First of all, I would like to thank all of the users who left feedback these headphones. Had I not read their feedback, I would have been too skeptical because of the low price point. These are perfect and stay in my ear at the gym. I know some users complained about the telephone static phone calls but, I don’t answer calls while working out so save a few hundred bucks by ordering these headphones.

  194. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    The bells and whistles these headphones are nice. The feel is good, and it comes with an array of ear cushions for customization. However, the sound is terrible. Just terrible. Bass response is there, but the mids are muddy and the highs are non-existent. If you can’t tell if one of your favorite songs sounds different when playing a home stereo system vs through the speakers your smart phone, then you probably won’t notice the sound problem. For me, I was so distracted by how bad it sounded that I had to return them. Perhaps mine were faulty, but I didn’t want to take another chance.

  195. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Had these now for three months, and they’re excellent, especially for their price. I think they’re supposed to be noise cancelling, but after having used the Bose QC headphones aircraft, these do not come close in the noise cancellatidepartment. That is, unless I can figure out a way to push them deeper into my ear canal which I don’t think I (or anyone) should do. Anyway, for the purpose I purchased them for, as a blue tooth headset for my cell phone, they are perfect.

  196. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    rob nourse

    I had high hopes for these based the ratings and reviews I read but about a month after I started using them the left earbud broke off… This despite using the carrying case! closer inspection, the connectifrom the earpiece to the body is fairly flimsy. I should have known when they were supposedly marked down from $170 to $39 that there was a reaswhy.They also didn’t pair well with my iphone 6s plus and I would frequently have to disconnect and reconnect to get sound. I’d return them except now I’m outside the thirty day window 🙁 My advice? Don’t be fooled by the ranking or the huge markdown. These earbuds are not built to last.

  197. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    M. King

    I am very happy with these headphones. This is the 3rd pair I’ve tried and finally what I was looking for. They sound great. The battery life is good and it doesn’t take long to recharge them. I use them primarily to walk the dog but also to do housework so I’m happy with the range as well. They don’t have to be constantly adjusted in my ears like the other ones I bought did. They block outside noise extremely well so watch the traffic!

  198. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    favian gutierrez

    Headphones worked good for about a month but the headphone that powers it up fell apart. I had it in my hoodie pocket and when I took it out the backing was missing. How does it just fall apart? If you look at my picture, the headphone wasn’t crushed or anything, just fell off. I would still use it if it wasn’t the side that powers the Damn thing.

  199. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Helen K

    This was my second attempt at trying blue tooth headphones and I am happy to say it was successful! While the first ones I tried were hard to use and uncomfortable, these are very comfortable and easy to set up and use. I mainly use them for audio books, but the sound quality for music seemed good also. The only issue I had was with the charger that comes with it. First of all, it seems way too short, but I was unable to get it to connect to the headphones. I ended up using the cable from my Kindle which works fine.

  200. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    James Schaeffer

    I purchased these headphones close to a year ago. They worked fine but just a few weeks ago one of the headsets lost sound. I was going to give up the item and throw them away when I remembered about the 1 year warranty. I figured it was a long shot and there would be resistance to honoring it but was pleasantly surprised by the Cbaooo response to the claim. I went to their site and filled out the informatithe item. I shortly got an email how to do a hard reset to see if it would bring the sound back to the ear piece. It did not, so I responded back to them the following day, as encouraged if it did not work. They advised a new pair would be shipped out. My claim started Wed and I had a new pair by Saturday. Best service I seen to date a warranty issue from any company. I would not hesitate to purchasing another pair.

  201. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Laura Akers

    I bought these headphones May 14th and sound quality I thought was ing. However, today they just completely stopped working after being fully charged. I’m hoping that’s company stands behind that product and will replace these under warranty. I would have given these headphones at least four and a half stars but since they just died I’m only ready needs at 2 for now.After posting a review this product I called their customer service department and received a very prompt response and action. I’m big customer service and if your service is top notch but the product just average I would automatically give the product a higher rating based the service. In this case, these head phones sounded great while they were working and couple that with prompt service, I had to revised my rating from a 2 star to a 4.5 star rating. These head phones by far sound way way better than others I tried in the past.Thank you Cbaooo for standing behind your product..

  202. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Amber S.

    Excellent ear buds for the price. The connect easily to blue tooth and came with multiple ear buds including memory foam ones that block sound and fit perfectly in my ear. The silicone ear hooks are super soft and comfortable as well. The bass is surprisingly deep!

  203. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    big b

    SO far so good! Packaging is really professional, you can tell these are made good. Also, I was surprised by all the components it comes with, charger, nice carrying case, extra ear buds, dual charger etc etc. They connected right away with my phone, no problem with capability. Haven’t tried them at the gym or a run yet. I will come back after a month and see how these hold up. Great sound as well.

  204. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    Bought these headphones after doing fair amount of reviews. Definitely satisfied with them.Pros:- Beautiful sound. Clear, with good bass.- Simple to setup and operate.- Fits very well. Use it in the gym or while running. Never slips or creates any obstruction.- Decent range. Can roam about 20-30 meters away from the iphone/laptop while still having clear sound.- The microphones pick up sounds any call nicely. Have never heard any complaints from the other end.Cons:- Single charge life: Works for 3-4 hours at time. While this is not a major drawback, I am of the forgetful kind. The charge runs out at the most in-opportune moments … :)All in all, will purchase it again.

  205. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    My favorite headphones ever. While there are certainly headphones with better sound quality, there is no more comfortable, cost effective, and easy to use headphone. I wear them around the house, working out, out around town running errands, everywhere.There is the annoyance of running into the wind where the sound quality is diminished but other than that I can’t fault the headphones.

  206. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Antonina Knight

    So far I like them. However I’m unsure if the concerns I’m about to mentiare normal or if it’s just my pair. The right ear bud gets very warm within the first 20 minutes of use also there is a small hum in the right side while playing. Additionally I believe the quality of the right side is not nearly as good as the left. Now they have been fully charged and within 2 hours have told me the battery is low. I do believe this pair is faulty. And I was so looking forward to a new pair of ear buds. I’m not a happy camper seeing as I got these days before I’m headed out of town and in desperate need of ear buds.

  207. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Edward Kidman

    Decent connectiand battery life for the gym. Good selectiof ear pieces including a compressible foam pair. Sound is not great – not tinny, but a little muted. Works well for phone calls. Water resistance seems to be intact. Doesn’t move during exercise once the ear pieces are put in properly. Like the fact that the cord between modules is flattened and does not incorporate the mic so it doesn’t bounce around like my other one.

  208. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    My hope when getting these was that maybe they wouldn’t totally suck. I did not have high hopes for my first set of Bluetooth headphones. I am not an optimist.They’re awesome. The sound quality is better than any headphones I’ve ever had, I think. They are comfortable and secure in my ears. They hold the charge well. I was hoping for a little freedom from my phone at the gym, but when they’re completely charged, they transmit well enough for me to grab water or a tower or whatever. When the charge is slipping, you can tell because the signal weakens at closer distances, but we’re still talking 10′ instead of 20′.They are very intuitive and easy to use for me. They connect with my Droid Maxx2 very quickly and easily. Really, I love them. I don’t write a lot of reviews, but I think they’re awesome.

  209. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    For the price, these are a great value. I bought them for use in then gym or when I listening to music without a cord. Don’t expect world-beating sound, but it’s pretty good. Setup/connectiis easy, fit is good, controls are also easy to use, and the included car charger with android and apple connectors is a nice touch. Clarity phone calls not the best when there is background noise – at least that’s what people the other end of the line said. I’d buy them again. If fact I did already after losing the first pair I bought. Customer service is excellent. Had an issue with them holding a charge, but a very short phone call had a new pair the way at no cost. Could not have been easier.

  210. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I love music. I love Bose products ( except the price) but these sends Bluetooth headphones are ing.The sound is wonderful and smooth without over doing it.The base is solid but not overwhelmingThey are extremely comfortable and stay on.All that for $36.I don’t know how long the charge lasts or how durable but I am starting out with 5 stars – if they don’t hold up I will updateTry these before you spend $150

  211. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Nichole Pagano

    I loved these headphones more than anything. Then today, I was telling my friend to buy them while I was using them at the gym because they were the best things ever, and then they stopped working. I’ve tried everything as I thought the battery had just died but they won’t turn off or on, the indicator light’s don’t work. And nothing happens when I plug them in to charge! I’ve tried the car charger, a wall charger, and my computer and nothing! I’m super bummed because these were my favorite headphones to use at the gym! I would love if I could have a replacement pair or something so I could reevaluate my review of this product.

  212. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Kittay Kittay

    Theses are just okay. They are inexpensive and have okay sound quality. My biggest issue is that the Bluetooth cuts in and out. I use Bluetooth speakers at home and have no issues even when I am inside and the speakers are outside, but when my phone is even in my pocket these headphones will cut in and out, which is very annoying and ruins my listening experience.I really wanted to like these at this price point, but they are essentially unusable.

  213. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Worked great for 10 days, then slowly faded into oblivion. After ten days, they would disconnect from my phone randomly, then they started making weird noises. After about a month, they just died. A waste of $40. Granted, I wore them every day in the gym during circuit training, so they got plenty of sweat them. Still, they are advertised as sweat proof, but only made it 30 days. I’m back the market for wireless ear buds. Whomp, whomp.

  214. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Chris Hubbs

    Best $35.00 I have ever spent. The headphones are crystal clear sounding with heavy BASS. They are comfortable, flexible and so far…. long lasting. This was a great investment. I hope they last forever. I would absolutely purchase another pair for the wife….. Easy to set up… Easy to plugin and charge…. No complaints thus far…. I usually keep quite about my purchases…. This deserves a huge thumbs up! Good job Cbaooo!.. No I do NOT work for the company. I just think that they are an excellent product….. Cbaooo please reach out to me for any additional comments: [email protected]

  215. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Sound Quality: 2/5 (Base is not so good an clarity is poor)Made: 2/5 (I’ve tried lots of ear pods and ear phones and none hurt my ears before, this one does. Also the tangle free wire, when it came looked so bad, I am still trying to make it straight)Battery Life: Very good. Lasts up to 6 – 7 hours continuously play. I can connect it to my TV and watch movie all day.Overall ok but I won’t purchase it again.

  216. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    For the price, these things are great. I haven’t tried any another bluetooth stereo earbuds. I don’t require audophile-grade earbuds while jogging or mowing the lawn. Initially, I was getting more interference/dropouts at the gym, but these have decreased. They are comfortable. As others have noted, the included accessories are generous. Hopefully, these will last a long time. They have held up to my sweat for the past month.

  217. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I’ve used these for a while now and can recommend the product. I’ve never had a blue tooth device that could hold up the amount of sweat I produce until now. In fact, they recently went through the washing machine. My wife brought them to me and said if they still worked to order her a pair. I charged them up and have been using them for a couple weeks now (since the washing) without a single problem so I just ordered a pair for my wife.

  218. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    The Sibelian

    I’ve been using this daily ever since it arrived and I’m very pleased with it. The headphones come with a car charger which also includes a bonus lightning adapter which was a nice surprise. I feel it is well worth the price I paid. I got this for listening to podcasts and it works perfectly for that, however the quality is a little lacking when it comes to music, but it’s definitely not as bad as other ones I’ve tried. I’m rather pleased with it!

  219. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Kevin Trehan

    These headphones are decent for use in situations where you may not care much for audio quality, such as working out, running, cycling, doing yard, etc. They fit extremely well and are very comfortable to wear. However, when it comes to sound quality, they aren’t very good. The treble is pretty much non-existent and the bass is way too boomy. Using this with my phone, I had to mess with my audio player’s equalizer to get them sounding acceptable, but that will only take effect in the audio player. Any other apps I may be using while also using the headphones will sound pretty bad. If you have the ability to mess with an equalizer, these are fine for the price. However, I have a pair of $12 wired Skullcandy earbuds that sound better than these without needing to mess with an equalizer. I’m really only keeping these because they are bluetooth and I need something with no cables while doing yard work and cycling.

