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5 colors LED CollarLED Dog Collar USB Rechargeable Flashing Lighted Dog Collar Light Up Dog Collar Buckle Adjustable Mesh Webbing Flat Optical Fiber Weather-Proof Dog Necklace Safety Basic Dog Collar

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Type: Dogs; Model Number: V1;
Material: Plastic; Brand Name: Art lalic;
Type: Dogs; Unit Type: piece;
Package Size: 25cm x 15cm x 4cm (9.84in x 5.91in x 1.57in); Dog Harness Type: Basic Halter Harnesses;
Dog Leash Type: Basic Leashes;

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High Quality 1 Pcs Multi-color LED Pet Collar Adjustable Night Safety Pet Collar Luminous Light Up Pet Dog Bright Collar Leash
100% Brand new and high quality
Type: LED Pet Collar
Material: Plastic
Package include: 1 X Night Safety Pet Collar
Suitable for pet dog cat.
Warmming others in night and dark surroundings.
Safety supply.
Adjustable and beauty.
Not waterproof







Red, pink, Blue, Yellow, Green



5 colors LED CollarLED Dog Collar USB Rechargeable Flashing Lighted Dog Collar Light Up Dog Collar Buckle Adjustable Mesh Webbing Flat Optical Fiber Weather-Proof Dog Necklace Safety Basic Dog Collar 有 110 个评价

  1. 评分 5 / 5


    I love the Illumiseen collar for my dogs. All of my dogs have them so when I let them out in the yard at night, I can easily keep up with where each one is. The only comment I have that would be a suggestiis that the collars run very large. My golden retrievers with a 17-20″ neck wears a medium and I recently ordered a small for my new puppy and it fits my adult goldens. Maybe it is a challenge to make them smaller, but I wish so.

  2. 评分 3 / 5


    I really wanted to like this dog collar but it was way to wide/thick for my dog’s neck so I returned it. She is a small dog so not only did it look ridiculous her it seemed uncomfortable for her too – like wearing a 5″ thick tie around your throat. This product is much better suited for large dogs with longer necks. I would rather have had 1 LED strip light with a smaller buckle than 2 LED strip lights. I also didn’t care for the color of the red collar – seemed more like a bright ugly orange-red. I did like the different flashing options that the collar had though and the overall quality was nice.

  3. 评分 2 / 5

    Maggie Forcier

    Loved this at first, as it was far superior to having NO lightup collar/leash- unfortunately it did NOT last.We live in a very rural area and rarely take leashed walks and my dog only wore this collar when outside at night in the yard/fields so we could see where he was- maybe 20 minutes a day for last pee opportunity. After a couple of months the battery was clearly dying, would fade very quickly, need to be plugged in daily. After a month or two of that it just died entirely, and we began the whole process using the leash zip-tied to itself as a collar and the whole process repeated itself again. The constructiof everything seemed great, it was such a shame to throw an otherwise in good shape collar into the dumpster- the only issue was that it no longer lit up.Side note- the leash itself was really short if it were to be used for an actual on-leash walking leash… more of a “training” length leash… my dog is 95lbs and tall, so I would imagine any dog that was shorter would have even more trouble using it.

  4. 评分 1 / 5


    Did not last but lights up great. Ordered it June 3rd and must have gotten in 2d later. It is now July 18th and it is so frayed that the light-up piece sticks out from the collar. The end where the latch attaches is also fraying. This is the third brand of light-up collar I have purchased in the past year and the worst thus far.Addendum: The owners saw my review and sent me a new collar. I had already purchased a different brand but the new collar looks sturdier. I am sure I will get a chance to re-test and then can re-update the stars.

  5. 评分 5 / 5


    My husband and I take our older Border Collie/Spaniel mix everywhere including camping and to concerts in the park in the evenings. Our pup is mostly dark brown and black. She nearly disappears at night. We don’t like to trip over her and not everyone in the general public is comfortable coming around a corner at night face to face with an unknown dog, even if she is friendly. With this collar we always know where she is and other people definitely know a dog is approaching them. She also gets oodles of attentiwhen she wears it. She looks like the most adorable rave kid ever. Everyone ooohs and awwws over her and wants to know where we got the collar. Charging the collar is simple and it holds a charge for a long time. If she wears it out three or four times a week we’ll have to charge it at the end of the week. She has worn it in the rain without any damage. When we’re hanging out at the campground at night it is almost too bright. We use the steady except when walking a street with a lot of foot and car traffic, then we use the lower blink setting which is more noticeable without feeling like you’re going to give someone a seizure.

  6. 评分 5 / 5


    This Green LED collar is exactly what I was looking for.1. Bright enough that drivers can see the illuminating green LED light from 500 plus feet.2. Has four different modes. 1. Fast blink, 2. Sow blink, 3. Solid light, and 4. Off.3. a full charge, the collar provides bright for multiple hours. Have not tested how long it holds a charge for.4. Offers approximately 2 feet of illuminating light night walks. (Flashlight and reflective gear for owner adds additional safety when crossing roads).TIP1. Remove hair stuck behind the clasp. The clasp is a tight fit. After connecting the clasp, be sure to run your hand behind the clasp. This ensures that you remove hair stuck behind the clasp. It is painful for the dog if his/her hair is stuck in the clasp and the leash is pulling the dog.

  7. 评分 5 / 5


    Although it jst arrived and Growly Bear has only used it once… we like this illuminated collar immensely. After reading all the questions here such as, “how do i charge it?” “how long do i charge it?” and “HEY, wheres the charger?” we thought it might be hard to figure out.. but it proved to be easy. Quite simple actually. All i can say is… if all else fails, follow the directions 🙂 This illuminated collar doesn’t require batteries (that’s y we bought it!) and it doesn’t require a charger either, it come with a USB cable that plugs directly into ur computer… and thats it. So as i write this review, the collar is the desk next to me charging. I couldn’t be happier.

  8. 评分 5 / 5

    Amy Richardson

    I love this collar and leash set together, even though they sell them separately, I highly recommend buying them together for the ultimate light up package when walking your dog during the night time. I attached pictures of how well you can actually see this product during the night time. One at 5 feet away, 10 feet, and 20 feet away. This was in a neighborhood that only had lights at the houses front porches so we need lights to walk the dog at night with cars passing by. There are other users here who have pointed out that the shine from the leash is only one side, which is true but it shines through just as bright the non-lighted side. I think the only downside to the product so far is that if I want to charge them I have to find 3 outlets b/c the leash has 2 charging ports and the collar has 1. But the upside to that is that I haven’t needed to charge it yet, my dog and I take about 20-30 min walks and we’ve taken about 15 of those walks thus far with no charge. This is a highly recommended product, i am super happy with the purchase as I spent about 30 mins- 1 hour searching here the best collar to buy my pup.

  9. 评分 5 / 5


    The first LED Dog Collar we bought for our 140 pound black lab had the light component fall out, probably when our lab was rolling in the grass. I didn’t remember where I had ordered it from but found this one in and it was much thicker and a better quality. We live a busy street so when letting our dogs out at night this collar is a must. There are different settings for the light the collar from slower and faster flashing to no flashing, just a steady light but all settings are very well seen. I would recommend this product.

  10. 评分 2 / 5


    It starts falling apart pretty fast. lots of synthetic fiber strings start to unravel and even tickle my dogs nose. It started to need to be recharged more frequently the longer I had it. It turns itself off fairly quickly. Simple quality issue. The idea is solid. Clearly made off-shore. It would be great to have one that is well-made. My dog is deaf and at night, it helps me know where she is without having a flashlight. We spend a lot of time in the desert and she’s safe when we’re together. But she’s curious and likes to wander off. A collar that just quits working is unacceptable.Two stars is because it’s a good idea.

  11. 评分 5 / 5


    I was waiting to see if the LED Dog Collar – USB rechargeable collar would break like a different brand I had tried after one week. It’s holding strong! Super bright light that I love, as my dog is black. Now all I see is a bouncing green light. I love the recharge-ability and the battery housing is nice and tight so as not to slip out. The only thing I don’t like (but doesn’t change my opiniof this great collar) is that even after ordering according to the size chart they provided, it’s really big so I’ve had to squish the LED band to where I almost feel like it will break, thereby making it useless; so far so good though. I do recommend this collar! I am also going to be looking for a leash soon.

  12. 评分 4 / 5


    This arrived just a few days ago, so I can only give my first impressions.> Green collar is bright. It provides more visibility than the LED clip tag we had previously. It’s bright enough to see from a distance, but not obnoxiously bright that you don’t want to walk next to it.> Collar is a bit stiff (to be expected, but I was kind of surprised as to how stiff it is). It came folded and still has a crease in it from being folded during shipment. Because of this, it does not sit nicely around my dogs neck like as shown in the photos but maybe it will soften a bit with use.> Very difficult to adjust. Our dog has an 18″ neck and we got the medium collar (16-20″). Because of how the LED light strip feeds through the collar, I can’t get it to lie snug and flat him because the LED strip does not go through the buckle easily. Since we are mostly using it for visibility, I’m not too worried about the collar being a bit loose. However, I would have serious concerns if this was his only collar or if we were walking him with the leash clipped to this collar instead of something more secure.> The collar seems kind of bulky. I ordered two additional collars for my mom’s dogs with 19″ and 12″ necks. I’m worried the extra small will be too bulky and awkward for her smaller dog.> There is a rather large area of buckle and battery where the collar does not light up. my dog’s 18″ neck this is easily almost one visible “side” of the collar, but I find that because it is loose, the collar rotates so that the heaviest part (buckle and battery) lies under his neck so the LEDs are easily visible from the back and sides.Overall, I think it’s a good value for $19 and I like the piece of mind of having this collar our dog during night time activities (especially since our dog is mostly black). $19 is a small price to pay to help keep your furry friend safe, and with the collar being rechargable you save money not buying replacement batteries.

  13. 评分 5 / 5

    K. McCoy

    I am disappointed by my latest order, but I must say that I do love these products in general. We bought our first Illumiseen collar in 2016, and it is still working beautifully, but after 2 years of use in the rainy Pacific NW, it now smells funky, so we needed to replace it. We also use an Illumiseen leash our nightly walks, and I feel that not only is my dog safer, but my sis also safer when holding a glowing yellow leash. For my latest purchase, I ordered a size S, because yellow wasn’t available in M, and it’s the most visible against my dog’s black fur. 17″ is the perfect size for my dog’s neck, which is supposed to be the max length of the size S. Our first Illumiseen collar (the now stinky one) is a size S, and it fits perfectly. Unfortunately, the one I just received is about 3/4″ shorter than the first one, at its maximum extension, and the part that actually lights up is about 1-2″ shorter than the old versi(see photo). I am disappointed in these changes. Illumiseen–is there any chance you’ll have a yellow M in stock in the near future? UPDATE: I am changing my rating to 5 stars based the excellent customer service I have received in response to this review. I was contacted immediately by the company, who has remedied the problem. THANK YOU, Illumiseen! I remain a loyal and satisfied customer. 🙂

  14. 评分 4 / 5


    Bought 2 of these. The darker color collar lights (blue) don’t show as brightly from a distance. If purchased again, I’d stick to lighter colors. Have dogs with hair but it was the color in darkness~lighter is best seen.Also: best to buy the smallest and be at the longest for each collar. These aren’t easy to adjust and don’t lay flat, which concerns me that it’ll be caught something.That said: this IS the best of it’s type. Chargable, adjustable, and super quality. Worth the little you’ll pay more for this brand. Seen many.

  15. 评分 5 / 5

    Tom D

    People in this area are not very smart and the way they drive proves it every day. The good news is stupid people are attracted to bright shinny things and this collar fits that descriptiperfectly. So there is probably a chance that someone will hit the persin front of them while they are staring at my dog but at least they won’t hit us

  16. 评分 4 / 5

    Kindle Customer

    We really loved this collar for our Catahoula Mix , Shenzi. Her fur is mostly dark so it was hard to tell where she was at at night. Worked well for about 6 months. Went to charge it for the second time since we got it (battery lasted real long time) and couldn’t remember if something was suppose to light up to indicate it was charging. So figured we’d find out in the morning if it was charged. Well when I went to unplug it the wire came completely apart. Totally bummed. Have to do some looking to see about a replacement, not sure I want to spend $20 every six months or not. And perhaps it was just a fluke, maybe a new one will last longer.

  17. 评分 1 / 5

    Buller K-9

    First, the collar is awesome but only for a few months. The company was great in replacing the 3 (yes THREE) that failed after maybe 25 hours them. The problem is that they stop charging for no reason. I walk my Bichabout an hour every night and I haven’t had one last more than 90 days+/-! Believe me, I would pay $50 for this collar if it would LAST. I also want to emphasize that the company was great replacing them but those 3 replacements did the exact same thing. I do not enjoy writing bad reviews and like I said, I think this is the best looking, most low profile and bright of all the LED collars I have tried. Mine are never wet or abused, the power supply (battery) just doesn’t last. I hope the company can get a better manufacture that would make a collar that lasts. Again, it has happened my last 3 and just tonight, my 4th collar failed. I’m so bummed as I love it when it works!! If the company would just get a collar that would last maybe a year or so, I would be a lifelong customer.

  18. 评分 4 / 5


    i got one of each of the 6 colors.good points – light is fairly bright, belt easy to clip on, nice overall colorsbad point – you can not use a standard usb cable. you must use the ones provided, so dont lose them. these cables have the standard fat end. but instead of the normal small end, the end is more like an earphone jack that gets plugged directly into the belt itselfbad point – i dont know if it was a mistake or if all the pink belts are like this – but the light the pink belt is exactly the same as the light the red belt. they each have the same shade of red. it is possible that the wrong leds were placed into my pink belt. but you might want to make sure, if you are buying that color. because mine is not even close to being a pink light. it does have a pink skin it

  19. 评分 5 / 5

    Lindsey Cook

    I have a chocolate lab puppy. I bought the medium when he was just a little guy and recently purchased the large for him.I love that it’s rechargeable.The blue one I purchased first was a little brutal my eyes (AKA took away my star-vision) but the red is, as you’d expect, perfect for our night time walks.Without this, he’d have to be leash-walked or I’d spend a lot of time trying to hear for him. THIS PRODUCT IS GENIUS! :-)The neighbors (who own his best canine friend and distant cousin) laugh about seeing the alien running around their yard to smell their dog before we head for the large lot of land we take our runs on. It’s a great tool for tracking him- whoever may be watching ;-P

  20. 评分 5 / 5


    My dog is black and I lose him in the yard sometimes when we are out at night. I also use this for walking my dog at night after my work day is done. I’ve used it about five times. It’s very bright and makes it easy to keep up with my fur buddy. I ordered a small and it fits my miniature poodle mix. Only issue I’ve had so far was when my dog was shaking snow flakes off his back the light went off. I pushed the buttand it was again. It happened twice during his walk only during his shaking. It’s was no big deal just a bit of an irritatifor me. I bought what was listed as a “used” one. I think is was just a return maybe wrong size or something. It was still in packaging and had no sign of use. Much cheaper…. I will update this review if I have any issues…

  21. 评分 1 / 5

    C. Schmidt

    I wish I could give this 0 stars. It worked great for about 6 months. Now it won’t hold a charge. Not even long enough just to let my dog out and back in. I realize rechargeable batteries only last so long, but I expected longer than 6 months. I bought this to stop having to buy and throw away the replaceable batteries in the other lighted collar we have had for over five years. The replaceable batteries last longer than this collar lasted overall. I don’t understand all of the 5 star reviews. I’m back to using our “old” lighted collar which is as bright as ever.

  22. 评分 5 / 5

    Darren W. Lewandowski

    I love this dog collar. I have a small dog, a chihuahua jack Russel mix, he is small, brown and hard to see. I take my dog out at night to go to the bathroom I am always worried that he will sneak onto the dirt road. Now with the bright green flashing collar he will be seen. I have over 2 acres and I can see him where ever he goes to do his business. The collar is really bright. The charge lasts a long time. When its time to recharge I just plug it into my computer using the cord that came with it.

  23. 评分 5 / 5


    This collar is ing!! I have already had several family members order for their pets after seeing ours. The color is extremely vibrant when lit and it holds charge for a very long time. Additionally love the fact that this is rechargeable. The portiof the collar that charges and contains the on/off mechanism is slim and not bulky at all. Very user friendly! Highly recommend this collar!!

  24. 评分 5 / 5

    Hendrik Stokvis

    This is the very best LED dog collar that I have used. This is about the fifth product of its kind that I have used. Always very bright, however, when the battery is low, it stops working suddenly without warning. So, keep it charged up. Long lasting battery life. Charges quickly. The recharging feature is very convenient, compared to buying and installing disposable batteries in other brands of LED dog collars. Reliable. Durable. Well made. It is strong, but I would not recommend connecting the dog’s leash to this collar, because it flips the lit side towards the ground; I leash my dog with her regular harness. Secure, quick release buckle. Highly recommend this product. Best of its kind.

  25. 评分 4 / 5


    I really like the collars for my 2 black labs that seem to get stepped or sat sometimes. Also, we live in the country so if they ever go near/in the road, someone would have a better chance of seeing them with the collars on. The seem to stay charged for approximately 5 hours (wish it were longer). And are light weight and easy to adjust. The only issue I’ve had is where the charger plugs in, it somehow slipped out of the plastic/rubber thing & was exposed. I worried that it wouldn’t work as effectively as it should due to this. I’ve only had these collars for a few weeks thus why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.. All in all, good protective gear for your furry family for the price!