  220. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Just what I’ve been looking for: affordable, comfortable, stay-in-place, easy-to-use-and-adjust earbuds. Wireless, too. The sound is just fine. Not noise cancelling for those who need that but using the best size bud-cover for your ear helps diminish extraneous sound. Easy to pair with devices. Locatiof sound/track buttons very convenient. A nicely designed item tucked away in a small but substantial round case.

  221. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Shana Del Grosso

    It’s annoying how every product can run around claiming HD. These are not HD headphones.A very flat sound. Not for you if you have a musical ear.More of a low mid sound. No highs or sub.If you listen to music with actual instruments and sound clairity matters then Pass these.I made sure before I made this statement that I had in fact downloaded high definitiaudio. Luckily Spotify has an equalizer. It helped a little bit but still. I don’t feel it can be called HD. But if you’ve lived life not knowing what true sound is you probably wouldn’t notice. As for me.. I’ve got better sound from a $10 pack of skull candy which to me are the best for the price. Sure this is blue tooth. And you get what you pay for . But don’t run around claiming HD. That’s ridiculous.

  222. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    I’ve had these earphones for about a week and so far so good. They are much better than the Altec Lansing earphones they replaced. They have no problem syncing with my iPhone and do so whenever they’re turned on. Sound quality is good and they fit securely over the ear. The only small complaint I have is that they don’t seem so work well with Siri. Siri’s generally low-end-of-mediocre performance seems to become poor when I’m using these headphones. Otherwise, I would recommend them.

  223. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Cristian R. Reyes

    Got mine sale prime day, I really like them. A few weeks prior I bought a different cheaper Brand pair(it was like $12) had literally no base and the battery didn’t last very long. These have lots of base, are very comfortable, battery is great, and have way better build quality. To top that if you get a 2 charge cables(a regular short one and a larger one with with 2 heads it for android or iPhone), a sturdy case, and a car charger with 2 USB ports. You also get the different sized ear plug things. It was an absolute steal sale, definitely worth the regular price.

  224. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    I find that I get static sometimes. 1. If it is loud. 2. Not fully charged 3 phone is in pants pocket rather than shirt (too far away) It is excellent for answering the phone. It stays very well. it is comfortable to wear.I find that I get static sometimes if. 1. too loud 2. too far away (Phone in pants rather than shirt) 3. not fully charged. It is comfortable, great for answering the phone, stays in place.

  225. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I’ve had multiple sets of cheaper wireless headphones, cause let’s be honest, I don’t wanna pay $200 for headphones. These are hands down the best headphones I have ever used. They were so easy to set up and the ear buds were so comfortable. I love the noise cancellation. I can still hear a liiiitttle bit when there’s no music, but absolutely nothing else when there’s music on. I didn’t know how much I needed bass when I was listening with headphones. These are such an incredible investment I bought two just in case! 😀

  226. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    Maybe it’s me and if your like me none of the buds truly fit. They tend to slip out and you’ll need to keep your head still to keep em in. Forget about cardio exercises. These will fall out in 2 min flat. Either the sweat causes the slipage or the rubber and buds dont seal well.Maybe try using foam tips these for good seal and better sound.However the sound is great. Nice and loud.And the battery can last you days which is sweet because I forget to charge them a lot. Beware the annoying female voice when the battery is low. She’ll tick you off before shutting off.It’s waterproof and I can vouch for it since I’ve carried them through days of sweat and rain storms.Good deal but beware they might not fit or stay that well.

  227. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    The sound quality is not the best, but it’s okay. The earphone doesn’t fall from my ear while exercising which is good. I am satisfied with the battery duration. The two points I didn’t like are:- it’s commto have some breaks while listening to my cellphone’s media. It’s not a problem with the cellphone, but I don’t have breaks while using a bluetooh speaker. So, I assume the earphone receptiis not very good.- the warning of low battery should start earlier. When the first warning starts, it means you will probably have about 5 minutes of listening remaining.Overall I do not regret the purchase, but it was my first bluetooth earphone, so I don’t have other opinions to compare.

  228. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Jenny Beans

    Update..these were great but recently broke…they just no longer work. Only had them about 3 months. :(These are great! The sound is clear and powerful, and they fit comfortably in my ears and most importantly STAY in them. I workout 6 days a week for at least an hour and they seem to keep their charge for all those days before having to recharge. You really can’t beat the price either…I am so happy I purchased these. 🙂

  229. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Dropkick Molly

    I don’t have freakishly small ears, but for an adult they are the small side. I was hoping with how flexible the material is maybe the fit would work out, but it doesn’t and they look ridiculous. They are not adjustable beyond the ear bud covers they come with. The sound is good, for as long as they stay in my ears.So if you have large or average size ears, these are great! If you have small ears, keep shopping.

  230. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    These work really well, as long as your phone is in your right pocket (the right ear bud has the Bluetooth).When I was doing yard work and put my phone in my left pocket since I’m a lefty, the connectibecame very inconsistent and jumpy.Otherwise I have been very happy with them.

  231. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    EL Real Larry O.

    Great headphones. I already used them at gym and there excellent. It has hardly any inner echo . What I mean is like hearing ur heart beat or when u move them around u hear all the inner movement in ear. 1 important thing is u need to use ur music players eq to adjust sound quality. If not everything will sound flat. Great way to save money and still have good sounding product. The scale of 1 to 10 . I give a 7..

  232. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Cust Review

    I normally do not come back and leave reviews but when you find a good product that works great and is better than advertized. I am buying 3 more pair soon. They work in rain and pair as soas you turn your bluetooth and the battery life is very good I have managed to get 6-7 hours before charging. Very quality sound ..Best bluetooth headphones I have ever had to date, the others just stop working after about a month or two. The Cbaooo are ing long battery life about 7-8 hours of use and the range is ing, would highly recommend these headphones to anyone looking for some good running headphones.

  233. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    kelvin shaw

    Okay so this is my first day with them. So far it’s great !!! I have never have beats before. However, after using these headphones I doubt I would ever want them. Everything work perfectly with my iPhone 7 plus. Directions are easy. The owner sent personal email to make sure product works and it also comes with 1 year warranty. I’m loving these headphones . I would def recommend to friends and family .Thanks for a great product

  234. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    So far they are a good deal. They fit my big ears thanks to the selectiof ear pieces. Sound is good. Lots of bass and no complaints about sound quality phone calls. I go 8 hrs at work a charge without problems. They connect quickly when turned on.12/17 update. They work very well except they don’t always connect properly when turned on. The pause play buttworks but no audio is sent to the headphones.

  235. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    David Hawes

    Finally, I switched to a corded earphone to a blue tooth, and with the reviews from Cbaooo went ahead and ordered a pair. Wow, what a difference! I wasn’t sure how the music quality would be, as I’m a musician and need real complete sounds, and I was immediately impressed with the Cbaooo. The Highs-mid range- and bass response were terrific, even in a noisy fitness gym. I’m sold, and for under $40? Are you kidding me? These are a must buy, easy to use and no wires in the way.

  236. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Brad L

    I bought these headphones hoping to get a cheap set of Bluetooth ear buds that I didn’t mind getting sweaty during workouts. Unfortunately, as soas you start running all you can hear is wind noise from the headphones. Turning the volume up excessively loud drowns out the wind noise but it is still audible and now you are listening to music very loudly thus it is hard to hear your surroundings. I was hoping that it was just overly windy during my first few runs with the headphones but that simply isn’t the case, the noise has persisted. Will be getting something else to replace them.

  237. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    Bought these to use while running, lifting, and doing HIIT.Pros: Light weight, buttons are very crisp/solid, decent sounding audio, lots of accessories (duel port car charger: 1 and 2 amp slots, 2 charging cables: one 3 foot cable, one 11 inch cableCons: They do not stay very secure while running and moving around (I wore sunglasses and had to put the arm of the glasses over the ear hook to keep them steady while running), the audio did cut out intermittently like my phone was several rooms away even though I was wearing it in an arm band only 6 inches away, the wire tie does not stay very well so there if you try to adjust it while wearing the headphones there is a good chance you will just end up pulling it off.

  238. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I used the earphones for about 6hrs straight listening a number of different types of music, some talk, and about 5 pod casts. Sound quality is really good. All the use was outside. Although only mildly windy there was no perceptible noise picked up by the earphones. With the buds firmly is place all outside sounds are eliminated. My wife tried shoutin at me with my back turned. Did not hear anything but the music. The build quality and materials is first rate. Finally, what is included in the box is more than I expected (i.e. multiple charging cable,ear pieces and a car charger). I purchased with a substantial discount which made these a tremendous value, as well.

  239. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Scuba Steve 123

    I was torn at first. Although The great majority of the reviews were great there were some who gave the headphones horrible reviews. I’m so glad I bought these despite reading a few bad reviews for these headphones. I’m not quite sure what product the bad reviewers were comparing these to but these sound absolutely great with awesome bass. I’ve had the very popular and very expensive Beats headphones too. That’s what made me skeptical about buying these. The charging time is less than an hour for me and after the charge they last me the entire workday and when I go to the gym afterward.

  240. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Great Product……You Can’t Beat the Quality for the Price You Pay…..I Wasn’t About to Pay $200.00 for a Pair of Beats that I’m Gonna Sweat and a Workout In……

  241. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    10k+ reviews sold it for me and I decided to give these a try. For the price you’re paying, most of it is going towards the accessories. I don’t need a car charger or an extra usb cable, that’s not what I am here to buy. These earbuds are weirdly shaped that they cause me discomfort. I don’t know if my ear is weird or what, but I can’t wear them for more than 15 mins without feeling pain. Not to mentithe running + wind howling. I’ll be returning these.

  242. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I am returning these. The piece that wraps around the left ear is misaligned– so it keeps falling off the ear. You can tell that it’s not aligned correctly when you compare it to the right piece– the right piece curves in more so that it wraps closer around the ear (see attached picture). They’re not moldable so you can’t manipulate it to to the shape of your ear. Also, when I was trying to adjust them my ears, the sound kept cutting out. I think their quality control needs to be reviewed.

  243. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Benjamin Miller

    Love these for the price. It was tough for me to pick these, because all the reviews I read are typically polar opposites. I would say these are just as good if not better than the $20 apple wired ear buds, or the standard earbuds that came with my Samsung Galaxy S5.They fit very comfortably and the range is fantastic – I sat my phone down in the gym and was able to walk about 30 feet away without any drops….that the size of my gym, so didn’t test any further.

  244. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Truly the best quality for the price you can get. These headphones have a great battery life, fantastic sound and bass, block outside noise extremely well and are sufficiently sweat resistant. I probably wouldn’t expose them to actual water but for my work outs they perform admirably. I know 4 other people just at my small town gym that have the same pair. I would prefer these over any high priced pair. I highly recommend to anyone needing wire free head phones a budget!

  245. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Greg F.

    Im very happy with my purchase of the Cbaooo Bluetooth headset. This is my first pair of Bluetooth headsets so I have nothing really to base the quality of sound other than my own hearing and I’m very pleased with them. The company is by far one of the best at customer service I’ve dealt with . For under 40.00, you get a quality headset, nice carrying case, different cables and earbud sizes. The box is nice, even the instructions are made premium paper with a glossy finish and well written english. And if all of that wasn’t enough, they come with a one year warranty. With 14,000 plus and a 4.5 out if 5 overall rating you can’t go wrong.

  246. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    The battery life is nowhere near what the product claims it to be, and there’s no way to know the status of the battery before it reaches “low battery”. The sound quality isn’t even up to par with $15-20 ear buds you can find at Target. These headphones are reasonably comfortable to wear, and not at all intrusive. Yet, for the ubiquity of wireless bluetooth headphones these days, the price of these are not at all worth it.

  247. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    This product is best money you will ever spend in your life.Pros1.comfort is best in class2.quality is top notch3.sound is very good4. Pairing is easy and fast5.battery life is very good and range is very decent .Cons1.distance of range could be better2.the pause buttcan be accidentally touched ,however not a real problem3.charge time is a little slow .Bottom line run ..dont walk to n get this product …it puts beats and any other $100+ earbud to shame …

  248. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Terrible battery life, and at 50% it starts warning me that it has a “Low Battery?” Are you joking me? With how much I have to charge these they don’t even qualify as wireless. To top it all off, it is horrible at pairing to my iPhone. It will say connected, then I press play and it just plays out of the phone.