  26. 评分 4 / 5


    I ordered a yellow and a cottcandy colored collar. The cottcandy is definetly brighter than the yellow,making it much easier to see at night. This is also helpful if your dog has longer hair, as it tends to partially cover the collar.The rechargeable aspect is nice. I might have the collars turned for maybe 20 minutes total a day and I only need to charge them about every 2 weeks.The only negative for me is the hasp is plastic. I try to stick with metal for longevity.

  27. 评分 5 / 5

    Kevin M. Vandenberg

    We live in Minnesota and that means in winter months morning and bedtime walks are in the dark and we want our black & tan Kelpies to be seen! We’ve had trouble with beacon-type lights in the past. They tend to not be seen unless you are the beacside of your dog! They also chew through button-type batteries way too quickly and easily unclip from a harness strap when they roughhouse (we’ve lost several).The Illumiseen collar solves all of these problems! It’s quite visible from all angles, and when the batteries run low, just plug them into your favorite USB power source. They are easy to put and take off when not in use and don’t get in the way of their jackets and harnesses. We do not use them for holding their ID tags or attaching leashes (not that you couldn’t…we just prefer to use harnesses).As other reviewers have pointed out, there is only a small portiof the collar the adjustable end that doesn’t contain the LED light. So if you need to shorten the collar more than about half an inch, you’ll have to bend the LED portiof the collar through the clasp. It IS possible to do, just be patient and all will go fine.

  28. 评分 5 / 5


    This is a great – great product.We have a mostly black GSD and it so nice to see where he is at all times when we take him out at night..Our collar is 4 years old and works as good as the day we got and we just ordered one for my nephews new puppy.I am attaching a picture of our dog at dusk wearing his green lighted collar.

  29. 评分 5 / 5


    I cannot tell you how much you need this collar for your pet! We have two Labrador Retrievers and we walk them each morning before dawn. We use these collars as protectifor them – even though they are each in a harness and a leash. We had a police officer stop us one morning to ask what they were wearing. He was driving toward us the road and all he could see was the collars — he had been duty all night and said he was glad they had those as he would not have seen them otherwise. What IF they were to get away from one of us during our walk? We want them to be safe, so we put this collar them so they will be seen!! The officer asked for the brand and where I bought them and said he needed to get for his hunting dogs.

  30. 评分 5 / 5


    I think this red looks great and is bright enough that I can keep an eye my dog across a dark field or walk in the woods. I like that it makes him more visible to traffic as well. Best of all, it is rechargeable so no more replacing batteries.I have done this collar in red, blue, pink and orange. Pink looks more orange than pink at night. Blue looks good but isn’t as bright as red or orange. Orange is probably the brightest I have seen. I haven’t tried the green or yellow yet but I have a feeling both colors would be easily spotted as well. The multiple color purchases are so we can keep track of different dogs at the same dark park or night time activity. That’s why I can comment the colors above.

  31. 评分 5 / 5


    This is by far the best dog led collar ive ever used. I’ve used others before and they do not compare to this! I walk my dogs every evening and they light up so well. I bought the blue one and the yellow one and the blue one is much brighter than the yellow. The yellow one seemed dim compared to it. I emailed Illumiseen about this issue and Betty was so helpful. She told me that the blue, green, and orange were the brightest. She then proceeded to send me a replacement for the yellow one (with an orange one) and I got it in the mail within a few days (even with the holidays)! Honestly, best customer service!!! I already bought another one for my mom and my brothers dogs!

  32. 评分 4 / 5


    Update my review: while I still love this collar, it does not do well to get wet and the reasfor are Star rating. My lab plays in every puddle she can find, and it was just enough water to cause it to quit working properly, even with me using the tape to protect the buttand charger. First I couldn’t get it to turn off, but that meant it could still be used. Now it won’t turn on. I know the lights are good because it lights up when I plug it in to the charger. I am going to purchase another one and see if I have better luck with it. It’s worth it for her safety. People literally slow down when they see the light of her collar and the leash.Original review: This collar is awesome! I have a silver lab and at dusk, she “disappears” when we are walking. I take her to a warehouse facility by our house to walk her so I can let her off the leash and she can run and exercise. With this collar, I can see her even in the taller grasses and out into the middle of the field. She loves the collar because she knows we are going walking. She weighs about 95 lbs and purchased the large based her neck measurement. It is just a little too big for her, but a medium would have been too small. She doesn’t care and doesn’t try to take it off. I bought the leash that goes with it, and I walk with it so people can see me when it’s darker. Oh, and since my lab loves to get in the water, I did tape off the charger connectiwith electrical tape to protect it from potentially getting wet. She seems to find water no matter how small the puddle.

  33. 评分 4 / 5

    Mark Blake

    I really like this collar. Super bright. Love that it recharges. Like the quality and the clasp. My only complaint is that it occasionally, though not that often, just turns off by itself. Not that great when walking my doggo in the dark. This might be when it’s colder than about 30 degrees out but I’m not sure of that yet.Still, it’s very good and I recommend it.

  34. 评分 5 / 5

    John C

    Great collar for the dog, good quality, and well made. I have a small black poodle, 9 pounder, easy to get lost in the shadows at night. I got the red one, very bright but its also easy the eyes at night being the low end of the color spectrum. I’m sure the other colors are just as bright if not brighter looking. Easy charge using the included adapter, I like that its rechargeable, no fooling around with replacement batteries. I use the non-flashing mode but the two flashing modes are there if needed for more attention, say around foot traffic that might not see the small dog. One comment, the X-small size collar is a bit heavy duty for a small dog, it’s not really a problem because it’s not her normal collar, I just use it for walks at night. Overall I’m very happy with it.

  35. 评分 5 / 5


    I LOVE these collars. I bought one for my big dog and one for my little dog and they work SO WELL. We don’t have a fenced in yard and my big dog likes to run sometimes. Once, in the morning, I caught her just as she was about to run out of our yard. Just this morning I couldn’t find her and she didn’t come when I called her so I put my coat and went out to find her. I look down the street and about 4 houses down andsee the collar moving around. Not only do these collars allow me to watch them in our yard it allows drivers to see my dogs when they are beside the road. They stay charged for quite some time and they are easy to charge. I would definitely recommend these collars to any dog owner.

  36. 评分 4 / 5

    Angus Lovejoy

    This company responds quickly to e-mails and seem like very nice people. The collar is well-constructed and very bright. However, I have 2 issues with this collar: 1) It is sized wrong. My dog has a 15 inch neck. I bought the Small size. The product sizing informatiindicates that it will fit a 13 inch neck to a 17 inch neck. The collar is way too large, and although it can be adjusted, doing so makes the collar fit awkwardly as the adjustment buckle has to be moved onto the illuminated strip which is thicker than the strap that secures the buckle. This makes the collar collapse into a triangle shape. 2) the metal piece that you attach the leash to turns sideways in the material that attaches to the collar. The material doesn’t hold the piece securely.This would not be a problem if the metal piece were round, but it’s not.I contacted the company after I discovered the sizing problem. They offered to make it right. Nice people. I ended up keeping the collar as it had obvious signs of wear. My dog is not a puller, so the loose fit is not a huge problem for us. I just want others to know about the sizing issue. If your dog has a 15 inch neck, buy an EXTRA SMALL.

  37. 评分 5 / 5


    I love this light up collar for my Labrador! We live in a very rural area and when I take him out at night I can see where he is. He looks great sitting by the campfire and riding in our boat in the evenings as well. I don’t leave it all the time because he loves jumping in the river too much and the collar is not supposed to get submerged. I like that it is rechargeable as well.

  38. 评分 4 / 5

    D. Kudajarova

    This is probably the best LED collar I’ve bought. Keep an eye how bright it as – it gets dimmer as the battery runs out and you may end up with the collar fading off completely during your walk.The good:1) stays on2) the switch is easy to operate, but the dog doesn’t usually switch it on/off herselfThe less good:1) it’s not REALLY adjustable along the entire stated range – there’s about 1.5″ that are not really feasible because the collar varies in thickness between LED and non-LED parts and the buckle doesn’t stay in positiif one side of it is the thinner side and the other the thicker side

  39. 评分 5 / 5


    Most awesome dog collar ever!! I am so glad I have purchased this for my chiweenie. I let her out in our big backyard late at night, and I can so easily see her locatifrom my backporch!! Keeps me from worrying about what she’s getting into. Love the fact I can charge my USB charger base, too….The neighbors love it…to watch her bouncy bouncy run back to Momma from the corner of the backyard is priceless when all you can see are the blinking LEDs!!Charges easily, put it her when she goes out if it’s somewhat dark, and remove it when she comes back in. I love it!!! A huge relief to be able to be sure she hasn’t found another way to get under the fence and run off the to the neighbors…LOL

  40. 评分 2 / 5


    These collars are fantastic in the beginning. They’re accurate color in images, ACTUALLY FIT LARGE DOGS, and definitely visible at night. But they stop charging after A MONTH- IF they last that long! We first purchased a pink and a blue collar and when they both stopped working after a few weeks (a week apart), we decided to order two more thinking we possibly received bad ones. Nope. The orange one we just bought stopped charging after two weeks and now our 2nd blue one isn’t wanting to charge either. To top it off, the charging cable was left out of one of the new collars package. Luckily we had three other cables from the previous collars. Bottom line, if your pup will wear this multiple times a week, just bite the bullet and spend spend $20 more. For what we’ve spent 4 of these we could have bought an actual nice one that came with a warranty. It’s definitely worth the investment!

  41. 评分 5 / 5


    This is one of the best purchases I’ve made . I bought two of these LED collars for my golden retriever and cockapoo. Our backyard is very big and it was difficult to see the dogs when they were outside at night. These collars allow us to know where both dogs are at all times. We use them every time the dogs go out after dark (multiple times per day). I am able to go weeks without charging them, which is great. The dogs have worn these collars in the rain and snow and we haven’t had any issues.

  42. 评分 3 / 5


    Update: one of the plastic adjustable pieces has broken, so the collar cannot be adjusted anymore. Our dogs don’t even wear these collars every day. Not sure how it broke, it was our younger dog and the older dog does not chew her collar or pull her. Disappointed!!We bought 2 medium pink collars for our German Shepherds. They wear them only when we walk/play outside (we have a fenced yard) so ours are not worn all day. They are holding up well, the puppy likes to bite the collar of the older dog when playing and it hasn’t frayed at all. The LEDs are very bright and there are 3 different settings: solid, blinking, and fast blinking. The LED strip the pink collar is more of a red color. So far we have had them a few weeks and have yet to charge them since we only use the LED feature when it is dark, but you can definitely see them from really far away, especially if it is blinking! We have only had them turn accidentally once while the dogs were playing with each other.

  43. 评分 5 / 5


    I really love this collar. It holds a charge well and charges quickly. The collar is easy to adjust. The light is bright, and the collar is comfortable. The battery pack is not cumbersome.I have no complaints at all with the collar.I did have an FYI for owners of dogs with very thick fur: the collar will not be as effective. I’ve found that if you are approaching my dog from the front, you can see a faint glow around his neck, but otherwise he’s not much easier to see. (This is only if you want the dog more visible walks, for those that use the collar to see their dogs in the backyard, it works just fine.) My initial thought with purchasing this collar was it would help us be more visible to cars, but I don’t think the collar is the best choice. For those with thick furred dogs, I would recommend Illumiseen’s leash or one of the products for the humans to wear.

  44. 评分 4 / 5


    We love these collars, as they keep our dogs in sight as we are camping in the mountains if they roam a little further than we’d like. Would give it 5 stars but the USB charging them is really a USB to standard coaxial power connector. it would have been nice if it weren’t a special cord (usb to usb micro/mini?) Aside from that, assuming we remember to charge them before heading to the mountains, we like them!

  45. 评分 5 / 5


    Love these collars! I have purchased several glow in the dark collars which have either broke or had to be charged constantly and did not hold a charge. I purchased these for my labs and hardly have to charge them at all. They hold a charge for a very long time. I use them twice a day (morning and night) because they are very bright and help my dogs to be seen. I highly recommend these since they truly are a quality collar and much cheaper than the less reliable collars I was buying. Highly recommend.

  46. 评分 5 / 5


    I am so happy I bought this collar, and so is my husband who walks the dogs in the very morning when it is dark. Maddie (the dog, not my husband) proudly presents her new collar and enjoys that the attentiis her. A warning: due to the fact that the collar is not flexible where the battery sits I ordered it too small. You can shorten the collar but not make it longer.This will not matter with a bigger neck, but Maddie’s neck is just 9 inches around. I contact the company and they sent me out the next size, no questions asked, for free. That is excellent customer service.

  47. 评分 5 / 5


    So far, this collar has been outstanding. I ordered it in the negreen for our black dog’s safety while we are taking him for his last daily walk, which always ends up being after dark and along our rural road–leashed of course. We also put it him while we are camping at our cabin so we can easily spot him as he’s poking around the campsite–see photo. The collar is really bright and easily seen from a distance, and has two different blinking modes you can select, or steady on, which is what we use. It is extremely easy to operate, and seems to hold a charge well–haven’t had to charge it again since the original charge we gave it upreceiving the collar, although our evening walk is pretty short, 10 or 15 mins usually. I always take the collar off upare return–it’s not really the type of collar we’d leave him all the time as pooch is the sort to take a quick swim in the pond warm days & this collar is not meant to be submerged in water. This collar has great visibility if you have to walk your dog near a road and safety is a concern, or you just need to keep tabs your dog in the great outdoors after dark. As we’ve only had it for 3 weeks I can’t speak about the long term reliability yet, but everything else about it has been stellar. Very happy with this purchase.

  48. 评分 4 / 5

    D Scheer 3

    Finally a good-quality item to replace the GoDoggie collars that seem to be always out of stock these days. Solid and good-looking. Loses one star for the ridiculously-dense plastic packaging. To the manufacturer: You must realize that dog-lovers are animal-lovers, and plastic packaging destroys animal habitat! Please ditch the packaging, it’s absurd.

  49. 评分 4 / 5

    Sherri Waugh

    I ordered 2 of these collars, one for each of my dogs. They work as indicated and have bright light that makes the dogs much easier to see in the dark and low light conditions. These collars also have bright reflective bands woven into the collar and should also help to make the dogs more visible. It said in the listing that these collars have an unconditional lifetime warranty but there’s nothing in the brief sheet of paper that comes with the collars that mentions that point. I ordered these collars when both of the collars from another manufacturer stopped working just recently. Those collars are only a year old. As the days get shorter being able to light these collars up comes in quite handy when trying to locate my black dog our 10 acres of land. I’m hoping these collars at least make it through a few winters and that if they don’t this manufacturer will indeed honor the warranty. I’m saving my invoice and other paper work in case I need to follow up this in the future.

  50. 评分 5 / 5


    Quality was the same, at least, not less, than another I paid twice as much for. It has worked for a week w/o issue, I am unsure how to charge it, but have yet to ask, and has not required a charge either. I should ask about charging now while I’m at it. Otherwise, it’s a great product, thick, seems durable, easily adjustable, and best, my boy seems to like it, not blindingly bright, but certainly not dim , seems to be just about the perfect amount of light an he has never gone so far as I could not see the light at a good 150 yards, live by a big flat open area. I will update this if I find charging to be an issue. Yes, I purchased it at full price and have zero connectito this product or anyone associated with it.

  51. 评分 5 / 5


    I waited a while after purchasing to write this review because I wanted to see if these collars would truly meet the test of time. I have a 100 lb Labmaraner who is hard light up items. He has very long ears that itch so he is often scratching or vigorously shaking his head. This alone usually ruins the bulb, batteries, and other sensitive parts of the lighting mechanisms. I also walk my dogs off leash in heavily wooded and brushy areas, so he has damaged or lost many other products while crashing through the brush and generally running up, over, under, or through anything that gets in front of him.ingly, the lights this collar are still as bright as the 1st day and the sturdy plastic side release buckle still closes nice and tight. I only use these collars when we are walking in the dark, so they are being put and removed at least twice a day, every morning and night, so having a quality buckle is important to me.I love this product, but there are some minor nuisances. These collars seem to run big. Tightening these collars over the thick and somewhat rigid led strands was tricky and I have to keep re-tightening them periodically. I wish that I had bought the next size down for both dogs (bought the 20″ for my 100 lb dog, the same size as his regular leather collar, but I think the 18″ would fit much better).Also, the plug that is built into the collar is only tucked into the fabric by the battery, not sewn in. I have a hard time disconnecting the charger without pulling the internal part of the plug completely out and then having to tuck it back into place again. I’m worried that I might one day pull it too hard/far and damage the wiring.Regardless, I love this product and will happily buy it again should the need arise (in a smaller size, though). No other light up product that I have tried has lasted this long let alone remained in such great condition! Definitely worth the money.

  52. 评分 5 / 5

    Scott Lindholm

    We bought this collar for our German Shepherd. When she is outside at night we worried that with her dark coat and lack of outside lighting it was hard to keep sight of her. We also worried about traffic our road and were looking for a way to make her more visible if she darted into the road. I am impressed by this collar. It’s easy to snap off and for getting her outside quickly. Charges so we don’t have to replace battires and is very adjustable so it can grow with her. It does have a clasp so if you want to connect a leash you can although I don’t know if it will effect the electronics in the collar if your dog pulls a lot. We use a harness for walks so I can’t be sure. What I am sure of is this collar is bright and that is exactly what we wanted. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to make their dog safer at night!

  53. 评分 5 / 5


    Our dog is easily spooked & enjoys following rabbits through our fence–since she has such long legs, one rabbit will take her 3 streets over in the minute we hear the fence bust open—so this light up collar is the only thing we can see in the dark to know which directishe’s in. We take it vacatifor her late night visits to the beach, where she loves chasing seagulls. The negreen you can see from space. Friends have asked for the link to buy it bc it’s so helpful. We don’t turn the blinking bc the dog gets distracted & wont go bathroom but, otherwise it’s great for night purposes!