  249. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    mike Hamelin

    I’ve had them for a while now and have tried using them in several locations and situations. As headphones they’re great but the microphone is pretty much useless in a noisy environment, which is why I bought them. I work in various data centers with computer background noise, and conversations are pointless. I can hear my caller just fine but I end up disconnecting the unit out of frustratiwith customers and contacts. So they’re collecting dust right now.

  250. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Got these headphones and used them nearly every day. Very good overall, the connectican be a little spotty but never anything too frustrating.But then the plot twist – 5 months in, these suckers kick the bucket mid-use. They won’t turn on; I try to reset and nothing happens; plugging them into charge does nothing. I email Cbaooo, they respond quickly, saying they will replace since they are under warranty. That was nearly 3 weeks ago. I never received confirmatiand have followed up 3 times and they will not respond. They also do not have a phone number I can find anywhere…Perhaps my review will change if / when they send the replacement.

  251. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Some may like the way they sound but these sound terrible in my opinion. And I have run sound boards in professional settings before. They have way too much bass and mids and highs are almost nexistent

  252. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    James M. Barber Jr.

    This is the 4th pair of blue tooth headphones I’ve bought through and they are by far my favorite!! They turn in the shortest amount of time, the buttons are nice quality and easy to use and find. The multi device blue tooth pairing works the best of any headphones I’ve bought to date – coming online and connecting immediately to my phone and my iPad Pro one after the other and accepting a sound stream from either device without issue or complaint. It was a pleasant surprise getting a car charger and multi cable that works both with the headphones and my apple devices!

  253. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Kindle Customer

    Bought these to wear using heavy machinery and listen to music my phone. Excellent sound quality, comfortable to wear. I can leave the equipment and step away (open gate, etc.) and the headphones stay connected to my phone. Phone call sounds are clear.Will have to see how they hold up under use.

  254. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    Surprisingly great little headphones! The battery life is just okay, but the sound seems good to me and they are easy to set up and use. I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money the more expensive brands, so I tried these, and I don’t regret it. They aren’t great to use during a phone call though…I tried them a few times and was told I was very hard to hear. But for listening to music at the gym and while I travel, these are all I need.

  255. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    If you’re using these for exercise or anything active they’re great. However if you try using them in a quiet setting then you’re not gonna have a good experience. I bought a pair and there was a constant buzzing/ringing in the left ear bud. It’s unnoticeable if you’re in a noisy environment but if you’re trying to make a phone call or listen to a podcast in the office for example it’s very hard to miss. I thought that it was faulty and sent it back but the second pair I bought also had the same issue. Very disappointed.

  256. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Book Reader

    I love these headphones! I had been running with headphones connected to my phone and was constantly pulling the wire up so it wouldn’t put pressure my ears…or having the wires flap in my face. I love the freedom I have with these headphones. They stay in my ears well, give me good sound quality and are comfortable. I would recommend them and would buy them again.Update: I liked mine so much that I bought a pair for my husband!

  257. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Jeff Gilbert

    These produce plenty of sound and are very clear when I am stationary. I bought these for when I ride my bike. I went a 4hour ride this weekend and there was almost zero ear discomfort, the battery also lasted the entire ride. My only complaint was wind noise, I was only riding at around 15mph and there was definite noise coming through. I just had to turn out my music another notch and it made it much nicer.I had zero issue with the music cutting in or out. I was even able to walk about 40-50 feet away from my phone, line of site, before it started to cut out.If you don’t want to spend a tof money a wireless set of headphones I would highly recommend these.

  258. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Sound is good, fit not bad, extras included. But, Bluetooth connectivity is very bad. Put a cell phone in back pocket of pants and the signal is distorted with every step.Also, these ear buds need line of sight to source. Even putting a hand between source and right sight ear bud the bluetooth sounds is distorted or connectiis lost.Yes, I’ve tried the reset process. Did not help. Sounds like an antenna issue? Anyway, returning them.

  259. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    No idea where they came from. I own several BT headphones. Cbaooo runs circles around them. The only downside is the sometimes shaky BT connectiwhile walking or running. But the sound is outstanding for a slim footprint very comfortable set of headphones. Only once better I own r my bose noise cancelling wired. I was wearing the Cbaooo yesterday for about 5 hrs with no pain my ears. The battery did not drain more than 50% with music playing. Impressive job.

  260. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    I really wanted to like these headphones. I was impressed by the price point and the accessories that were included. When they work the sound is good and the headset features are nice. That said, I constantly have connectivity issues and unless my phone is within a few feet and almost direct line of sight (literally having to keep my iPhone the right side of my body) I have continual problems. Even if I try to move my phone to an appropriate place I still have sound issues that equate to dissed jointed audio feed, making listening to music extremely frustrating. I’ve tried to use these for running, walking, yardwork and/or riding my lawnmower. The problem persists in any arena of use and seems to be getting worse as time passes.

  261. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    They are a lot more “boomy” (not in a good way) than I expected. The highs seem to not be present. They fit great and using them is easy. I just crave a lot more definitifrom the top end of the spectrum and less mid-range distortiand bass boom.Up to 5 stars: See updated comment… the trick for me was to not press the headphones in too tightly into the ear. I still have to experiment with other size plugs that it came with.

  262. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Pros: the ear pieces are held firmly and comfortably in place. The sound quality is very good. Cons: the “tangle free cable” that connects the ear pieces is by no means sturdy-looking or tangle-free. In fact it is thin, longer than necessary, wraps around itself and tangles, and tends to hang off to one side or the other. I personally would have preferred a more sturdy and shorter cable which would have been more aesthetically pleasing. The second problem is that when my iPhone (that has a case) is touching my skin at the gym, such as when I have it tucked at the inside belt of my yoga pants, the sound cuts off sporadically and quite noticeably. This problem is resolved when I move my iPhone to my pocket.

  263. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Mazer Rackem

    ing product and ing price! I like to run outside, and I’ve owned several wireless and wired headphones over the years. These headphones are by far the best headphones I’ve ever bought. The sound is better than some very expensive Sennheiser ear buds that I purchased a few years ago. To make it even better the carrying case includes a car charger and a lightning plug. For the money, these Bluetooth headphones and the additional stuff that comes with it can’t be beat. In fact, I liked them so much that I bought a second pair.

  264. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Eddy with a y

    I received these headphones today and I am very happy with them so far. I have some beats solos which I love but have found them to be hot around my head during the summer months. So I wanted an in ear alternative and I wasn’t about to pay the ridiculous price being charged by beats for their in ear option. So I came here to and found these Cbaooo headphones at a great price. I have to say most of the reviews are pretty spot on.Pros:- Light weight.- Easy to set up- Tangle free cord- Voice caller id – My wife was calling me and the headset read out here number to me. So you don’t even have to look at your phone to see who is calling assuming you actually know your friends and families number by heart.- Great multifuncticharging cord that can be used to charge my iphone 6 and the headsets.- Good noise cancellation- Conversations work well in nosey situations. I was shooting basketball in my driveway and the wind was blowing. But my wife could hear me perfectly in fact better than my beats solo.- Charges quickly- The carrying case is nice and compact and great for carrying- Wire tie is a great additito keep the wires from dangling all over the placeCons- It has a lot of bass which is usually a good thing for me. But the voices or treble sounds washed out. I thought it was just audiophiles being over sensitive but even I noticed it and it was a bit of a let down.- The over the ear hooks are very soft. That’s a good and bad thing. You can’t adjust the shape which would be nice. But it’s not a deal breaker.- Can’t figure out a way to initiate siri with this headset. It would be awesome if there was some hard press or other way to get that to work.Overall I am happy with my purchase if they could fix the sound quality so that voices in my music sound match up better with all the bass this produces, it would be damn near perfect. And if they can figure out a way to initiate siri then addressing those two short comings would make this a 5 star product. But for the price it’s still worth it. Enjoy!

  265. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Balleh sieh

    I wish I could give this product a billistars because these headphones are ing!!! Can’t believe they were only in the 30 range. The quality and sound is excellent. They give you all these extra gifts which is so reliable and come in hanging like the usb for both iPhone and Android devices. That is so convenient I can hear e it with a friend. They case is very durable and has a sleek design. Love it this will make a great friend.

  266. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    I loved these but now they WON’T play media my s7edge. The media says it’s playing but no sound in the headphones. They still take calls and I can hear calls fine, but that’s it. If anyone knows of a fix, let me know because of course they are no longer returnable. Updating review. It was the S7edge’s fault not the headphones. I hard-booted my phone to clear the cache and now they are working just fine again. There is a bit of ringing feedback sound that’s barely noticeable, but still an irritation, therefore the 4 stars. Overall I would recommend these.

  267. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    R. Swenson

    Great product, excellent service and great price. I purchased a pair of Beats PowerBeats3 earphones for $130. Took forever to pair and the volume was not as loud as I thought, especially when used flying. I just purchased these Cbaooo bluetooth for $38. They fit great, sound incredible and paired with ease. They come with a great case, USB charger for power outlet in car and several additional ear buds. I liked them so much, I bought 2 pair.

  268. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Lee C

    These headphones are ing! They are boxed so nicely, all the extras are very useful. The sound is so clear I can hear each instrument. I usually blast my headphones max volume at the gym and these aren’t even at 50% and they sound clear and loud. The Bluetooth comes in very clear and unlike other Bluetooth headphones, the other persthe other end of the phone can’t even tell I’m using headphones to talk to them. They are very lightweight. I love how all the controls are the right earpiece versus the cord. I purchased two, I would definitely buy again and recommend to others.

  269. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Was working fine but some cracking off and during connection. Now during calls and during Skype or Google hang outs. Video and voice calling cuts in and out when I talk. I think I got a junk one from the factory because everyone else I know their works fine. I loved it while it worked but I had a hard time contacting, so 2 star…so hopefully someone from the seller or contacts me to help me get a replacement.

  270. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I kid you not, these sound better then my power beats 3. The fact that I payed 36$ is crazy! Let me just say, this product doesnt feel premium as you would with other high end brands (beats, jaybirds, b&o, etc…). The cable feels to “everywhere”, like “spaghetti strings”. And the hook around the ear also feels very everywhere as well. It should have been a more firm grip and more customized fit as the (my) powerbeats do. If Cbaooo can fix those issues and make the product more premium, Im not even kidding, but I’ll be more then welcome to pay over 130$ for these. Im giving this product 5 stars because I payed less then $40 and because they sound awesome! Regardless if they do have that almost cheap feel to it. Also I thought the car charger it came with was funny, it had this metal look alike part to it, I thought it was legit solid metal but its plastic lol. Hopefully this review was thorough and well made. Also I hope Cbaooo sees this to know what to do with there future projects for this product.

  271. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I was skeptical because these are half the price of my last few sets of wired headphones. Item arrived time and was very easy to set up. I was surprised, these sound incredibly good (Bluetooth or not). Even the bass is strong and tight. Easy to use, fit great and stay in place. I should have made the switch to these a year ago.Thanks for a great product at a fair price.Now I feel like a chump for spending all that money “high-end” earbuds in the past.

  272. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Just did my first workout with these headphones. The sound quality is great, and they really do block out a lot of background noise. The earpieces are comfortable, and did not bounce around or move throughout my workout.Comes with its own carrying case as well as car charger which is perfect for charging the way to the gym. The charger also connects to USB, so it can be plugged into a cube and charged the wall as well.Overall great product so far, no real complaints. Although I’m not a huge fan of the over the ear piece, but only because I don’t like the look of anything over the ear. The piece itself is very flexible and much more comfortable than other in the ear headphones that have over the ear pieces like this. Helps to keep headphones in place, and does not irritate after a while of being in place.Would recommend!