  54. 评分 2 / 5


    Bought it November 2016. Arrived promptly. Didn’t open till January 2017. I rarely walk dog art night. So though this i’s August, I used it only about a dozen time. One collar is going strong. The other collar, the one with the short charge even from the beginning, no longer works. Will email seller.I gave it 4 star because it lights up great. My black dog is visible. It’s easier to put than the reflective vests and much better visibility.Update: well I gave it the benefit of the doubt. Bought another one so I can see the dogs at night during camping. 4 uses and battery is dead.

  55. 评分 4 / 5

    KL & Yuba dog

    This thing is great! The charge will last for a few days when used for about 15 minutes each time, which suits my needs.I docked a star because there’s no “low battery” feature/alert so it could drain while in use which might be a big safety isssue. For me, that would be a big problem.Otherwise, it’s bright, easy to functiand charge, and good quality.

  56. 评分 5 / 5


    I ordered the pink one for my pitbull. I have a large unfenced yard. With supervisimy dog will not wander off, but at night its hard to tell how far she is going. I did not like the idea of getting a wireless fence because she does listen very well to commands. This collar is the perfect solution. I can see exactly where she is by the glow, even if I can’t see her. My neighbors were a little freaked out at first seeing a floating pink ring in my yard. It works FANTASTIC and a charge lasts very long time. Shipping was fast and very very nicely packaged. No funny smells or difficulty taking it out and putting it my dog. It has 3 settings. Click once for steady light, twice for moderate blink, 3x’s for strobe. This collar is so very bright! I no longer worry about her going out at night or going for walks. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a dog.

  57. 评分 3 / 5


    It did its job, but the collar often spun around my dog’s neck, so the unlit portiwith the battery and the clasp was often top, meaning the light up part was harder to see as it was under my dog’s snout. My friend’s dog had more like a thicker more durable glow stick looking collar that was brighter and fully lit all the way around minus 1 inch for the on/off switch, and I will be buying that when this one eventually gives out. So overall, not a terrible product by any means, but it wasn’t excellent and there are better options available.

  58. 评分 5 / 5


    We have two dogs and occasionally dog-sit for a third, so I have three of these now. Purchased the yellow one first, last summer, it’s not a bright yellow more of an amber but it works. We have a big yard and the porch lights don’t reach the far corners, so this way we can keep track of our pup at night. The green one was purchased second, it’s a beautiful color, prettier and brighter than the yellow one. Just purchased the blue one last week and it’s just as nice as the green one. Not quite as bright but a very pretty color. Thumbs (and paws) up all around.

  59. 评分 4 / 5

    Daniel Owens

    Pros: It is sturdy enough to not brake when my 90 lb lab pulls it. It’s plenty bright enough at night to see him anywhere. It’s adjustable length fit just fine. It’s listed as water resistant. My dog actually wore it into the river, submerging it fully and ingly, it took no damage! It is rechargeableCons: There is a 3 inch gap of light where the clip attaches. But I don’t think that could be avoided The charging method is a chord that plugs to an outlet. But the port where it connects to the collar to charge is an unusual, small circular hole. I have lost my charging chord and I can’t find where to buy another so I can no longer charge the collar. I don’t like the exlusiveness of that charger.

  60. 评分 5 / 5

    Florida Commodore

    omg!!! absolutely fantastic for our chocolate brown mini poodle puppy. He disappears in the dark. It is so cute to watch this vivid blue band bounce across thie yard as he explores. It is a little stiff his neck.. he is small and only 9 weeks old.. but it makes us smile just seeing him bound around in his disco collar! Only had it one day so can’t attest to durability. very bright illuminatiin blue.Update. Still working like a Champ. 4 weeks. Used each night about an hour

  61. 评分 4 / 5

    S. Adjemian

    My medium sized dog needed a collar that falls smack in the center of X-small so I happily ordered it in orange. It is quite stiff which made it harder to size than regular collars. By the time I got it to fit, less then 1/2 lights up! Luckily that 1/2 still gives off A LOT more light than the lights that hang with tags (which this dog repeatedly chews to pieces) and is more comfortable than the clear, round lighted collar. I also love that it recharges like a cell phone, but with 2 months of nightly puppy playtime, the light is still going strong without recharging. This collar has a lot of positives, but with the sizing issues, it seems very possible that it might not work for all dogs – despite the fact that it seems like it should.

  62. 评分 3 / 5


    Not bad overall, though there are no indicators when it needs to be recharged, or how long to charge it. Also, due to the locatiof the button, I find that my dog often turns it to blinking or off mode while walking, especially if a stray rabbit catches his attenti(this is done because the leash presses up against the button). Aside from that, the material is durable and definitely view-able from a distance.

  63. 评分 5 / 5

    des m

    I have two dogs, 13 year old black lab, and a 1&12 year old tricolor mix. When we go camping, or in our yard at night, both dogs are hard to keep track of – one is small and fast, one is slow and quiet. These collars are great. Complete visibility from every angle, not like the lighted pendants which are only visible from the front with the dog’s head up. They last a long time, and charge overnight when the dogs are sleeping safe inside the house. I only have to charge them every 6 weeks or so with normal use. I just ordered 2 more collars because they do tear when the dogs play, and eventually one became almost unwearable. It is worth noting that the light still works, but the collar is no longer suitable for daily wear. (5 months is a pretty long time for any collar to last with a fighty puppy in the house.)We had red and pink, but it was hard to tell them apart when they were lit. Not a deal breaker for me, but it might be to someone.

  64. 评分 5 / 5


    Love, love, love this dog collar with the rechargeable battery light. It’s very bright and that makes it very easy for not only me, but others to spot her at night when she goes out to do her business. I think All dogs are worth the small cost of this collar if it could possibly keep them from getting hit by a car that other wise might not have seen them. 5 ⭐️

  65. 评分 5 / 5


    Bought this after my Shepard/husky that is mainly black, escaped our fence one night and ran around our neighborhood like he had never ran ever before…. now when he is in our yard at night, we keep a close eye. Easier to do when he’s glowing :)This collar is great! Quite sturdy, and adjustable. (Ordered xl which was too big) and I have only charged one time in a month, so charge lasts a while. Very happy w this purchase!

  66. 评分 2 / 5

    Lisa S Guttman

    Editing my review: Since my original review my dog has slipped out of the collar again since it doesn’t stay size adjusted and then chewed through the collar so now it’s basically useless to me. It’s a shame too because I really liked the collar. I tried buying the next size down thinking maybe this one just needed to be adjusted too much but the next size down is too small so now I’m stuck with 2 useless collars.********************************I love the brightness of this collar and it lasted a long time before I just recently had to charge it for the first time. My only complaint so far is that our dog slipped out of it her walk one day. She pulls her collar during walks and if you have to adjust the size to shorten it up it doesn’t hold the size very well in that situatiallowing the dog to get it’s head out. We just went back to using her old collar to hold her leash for walks but keep this one her for it’s light. Overall, it’s still a great collar. I just wish it could be adjusted and stay put better for dogs that pull hard leash.

  67. 评分 5 / 5

    J. C. Straccia

    We bought one of these collars 5 months ago so we could see where our dog was when we walk her off leash after work the short winter days. The blue LED provides enough light to serve that purpose. She is hardest to see when she is walking with her face pointed away from us since her body blocks the view of the LED itself but when well charged it casts light the ground like a puddle light so we can still see the ground glow. Our first collar did have an issue that started within our first month of using it where it would turn itself off while we were walking the dog. I would just turn it back when it happened but thought to contact the company a few weeks ago. They are very responsive and dedicated to customer satisfaction. I got an immediate response and after asking a few questito understand the problem they sent me a new collar without hesitation. This is 5 months after I bought the first one. The new collar works great. This is a good product and the seller is excellent and stands by their product even well after the return window has closed. You can buy with confidence.The collar is adjustable but I would recommend double checking the size before ordering because it is more difficult to adjust than a standard cloth collar. The collar uses a USB charger so just be aware you may need to buy a wall plug to USB converter plug if you don’t have a USB port to use in your current electronics. The plugs can be found for a few dollars . I haven’t measured the battery life but believe what is listed in the descriptiis accurate as we only charged it about twice a month when we were using it regularly for our half hour walks.

  68. 评分 5 / 5


    I have a Rottweiler as a service dog, so when I let her out at night I have difficulty knowing if she is going potty or chasing critters. I also use it walks in the evenings. One of the service men I know told me about this product, so I purchased it his recommendation. Needless to say 3 months later it is the BEST purchase I ever did. Not only can I find her, I only charge it every 2-3 weeks if that. As for cleaning it, I use dawn soap and a sponge and it still looks new. Well worth it, I’m even buying another one for my daughter’s dog. As you see in the picture it still looks brand new and it is very bright when it is lighted.

  69. 评分 5 / 5


    I love the Illumiseen collar that I purchased for my dog. The buckle is super easy to use and the light can be seen across the 4acres of property that we live on. The light is super bright and I love the different modes, however the solid is both of our favorites as the blinking seemed to bother him a bit. We live out in the country and this collar helps me feel better about my dogs being outside at night as I now know where they are at all times. It also makes me not worry so much about cars at night not being able to see them. No escape artists anymore! I picked the green led collar and it looks great! The only drawback is that I wish it had a metal buckle instead of plastic. I could have gone with a different brand that carried metal ones but I have a very large dog and the large of other brands wouldn’t have fit his neck but the extra large from Illumiseen fits perfectly. I would definitely recommend to anyone who walks their dog late at night or very early in the morning, someone who has a lot of property, or definitely to someone without a fenced in yard. This collar is a must! Thanks!!

  70. 评分 5 / 5


    These collars are GREAT! They are bright, the colors are spot-and they hold a charge for a good long time. If you use a decent (i.e. higher power) charger they recharge in no time. The collars are a little stiff at first, especially when adjusting the size for your particular doggie, however they soften up once they are worn. BTW, I was concerned my dogs would freak out with the “glow in the dark” thing around their neck. They had no problem..,…. actually they give me “the look” when I take it off for charging.

  71. 评分 5 / 5

    J Bean

    This is a great dog collar for walking at night. Love that you can recharge it. Very happy with purchase! The only downfall (which isn’t a big one) is the the plastic clip is lighter, so it always ends up the top of the dogs neck which move the brightness down/under the dog rather than staying top/above the dog which reflects brighter, more noticeable. However, that’s just a gripe. (I clip my leash to a harness) To keep the cost reasonable and the weight lighter the plastic snap is needed. Ending note, great price, packaging & delivery! I would order from this merchant again!

  72. 评分 5 / 5


    Loving it so far! I got them this weekend and they are ing. The yellow is a lot dimmer than the green one so if you have a long-haired dog or you want to leave your dog off the leash a really big yard I’d say that better go with the green one because you’ll be able to see it from farther away. The green is definitely super bright and you can see it clearly even if your dog’s hair covers the collar like mine does. I actually got a defective yellow one and emailed the sellers, within an hour they had already solved my problem which I thought was awesome too. I would definitely recommend and I’m hoping they’ll last me a long time because I plan to give them a tof use. Personally, I like the green one a lot better than the yellow because I like how bright it is.

  73. 评分 2 / 5

    Kurt Stoudenmire

    Had to change my review from a 5 to a 2. It’s an excellent LED collar but the wiring broke off only 2 months after having it so I’d have to say the durability of it isn’t good at all. Below are my original marks before it broke.I have a black lab so she disappears once it’s dark. This collar lights up perfectly and now she’s impossible to miss. Had the collar for 2 months now and the collar still has no problem lasting for several days (I only use it in the solid color at nights. I never use the strobe features). I have yet to see how it would do if she went swimming but she’s been out in the rain several times and never had an issue with it going out. Highly recommended.

  74. 评分 5 / 5

    Viviana P

    I bought two of these, a small green one for my corgi/terrier mix and a medium one for my boxer. The small fit my little dog great without adjustment. The medium one needed to be adjusted smaller to fit my larger dog. It is a little difficult to adjust but they definitely do adjust. Other reviews say they are water proof but I didn’t take any chances and did not let them go into the lake with them on.My only complaint with these are:1. The pink one lights up as red (not pink) and is dull, not bright.2. The green one is very (almost too) bright and almost acts like a flashlight for the dog. When I took the dogs camping, I could see the bugs were very attracted to the green collar when lit up because it was so bright. This didn’t seem to bother my dog much, however.

  75. 评分 5 / 5


    Enjoying walking our dogs after dark with theirIllumiseen collars on.I bought the orange and bright green.The collars are very bright and show up verywell.With a black Pekingese and a dark blond Peke,I’ m happy that these bright collars make themShow up better in the dark.Very happy with the purchase,fast delivery andThe quality of the collars..Would definitely buy again!

  76. 评分 5 / 5


    These things are so nice we bought two. One for home, one to keep in the RV for camping.We don’t use them as collars, but as nighttime necklaces so we can easily keep track of our Akita and others are aware of his approach. Each easy USB charge lasts for about 5 20 minute walks.Honestly, my dog is worth knowing where he’s at and others deserve the respect of knowing a large Akita is approaching in the dark even a leach.Money well spent

  77. 评分 5 / 5

    Pam B

    Previously I had a LED light attached to my dogs collar. It was bright and could be seen at night. We ran into someone who had one of the Illumiseen collars and thought, WOW how much better is this. We ordered one in red and it is fantastic. When it is a little foggy the night walk, my husband uses the flashing light mode. Our dog is large and we like knowing that others can see us coming. I really like that it can be recharged, no more changing batteries every couple of weeks. I would recommend this product, and have, to everyone with a dog. I also wan t to say that the follow-up from the vendor is really nice. They want to make sure that I am 100% happy and have given me tips care of the collar.

  78. 评分 5 / 5


    LOVE this collar. I walk my dog at night and let him off leash in a park so i use this often. My favorite part of this is that it has a charger, so I don’t have to keep buying new collars when the battery runs out. I used to have the light up balls that can be hooked to the collar, but those seemed to irritate him. He is unphased by this collar, which is still bright. I don’t use this as his everyday collar and only put it for the walk, so I’m unsure how it would hold up to everyday wear and tear, but it’s been great for my purposes. I also get a lot of compliments from people it.

  79. 评分 4 / 5

    Anonymous Coward

    Reasonably priced, bright, but not even a little waterproof. I’m looking for something better, but haven’t found it.Charges quickly and the charge lasts for several hours of run time.The lack of waterproofness is a fundamental problem for a dog collar. My dogs go into any water they can find and run in all weather. I wonder if some silicone caulk would make it better able to withstand brief immersion.Contrary to other reviews, my young dog somehow manages to turn it off several times each walk. the other hand, she managed to destroy several of the lighted pendants.

  80. 评分 5 / 5


    Very happy with this dog collar! The neis extremely easy to see in the dark. I like it better than the blinking light one that hangs from her color. It’s winter currently here in MN, so the sun goes down early. This collar allows me to stay at the dog park longer because I can immediately pick out where the puppy is. I also feel more comfortable walking her at night, because the collar is easy to pick out for cars coming up the road. A bonus is playing fetch with her in the backyard at night. With her light up ball and collar, it’s easy to keep track of her in the back yard.I bought a large for our 4 month old chocolate lab. At the smallest size, its pretty loose her, but nothing that would fall off. I know it will fit well as she grows into it.

  81. 评分 5 / 5


    So far so good. Can be seen from a far distance so I know where my dog is when he is running free in the woods our walks.I don’t know how long it will last though, it has already had two “quirks” where I could not adjust the blink settings and then it randomly worked later.I would buy again though. (I would put the value of this $10-$15)I bought the large and my dog is 70lbs – fit well but does not adjust much.

  82. 评分 5 / 5


    I have been using this collar for a couple of weeks now as I walk a neighbor’s grey-black dog before bedtime. The collar is very bright, and easy to attach/remove. I’ve only charged it once (the initial charge up), and that was simple and pretty quick. I have two observations to share: the dog I walk does have long wiry hair, and depending the angle at which he is being viewed some of the light from the collar can be obstructed by his thick coat. It’s a hair problem; not a collar problem… but worth mentioning to anyone with a hairy beast. I don’t think that any other illuminated collar would do any better. And secondly, there are several inches along the collar that are not illuminated…. where the fastening clips and battery pack are located. It’s a problem shared by other brands. I just do my best to make sure that the collar’s illuminated areas are equally positioned both sides of/and the underside of the dog’s neck. And, I always carry my persan additional flashing light (bike light) to make our walks even safer. Bottom line, if I ever need another illuminated collar I will definitely return to this site. Thanks!

  83. 评分 5 / 5


    Stealthy Alpaca is… well, stealthy. He’s very difficult to locate my 5 acres in the dark. He doesn’t make any audible noises and unlike the horses, you can’t even hear his footsteps. He takes great pleasure in hiding behind bushes and not revealing his locatias I walk just 10 feet away calling his name. I’m sick of thinking he’s escaped, stolen, or dead. Illumiseen collar solves the problem. Ninja no more, ha!

  84. 评分 1 / 5

    Arthur C Kirsch

    I purchased 2 collars and was initially pleased with them. Very bright and quite cool since they are rechargeable. But, they both stopped working after a month. Yes, they recharged a couple times but they are now both not working . Not worth buying them and I am returning them.