  273. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    First, the headphones arrived earlier than expected. top of that there was an extra high quality charging cable and a car charger. I don’t know if that was part of the deal or is it because I’m special. Anyway these headphones are awesome. The earloops are kind of flimsy so I did not expected them to be stay in place. I love the sound coming out of these things. These are the loudest headphones I’ve owned (the other pair was the QY7 by soundpeats)

  274. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Update from before — now people are getting a wicked echo when I use them. These are terrible, and of course I’m 3 days past the return window them. So disappointed.———Mostly I’m happy with them and even forget I have them on. But twice now I was a conference call and others were getting echos or odd sounds. When I disconnected the headphones and turned them off, the interference sound stopped.I wish the charge them lasted longer too.

  275. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    ian michalaros

    I received my product recently but I have to say it works great and I like the look of them! It feels like nothing when you wear it which is really good for exercising or any other activity! I haven’t found any problems with them falling off my ears even with a lot of shaking. Now the sound is pretty decent for the price, it focuses more in mid-lows (Which I actually like in many songs I listen to) but it doesn’t lose the highs especially if you crank up the volume. I haven’t found any significant distortieven with some really bassy songs, it will have some if you max the volume in specific songs but it kinda hurts the ear so you don’t need to. Lastly, I really like the carrying case and the extra USB to microUSB with a lightning port adapter, pretty neat addition!The only thing that needs a bit more work to make it perfect is a bit of balancing with the mid-lows and highs (which you can adjust your own device but some people want it ready and perfect) otherwise I totally recommend it!!!

  276. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    I found the sound to be quite good however they did not set securely in my ears and would likely fall out if bumped ever so slightly. The soft piece that wraps around the top of the ear is very flimsy (comfortable) but did not in my experience offer much additional securement. The soft ear bud tips would not insert far enough into my ears due to the design of the headset. I will continue to use my 4 year old Motorolas until I can find a better replacement.

  277. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    J. King

    This product is awesome! I listen to music and audible books while running. They stay without any issues. The wire in the back is light and doesn’t get in the way. Buttons the right bud for turning and off and managing volume are easy to use and feel while running.The very expensive Bragi The Headphone I bought was clunky and the buttons were difficult to use. L ear stopped working.So far very happy with these earphones!

  278. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Michael Bates

    I have been VERY satisfied with these headphones. The connect to my phone almost immediately went turned on. The battery lasts much longer than I had anticipated! The case, cords and car adapter are great and very innovative with microUsb and Apple lightning connector the same cord. I use the red foam pads which are most comfortable for me and I even used the headphones in the shower to test out the IXP7 water resistance rating without any issue whatsoever. Directions and manuals are clear and straight forward. Overall, you can tell that the product and care taken with packaging and everything that comes with the headphones, this company is doing a great job and delivering a superb product that is well worth the already reasonable cost.

  279. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I love them. These headphones are most definitely base heavy. I think they still are most definitely a stell for the price. I didn’t believe that they were waterproof for the price they were, but they are. I like that thay come with a 2 in one iphone charger and a charger to charge the earbuds. The case could be a little bigger, but the case is the about the same size as most earbud cases. I think they stay in pretty good. The extra earbud pieces that they come with are a little hard to put but, it has to be hard to put to keep it to be waterproof. When you are going to get them wet make sure the charging port is closed so no water gets in it ruins them. I also really like that the warranty is good for like 2 months. The ear think that wrap around your ear is a little flimsy but, they do not fall out of your ears.

  280. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    I like these ear buds except for a couple of things.1.) I have yet to see them last 8 hours before going dead.2.) They take forever to charge for only lasting about 6 hours.They do fit comfortably though, and the sound is decent, but I wouldn’t say the sound is Great.I was really hoping they truly did last the full 8 hours. I use them to listen to music and the gospel while I’m cleaning or working out.

  281. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Christopher Rodriguez

    Okay, clearly this is a review for the headphones but honestly, one thing that gave this product 5 stars is their excellent customer service and there is nothing better than buying a product and knowing that merchant will take care of any question, comment, or concern that you might have and this company definitely excels at it and deserve to be acknowledged for it. But other than that, these headphones are probably the greatest headphones you can get at such a reasonable price. The quality is superb, I can barely hear myself speak and definitely excel in the low to mid ranges to give you really good bass. The look and setup is simple and nice and sleek and overall an ing product. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for incredible headphones at a resonable price with ing customer service.

  282. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Ethan Donnelly

    Of course, 36 bucks and a n”Big Name Brand” had me a bit skeptical… But these earebuds are a clear definitiof quality. Cbaooo really beat my expectations here. You know that these guys yell “Quality” when they add so many little accessories. Why would a company who sells cheap things waste their time by adding accessories. Cbaooo isnt one of those “cheap companies”. These things are ing. The unit comes with:-a long Iphone charging cable-an earbud charging cable-replacement earbud tips (with one of the pairs being a “earplug” material that cancels sound and mold to your ear, so you can only hear your music!)-Quality carrying pouch (with little mesh pockets inside)-a USB Car adapter with 2 USB Ports. One port is 2.1 AMPS and the other is 1.0 AMP.Cbaooo took the time to add a bunch of accessories to their already-ing product, which tell the consumer that they want us to have the best experience. The sound is great! Very clear! Setup is a breeze! For under 50 bucks, I can assure you skeptical buyers that these will blow your mind!

  283. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Johnny Taco

    Awesome volume! Beats my old s10hd by a mile. For a guy that hates ear buds (they fall out and I have odd shaped canal in one ear from operations) these are best I’ve found for the money and they stay in my ears. Let’s see how they put up with workouts but have ipx7 rated whatever that means. The extra lightning/micro USB (in additito standard micro USB cable) and car charger is a nice extra. Also comes with a nice little case and extra ear plugs of different sizes.

  284. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Christy A.

    Just as described, maybe even better. Great quality sound and secure fit during my running, workout & driving needs.The 1 year warranty & excellent customer service followup were a winner for me. I feel comfortable knowing if anything goes wrong with the earbuds within a year I’m covered.What more could I ask for.

  285. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Blue Dragonfly

    I am a 70 year old who has never used bluetooth before but I am glad to dispense with all the wires while listening to audiobooks and music my computer and other devices such as my cd player and iPod. It took me a bit of time to figure out how to put it on, but the sound is good as long as I don’t get too far away from my device. The sound seems very clear and the assorted ear pieces are very handy. I used the smallest and it fits fine.

  286. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Okay so I’m sparse with glowing reviews. But these earbuds have far exceeded my expectations. I have now purchased 4 pairs in all. A pair for myself, wife, 2 kids…we use them working out I use them when my high dollar name brand earbuds dead after 20 min. These are my reliable, sweat proof, hard to break and comfy go to. If your wondering how well they are made that’s it. 100% won’t let you down. I wear mine in the shower listening to motivational videos even.

  287. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Early review, but a coworker has had a pair for a few months. They’d been my list for a couple of months before I noticed he had them. He gave rave reviews, so I made the order. They are great! Comfortable fit, no noise from movement transferring through the cable, and great sound. I used my phone’s equalizer to “turn down the bass.” I actually used them for 2 hours immediately right out of the box as they were charged. (I wore them for a run and weightlifting.)

  288. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Dom in New York

    I am a bit of a headphone snob, find the tinny cheap headphones to be irritating and unusable. Thus these Cbaooo’s exceeded my wildest expectations in terms of the sound quality.Been testing them out various Spotify playlists like “songs to test your headphones” and these are right up there with my audiotechnia cans. And much lighter, portable, and feel very comfortable for long periods my ears. I don’t get much noise cancelling, at least not for ambient street noise,do have to stop them or remove to have a conversation. Great for walking jogging exercise etc. .

  289. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    For a $36 pair of wireless headphones these are great in my opinion. I tried the $59 lg tone headphones and they were too tinny in sound quality. The Cbaooo buds have excellent bass along with the treble when it comes to listening to music my iPhone. The biggest selling point for me ( besides the positive reviews ) was the fact they’re waterproof too. This way if I’m the phone or listening to music while making deliveries and it starts to rain I won’t have to worry about having to scramble taking them off.

  290. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    These are by far the best wireless Bluetooth headphones I have owned and have since purchased a second pair for my wife. I have tried others which either fell out of my ears while walking, or working out, and/or the battery life was dismal.The pairing instructions were straight forward and worked without any problems, my Samsung 7 Edge recognized and paired with the Cbaooo right away. The Cbaooo headphones pack great sound, has good receptiwhen the cellphone is in a pocket, and receptito/from while talking the cellphone is excellent. The buttons are conveniently placed the right bud, and the On/Off/Answer/Disconnect, as well as the volume controls work flawlessly.The battery life is excellent, although I have not tried to go non-stop for the rated 8 hour battery life, I have used them long walks, or working outside all day with the battery still holding a charge after 5-6 hours. I have a pair of Bose noise canceling earbuds which I use airplanes, but whether it’s working out, working around the house, outside work, the Cbaooo’s are now my goto for all my other activities.

  291. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    UPDATE: 10/25/17: Headphone buttstopped working completely entire outside case broke apart. I haven’t even had these for a year and they broke down me. Very disappointed. UPDATE (8/17/17): I had to drop two stars down. Unfortunately it seems over time the battery life decreases. Additionally the battery life reader won’t accurately calculate the remaining life span. The other issue I have found over time is that when you charge, the blue light won’t come back when it is fully charged so I have to guess when it’s had enough time. This was my second pair purchased. Cannot stress how ing these are! I purchase a lot , but only really write reviews for products I believe are worth the time! The battery life these still blows me away. I use them all day during work. The package they come with alone is worthwhile. These are so great I’m purchasing a second pair for my mom. If your looking for affordable Bluetooth headphones, that have a durable battery life and have the most bang for you buck. These are definitely it!

  292. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    T. Deyoung

    week 3 and so far so very good. Sound is good – for me comparable to Beats. Holds a charge for about a week (which for me is 6-7 hrs). Comfy. I actually like the soft silicone ear wraps. They irritate less than the hard plastic of Beats. Pairing with my iPhone was trivially easy and smooth. Has a 1 yr warranty, which alleviated my concern about trying such an inexpensive product. If these keep working over the course of several months, I will up this to 5 star review.

  293. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    If you’re looking for a great pair of Bluetooth headphones I highly recommend these! I’ve used my brother’s Beats Powerbeats which inspired me to want to buy a similar pair, however I wasn’t too fond of shelling out over $130 for headphones especially since my wired Beats ear buds didn’t last very long. Searching for a cheaper alternative I came across these and after some consideratiI bought them and am sure glad I did! As far as I’m concerned these are better than the Powerbeats in about every conceivable way. They are more comfortable to wear, they feel lighter, the connectiwith my phone is better, they come with more accessories, they are less expensive and the sound is great! They are so loud, it’s ridiculous. I am so glad I purchased these, they could easily be $100+ for the quality. Do yourself a favor and buy a pair or two.

  294. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    AWESOME wireless headphones. Used them at the gym and they didn’t move an inch and typically i struggle with headphones that can tolerate the various movements in weight lifting. Excellent noise cancellatiresulting in quality sound. Paired easily with my IPhone 6S Plus and no interruptito signal even when my phone wasn’t immediately next to me. If you are looking for a good pair of reasonably priced Bluetooth headphones look no further.

  295. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    I really wanted to love these headphones, but I can not. I have ordered two pair’s of these headphones . The first pair, the sound quality was so poor that I had to send them back, and the second pair had the same issue. In the beginning, these headphones seemed like a good idea because they are wireless, but I traded these in for Apple airpods which are expensive, but definitely worth the money.So, if sound quality is important to you, do not buy these.

  296. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I don’t use headphones very often and didn’t want to spend $100+ but I knew I wanted Bluetooth. I am VERY pleased. I read a lot of reviews before deciding. While there were similar headphones available in this price range, what made me decide these was the little case that came with them. It’s small and fits the headphones and extra ear cushions perfectly. I used them listen to music and watch movies/televisimy iPad. They were perfect!

  297. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I purchased these headphones because I listening to music all day at work and I wanted something that was comfortable to wear that I wasn’t tethered to my laptop. I also needed to use them for phone calls since our phone calls are received through our laptops. I had an over the ear headset that was provided to me that were uncomfortable when worn for 7+ hours. I have to say that when I received them I was ed at the additional accessories that came with them. A car charger, A 3ft. cable that has is capable of not only charging my Samsung Galaxy 7 phone but has an adapter to charge my wife’s IPhone 7 which is attached to the cable so it won’t get lost, and a nice carrying case. The 3ft. cable alone is worth the purchase, which I put in our most used vehicle so we don’t have to carry multiple cables anymore. These are super comfortable, the ear pieces themselves that wrap around my ear are rubber (not plastic) and I barely notice them. The ear buds fit snuggly in my ear without giving me any discomfort. The battery life is great I used them my entire work day and then charged them overnight. The sound from them when I pair them to my phone or smart watch is awesome and the range is great. I can walk to the water fountain at work which is down the hall and still listen to my music or answer calls when they are attached to my laptop.

  298. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    I bought these for the gym… I get 5 or 6 hour-plus work outs out of them before I need a recharge which isn’t bad. Good quality sound and function. The only thing that annoys me is that when the battery is low, you get a woman’s voice uttering “battery low” every minute until your battery dies, which is around 10 minutes later. It interrupts your music and is very annoying. One warning is enough… that and the battery life is why I give 4 stars instead of 5.

  299. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Jeff Sulilvan

    Easy to pair. I’m impressed with the bass quality!! I’ve never had earbuds produce bass quality as deep and rich as these… The low tones are something you’d expect from an over the head large headphone set.These things are going to take my long distance runs to a whole other level.The noise cancellatiqualities are impressive as well. Haven’t had them long enough to test battery life, but considering the size I expect to charge them after every use.

  300. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Todd Peterson

    This is going to be a bit of a strange review, because ultimately the headphones didn’t work for me. I was wanting to use them when I did yard work, but found with my phone in my pocket that at certain times contorting my body certain ways that the connectiwould drop off. This may very well be the case with any bluetooth headphones, as this was my first attempt, but I really won’t know until I try another brand. However, the reasI’m giving 5 stars is because their customer service is first rate. They tried to walk me through varies solutions for the problems I was having and when we couldn’t make it work right, they took them back and even paid for the shipping! I will say that for the price, the headphones sounded very good for both music and talking the phone. The bass is a little weak with heavy bass music, but that’s to be expected for the price. My situatimy be a problem with application, not the headphones themselves, but if you’re looking to try these, don’t hesitate, there is really no risk to you at all.

  301. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Rob K

    I love these earbuds, I exercise in a pool and they are perfect because they are waterproof. The sound is great and they fit well. This is my second set, the first just stopped working so I contacted Cbaooo Customer Service and they tried several things to have them work but they failed. I sent it back to and received a full refund and bought a new set which is working great. Fantastic product and outstanding customer service makes this company worthwhile.

  302. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    These are are pretty good for the price. I primarily use them with an iPhone while walking my dogs. I had to completely roll off (turn down) all of the bass in the EQ for Spotify . They don’t distort even with the bass louder. This are my first bluetooth earbuds so I’m not sure how the others compare except that these seem to be a little cheaper than some.Durability is key for me – I’ve had to replace so many earbud/earphones/cords, etc. I just had to try bluetooth.I write back to report them after a period of time using them.

  303. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Sarah Vue

    These headphones are great. I purchased these guys because when I workout, I sweat a lot, so the waterproof feature was a plus. I also have small ears and thought that the ear hook would not stay, but these headphones are very snug even for my small ears. The bluetooth connectiwas very easy. Syncing was no problem. And the fact that they come with three different sizes for the ear piece is also a great plus. I would recommend these, especially for athletes or anyone who is in need of waterproof headphones.

  304. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Just got them. I read instructibooks always.CON:It says not to over charge and not to leave it charging all night. I think sellers should put informatilike this in the descriptiinstead of finding out after the purchase.PROS:Fits really goodPairs easilyQuality feel and lookEasy access to logical, universal controlsNice extras (but would rather have a lower price)Easy read instructionsAnd most importantly, sounds goodI still would have wanted to know about the overcharging risk. One more thing to watch and remember. Anyone know of a simple 110 timer I can plug my USB charging unit into?Update, Before I had a chance to buy a timer, I got a rapid, complete and personal response from the company rep. The headphones have over charge protectiand the warning is generic. I replace the fallen star.

  305. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I’ve only used these headphones for one day, but so far they have worked great! It’s nice to not deal with a cord and the sound quality is wonderful! My only complaint is that if the device you’re using (I was using an Ipod) is connected to WiFi and you’re having problems with the WiFi (I was being kicked off and again) you will hear a quiet clicking noise from the headphones each time you are disconnected and reconnected. It wasn’t super noticeable, but I could still hear it. Other than that, great product!

  306. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    The sound was surprisingly good for the cost, however these did not meet my expectations any other level. They were uncomfortable and fell off my ears constantly, even with the correct size ear buds on. I bought them for travel, and the battery barely lasted 4 hours, not even close to the 8 that they claim. These are being returned.

  307. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Though the rubber that wraps around your ear seems very flimsy they do their job perfectly and I actually like that they are. The ear wraps are super comfortable and once you have them wrapped don’t expect these to fall out. I’ve tried all sorts of work outs and head banging and these will not fall out! Just what I wanted with also very very very perfect sound clarity for ear phones. I’m borderline audiophile from my collectiof headphones and interest in sound and tech. I have a pair of Audio technicas ath-m50’s and sennheisers 363D. These sound nothing like those but they aren’t suppose to. These are ear phones not studio quality headphones; also don’t believe any company that says that their ear phones have added bass. There is no where that is possible because added subs aren’t possible, I would believe if a ear company said that they had added tweeters before I did added bass. Your phone has a sound card just like anything else and even though you may have a 1000 dollar iphone whatever they just came out with. I’m pretty positive that the sound card inside your over a thousand dollar phone isn’t any better than the sound card in the past 3 to 5 generations. It’s a gimmick much like dpi for gaming mice.But I’ll let you in a little secret many of you don’t know about. Do you actually want quality highs and lows and even mids with soundstage? Download poweramp! You will have to spend about 5 after the trial period but you can even make your very own equalizer setting! How insane is that? Poweramp is literally your only way of having added bass which so many of you care about so much for some odd reason. Please please please stop falling for the Gimmick of “added bass”.I will say though the sound quality of this bluetooth to the thousands of other wired earphones I’ve used over the years trying to avoid bluetooth is little to none. I actually wish I bought these sooner for the price of 40 over the hundreds of dollars for wired ear phones. I popped these babies in and not only did they seal in the sound which is also another issue I’ve been trying to eliminate but Nine inch nails Me I’n Not sounded so good that I tried Retro Wave, Trance, DnB, Metal, etc and all of them performed past my expectations along with my personal settings for poweramp.

  308. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    These are pretty fantastic. I just use them with my iPhone 7 because I can’t deal with the silly port. Love them. I don’t work out so don’t know how they would be but I imagine they would be good. They stay in the ears snugly, are light and have excellent sound. Love that a car charger and an extra lightnjng port is included–plus a good case. Some feedback for future improvements…The charging items are cool but not intuitive making me read a manual and diagram which I haven’t had to do in a while with the influence of Apple consumer products. Same with the labeling of buttons. Not intuitive.

  309. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Every other review thus far is correct. I prefer these headphones to most others that I have, first off they’re wireless, and extremely comfortable my ears, just gotta make sure you find the best bud size for your ear holes, like for me I have 1 smaller than the other. Sound quality is great, they may not say HD sound, but the quality is great. They cancel out noise very well, I wear them when I’m using the blower in the backyard and they’re better than ear plugs/plus I can listen to music. Overall an awesome buy, much worth it.Edit: after 4 months of use they stopped taking a charge. No matter which cable I use, or port I plug it into. Bring that they were 25 bucks, I decided to order another pair. Price is now 37 dollars, but what can I do? For an inexpensive pair of headphones, they’re still worth it. If I have any issue with this next set their will definitely be a negative review, but I account it to wear and tear.

  310. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I have a nice pair of Bose over the ear headphones, but when outside walking my dog they tend to fall off when leaning over to pick up. These Cbaooo are just the ticket and the sound is fab with pretty good quality and a year quarantee. I found a good fit within the included three tips and they are comfortable and stay nicely. Instructions are good and customer support if needed seems to be there with an e=mail from one of the company owners right after delivery. Lots of good reviews you tube and . I do lots of research before buy a product and so far pleased.

  311. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    After using this thing for awhile I realize that its audio quality was okay. However, another problem became apparent. This headphone begins to spam low power messages every few seconds when it’s running out of power. To me, the power might as well be dead because it spams the low power message so much that I cant listen to anything else.

  312. 评分 1 &sol; 5


    Power buttno linger worked as of aug 21 from purchase in February Battery life is ok for workouts but I can’t say for work. I work in loud environment so the noise level is moderate high for music and battery last around 6 hours roughly. My main gripe is the static and chatter connecting to my phone via Bluetooth. It isn’t every time but enough to cause aggravation. Fit is good and controls are fine. $30 set of headphones is what you get….

  313. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I bought these “by mistake”, as my 15 year old shad showed me a pair of “the other brand” and I forgot to save it, I thought these were the one’s he wanted and the reviews were outstanding so I hit the magic button. He was worried when I showed him which one’s I had coming, as he had his heart set the other one’s. He’s only had them for 2 days now, and is giving a tremendous review for these buds! (Whew! Yay Mom!) He is a huge gamer and listens to music pretty much all day and say’s that when a really good song comes on, he’ll just “tap my ear and the bass absolutely thumps!” The charging is fast, the need to charge is seldom, they’re comfortable, the carrying case is cool, easy to figure out… these are a BIG win in his opinion! As his mother, let’s not forget that price!! Definitely recommended!!

  314. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Van in CA

    I bought these mostly for listening to podcasts, and they’re great! The audio quality is not perfect, but I figured that would be the case when paying less than $40 for wireless headphones, and honestly it really doesn’t need to be very good when listening to NPR and the like. It’d be passable for music. The balance seems pretty bass biased, but I guess that’s just what people are into. My only real complain is the persistent, low volume hiss. However that’s been present in most wireless headphones I’ve used, and I’ve definitely had worse.Bottom line: these are a great value! If your requirements aren’t super high or you’re a budget, these are an excellent solution.

  315. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    F. Kelsch

    Although I usually run without music I am training for another marathand the long runs I am carrying my iPhone 7. It was looking for a Bluetooth headset to use and bought these based the reviews. The sound is good and they are very comfortable. They work well when running although sometimes the connecting cord, which rests my neck, doesn’t freely slide due to sweat the skin so if I turn my head it pulls the earpeice out slightly but with the hook over the ear it doesn’t fall out. I was about to buy the similar Beats but for my purposes I am glad I save the money.

  316. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Michael A. Soave

    The good: Sound quality is fine (not great) when used as headphones. It’s comes with a dual USB Car charger and many accessories. The battery seems to work as they describe.The bad: Very uncomfortable with how they fit in the ear and the over the ear part doesn’t have any functionality at all. Also they look and feel very cheap.The ugly: When I use these as a headset for my phone (my primary intended use) everyone I speak with say that they can hear an echo, especially when they are also a headset.

  317. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    The sound quality is average. The battery life is average. The range is maybe 25-30′ if you walk directly out in front of your phone. Turn a corner and you get maybe 15′ from your phone and the receptistarts breaking up. I learned if I place my phone top of 6′ high lockers sort of in the middle of my gym I can get a little better reception. I replaced my old ones because they would not stay in my ears. These do stay pretty well but average in all other areas.

  318. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I purchased these to use w: an iPhone 7 Plus. I’ve been happily using Apple’s EarPods for a number of years, with a few Jabra BT headsets along the way for good measure. Invariably, I’ll get a comment or two about the voice quality coming across my BT headset, freak out, and go back to the tried & true EarPods.Last week I bought these off a daily deal whim, and used them for the first time today.My wife, who is accustomed to the “audio check” game, said my voice sounded clearer over these SENSL’s than the standalone iPhone mic. So I tried them a few customer calls, asking for feedback two of them: same thing! No echo, no white noise or feedback, and, so far, 8 or 9 people have found them to be clearer than the iPhone 7’s onboard mic!We’ll see how they hold up, but for <$40, these are already more impressive than any Jabra I've had so far!Also, the little zipper pouch is slick. 🙂

  319. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    V. Caranna

    Terrific pair of headphones. They sound great and are really comfortable to wear. The packaging is compact and the zippered storage case is small and lightweight. I plan purchasing a second pair for my wife to use while we workout and go for walks. The fact that they come with a one year warranty is commendable. The additional items that are included in the order was a nice surprise, especially the cord that has the USB connector one end and the convertible connector the other end (iphone or Samsung type). Since this review is based a short ownership time, I will re-evaluate this product after several months of usage, but as it stands now, I highly recommend these.