  85. 评分 5 / 5


    This is the greatest collar ever! It looks so good my black lab. We were worried about him no being seen at night, well no longer. the light is very bright. If your outside with your dog, the collar gives off enough light to add you in the walk, it’s like a blue flash light. Everyone that we show the collar to has or will be ordering one. Great gift to new puppy owners. UPDATE: 2 months later the collar only lights up half. Kinda expensive for two months of use. I sent a message to seller, will see how they handle the replacement issue? Or, will I just get ripped off!!UPDATE: This company is FANTASTIC. They responded to me about the collar not working within 2 days, and shipped me a replacement with no further actions from me. I am very impressed with the customer service and how fast they handled the problem. I will be spreading the news about Illumiseen. THIS IS HOW COMPANY SHOULD DO BUSINESS!!!! WOW GREAT COMPANY..

  86. 评分 5 / 5


    Glows brighter than expected at night. Could probably spot my dog from 1-2 miles away at night. Had my fence knocked down during a hurricane this year and was really timid about letting her out at night and wandering off without permission. It’s pitch black here and I have a black lab. I can’t see her unless she is within a couple feet of me. Took her a couple days to get used to having a light source around her neck, can tell it is throwing off her night vision. Once she got used to it she actually enjoyed using it to see close objects. It illuminates about a 1 ft area around her in the pitch black and causes her move a bit slower since it really messes with her night vision. Most importantly I could literally see her from a mile away this thing glows like brighter than 4 nenecklaces. All I see is a glowing ring walking around the backyard, it’s quite hilarious to watch. Feel I’ve gotten my money worth for sure. The pink ring is so bright that it almost looks red or fluorescent orange but the pink collar itself is a nice pretty pink and well constructed.

  87. 评分 5 / 5

    Cassandra Palone

    After buying the leash (which is absolutely the best glow leash I have ever owned) I decided to get the collar. The collar is just as awesome. By the time I get home from work, it’s dark so walking my dog seems a bit more safe. The collar doesn’t seem flimsy or cheap, it charges rather quickly and lasts a good amount of time. I don’t put the collar the flashing mode but I like the fact that there are options. I should have ordered the green because the leash that I have is green and supppppperrr bright but this one is pretty good too. My onnnnlyy sort of negative is that its pretty big my dog and it doesn’t adjust too well (mostly my fault for not measuring). As in, the amount it can adjust is a little small. Regardless, I love it and will def buy another one just to have. My dog is around 90ish pounds and a German Shepherd it’s a bit loose her.

  88. 评分 5 / 5


    I purchased this collar for a new puppy that we have. We have 2 bigger dogs that are used to running our property (10 acres) and know to stay off the road however we wanted to have something that would light up so others could see the new additibeing that she is so much smaller than the big dogs. I love this collar and everyone that has seen it has either commented how much they like it or has asked where I got it from as they need one for their dogs. I am seriously thinking about ordering 2 more for the bigger dogs, just so I can see them when they are let out at night so I wont have to walk around with a flashlight looking for them. If you want to keep track of your dog you will not be disappointed by ordering this product, it is bright enough to see from across the yard, it has 3 modes to it and comes in different colors..

  89. 评分 5 / 5


    Exactly what we were looking for! We have a small black dog and a big back yard. This saves me from panicking if he decides to stay outside at night to sniff the wind longer than expected. He is a 15 pound Lhasa and I bought a small. I could’ve probably my got an extra small instead, as I had to adjust it quite a bit and it is still loose him. However, it works perfectly for our purposes. I already bought two more to give as gifts.*Update 3/16/2017: We adopted a new dog and purchased a 4th collar. Now it looks like a scene from Star Wars when our two dogs play in the yard at night. Everything still working as advertised!

  90. 评分 4 / 5


    Product arrived time in the color I choose. The collar is very bright and can be seen at quite a distance. Recharging is easy, but you do have to check it when your dog comes in to see if it is beginning to run out of charge. The three modes are nice to have, especially if you have a few dogs and you need to distinguish who is where. Also comes in a variety of colors. The only issues I have with it is that it is bulky neck, but that might be because my dog, a Standard Schnauzer is the smallest setting leaving a 3″ overlap where collar is doubled to make it fit. This overlap doesn’t fold flat. It bulges out making it a risk for getting caught something in the yard. Fortunately, we don’t have much in the yard at his height. Would also remind folks to take collar off when the dog comes in so it is not accidentally relighted by pushing buttfurniture. I am a little worried as winter progresses that the charging port might get wet when we have deep snow here in Colorado. So far no problem with that. Overall, I like the product and it lives up to its video in terms of brightness.

  91. 评分 5 / 5


    This is actually a second collar as the dog bit of the rechargeable part, but we love it. We have a black dog who all but disappears at night in the dark so we pop this her for early morning and evening walks. It’s visible from far away so cars can see her and if I happen to take her off leash I can as well. I’ve had a number of people stop and ask about it because it’s so bright. Highly recommend this collar for any dog, but particularly a dark dog for their safety and yours. I will say it runs big and our dog is a puppy. She actually wears a harness for walking so I loop this collar through the harness so it doesn’t fall off. Eventually she’ll grow into it.

  92. 评分 5 / 5


    Feels durable. The light is nice and bright. We dig the different options of blinking light speeds or solid glow. We have a doberman, he is wearing a size medium. His neck is 17 inches.

  93. 评分 1 / 5

    Hannuman Bull

    Great idea, but only worked well for a month. Afterwards, the light only worked when plugged in. Then the charging port broke off the collar.

  94. 评分 5 / 5

    A. Pelletier

    I have only had this collar a couple of weeks, but so far so good. I have had other illuminated collars before but they have both been failures. This collar fits better and performs better than my previous purchases from other manufacturers. So far, I have not had to recharge it, so I cannot say anything about reliability over the long run.What I can say is that the sizing at least in the case of the large is accurate. The light is highly visible and the constructiseems to be very good quality. If you are thinking this is a good substitute for a regular collar, I would not recommend it. The purpose of this collar is to keep your dog visible and safe at night. To me as the owner of a large, dark colored dog in a city full of bicyclists, this is very important.Once I have had the collar for a longer period, I will come back to this review and comment the reliability of the collar and how we well the collar holds up to regular use.

  95. 评分 5 / 5

    Jessica E.

    So a few suggestions… I think they run large. For my 4 lb. chihuahua I ordered the x-x-small and it’s still the bigger side, she will never outgrow this collar. But it’s perfect for what I needed, I can clearly see her if she runs off in the dark and the directions are so easy. I am very happy with my purchase. The LED lighted park is only about half the collar so it doesn’t go across the entire collar, but it works for me!

  96. 评分 4 / 5

    Todd R.

    I got this after purchasing another cheaper lighted collar . I am much happier with this one. The other collar started to have problems after only a week. It totally stopped working after 2 weeksThis one is much better quality. I really like the rechargeable battery. I take my dogs a 25 minute walk in the early morning everyday and I have not had to charge it since the initial charge. The controls are much easier to use than the other one. The buttis easy to access and has a nice positive, mechanical click. The other was a hard to access pressure switch.I am very happy with this product so far. I hope it stands the test of time.UPDATE, the collar lasted 2 years before the clear plastic inside connected to the led broke. The led still works and the collar is still usable as a collar it just doesn’t light up the collar anymore. It’s just a light the collar.As for durability it did pretty good. I would not use it as a stand alone collar for strong dogs as one of my dogs snapped the plastic adjustment buckle leaving it just one size. The charge lasts over 2 weeks the flashing mode at 25 minute walks 7 days a week. Not bad at all overall in today’s day and age of cheap throwaways.

  97. 评分 4 / 5


    This USB rechargeable collar (green) is actually really nice. I previously used another illuminated collar (red) that ran a disk battery that was not as bright. It’s pretty easy to break the wires connected to the USB charging cable though. What happens is that to charge the unit, you need to plug one side of the charging cable into a USB port of some sort, which is fine, but the other part that connects to the collar, clips into what’s called a “barrel connector”. Sort of a round plug. The problem is, the connectiis very tight into the barrel connector. When you pull out the cable after charging, the entire barrel comes out of the collar, and it has two very tiny wires connected to it (16 gauge maybe?). Anyway, these wires snap with very little force, when that happens, the collar can no longer be charged. THE PLUS SIDE: The charge lasts a long time. Also, customer service is pretty darn good. They sent me a new one when they heard what happened. You can’t really ask for much more than that. It’s still the best and brightest light up dog collar I have found. Just be careful when unplugging it.

  98. 评分 4 / 5


    I purchased two of these collars and they are perfect for camping trips as well as pre-sunrise dog walks. The light output is just great and I’ve had a couple friends buy them for their dogs after seeing the two mine. Unfortunately one of the two I have is faulty and after two uses it now will not hold a charge for more than 35minutes despite charging for hours. I purchased it a couple months ago so it was too late to be able to return it. I made a very brief review the product just indicating I was disappointed (because we really do like these for the dogs, they’re pretty cool and we get compliments from fellow campers). The seller, Illumiseen, emailed me within an hour of my review offering to send me a replacement the faulty collar! I am so happy and confident that I simply received a dud. I’m even more impressed with the stellar customer service.