  320. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    For the price, these bluetooth earphones are very good. They are VERY comfortable and feel as if they’re not there. The sound quality is great. I read some reviews where people said that the bass was weak and/or non-existent. I disagree. The bass was pretty good. I had a good seal which I’m sure played a part in my experience. These can get VERY loud if that’s you’re thing. I did have a problem with the pair I had (I returned them). The left ear bud had a constant ringing while playing music or watching videos. This would sort of get drowned out the louder the volume but it was enough to annoy me and not want to deal with anymore. I read some reviews where they described this issue and were sent a new pair. I would’ve contacted them for another pair but I didn’t like the way it looked me. Since there is no controls the wire like most ear buds, everything is the bud itself which makes them rather wide. I would say they’re maybe 1/3 to 1/2 an inch wide. That and my ear canal not necessarily going “in to” my head and instead run almost parallel to my cheeks, added with my narrowing face, I looked like I had two Apache style missile launchers coming out of my ears. I would recommend these for sure if you’re lucky to not get defective ones and if you think they’ll look good you (if that matters to you) because they are REALLY comfortable, they don’t feel like they’re there, and they sound ing.

  321. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    This review is rather early but so far I like them. Paired with my cell phone rather easily and sounds great, in fact better, louder than the OEM pair that came with my Note 3. Like the way they hug my big ears and don’t expect them to fall off. Haven’t tried them the treadmill yet & may update this review if my sweat causes them to fall off. Havent tried any other wireless headphones but the sound compares to my wired beats at a much better price.

  322. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    Since I’ve only use them twice I’m giving them only 4 stars. However, I’m hoping they’ll be a 5 star. Ok both hubby and I ‘ve been using wired ear buds for awhile. What a pain and inferior sound quality to boot. We looked at all different makes and models in various price range. Why I chose Cbaooo was due to the reviews and incredible pricing. They’re comfortable, easy and actually fit my tiny earphones. Ive not heard music so clearly before with other ear buds. So, inconclusion, very happy with purchase may order pair for hubby soon. Thank you.

  323. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Gadget Gal

    these are great headphones with great sound and very easy to use with my iphone. I was concerned about the headphone’s ability to be good for talking the phone. as a matter of fact, they are great. There is no problem hearing me.i originally purchased the Bose wireless ear buds, and i returned as they were not comfortable. The Cbaooo earbuds are great! once i put in the smaller size cushions, i was fine!!Highly recommended!

  324. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Oliver Gray

    I needed new running headphones after my first pair had an unfortunate run in with a thorn bush. I’ve used regular plug in earbuds forever, but definitely get frustrated with tangles and having them fall out when my ears get sweaty a hot day.Enter these Cbaooo Bluetooth headphones. They’re a huge value for the price; the build quality is very high, the sound quality is good for running/general use (they’re not going to blow away any serious audiophile, though), and they come with more accessories than a teenage girl.Connecting them to my phone was seamless, and I had no issues with the audio cutting out like some other bluetooth devices. The headphones are light but don’t feel cheap; my only complaint is that the over-ear plastic piece is pretty flimsy. I have small ears, and wish it was a little sturdier so it didn’t move around so much. Not worth detracting a star for (they still fit my head and ear fine), just surprising as the photos make them look pretty rigid.The headphones have independent volume control, and a power button. They do need to be charged, but come with two chargers AND a car adapter, which is pretty huge, give that some products come with no cables these days. They seem to hold charge for ~7-8 hours. I used them for a full work day and they still didn’t die from low battery.Great value, made even better by build quality and abundance of accessories.

  325. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    So far so good. Sounds great. fit good. Connected easy. Doesnt seem to work with voice activatiunless im doing something wrong. I dont use it anyways. Biggest complaint is cord catches when i turn my head left to right, have to lift cord and adjust what seems like a lot. Maybe a longer cord or mesh material that doesnt stick? Bonus comes with cool dual cord for itrash phone and micro usb combo. 2 cords in paxkage and car charger w/case and multiple ear bud styles.

  326. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    The sound quality of the headphones is good (I’d say 4 stars) and I find them easy to use, but I have given the headphones a lower rating for the following reasons:- The pieces that go over your ears are floppy and can’t be adjusted to fit to your ears, and in my case, they sit above my ear so they don’t provide any benefit. In fact, they bumped against my glasses and caused the headphones to come out of my ears. I ended up cutting off the over ear pieces.- There is a warning that comes when the headphones need to be charged. That’s a great idea, but it gives you very little warning (maybe 5 more minutes of use), which in my opinimakes the warning kind of useless. It would have been better if a warning was provided when there is at least 30 minutes to an hour more of use.

  327. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    John Nelson

    Really, really pleased with these headphones. I’ve only had them for a few days, but they’re exactly what I was hoping for. Super comfortable to wear (the over-ear hooks feel like they’re not there). They’re great at blocking outside noise (they make a good seal in your ear). They’re a little heavy the bass/low frequencies, but that doesn’t bother me. I’d prefer it to the tinny sound you often get with more inexpensive headphones.The packaging is nice. It’s a superficial thing, but I feel like it shows more care for the product and customer if packaging is more than an afterthought.I really like that they came with a carrying case. My last set of headphones went through the wash because I had kept them in a cargo pocket and forgot about them. That won’t happen now.

  328. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I don’t normally write reviews for products, but my experience was so positive, I thought I’d share. My brother bought a pair of these, and he liked them so much, that I decided to get a pair too. I get annoyed with the ear wrap-arounds this style of headphone, but I was very pleasantly surprised to find that they are extremely comfortable, and I didn’t notice them at all. I also was worried about the microphone because I make calls using my headphones quite frequently. The microphone is built into the ear piece, so I thought it wouldn’t work that well. However, again, I was shocked to find that my voice came through crystal clear. My absolute favorite feature though would have to be the noise-cancelling ability. They aren’t advertised as such, but these headphones do a fantastic job blocking out sound, almost too good of a job. I literally have to take them out when people are talking to me or I can’t hear them. The sound quality is also great. One last thing to note, I’d advise to be cautious purchasing for children because these headphones can get really loud. Overall, FANTASTIC BUY for the price. Intuitive earbud controls, easy blue-tooth pairing, and great overall sound quality. I’d HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  329. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Dee Brunette

    These are very high quality earbuds, well worth the money. Remember to charge the fully before using so you can get the optimal playback time. High Fidelity sound and Excellent Workmanship. Has a nice embossed hard-shell type zipper case with 1 flat wire USB charger cord and 1 shorter USB charger cord. Includes different sized buds to adapt to your ears. No problem pairing them with my new phone either. Buy these before you go and spend a lot of money something more expensive.

  330. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I am a multiple headphones owner, like many. I received the Cbaooo BT Headphones quickly (Prime), and a nice follow up email from the folks at Cbaooo. The product is packaged nicely, comes with extras, and a nice case. My ears are smaller, so I appreciate the optiof changing the buds, which I did. The headphones paired quickly and easily with my Samsung GS5. They work great, and sound great! Good balance of bass to treble. I bought the headphones to ride my bike, AND ride my horse, I have not done either yet, however, I do think they’ll hold in place. Thanks Cbaooo, they promise to be a really nice solution!!

  331. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I’m a very active runner and have sent back a few pairs of Bluetooth headphones I’ve bought from in the past. Mainly for them not staying very well.Prior to this purchase I was using Motorola S11 Bluetooth headphones and I was happy with those but they quit charging. I didn’t feel like spending the extra money a new pair.I’ve now been using the Cbaooo Bluetooth headphones for a few weeks with no issues. For the price, the sound is excellent. The headphones fit securely my ears and are pretty comfortable. The only time they became a little lose was towards the end of a 5.5 mile run. With all the sweat they were a little less snug but still good enough for me especially considering the price.I am giving this product 5 starts solely based the price. Excellent bang for your buck. I would buy these again!

  332. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    M. Joyce

    I really enjoy these and how the earbuds stay my ears, unlike other buds that are always falling out and a struggle to keep placed in each ear. The sound quality is not as good as I had expected, and the range of bluetooth is excellent and the battery capacity seems to be very good since I haven’t run low charge yet. I like the design of having only the wire fall loosely my neck rather than other designs where the in line switch dangles there and the volume/switches are easy to operate mounted the ear buds themselves. The color scheme is excellent and these are attractive! Also, the in-line mic for phone is able to pick up my voice pretty well and I don’t have to yell when I am the line. I am really happy with my purchase.

  333. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    The fit and sound are great. Excellent bass with music and clear and crisp voice. There is mild noise cancelling that keeps out other sounds. While they look a bit bulky, they are light weight and once in place are very comfortable and don’t fall out. The Bluetooth connectiis easy with no lag. Easy to set up. The charge lasts all day. These are ing for the price. I have many sets of headphones/earphones. These are as good as some of the high end ones.

  334. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Marilyn 7100

    I am so pleased with the Cbaooo wireless earbuds! I’ve tried three other sets in the past year and a half and none were of this quality nor did they last more than a few months. I’m using these with a TV transmitter to better hear the dialogue in movies. Pairing with my TV transmitter was easy. The receptiis clear, no static as I had with other brands. I changed the ear buds to the smallest size and they fit comfortably for hours of movie viewing.

  335. 评分 3 &sol; 5

    John W

    I was attracted to this item because of the positive reviews of it’s sound. And, YES, the sound is very good for music. The deep bass and snug fit provide an excellent music listening experience. HOWEVER, having a normal phone conversatiis another thing. So many times the persthe other end tells me that they are having a hard time hearing me because of all the background noise. The microphone is so sensitive, that the background noise overpowers my voice and drives the people the other end crazy. Even when I am driving in the car with the radio off and the windows rolled up, people complain about the noise. Only when I am at a stop light do they say it sounds better. Even while shopping at a store, my dad said that the elevator music playing in the back by the store was so distracting. I am just using these headphones now for listening to music and cringe every time I have to apologize the phone for the loud sounds coming from my surroundings, which are minimal. I think it would be a great product if it functioned better phone calls.

  336. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    These are great for the price, haven’t had any issues. It comes with a lot of pointless accessories wish there was an optito get just the headphones and pay less.I’ve go to the gym for about an hour to an hour and a half and Ive gone about 8 times and still haven’t needed to recharge. These are great, they tend to start to slip out of my ear during cardio if I’m sweating a lot but I just dry them off along with my ear and they are fine again

  337. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    These headphones are very lightweight, and because they are wireless, I no longer have to worry about getting too far away from my phone or Kindle Fire. Pairing with them was super easy. Now I look forward to using my treadmill and free weights! The sound quality is ing, and they fit closely enough to mute other sounds. The headphones also include other ear buds for a perfect fit, and a nice carrying case for everything, including charging cords. Great product!

  338. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Great and low cost alternative.Great bass but im missing a little more of highs*********MAY 2017 REVIEW UPDATEthey wont turn again. tried to find a solutionline but still looking for it. they last the same as my last BEATS BT headphones but for only $37 bucks. im really disappointed about this kind of accpunt 2 BEATS BT and 1 Cbaooo BT mal functioning. believe me!!! it not me!… I only use them, sweat them and then charged them, thats all.

  339. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Samuel C.

    So I went to Best Buy to buy some Powerbeats 3s. My nephew had just bought some and kept telling me I needed to buy some for the gym. We went and I tried to get a discount because Best Buy matches prices and I couldn’t find the black ones that had been sale for $150. I couldn’t bring myself to pay $200+ for some earphones. I looked at the next day and came across the Cbaooo earphones and started reading reviews and watching some YouTube videos and found some very good reviews. I ordered them and my nephew started saying they wouldn’t work blah blah blah. I bet him $50 these would sound just as good as his Beats. Well I got them in and I was blown away by how good they worked. As soas he got home we compared them to his Beats. There was a small difference in the sound of the bass. He was surprised at how good they sounded as was I. So I w$50 but told him to keep it. I figured him realizing I paid $35 for some earphones that are just as good as his $200+ earphones was good enough for me. DON’T BE MATERIALISTIC YOU DON’T NEED BEATS!!

  340. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    Finally! Through trial and error I finally found these headphones. Very comfortable, they stay in my ear, good seal and great sound. That little over the ear piece is very soft and is not noticeable in use. Used for running, elliptical, weights, floor exercise, ….. I use a small gym and leave my phone in the cubbies in the middle of the room so blue tooth distance is at least 30′. Battery life seems excellent — I have 8 – 10 hours the first charge so far. Bonus in that they come with a case, car charger, two charging cables…. These are the headphones I have been searching for.

  341. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Richard Medina

    I have purchased a total of four pairs now, everyone in the family has one. They are very comfortable the sound is excellent with good bass. I use them for an hour a day at the gym six days a week and the charge lasts all week for my usage. They link up with my phone very easily, I have had no issues at all with them. I would definitely recommend these as an alternative to more expensive models, they do everything I want and are a great value. I just have to get used to putting them away because I lost my first pair. Love having no wires to get in the way when I work out.

  342. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    So far so good this is after having it a few dayI run this a lotTime will tell but so far great sound and works even with a lot a sweatingI like these so much I got a second set for when one is chargingUse them a lot nowUpdate and this is a big problem returns require a printer like ever one owns a return printerand also have been having problems this and newest one that the right ear keep cutting out random no reset or anything fixes it

  343. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    I love these headphones for their comfort and sound quality. When I am sitting up or lying down my back they are fantastic and all the buttons work wellI just had cervical surgery and cannot move my neck to read so am listening to audio books. When I turn my side while in bed, the on/off buttturns and off with the movement of my head/ ear so side listening doesn’t work for me. Wish the buttons were the wire.But yet again these are very high quality headphones.

  344. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    First purchase of blue tooth headphones. Purchased in order to go phone-free during workouts after the recent gift of an Apple Watch. Very easy to set up. Comes with so many accessories (home charger, car charger, storage case, several ear bud sizes, and clip to shorten cord). Extreme value for what you get here. Did not have high expectations with regards to sound, but highly impressed. Many Bluetooth earbuds go for more than double & triple the cost…these were an outstanding value for what you get, and worked much better than expected.How long will they last? That IS the question.Will update if they quit me inside 6 months, but overall these were a great purchase for my 1st pair…and I highly recommend.

  345. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    First off, they are $30 headphones, so if you expect them to sound like $200 Bose, you will be disappointed. However, if you keep an open mind to the fact that they are $30 headphones, you will be happy. Sure, the sound quality is not the same as Bose or Sony or anything, but sound quality was not the reasI bought these headphones, I bought them strictly to have no cords attached when at the gym. I workout everyday for 60 minutes and only have to charge them Sunday, so the battery definitely last 5-6 hours. Other people have written about having trouble keeping the headphones in when they are sweaty, I do not have this problem. I do a 20 minute run and pour sweat, and they work perfectly, they do not fall out of my ears nor do they short out or anything like that. The headphones come with a nice hardbody case which is a nice little bonus. Overall, no complaints with these headphones whatsoever, they do exactly what I want them to do, especially for $30. If you simply want bluetooth headphones for the gym, I think these will certainly do the trick.

  346. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Jay N. Smith

    This is my first Bluetooth product so I was unsure how difficult it would be to set up. and I was pleased that the Cbaooo headphones / ear buds were very easy to charge and pair with my phone, and I’m listening to a podcast right now. I have not tried them with a phone call yet but I expect that that functiwill also work well.Another test that I haven’t done yet is seeing how well they work while running but my experience so far leads me to believe that they will be fine with that also.

  347. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Anonymous Shooter

    Seems like a good build, audio software appears to be the same as the ODT chips I have in y snowboard helmet.The good – build quality, extra cables, chargers case etc. Intuitive buttcontrols.The bad – sound is muddy. They are plenty loud even the lowest of settings, but the sounds is muddy, no highs to speak of.

  348. 评分 3 &sol; 5


    The Cbaooo Bluetooth Headphones are a good value. There is no doubt about that. But there are definitely some pro’s and con’s that made me rethink this purchase. When I was looking for headphones, my number one concern was if it would stay firmly in my ear without having to readjust. Second, was the quality of sound. Third, was the Bluetooth connectiWith the Cbaooo Bluetooth headphones, this is what I found to be the case…The PROs: Quality sound, good buttfunctionality, and surprisingly comfortable.The CONS: (the major one) when you start to sweat the silicone ear hook does not keep tight to your ear resulting in slippage and bouncing, Bluetooth disconnects from my iPhone after about a minute (so if you pause your music for any reasexpect that you will have to reach for your phone to sync the two devices up again).I am still not sure I am going to keep them. I have to take off the headphones to wipe the silicone ear hooks off about 4-6 times over an hour workout.

  349. 评分 2 &sol; 5


    Now, I only paid $36 for these- reduced from $169!So I am disappointed with them at $36, imagine if you paid full price!What is wrong, well;-they do not stay in once you get really sweaty-the loops are flimsy and do not really secure the phones-the buds create an air tight seal when fitted properly – to aid noise suppressiI guess – but this means that it feels like you are under water, plus you hear every footfall when running inside your head – like a dull thud.-So no good for running – which is how they are sold- but would be good aircraft etc I guess.Not tried the microphone so cannot comment this part.Back to the drawing board

  350. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    My husband has a pair of Jaybird wireless headphones that he paid much more for and they constantly fell out of my ears during my workout. I have used the Cbaooo headphones for a variety of workouts, including HIIT training, yoga, kickboxing, and running and I did not have to adjust these once. That is HUGE! The sound quality is perfect for me. I have had a few instances where I received a distorted sound, but it was from the bluetooth signal being blocked. I moved my phone each time and it corrected the problem. If you need a pair of wireless headphones for working out and you don’t want to be bothered with readjusting you need to buy these.

  351. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Blue Jay

    UPDATE 6/21/2018I want to start off by saying that I meant to do this update for some time now. Okay, here I go…. Unfortunately, I have to say that I am not happy with my replacement headphones (that I paid for with my own money) as, if you read the whole review, I had initially purchased because I thought the first one was broken. So the very 1st pair that I bought continues to work like a charm. However, the 2nd pair which I received February 4, 2018 has turned out to be absolute garbage.Even after I received the 2nd pair, I continued to use primarily the 1st one and didn’t really use the 2nd one much. So honestly it took me a awhile to notice that the 2nd pair, whenever I used it, would not work right. It kept losing the bluetooth connection. This is how it would go. I pair it to my phone, and less than a minute later, it’s lost the connection. I re-pair and the same thing. However, since I have my original pair I would just go back to that and would chalk it up to maybe I forgot to charge the second pair. Anyway, it wasn’t until I had misplaced the 1st one and had to rely the 2nd one that I noticed once and for all that it constantly loses its connection, it’s not my phone or our home wifi, it’s the headphone itself. So now, I don’t even bother using it as it’s been nothing but a headache.I hate to have to report this but I have to be honest about my experience.Thus, my conclusion…I still don’t regret having originally bought, the 1st pair anyway, which I still use. However, I am just a little saddened that the backup that I had always planned to purchase is basically useless. So, that’s my 2 cents.Thanks for reading!!!*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************UPDATE: 2/27/2018I purchased these great earbuds back in December 2016 and proceeded to use them all the time. I even used them in the shower as I had originally stated in my first review. Well, about a month ago I thought that they had stopped working. It started after a 2.5 hour jog/walk and of course by the end I was pretty sweaty. So I had issues with it working properly after that and thought, oh great, my fault, I wasn’t careful enough with these babies and decided to go ahead and purchase a second pair. Well to my absolute delight, as I was waiting to get my second pair, which was a very short wait. The company is really fast with shipping and they arrived in like 2 days. Anyhow, I decided to try using my first pair again, I just wasn’t ready to part with it even though I knew I had another one coming. Now here’s the delight part, it actually started working again. Apparently, it just needed to dry out. That’s it. It’s working perfectly again. So as I had initially intended to purchase a second pair anyway, I am just ecstatic. These really are the best earbuds I have ever come across and I still continue to use these all the time in favor of other earbuds. Also, I wanted to add as I hadn’t reviewed how they work with phone calls before. I can truly say that they are great that as well. The sound quality calls and the ease with answering and hanging up, such a breeze. Additionally, pairing is also a breeze with connectivity occurring at around 5-7 seconds. They charge very quickly as well. If they are drained it may take about 2 hours or less to fully recharge, but half an hour goes a long way with these too . Thus, I continue to be extremely happy with this company and this highly recommended, stellar, well made, quality item and I am very thankful to now have two of them.Once again I did not receive a penny for my review. I gladly spent money out of my own pocket for these and like I said before, money well spent. Thanks again Tekatron!!!Oh and I almost forgot. The company, both times reached out to me by email, even one of the owners, just to check in me and to see if I liked the product. They made me genuinely feel that they wanted to make sure that, should I have any issues that I could easily contact them. I truly appreciate their sincerity and I believe anyone reading this will too. Thanks again, so loving this company!!!*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************First off let me start off by making it absolutely clear that I did not receive anything for my review. I paid for these out of my own pocket. Very very happy with my purchase by the way, but I’ll get to that shortly.Okay, let’s begin! Where have these been all my life or atleast since bluetooth earbuds became a thing? I have never ever ever owned such a boss, primo, whatever word suits you, throw your own in there if you have these already because you know what I am talking about, pair of earbuds. Earbuds, earbuds, I just cannot believe these are earbuds, these are A..M..A..Z..I..N..G!!! I honestly resigned myself to simply average earbuds until I found these. I can do somersaults over here, with them on. They are so super snug, absolutely no slippage. I always have trouble with that, always, but not with these. They have literally become my go to. I find myself making excuses to wear them. Phone calls, listening to music (of course), workouts, playing games my phone, to make it seem like I’m a call even when I’m not because I am trying to not be bothered. I even shower with them on, it’s like a spa experience. No, I do not recommend this, please do not try this and if you do, leave me and the company out of it. But these are just so good and incredibly comfortable!!! Plus, the sound quality actually rivals that of some of my headphones. Not listing any, not an audiophile, but trust me, I’m sure if you gave these a shot you would not be disappointed. Even the battery life is pretty plentiful at a whopping 8 hours which knocks my Soundpeats out of the water at a supposedly 6 hours (they never really seemed to really last for that amount of time anyway). Plus, the Peats were much more bulky in comparisto these pretty sleek buds. And did I mentithe bass? How could I forget that? That’s one of the main reasons why I am so shocked these are earbuds. The bass is absolutely killer. It’s just the right amount, not too heavy, not too low, just perfectly pound-erific bass. I know pound-erific is not a word. But these are so great I feel like Willy Wonka, Dr. Seuss, (whichever fits the bill), when I wear them and I can make up words. I gain magical powers with the freedom and the pleasure that these provide me. It’s like having a soundtrack to my life. I obviously wear these a lot. Please don’t judge me. But it’s not just about the bass. I listen to just about everything with these, and the sound is remarkable. I find myself getting lost in the music, an absolute pleasure to my ears. Even the packaging is top notch. It comes with everything you need to get started. You get not 1 but 2 super quality charging cables with covers. Like I said top notch!!! You get a car charger, 3 ear tips, a wire tie, and a nice size, actually stylish case. Also, my buds charged up really fast at only 1.5 hours and I was ready to go. So very very happy with my purchase especially since I had my eyes them for awhile and even more so that they ended up being so delightfully, deliciously, spenderificiously, (I know, not an actual word) lovely. So, basically as I come to the end of my review, if you’ve made it this far, stop, go back to the top of the page and hit the add to cart button. You deserve a happy purchase. A happy purchase, what’s that? Well let’s just say I would have gladly held up one of those signs the side of the road for businesses trying to advertise, you know the people wearing the Statue of Liberty costume or in regular clothes, some spinning signs trying to get you to stop or go in to see a business. If this company ever said they were giving these away as a promotiif you do this, even though I already own a pair, I would do it. I really mean that, the company can hold me to it.Alright, having said that I will, finally, officially, conclude by stating that these were in fact my Christmas gift to myself to block out some holiday chatter. Let’s just say they worked like a charm. THANK YOU!!!! So I say to SENSO, you rock, literally and THANKS so so much. My life isn’t transformed but I can block more stuff out, they really are that great at noise-canceling. Didn’t even know they would be great at that, but just another one out of the many great features of this product. Amazon, THANK you so much for introducing me to SENSO!!! One of my most happiest purchases, money so well spent that I plan doing it again, (must have a backup pair or two). Thanks so much for reading!!! And finally, depending where you are, good morning, good day and good night!