  99. 评分 4 / 5

    J. Au

    I had to return the small collar for a x-small since it was still too big. Even with a x small, it’s still a little big and since it’s adjustable, when making it smaller, it does warp the collar and makes it look somewhat circular with a point from where the adjustable band is. Still it does its job of making it bright and it’s easy to spot my dog in darkness while out for a walk. Also, I noticed some people who are driving stop their cars or people the streets to see my dog’s collar glowing. I heard some people commenting getting one for their dog as well. I also like the fact it’s usb rechargeable and have used it several times walks and haven’t charged it yet. I probably gotten 3-4 hours out of it so far and expect it to last a long time (life span of the product. I also place his hoodie and attach his led collar. People are wondering ehst that light source is thats glowing underneath his hoodie. Quute humorous sometimes. Otherwise, great buy!

  100. 评分 5 / 5

    J. Rizzo

    Very bright, seem well made. Very visible, battery life is fairly decent. Usually take her out with it for about 10-15 minutes in the early morning and 10-15 minutes in the evening with it turned on, and I get 3 or 4 days before recharging is necessary. Be aware, the collar will go from full brightness to dead, it won’t get dimmer as the battery depletes(I’m sure this is the same with any of the collars that use leds). All in all a great product at a decent price, and so far it seems durable as my dog runs through the brush and tall grass and hasn’t done any damage to it yet.

  101. 评分 5 / 5


    Thank goodness for this collar. Last night my dog decided to chase some deer and ended up several houses away despite my calling him back (deer are just too fun to chase). This is a new locatifor him, and as a result he got confused and did not know how to get home. The ONLY reasI was able to find him was because he was wearing this collar. He is a pit bull living in a neighborhood full of golden retrievers and poodles. Even though he is the sweetest and gentlest dog you’ll ever meet (and was also wearing his ID tags and is microchipped), I hate to think what would happen if he were found by a neighbor who only saw him as a “pit bull” and got scared. This collar definitely saved me from some serious hassle and saved my pup from being lost out alone in the cold!!!Not to mentihe gets lots of compliments how good he looks in this color blue when we are walks…he loves compliments.

  102. 评分 2 / 5

    Andrea J. Wittwer

    I LOVED this collar when I first got it-it was perfect! Until it quit working 4 weeks later. Right after the return window closed. I guess I’ll be buying another one, but from a different seller. I’m really disappointed because I really liked it when I first got it and it was so easy to charge. Now it won’t charge at all and only works when it’s pluggged in.

  103. 评分 5 / 5

    Irish Dane

    I purchased the green. It is highly visible and works as described. Charges quickly (the USB charging is easy and a great idea!) , and seems good quality. Although the clasp is fairly heavy duty it is still plastic, so when taking my dog for a walk I use this collar in additito his regular collar, which is combinatiflat collar/choker. I attach his leash to his regular collar and use the LED collar strictly as a visibility aid. I’m glad for the extra security this time of year as the days are rapidly getting shorter and darker. I would definitely recommend this product. I’m considering looking at their leash as well. I wish everyone walking at night would use some kind of reflective gear or clothing or light to make themselves more visible. Same goes for their dogs. It’s hard for drivers to see dark clothing at night, especially when it’s rainy. In summary, I’m very happy with this purchase, and assuming it will continue to functiwell and last a long time, will continue to be happy.

  104. 评分 5 / 5

    Mary Anne Mong Cramer

    We have three dogs who are probably braver than they should be. We have two acres in a forest, and while it is fenced, that doesn’t mean that another animal couldn’t climb over the fence and get it. It was really scary when the went bolting off in the dark and we couldn’t see them once they cleared the porch light. Now we know exactly where they are, and who to redirect to turn around, and who to praise for responding to the call. They even seem to be better able to keep an eye each other with the lighted collars. We only use them at night, so take them and off when we take them out. The battery lasts days and days without recharging with an average of three to four walks per night. It’s not rained since we got them, but I think I might put a piece of tape over the battery charging port if we ever get rain again. I want to keep those electronics dry. This is a great product that has given us tremendous piece of mind.

  105. 评分 5 / 5


    These collars are great!! I bought one blue and one green. Really like the blue color. The collars have three settings but I leave it in the continuous setting, because the blinking bothers my eyes when walking the dogs in the dark. The only tiny thing I would do to improve them would be to offer a slightly lower light setting in the continuous position. I charged them up when they first arrived and have already used them for several long walks. I believe I am past the five hour mark at this point, without any issues at all, and still running one charge. I do not use them when it is drizzling though because I don’t want the collars to get wet, and I want them to last a long long time. Anyone considering these collars will not be disappointed. I Highly recommend them!!!

  106. 评分 5 / 5

    Loves to Travel

    We got a rechargeable LED collar made by another company and while it is good and works well, the width of the collar, even in size XS, was a bit uncomfortable for our little 10 lb dog. So, I thought I would try this one. It is a bit narrower and he seems to like the comfort of the fit better. We selected the green color and he’s lit up in a pretty negreen and completely noticeable when we let him out in the big backyard at night. We love these light up collars! It is great for tracking your critter in yards at night, and great also for nighttime walk visibility. We have a home in a small town and our neighborhood has no sidewalks or streetlights, so this greatly improves all our safety. I like this product better than others for tiny dogs.

  107. 评分 5 / 5


    We’ve gone through our fair share of dog lights in the past three years, and have only recently ventured into rechargeable options. This collar is great. Like our preferred battery-powered model, this collar clasps together, is highly adjustable, and stays lit for quite some time. We use it for 15-45 mins each night, and charge it every 10 days or so (only seen it run out of battery once).We ordered a large, though could have gotten away with a medium. The collar adjusts over the LED strips, so it wasn’t a problem for our dog (medium-large build, 55-60 lbs). The clasp keeps the collar attached, and has a leash hook, though we use this as supplement to her regular collar. We’ve been out in light to medium rain and seen no impact the performance, and definitely love the blue.Strong supporter of keeping your pets illuminated at night, we have a black lab (ish) and this definitely extends outdoor playtime deep into the night, and helps us keep track of her as she runs around the periphery of our yard.One thing that could be improved: the collar has three or four settings, solid, fast strobe, and slow strobe. Solid is the first, but after a period of use you still click through the rest before it shuts off. Would be nice if after use, one click would power down. (Small change.)

  108. 评分 5 / 5


    It’s great very strong its bright yes but not impressingly bright does the job it was made for very happy overall tho if you have small dogs like 15 pounds and under I’d go for the extra small size as it perfect for them but I baught four of the standard size ones tho my dogs are 15 pounds and under it still adjust to fit them well also the recharge time is good for walks but not like camping all night as continuous use drains the battery over time as I love the outdoors and spend days camping this doesn’t always last if I don’t have powerbanks to recharge them and I’m not the guy to depend only one item for security and peace of mind so I team this collar up with the bubba leash light that along with this you’ll never lose your best bud ever I always walk with a millipower banks so I charge them up our adventures it takes splash and it takes rain but I’d take it off if there swimming

  109. 评分 4 / 5

    Gerald F. McGlinchey

    The collar itself is a bit big and clunky, particularly the snap together buckle part but the LED light is great. (I have a black pug and I bought an XS) The light is bright enough so that I can see my dog when I walk him at night and most importantly cars can see him. The collar recharges in about an hour and a charge lasts about 5 hours or so. The recharging process is simple and easy; I just plugged the USB into my computer and the collar recharged while I was watching TV, so it was ready when it was time to go out before bed. I like the fact that you have a choice of solid light, fast blink and slow blink. For whatever reasmy dog doesn’t mind the blinking and since where we live there are no side walks and very few streetlights I think the fast blink makes him the most visible to traffic so that’s what I use. I chose the yellow color because I thought that it would provide the most light and be the most noticeable . As an added bonus the yellow collar and light look kind of cool since my dog is all black, he thinks he’s Batman. While I think the collar is to bulky, the dog doesn’t seem to care. I picked this collar because unlike most of the others it is rechargeable, so there are no batteries to replace

  110. 评分 5 / 5

    Carey Holzman

    I just received the yellow LED dog collar today (a Sunday!). Delivery was fast and it was packaged well. My first impressions – it appears to be well made, is easy to operate and quick to charge. I tried it my dog tonight and, while his hair covers it up, you can still easily see the glow.I’ll post a follow-up review in a couple of months to see how it stands the test of time. But for now, here’s all you need to know:It has three modes. On, fast-blinking and normal blinking.Charging takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour. When the battery is charging, the illuminating strips glow dimly and switches off completely when fully charged.I have not yet verified how long it can go between charges, but so far, so good!UPDATE ONE YEAR LATER:Still works great. I charge it about once a week and I walk the dog every night for 20 to 30 minutes. I wait until the LEDs won’t turn before I charge it every time. Takes about 90 minutes to charge.Very happy with this purchase and I highly recommend it!