  352. 评分 2 &sol; 5

    Kenneth Patterson

    Nice sound quality. My only issue is that there is nothing in place to hold it around your neck when you take them off.Update: They broke a few weeks ago. I emailed Cbaooo & they sent me a replacement (No questions asked) asap. Great company!

  353. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    These are my first pair of Bluetooth headphones that I have ever owned. Not only are these headphones sleek and good looking, but they are so easy to use! All of the functions that these headphones offer are more than normal headphones. While at the gym, I was able to stream Spotify from my phone (which was in my gym bag, in my locker) seamlessly. My headphones never once shifted or tried to fall out. While I was working out, I was able to skip songs, turn up the volume, answer calls, and have the surrounding noises of fellow gym-rats working out around me dampened enough to where I didn’t even hear them anymore! These headphones are the best pair of headphones I have ever owned.When I received them in the mail, they were charged and ready to go! I linked to my phone in seconds and started streaming music immediately. If you are looking for wireless headphones for working out at the gym or running in your neighborhood, I strongly recommend these headphones!

  354. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I would say good quality for this price range. I got this earbuds for running week ago. Before I had LG tone couple of models sound quality is way better but they are uncomfortable for running because plastic part always jumping you during running. This earbuds seat your ear comfortable all the time and even when you are wearing them and sunglasses at the same time which I do. But sound quality is 4 stars out of 5. Very convenient to have box for earbuds which will protect them in the backpack. Quality of microphone is poor it is totally not noise protected and people who I talk to was complaining the sound quality. I am giving 5 stars because in this price range I doubt you could find some thing better.

  355. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    They sound really good but seem to have trouble keeping them in my ear. I changed the size and it seems to fit better but still seem to be fiddling with them for awhile until they get right. The cord that connects both of the ear pieces is a little long but its nice so you don’t lose them. They ear covers are flimsy but they do help to keep them in your ears. I’ve given them a 4 star rating because they sound great (decent bass), you can get about 20ft away from your phone before they start to get staticy, the battery life is ING. I’ve literally been using them for hours every day and still haven’t needed to charge them (i’ve had them for about a week). ALSO love that you get a phone charger w/car adapter to charge them. They are easy to pair and overall a great set of Bluetooth headphones.

  356. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I am very pleased with the Cbaooo Bluetooth headphones. I use them primarily at the gym while I’m working out and they do stay in your ears very well and the sound is excellent for the price. I also bought a pair for my 29-year-old swho lives in New York City and uses them to work out and the subway the way to work. He is very pleased with them and likes him a lot as well. I am also impressed with the company as they contacted me more than once to see if everything was OK. The only difficulty I had was plugging in the 3 foot cord into my headphones. I did not realize that there were two connections and how to pull out the part that plugged into the Bluetooth, which now works fine. I highly recommend this company, the product and their follow up support and I will give them five stars.

  357. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Nya PTA

    So just received my headphone would like to say from the start handsdown the best ines I have ever had, I like the fact that you get a power cord and car charger include and the nice carrying case in it self is so nice, so sound quality perfect I only have to use level 3 to stop all the outside chatter. The tips that it came with fit bit only down fall that I already knew was the ear pience that loop around your ear they are not able to be fitted to your ear no deal breaker since they stay in place pretty well, but like I said just got them out the box oh yeah the outside box preset cool also.

  358. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    These headphones sound really good. The bass is just right, I can hear instruments I never noticed in songs. I wear them at night to listen to rainstorms to help me sleep and in the evenings to dance around (my new form of exercise). I highly recommend these to those who do not have hundred to spend quality wireless headphones. I am still experimenting with the extra ear sizes but that does not detract from the sound from this set of headphones. You should not be disappointed.

  359. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    these seem like nice headphones except they stink for I needed them for. These are easy to use synk to Blue Tooth, sound good, comfortable, look nice and come with nice accessories. BUT – I purchased these to wear while I’m out bike riding and all I can hear is the wind slamming up against the flat leading edge. It’s seriously loud and makes listening to them just awful. I’ll be returning to my old cheap wired earbuds while biking and maybe use these for listening while indoors with no chance of wind.

  360. 评分 1 &sol; 5

    Rob Eiring

    I wanted to try wireless headphones for the gym and bought these the strength of their reviews. Easy to use, lightweight, not the worlds greatest sound but I wasn’t expecting too much.The problem I have with them is the fit. The ear pieces are really flexible, and I wonder if something stiffer and maybe adjustable for shape might be better. Now here’s the weird thing-one ear fits fine, and the other doesn’t. I have never noticed that I have deformed ears, but I’ll be darned if I can get the right side to fit as well as the left.All in all, an OK purchase, but I’m not giving it 5 stars…..

  361. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Real Game Player

    To preface, I never write reviews. I wanted to try wireless headphones for my new iPhone.I looked at several wireless headphones and it was a challenging choice because each mfg says what they think you want to hear ( which as we know, is usually far from the truth ).Bottom line, I decided these because of the reviews and price point.I just received these tonight and followed the simple instructions to pair and WOW!I was expecting to be disappointed but these are bass heavy, sound canceling, fit snug in your ears and stay there, really great wireless headphones!Nice job Cbaooo! Finally a product that lives up to expectations Very happy. Would definitely recommend.

  362. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Chris B. Roecker

    I bought these based upthe fair price (about $40) and the positive reviews. I can say, after using these fairly regularly for about 2-weeks, that they are a great purchase. I didn’t expect the over-the-ear piece to be a pliable as it is, but it works well, is supportive, and very comfortable. Also, the microphone works well, but isn’t great when outside in a moderate wind… which is probably the case for virtually every headset-based mic.If you are one the fence about these because they are so affordable, don’t hesitate — I love them.

  363. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I was a little skeptical about purchasing these only because I wasn’t sure I would really get great sound at such a low price point, but I was so wrong! I love these headphones. I love how soft the piece is that fits over your ear. I have had some that really can be bothersome. I do not consider myself an audiophile perfectionist, but I do know when sound is flat. You will not get flat sound with these. I really enjoyed listening to my music with these headphones and appreciate the sound quality. I use these in my office and the only thing I wish I could change is that the lowest volume setting could be reduced just a tad more. At the lowest volume setting when paired at the lowest volume setting with my iPhone, it is still a bit too loud for use in my office. When I try to turn my volume down more using the headset, it just mutes the audio, but does not turn it down any more. Regardless, I still am glad I purchased these and I am sure they will be perfect during a workout.

  364. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Jonathan Childers

    Not bad earbuds for the price that I paid ($30). They do have good sound but sometimes the bass gets a little muddled. As in when listening to rap or dubstep or EDM or anything with deep bass, the earbuds kinda muddle the bass to where the rest of the sound isn’t that clear. But what I can’t figure why this only happens sometimes. Sometimes I use them and the bass is fine, no muddling at all, it sounds perfectly clear. So they aren’t super consistent in that regard, but everything else such as acoustic music or music that emphasizes vocals like Sia’s Chandelier they work perfectly. Battery life is pretty decent, i get about 8-10 hours most of the time. And for those curious people I’m using them with an iPhone 6s Plus. As far as exercise they are very secure as in they don’t fall out, and previously i’ve just been using apple earpods. So I do like them alot but would they be worth the MSRP of $180? Absolutely not. Worth $30? Yeah I think so, although I would not have paid more than $40 for them. Overall not bad, just the inconsistent bass bugs me, but other than that no problems.

  365. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    Deanna S. Johnson

    Very comfortable to wear. They actually stay in my ears no matter the activity. Love the access to music and how good it sounds. The price was just right. This is the first pair I have had. It paired with my phone instantly. I actually bought this set to use for phone conversations. I am slight disappointed in the quality of the live voice but the use for listening to music more than makes up for this issue. I would reccoment this set for anyone wanting to exercise or relax while listening to music.

  366. 评分 4 &sol; 5


    So far so good excellent sound and connectivity to blue tooth was smooth. Still early just had them for a week bought two pair one for my teenage daughter, so will see what she thinks as teenagers will take them to task 🎼. The only thing at the moment would be cosmetic that the ear piece rap around were interchangeable from flex, flex medium or flex firm. They are very gummy for lack of descriptibut do contour to your ear. Just hope they don’t eventually tear off after the one year factory warranty. price drop to 25.00 during ciber Monday shortly after I purchased for 33 bucks still a good price given the quality engineering and sound. You go Cbaooo!

  367. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    So, I had a pair of Beats by Dre bluetooth earbuds, 2nd series, that I lost and needed to replace (NEEDED. i just can’t deal with wired earbuds at the gym). I ordered these because I really like the over-the-ear builds, and after testing them yesterday I’m pretty happy with the purchase. I feel like the sound quality is really close, as is the quality of the hardware. The only knock I would give these is that I like the buttlayout of Beats better, but it’s certainly not enough to take off a star. When I got my Beats, they were around $200. Currently, you can get them for $100. I got these for just over $30. Do yourself a favor. Unless that little ‘b’ the side of your head is that important to you, score yourself a pair of these and go spend that extra $60 something else.

  368. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Chad Lyles

    I have sensitive ears to objects inserted in them. There have been some of the easiest headphones for me to wear. They also seem to hold a charge for longer than advertised. The headphones are super easy to set up and use and provide much better sound quality than I expected. My only caveat is be aware if you have multiple bluetooth transmissions going at once (my house can have up to 4 devices transmitting at once)….it will probably pick up the device you are closest to first when pairing.

  369. 评分 4 &sol; 5

    George Brown

    I received the box sometime. Great Packaging. Not a lot of waste and no plastic to have to cut through. After opening the box I found everything that was supposed to be included. Not quite sure what the longer cord is used for as it seems that it is useless with the device as there’s nowhere to plug that cord into the device for charging purposes. The device seems to work as stated. I think possibly the cord could be just a slightly bit longer as I did notice while biking and turning to look left and right the court would seem to need to be a bit longer so as to not bind and pull the plugs from the ears. I think it might help to have the multi-purpose buttraised a bit which makes it easier to find. I may need to play with the ear inserts as the sound was not nearly as nice or loud while biking as my wired set of earbuds I have been using. Wind noise was a major factor when biking using these earbuds. Would have received five stars had the sound been better.

  370. 评分 5 &sol; 5


    I’ve only had them for 3 days but I have used them 3 times and I am very happy with the sound quality while I’m running. The big test will be my motorcycle. I’ve been told they have good sound quality for phone calls also, so overall I’d have to say I’m very pleased so far.So, after using them for 6 months the right speaker stopped working. As they are under warranty I contacted Invotek. Within 36 hours they had talked me through an attempt to do a factory reset and, when that failed, had a replacement in the mail. Excellent value, excellent sound, excellent customer service!!

  371. 评分 5 &sol; 5

    Pragmatic Knee

    Great product and a good price. I recently decided to get wireless headphones and returned the first pair I got from a different company in this price range. The first pair I had were so tinny I couldn’t even enjoy podcasts. I returned them and went with these. The Cbaooo Activebuds are great. Music sounds good, bass and treble are balanced. Very happy. I was also impressed with a follow up e-mail I received from Cbaooo inquiring about my satisfaction. They seemed willing to listen to and resolve any complaints. I have none.